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  1. Usually the majority loves this one. .. and some will tell me that they are scared of this one..
  2. Stop stalking your friend, she doesn't have to tell you anything and there is no "case".
  3. Ahhh.. yes. The wonderful Mainland. AR them and then Derender the dome cause it might take a few years for LL to "investigate".
  4. Probably your VPN service IP addresses are blocked cause it works fine with with my VPN. (*Not using NordVPN)
  5. It doesn't take more than 1-2 days to reactivate but it does take longer to deactivate.
  6. Because they simply are bored with their RL but want to act like everything is fine. Same thing goes for many who claim in their profile that they won't do pixelsex, or they won't do Skype sex etc. I 've met plenty all these years with such profiles and we had some great memories on skype. (or they had pixelsex with other men that i know.)
  7. SL was always like that at least from what i i remember since 2009 even before mesh bodies, Adult regions and all those sh*t. There are plenty of people who will simply log in , play their game that way and then log out. (it's not just on SL but also on Facebook and even in real life,, these guys don't like to waste time with chatting etc so they go straight to the point. It does work btw.)
  8. Halloween Kills 2021 2021 , Horror, Thriller, Crime 106 minutes The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode continues in the next thrilling chapter of the Halloween series.
  9. A random woman that i had a FRIENDLY chat with for about 15-20 minutes while playing NoDevil.... after a few days sent me this. SL random : you changed your name again? identity crisis? Nick0678 : Hey there stranger, how are you? SL random :you never send me a message Nick0678 : Oh i never send messages, it's the way that i am. Don't like to disturb people. SL random: you could message me like i did, you think you are better than me, you are not Nick0678 : Ok SL random: if you wanted to get to know me better you would message me ( /me cooking spaghetti while watching the news)
  10. Are you strictly looking for RL women ? ... cause i do have some female alts that wouldn't mind dating a handsome young man like you.
  11. Had many "partnerships/relationships" over the years in SL with some of them being just temporary while others long term, when it was time to have sex we always used skype.
  12. Ahh yes my wonderful and in case you haven't noticed i am also running good old faithful 18.04.3 as a live iso. (No HDD installations for my boy just straight to RAM from an SDCard regardless of which PC.) Now in regards to the photo.... Enjoy
  13. Of course i do but for now another one of my SL ex's is having fun ($$$) with him. (i 'll send you a notice when she's done)
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