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  1. I have a legacy mesh body for my main avi , i see on market there is legacy and TMP for clothing ,should i just stick with legacy when i look for clothing ? i did find a few 1 items of tmp , but noticed they don't fit right and gotta use my alpha layers to high some of my body. but what i also noticed it the physics not work right when i turn off layers. On Nayevia i have a maitreya body which both are great, im digging the legacy on my main .
  2. Decided to redo my main avi ( Nichole.Kenorland ) Meet Dixie , she gone country for now that is until i decide what else to dress her up as lol. But I am digging the little country get up on her !
  3. Hiya Chicky, I am 43 and my hubby is 54 we are also east coat time zone . and np with foul mouth ,we do the same lol we are pretty easy to get along with and have a sense of humor and are laid back kinda of people . Hit us up sometime .. Nayevia and RobBass hope to see ya in game !
  4. red head here, I use to go mostly black or brown hair but figured i try out red and BAM I love it on her !
  5. oh awesome, thank you for the advice , because I use my AO poses for pics .
  6. here is me since 2006 and Now
  7. Hello all, I am having trouble finding a head skin for my hubby , he is using LeLutka evolution luka, but a different one with the tattoo appliers, tried sessions but he couldn't figure it out lol . i wish the skinnery had more male selections , that is where i got mine which i love ! is there any other head skins for males in game instead of the market ? thank you in advance 😊 Bella ( Nayevia )
  8. Hiya y'all 👋 My hubby and I are looking for other married couples to hang out with.WE are married in RL AND SL . ( I am 43 and he is 54 ) We pretty much like any type of music we currently have on our parcel old school rock and roll. We use voice chat sometimes We are currently building a Tiki bar / beach club in Adult land .. So if y'all interested come look us up we would be happy to hang out and chill at our place or where ever ! Hope to see y'all in game 😘 Bella ( Nayevia ) and RobBass P.S No we are not preppy as our pic LMFAO 😉🤣😂 we are pretty much
  9. Nayevia


    I thank you for your feed back, yeah i noticed the lines and so far that LAQ bom skin i am using blends very well , i attached photo so y'all can see .. i did manage to get my vein/blemishes to show , had to take off everything and go in order ( layers ) . I do have face lamps on but thanks again , much appreciated ! Bella ❤️
  10. Nayevia


    Oh wow thank you so much, now are they whole body skins or just face skins ? Because I am looking for body ,I am using the Lelutka Nova skin for head. and yes the fingers and toes didn't match up right on some skins i was trying on . AGAIN thank you ! Bella ❤️
  11. Nayevia


    Hello all, Newbie to BOM I am using Maitreya body , Lelutka head- Nova , LAQ natasha bom skin ... I wanting to get another BOM skin a more realistic one, I also bought a vein/blemish appliers but it barely shows on the LAQ SKIN . I may have to go lighter on skin color for it to show properly . what other skins go great with the lelutka head and maitreya body ? Also notice that some skins show extra hands and feet , what is up with that ? I am not good with all the appliers either ...Also i uploaded a photo i know its a bit dark , will have to upload a better one with brighte
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