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  1. You are welcome.. Here's how it looks on a more professional photo.
  2. Oh btw Dappa http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PixelDust/86/91/32
  3. Thats an old one from Dappa named Gloria. Send them a notecard and they might sell it to you personally (was specific event sale) if you really want it that much.
  4. Just Log in with another viewer, personally i would try Radegast and see if the inventory on that (after it loads everything might take a while if too many items) has your files. If not.. well.. Time for a support ticket.
  5. That Acer is a great choice when it comes to "gaming" laptops and is very well build, as long as you blow some compressed air every 6 months and you replace the thermal paste/pads once a year to avoid thermal issues you will enjoy it for a very long time. **And like every other laptop you get the benefit to use it wherever you like. Cheers.
  6. Well from what i read you weren't even friends, you just hanged out together for a while and now he has a partner which doesn't mean anything of course but lets pretend that it does , it means he is taken and is enjoying his virtual relationship/whatever. Anyway things are simple, just like in RL when people have a new relationship they disappear its normal, regardless if you are a male friend, female friend or just a temporary. Go get yourself some girlfriends or even male friends if you like, it really doesn't matter as long as you have a few things in common and not the typical "ok lets go kill our boredom by watching the avatars dancing or whatever", just try to avoid being overtaken by the projection of your feelings regardless if those are towards friends or dates. You have been hurt because you expected that it would last longer so you wouldn't be on your own again but realistically speaking people stay together for as long as they "both" choose to do it regardless if its RL or SL and lets be honest an SL relationship definitely gets rather boring after a while.
  7. How do you want it to be? Have a mini player in the webpage? <!-- START OF THE RADIO HTML5 PLAYER EMBEDDING --> <audio controls="true" preload="none"><source src="http://lamaisoncontmusic.ddns.net//;stream.mp3" type="audio/mp3"></audio> <!-- END OF THE RADIO HTML5 PLAYER EMBEDDING --> Or simply a link that they will click? http://lamaisoncontmusic.ddns.net/
  8. Ok did you restart your viewer? If not you should.Also check if you have it muted from firestorm.
  9. Next is to go to another parcel preferably a club click on your play music button and enjoy your weekend. Your parcel's stream is probably offline.
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