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  1. That is all very interesting, educational and entertaining at the same time in regards to anonymous SL only friendships. So i suppose if someone wants to file a missing person report in case they are worried that something bad has happened to one of their genuinely connected anonymous friends the scenario i can think of goes like this: Friend: Hello, i would like to report a missing person. Officer: Of course, tell me their name. Friend: XOAnnaBananaXO. So it's Anna. Officer: (coughs) Please hand me a photo of the missing person. Friend: This is the latest photo of their avatar, i got i
  2. You do realize that there is something funny in your sentence, based on what you just said we don't get to choose our friends according to our personal standards but we simply have to accept everyone regardless just because they said they are friends. Well i don't think choosing friends works that way. What you are talking about is an acquaintance. Feel free to do that , i don't think i ever asked for your friendship so in no way affects me. Facts are facts. You father was a wise man but still that's a fine way to see who is actually a friend or just a person that you simply s
  3. Maybe they are hurt or maybe they aren't but i can't make a clear judgement on what anyone feels if we both have chosen to interact only in Second life Virtual World and in no other way. As i always say "we are strangers so i don't know you and you don't know me", reality speaks for itself so if someone for example came to my real house without me knowing who that person is i would probably call the police and unleash the dogs since i don't even know their face. Facts are facts.
  4. Maybe you need to read the previous answer once more because I never said that "I asked for help". What i said was : Answer: Facts are facts.
  5. Personally i prefer to consider whatever happens ONLY in SL as a form of roleplay (as long as it doesn't involve predatory behaviors towards minors or financial crimes), particularly in this case for me people are just playing and experiencing the role of a single person and whatever goes with that. Nothing more nothing less. People already know what they want and what they look for, those who want a genuine connection will find one based on mutual efforts. It's similar to real life , just because you have sex with someone a few times doesn't mean you also categorize them as husb
  6. Genuine friendships are based on reality facts and logic. Friends are supposed to help each other on rough times, and rough times also means when someone has financial issues. At least that's how we do with the people that i call as friends. If you think that you can consider someone as a genuine person and loyal friend although they are not willing to share with you who they are, how they look and other info but only choose to interact with you only in SL avoiding all real world parameters then well done you got yourself an SL only friend, have fun. Of course you will be the judge of
  7. I never claimed that this avatars roleplay is being an "intelligent" person Wulfie, so i don't know. I 'm gonna have to relog under a different name acting like a Professor in Human Psychology to analyze that. With this specific account and according to it's online persona the answer to your question start's with another simple but logical question. Q: "Dear Nick0678 do you believe that someone that you only talk in Second Life and you have absolutely no other kind of interactions, is a genuine person to be considered as a loyal friend, enough to send them 5000USD/EUR/GBP (not just a
  8. Of course not and especially when Online you shouldn't.
  9. Oh they aren't? I think that the majority actually is playing a role all of the time while in world. For me things are very simple let's say for example that someone is married in RL and we get married/partnered in SL. Isn't that to be considered roleplay or should i categorize that person as being bigamous or even cheating on their husband? I prefer to call it roleplay.
  10. Genuine connection? Oh with those that we have a genuine connection we also share other activities together and know each other in RL so there's no problem with them, they already have the answer to the pizza question and that means they know the real person. I am talking about all the rest that we don't share anything other than doing some silly roleplaying in SL with the avatars but they still make assumptions based only on that and not based on logic. Actually i never said that i am mad about it, what i said is that i find it irritating when people confuse an online persona with the
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