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  1. You (and your alt) are most welcome! Thank YOU (both, *lol*) ❀️ πŸ€—
  2. Aww thanks @Elora Lunasea. I love what you've done with it and the fact you could make use of it. Looks like a good fit for the area. That truly makes my day! ❀️ 😊 πŸ€—
  3. I'm a few weeks off turning 44. I was told that our mother's are a good indication of when we're likely to get it, but given my mother had Menopause in her mid-50's it seems to have hit me early. To be fair I've endured Menorrhagia most of my life and was diagnosed with Perimenopause several years ago so I'm not sure if any of that plays a part. I thought I had more time. Apparently not. Doctor also told me it can hit anytime after the age of 21.
  4. Feeling miserable in general lately. I don't want to talk to anyone and when I do I burst into tears or fly off into a rage for no reason at all. At least building here in SL is kind of therapeutic. So if you're on my FL and feeling ignored, I'm sorry. Please bear with me. Menopause sucks. Just saying. πŸ˜–
  5. Loved Henry Cavill in The Tudors, love him now. My biggest issue with this series (at least this season); IT'S TOO DAMNED SHORT! While I wait for season two I may have to pick up the books. I haven't read them yet (I have a real issue reading things with names I can't pronounce; couldn't read LOTR for that reason) but I may have to make an exception for this (or at least have another crack at the games). Thoroughly recommend and may just have to watch it again!❀️
  6. She could, but like @Blush Bravin I usually build something for myself first (and I have an Adams house). In order to build for other styles I'd need to get my alt back up to premium to catch another house to build around. It's not impossible. Coincidentally, back when I had a Trad in Donovan I did actually make a porch that wraps almost all the way around a Winchester, only it had no rails; https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/436002-bellisserians-show-off-your-home-and-garden/?do=findComment&comment=1962478. It could be modified/redone I guess?
  7. $229 USD = $331 AUD so that is still a car payment for some of us. The so-called reduction in price (what was it? $20?) doesn't translate well enough over here to warrant investment, at least not here in Australia - though my best friend in the UK gets $175 to my $331 so it is a more viable option for her. Don't forget that just purchasing a region isn't the only cost involved; relocation (for example buying and moving a region away from beside the previous owner's region) used to cost an additional $100 USD, and renaming it (from whatever it used to be called to what you want to call it) cost another $100. Many years ago when I had my RP region Stormy Valley I paid upwards of $450 USD a month which translated to over $650 AUD for ONE region. Taking $20 USD / $28 AUD off $600+ doesn't help at all. I know SL/LL can't control fluctuating markets but I personally cannot justify spending that kind of money on virtual land anymore, especially with the RP climate as it is (which IMHO is vastly different to how it was 8-9 years ago) - and for all the reasons why have all been said on the previous pages here. Kudos to those who can. πŸ‘
  8. As I've said in other threads before this I used to play as a male character back when I first joined SL. It was a liberating experience and for the most part I enjoyed it. But too many people started pushing for RL info, especially in RP circles. Of course I didn't want to catfish but not saying anything and avoiding questions just added fuel to their fire and gossip and OOC drama started spilling out even beyond SL itself. It's ridiculous but apparently some people really don't have anything better to do. Honesty is an ideal strategy but not always doable. The longer the lie goes on the harder it gets to tell anyone. As hard as this concept may be to grasp not everyone who plays as a different sex is intentionally out to trick anyone; it's more about the experience. Actors don't come on stage and say "I'm pretending to portray a murderer but I'm not a murderer in real life!" We suspend belief when it suits us but people seem to have a real issue being able to do that or even separate what they see from what they expect here. Add to that being honest from the start can and often will alter how others will react to you. I'm speaking from experience. My original account didn't have that disclaimer but my house hunting alt for Bellisseria and occasional RP character did; by saying that I was actually a RL women behind the man the immersion for ME was gone. Guys don't talk to you like "one of them" if you aren't one of them. It's subtle perhaps but the feeling of authenticity immediately vanishes (despite the fact for you it was never authentic, but the experience was as close as you could get without having a RL sex change or something equally as drastic perhaps). It never ceases to amaze me how divisive this topic is and has been for years. I personally don't care what sex you are behind the avatar, I really don't need to know. I enjoy the mystery and take the avatar at face value. I don't look at horse avatars and expect a RL horse behind the keyboard; why do people expect any different with genders? As for the group it sounds like a great idea. Of course you're not likely to attract those who are actively "hiding" their RL gender but Suum cuique (to each their own).
