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  1. Got some catching up to do on a favorite show.
  2. Second life will work fine even on long distance WiFi connections as you can see in the video below as long as the wifi link is stable, my router is ~150meters away so i never use cables. You need to do more troubleshooting, connect your pc wifi to your cellphone so that you can use your data plan to log in to sl and see if you get logged out from that one too.
  3. I did send a few notecards, objects etc and of course as expected nothing would appear in Inventory regardless if Accepted/Denied but it won't crash. An easy way to crash it tho is by opening preferences.
  4. Exactly it would be wise to avoid deleting any system folders especially the Inventory Root folder by using Radegast or similar clients/utilities and just file a Support Ticket. (Now if someone has already deleted their Inventory and really needs to be able to log in to Second Life to manage their lands or whatever they can bypass the initial freeze by using from command line --noinvlib or set Debug Settings> NoInventoryLibrary "True" and after log in avoid opening Inventory , that's already gone and only Linden's might be able to rebuild it from a backup)
  5. Don't worry it happens a lot when a creator is not very experienced with permissions or made something in a rush.
  6. Listening to Putri and now Jeffah sing @ Blues Cove
  7. CoolVL client is not affected by this MapView bug as you can see in the video below, so until the bug is fixed for everyone you can use that one if it's necessary. Left side Firestorm, right side CoolVL.
  8. Not really... Most aren't. I used to date a Strip club owner and she actually handed over notecards to the new strippers with common RP answers etc.. It isn't like trying to learn Blender, it's just RP.
  9. That's fine but Linden Lab being a U.S.A company answers to U.S laws. What works in the U.K doesn't mean it works also in the U.S or any other country so you need to provide whatever is necessary in order to process credit. I am also a foreigner and my ID card was not accepted because ID's 20 years ago in my country were written by hand and it's considered legit only for EU countries, so Linden Lab very politely requested from me other ways to prove who i am and they were very helpful. (International Drivers license was fine and regarding residence i gave them a fresh copy of my Tax clear
  10. i think the answer is simple and the same in regards to why it's almost 2021and there isn't an Android client, IOS client, updated Linux client, it's simply called lack of interest.
  11. I only know of Ajaxlife web client that existed 10 years ago (the developer eventually abandoned it) and don't think that LL has any plans to make one.
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