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  1. Or as one of my friends do and hang seasonally appropriate decorations on a Christmas tree that stays up all year to cover all her bases - I've never forgotten (and think I've been scarred by) her burned dolls and doll parts she hung on it one year for Halloween. Effective but creepy as hell. I know none of this is allowed in Bellisseria with these rules and guidelines but that's proof that some people just don't take their decorations down all year round in real life, with my friend being just one of them.
  2. I think they're cute and well done but I wouldn't want to live in one or have one next door to me. Would feel like living on Mainland all over again. There could be an island continent where this could happen I guess, it's just not for me. I'm not belittling these or those that enjoy them as I respect we each have our own tastes and likes etc, I just prefer realism without the whimsy. But as they say to each their own.
  3. Congrats on the catch! That's my old house (as of 2 houses ago). Great location and ideal for @Nika Talaj's personal rez zone script (found here) to move your own boat outside in the channel as I used to and go sailing along the Panamole Canal as well as surrounding areas - even to Campwich Forest and Lodge. Enjoy your forever home and congrats again! 👍😁❤️
  4. RaeLeeH


    Went exploring with a friend and our kids today. Lots of lovely new areas being built. ^ Overlooking train tracks at SSPE313. ^ Future parcels at SSPE313. ^ Cute park beside the raised train tracks at SSPE297. What I REALLY love about SSPE313 and many of the newer regions being built for Traditionals, despite how green and lush it is, are the front fences that are partially open. While I know the LDPW generally doesn't approve of adding driveways and paths outside parcel boundaries it's almost as if that's exactly what some of the parcel decor allows for. Either way, loving the progress!
  5. Took the kids for a walk through a few of the new Bellisseria regions with @momomoonusagi. Here we are at SSPE359. The trip there was a good laugh going up and down all those hills with babies in strollers. We must have looked insane!
  6. Spotted a Mole yesterday while taking Riley for a walk around the Well Springs, Goodbury, and Rocky Heights regions. It's Frost Mole! (I love the jacket and shirt! Said 'Mole' on the back too). I didn't want to disturb, obviously Frost wasn't around to socialize and had work to do, but I will admit I just wanted to TP over and give her a big hug! Partially it was fan-girling about Moles in general (let's face it, Moles and Lindens are equivalent to celebrities in SL - at least to me) but more to say thanks for all the hard work they do, for creating such a beautiful continent, and for all the work that goes on behind the scenes that we don't see or know about. Needless to say I didn't hug anyone and Frost vanished not long after. Was still great to see! --- Also I wasn't sure on the protocol regarding bears - namely the ones they give away? I've been in SL many years but don't know much about them nor ever had one. Is it just Lindens that have bears or select Moles too? I was under the impression it was rude to ask for a bear in IMs but had to ask in local? That seems obtrusive to get in anyone's face and ask for something, especially if they're in the middle of working. It's not that important really. I was just curious. Anyway, thanks @Frost Mole and all the other Moles (and Lindens) too. Love your work. Big fan. 👍🤩❤️
  7. This concerns me as taste is subjective and as we've seen can sometimes offend or disrupt their neighbours, be it inadvertently or otherwise. But I love the rest and truly think it's fair and necessary. Thanks for clearing it up and ending the debate @Patch Linden and team! 👍
  8. Thanks to you and Miyo for a great day out. I had so much fun. And Riley made a new friend - her first! We should so make this a weekly thing! Rally the Bellisseria parents! And this is Riley and I at Pal Park today.
  9. And here in Outback Australia. *waves to geographical neighbour* The way I see it, those who wanted to celebrate Halloween were free to celebrate Halloween provided they stayed within parcel boundaries and of course ToS. Why should Christmas or any other seasonal festivity be different? Personally I don't associate snow with Christmas as it happens to be summer that time of year here (unless Santa is wearing board shorts) but I don't bemoan those that do associate or enjoy it. If you want to decorate with snow, do it. I'll just derender if you happen to live near me. The same as I do anything I find offensive, triggering, or unsightly according to my personal tastes. And none have to be the wiser. While there are those who say we shouldn't have to, the fact is we can. Surely that's easier and quicker and more proactive on our part than initiating an AR, or confrontation with our neighbours if it can at all be avoided. As much as I love the look of snow (as I don't have to live with it, ever) I don't expect (or want) LL to go changing the terrain to suit. It would be visually nice, yes, but far too much work for far too little gain beyond our enjoyment which could just as easily be gained with no effort on LL's part by decorating a mainland parcel that doesn't share the same restrictions as Bellisseria. Say snow was allowed, where does it end? What about those who expect monsoon rains? Or spring showers? Or falling leaves and all orange/bare trees? Or how about dust storms and dry cracked earth as that's MY reality and a good percentage of my country for Christmas? Keep Bellisseria the way it is and utilize mainland for anything else. Simple.