  9. I'm a little annoyed that we can't choose from the previous list. So for those of us who weren't here when those names were rolled out they're now completely off-limits? That stinks. I'd still happily pay for one of those (everyone knows I want to be Rae Hardy, dammit! If they didn't they do now.) With this competition they could have still allowed us to choose our favourites of those AND any new ones we had in mind. I was excited but now I'm irked. 😞
  10. I have it hanging in Riley's bedroom so I can and will see it every day. It just brightens up the room I think... @Matty Luminos I hope you have a fantastic, amazing, wonderful and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks so much! β€οΈπŸŽ„
  11. This is so cute! And the red contrasts with the soft blue background well; classic example of perspective using colour. Well done. If I may ask where did you get your shoes and jumper? It's so hard finding winter clothing that doesn't make one look like a... um... well, a Moll (or Mole as we Aussies call them. Sorry LDPW! πŸ˜†)
  12. In my previous parcel in Donovan I was situated right beside the Panamole Canal and directly behind the beach. After I had decorated and settled in I sailed a few times. It was a fun way to spend an hour or so and a good way to see regions I hadn't up to that point. I took my baby for a ride around Belli's waterways and twice I took a friend too. The biggest issue I faced was lag. Sailing anywhere near house boats usually had me snapping back more often than not, even with settings down as low as they could go, and slamming into other boats or parcels only to be warned I was trespassing. By the time my screen unfroze (or the dreaded black screen left) I was out of the boat with no chance to correct. Unfortunately to sail you also need DD up which generally means more to render which means lag, and there's not much you can do besides derender everything around you and hope you don't accidentally run into someone or something that is still technically in your path. Another major issue I had was access. Sailing around the mainland of Belli isn't bad (lag aside) but the accessibility of inland waterways are. Had we the ability to sail to where the campers are or sail inland that would have been fun too. I realize that land elevation varies from region to region and these variances are offset by waterfalls and such which are quite beautiful and well done, but they're dead ends if you intend to visit by water. For the most part the novelty has worn off now even though I have sailed a few times from current lot in Well Springs. The fact I can at present only go in one direction isn't a huge issue as I know the surrounding waterways will open in good time. Watching others come screaming past to slam into that invisible brick wall of an unopened region is kind of funny but it is lag-tastic too, and a danger to small-boaters such as myself. πŸ₯Ί And @Evangeline Arcadia is right; I love the view of the water more than anything. Sailing is secondary. The argument of having waterways not being used is no different to people asking for more community areas and not using the multitude of the ones we already have; it's all there to use at our discretion.
  13. #1 - Modern (Palo Alto Modern hands down #1, yes!) ❀️ #2 - Adobes. 😍 I'd love to see a desert-style landscaped section of Bellisseria to offset the green, sand and occasional rocky terrain. Imagine the varied plant life, the red sand blowing across the plains like the snow gusts at Winter wonderland... Campers and Cabins* could fit that terrain too? #3 - Brownstones. (I'd love something more urban as opposed to suburban). ☺️ Impossible as it may seem I'd love something that feels like living in the city and apartments just seem like a headache waiting to happen. It's not inconceivable to have rows of Brownstones (think Brooklyn Brownstones) though they would likely have to be given the illusion of "joined" by fake walls or shells between which would limit Resident's yards (offset by narrower backyards and basements perhaps?) and not be "as pretty" as the wide open spaces with lots of greenery (or water) as we currently have. Another downside would likely be the lag produced by lots of objects to render in dense areas such as we currently see with houseboats. But should the day ever come when we did get faux stores townhouses might suit those areas well. #4 - Post Apoc. πŸ€” It's a niche market and not something I'd ever really expect to see or would fit into Bellisseria as we have it right now well at all, but it's as fanciful as floating islands, underwater cities and fantasy builds so I thought I'd throw this into the mix. I doubt many would want to live next door to rusty, broken down hovels but imagine a shanty town and campers next to the train tracks! #4 (option 2) - Beach / tropical bungalow. 🀩 Since there's many coastal areas to islands and we already have lots of sandy terrain this seems like a no-brainer and a nice gap-filler for these areas between Traditionals, Campers and Houseboats. It may just be a matter of creating lots of lagoon type areas so there's enough water to go around. * As for cabins; I'd like to see them as they would blend into the current landscaping of Belli well. And if there were to ever be some snowy regions cabins would be ideal. But given the fact we have a mountain log cabin as a premium gift and already scattered throughout the camping areas it might be like reinventing the wheel for the LDPW and not much of a building challenge. As much as it pains me to say having followed the forums for a while now I can imagine Residents comparing the Belli cabin to the premium gift cabin and complaining they didn't get something "unique" and feeling shortchanged (as cabins can technically be used already by us on Mainland if we want to, just not in Belli).
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