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  1. Thanks! I'm sure the actual builders here could do better but I said I'd give it a shot and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. There's room for improvement but at this point I'm kind of over it now. Need a break before I go bald from the stress! 😆
  2. You don't have to wait. Just log out of your Dashboard and log back in again; you get 10 attempts (or thereabouts) each time you do.
  3. I actually don't mind any of that, odd as that sounds. As they say; one man's trash is another's treasure. Right near the ocean? Check! Away from house boats? Check! It ticks my boxes at least. I'll try and catch one along the sand there but as beach homes are popular it's a long shot. Never mind, all can do is wait and see and hope for the best!
  4. Spent the last 2 straight days and nights working on walls and cupboard inserts for the Shenandoah camper. Not fussed about the tiles but *ugh* at this point I just want it done. I've managed to fill the criteria though; bedroom, bathroom, kitchen/dining and storage space. Now comes the fun part... packaging. Almost done...
  5. @AveryWitt, these are my settings: And on topic: I've been refreshing for about 4 hours (have ARP running in the background while I build) and I've only seen one Traditional and one Camper in all that time.
  6. Are you thinking of #WoRP? (I think they were formerly known as RPC-G or something to that effect, maybe I have my wires crossed, it's been a while). They send out a list of current RP regions to group members or subscribers on a regular occurrence. Try there? SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hubunny/48/66/22 GROUP KEY: secondlife:///app/group/c1820d64-c798-e6be-60e1-49de11824144/about
  7. I can honestly say that for me at least that isn't the case but it may be due to using different plug-ins or settings perhaps. In Google's Auto Refresh Plus there's no option I can see to delay sound only the frequency and duration. There may be a setting there somewhere that I've overlooked? To that end it seems that for whatever reason experiences differ when using e plug-ins. For example when my page refreshes, manually or automatically, the alarm sounds straight away. There is no delay from that end; the delay is me trying to click and check buttons and boxes in order to claim. If I don't have the name pre-loaded then Bellisseria shows at the top of the style drop-down menu, and if I do have the name pre-loaded then I usually (but not always?) have to select Bellisseria from the drop down menu. I think @LittleMe Jewell explained the reason for that a page or so back I've just been too lazy to correct it. There's also been the nice surprise on occasion that the while I'm afk the auto refresh plug-in will find a home, meaning I don't even hear the alarm at all. When I come back to the computer I click the next button and check ToS box and the house is there waiting for me; it doesn't happen every time but perhaps 2 out of 5 houses spotted when I'm afk, maybe even 1 out of 5. So it's not an everyday occurrence but the point is it doesn't seem to matter if i hear the alarm or react straight away some times as I can still claim a house. It's worth noting that I usually catch more abandons than newly released homes, and I've never ever caught a new house using auto refresh while I was afk. I really have no idea how this works at all. But since I can only refer to my personal experience with it for me there is no delay on hearing the alarm sound; it happens as soon as the page loads and Bellisseria is in the style drop-down menu.
  8. That's the part I'm struggling with. The request was for a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom with storage space in one of the campers that has rounded corners. Might be the airstream one I don't know? I've managed the bulk but those corners... omg. Usually snapping to grid is simple enough but having a hell of a time trying to align half-circles with cut paths to snap to the same edge as regular square prims. It's doing my head in. I think next time before I agree I might actually have to live in the place myself and get a feel for it first before figuratively bighting off more than I can chew. The campers I've seen are gorgeous. I'm just struggling to get things "just right" in any measure that I could consider letting someone else have. The next style of homes may be out before I finally get the hang of it. 😔 Do all the camper styles have slightly curved walls or are there any models with more straight-lines than others? Just curious.
  9. Yes, was today's release. Providing they only have one release, who knows. The LDPW works in mysterious ways... 😇
  10. I have no idea. I had Auto Refresh on while I build and heard the alert, immediately switched screens and caught it. My search word is still Bellisseria if that helps? 🤔
  11. I tried to give warning, NIka, sorry. But it's very late and my eyes are hanging out of my head. The sun will be up soon. But since I'm really hoping for a beach parcel (without those lag-inducing house boats) it made no sense to keep it a second longer, not when I knew someone else would enjoy it right now. Maybe next time (if or even when there is a next time)?
  12. Water. Releasing as soon as I send this post! And gone to someone named RubyS. Hope she enjoys! 👍
  13. Releasing Traditional in Deer Pass in 7 mins. That will be 11:40 am SLT or 4:40 am AEST. Get ready.
  14. Deer Pass release (if it's not already released)?
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