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  1. Don't worry even in real war there are moments of humor, it's part of life.
  2. I remove people from my list when: A customer has left so there is no point in keeping them, they won't need support after a month Somebody hasn't logged in Second Life or we haven't talked for more than 3 months. People start being dramatic for Second Life related stuff which personally i consider to be nonsense so that also becomes a block if they can't control themselves. For anyone who has the tendency to send mass teleport offers or mass text/voicecall conference offers i simply disable visibility and we are fine. Those that i consider as friends can always contact me on Skype/telephone regardless if i have visibility off, if i or they work with an alt, if i do something else in RL and they play SL or whatever so the SL contacts list is mostly for people that i don't socialize with that much but still have some kind of reason to be there.
  3. Yeah i know.. no need to remind me those horrible years.. almost every girl i liked dated older men and almost every older woman i liked also dated older men. Life was cruel at that time for a kid 13-14-15 years old... Anyway it was one of the early lessons that life usually teaches men "never waste time talking and get straight to the point".
  4. I have to be honest with this.. Internet didn't exist before my generation turned 18, so yes as teenagers we used to have normal physical joyful sex, when we were lucky to find a willing girl of course.. (** otherwise some VHS pron would take care of the raging hormones issue.)
  5. One of the internet classics. “Hmph” (Full video https://youtu.be/dHUwtKBcS7E ) Next letter P
  6. Already missing you.. Why did you have to leave.
  7. It's OK many people like to do that even with people that they are not partnered with or have an affair, For example i had a friend who always enjoyed to communicate about anything until one day we were talking on Skype and at that moment i was playing poker (actually the pot was good enough) and she kept telling me about why some dude that i rarely socialized with and never cared for decided that after being for 8 years both RL and SL with a random woman (that i don't know) decided to break up because he figured out after 8 years that she was not the right type of woman for him. Anyway the point is she wouldn't shut up so after i lost the game i blocked her. forever. So don't worry you are a fine person but the male brain works a bit differently when it comes to having a conversation.
  8. I probably have said that i prefer voice because writing becomes boring after a while, of course i turn voice on when i am about to talk with friends or anyone if i am not skyping with somebody at that moment. The music part coming from speakers etc in case i don't have a headset on never bothered them, pulseaudio echo cancelation/noise reduction works great on filtering that.
  9. Personally i consider online disagreements either as arguing due to whatever reason rage, boredom, lack of sex, etc or simply debating based on facts or even feelings. In order to consider it fighting the person actually needs to be in front of me so i can slap some sense to them (or maybe they to me, who knows). I am a practical person.
  10. That is the best submarine movie ever and Jurgen is a great actor. Which also reminded me of this.
  11. Sure that is why i said :is "also" a game. It does have many aspects. Some call it a game, some call it a social app, some call it a virtual world, others a virtual chatroom, others see it as an opportunity to do business and the list goes on, It depends on a persons point of view and what is the reason they choose to login. It isn't reality for sure though so it's best for people to feel relaxed, have fun and enjoy it.
  12. Haven't met a minor in SL since 2010 but maybe there are, who knows. Anyway farewell.
  13. Of course and to be honest whenever i meet a person who has forgotten that SL is also a game and is only obsessed with dressing the avatar my usual reaction is....
  14. We used to hit the beaches ( the adult ones too). The point is to have fun.
  15. That may be a deciding factor for a lot of people but not for me, actually i almost always have Show Friends Only enabled and Voice disabled so you could say in SL terms that i am blind and deaf when it comes to those who roam around. Regarding friends I have an easy way to decide who i consider a friend and who is just a person that we simply talk and of course adding a person in my SL friend list doesn't mean i consider them a friend. The deciding factor according to my logic and the way i prefer to play Second Life is how easily we interact, what interests we have in common plus if the other person is comfortable to talk in RL, Skype etc So the fact that someone has spend 50-100euros to make a fancy avatar or prefer to look whatever in SL never bothered me. It really has to do with personal choices and how a person chooses to interact with other people in SL. You can dress an idiot like a king but still will be an idiot. Yes and the choices are endless. SL unlike other games has plenty of options to choose from and make the virtual character look like anything.
  16. Yes and it is funny how our expectations are based on something simple as how a virtual character looks, rarely use the first one unless with clients or sometimes when playing skill games and being bored of swapping outfits. Sounds totally healthy to me. Can i buy you a drink?
  17. Lets say you are in a crowd who do you consider to be more fun and chill to play SL with? (we are talking about friends not dates) All of them is Nick = same online personality
  18. Could be cookies or anything.Try using your browser in private mode.
  19. People can hide everything and can pretend to be anything as long as they want to, especially online, same way for example a woman or man can cheat their husband/wife and .. nobody knows, nobody has any idea they live happily like cute pigeons. Just stating facts.Those of us who take SL to RL pay attention to such stuff due to the risks taken and also by experience due to talking with many people from SL on Skype video calls etc..Play safe. Now regarding creepy avatars since now the thread is more specific that's a whole different story but then again what is creepy for a person might not be for another, creepy avatars are also those that are in to vampire roleplay for some but for others aren't so just pay attention on how a person interacts with you and if they start acting weird send them home.
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