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  1. The newest Pink Fuel V-tech applier have a full body Omega applier built in, so actually the only thing you need is the Omega relay for Maitreya, and wear that when using the V-tech applier... (I had the same problem and just now found this out after rushing to the Pink Fuel Mainstore to buy the Omega applier for Maitreya - just attaching the Omega Relay and using the V-tech applier fixed it as it says on the board instore!)
  2. Awww, thx (And not thx, I guess - for not helping me out with the leaves ) And Matt is of course right! Krankhaus is a favourite of mine right now too, all the way up there together with Boys To The Bone
  3. Done, I guess... geeeez... trowing SOME of them around AFTER all that tidying, no need to... Ah, forget it!
  4. Hi - I'm Carey, I'm new! Luckily it seems like there's work to be found in Puddlechurch 😎
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