  10. The problem may be in the policing of said compromise. What happens to those items returned by people that for whatever reason weren't able to pick up all their objects still rezzed after that period? What about the potential headaches sure to come by those who lost gacha or no copy items? On top of that trying to police what people rez now, as well as trying to ensure people stay in their parcel boundary lines, seems like added work when they're already busy. As others have said not all countries experience snow at Christmas and not everyone celebrates Christmas. LL encourages residents to celebrate what and how they like within the ToS but I'd be very surprised if allowances were made for one holiday. Where would the allowances end?
  11. Continuing on from the post above I'll add that I'm consciously inspired by my neighbours. If I see some piece of landscaping that I think works well I'll try and use it too. It's not so much to copy as it is to continue the theme along the street. I'm one of those that like balance and harmony so you won't find jarring colours or shapes here. And since the inside is so cluttered I've kept the outside clutter-free. I did briefly try to fill the back yard with grass and trees and boating decor etc but felt too much. Less is more sometimes, at least for me. 😁
  12. @Marianne Little; That looks great! I went and checked it out in world (as you're not that far from me) and have to say you scored a nice plot too. Removing the Linden grass and hedge there has improved your view too I think but is not so jarring you really notice anything missing in your pics. Also you know it never occurred to me to make the floor wood? *hangs head in shame* Anyway, love what you've done as always and can't wait to see the finished product! 👍 * Continuing the Adams love I've been tweaking mine too (constantly) and was inspired by a neighbour in Goodbury and another not-quite neighbour I had in Pantelleria (when I was in my former plot). I originally did try to use the pergola I made way back at the start of the first release of homes but since it didn't fit I decided to recreate it as an add on to the Adams porch. Have to say I much prefer it open-aired than with a ceiling/roof. I spend most of my time out here admittedly and it's nice to switch to a night sky (usually (SS) Atmos 6) and watch the stars and sky change colours over the sea. With a sound orb of the waves it's so incredibly relaxing. (WL: Annan Adored Dusty)
  13. I LOVE Petulance! Actually I can say with confidence I love everything you do! Seeing your work makes me think of a graphic novel, like a comic. Only with more sense and far more visual aesthetics. The head-tilt and expression in this picture are far more interesting than what could have been a more stock-standard solemn pose of head bowed in prayer. I just love it all; The props, the decor, the time-appropriate appearance, and the lighting! @Catrie, @MiakisTheUsagi, @momomoonusagi, @halebore Aeon, @Orwar, @Angelina String, @LaraCremona, @Matty Luminos, @Chic Aeon and so many others. It's amazing to see so much talent here with each pic telling a story in some way, whether edited to the max or just capturing a moment. (And while I know this will likely be seen as playing favourites I hope not). ❤️🥰😍
  14. Thanks! I wonder sometimes if long posts are glazed over (which I'm sure the majority are) but I usually only rant when I have something to say. Hommage paid to a thought-provoking question if nothing else. Referring to the bold part: I've been thinking about this thread/topic since wring that response and I honestly think it has a lot to do with the writer/reader mentality. I wouldn't really stray too far into psychology or the ability to compartmentalize (though also a possibility) - I really think it's because I spend so much time writing stories and hearing dialog all day that (for the most part) I can differentiate between "my" thoughts, subconscious thoughts that just spring out of nowhere, and consciously created thoughts to drive the made-up constructs forward to a point I can put proverbial pen to paper. Since I was a child I was writing stories. I grew up in libraries (though probably should have veered away from the horror section admittedly). I have always lived inside my own head. So in a way Rae (and S before her) were nothing more than extensions to those voices. Since they were initially created for the sole purpose of RP in SL anyway it makes the most sense. It's only since I've walked away from RP that Rae has come into her own and to whatever degree taken on more familiar traits, with the whole mother-thing being the most poignant. Here's an interesting footnote to my long-winded rant of earlier; Out of the blue the other day (almost about the same time I posted that long post actually) I bought some hair for my avatar from a reputable hair store. Rae's hairstyle has often resembled mine in terms of RL; long, brunette, almost always over one shoulder, no fringe/bangs; refer to the picture in that post. That's been my RL norm for almost 20-some years. Fast forward to that purchase it's a style with a fringe/bangs. I added it to my avatar and thought... "I wonder how this would look on the RL me...?" So I asked my housemate what she thought of my proposed new look of getting a hairstyle to "match" (without telling her where the idea came from). She seemed to think it a good idea and a much needed change. Guess who has an appointment with the hairdresser this afternoon? So my avatar might not reflect my RL mood but it will DEFINITELY reflect my RL appearance in a few hours (and probably mood as a result; a change of style always makes one feel better/worse directly afterward). Thank god I didn't opt for an outlandish style for her at least...
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