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  1. Nice seeing so many of the fellas posting. ♥
  2. I'm verified cisgender AND voice verified! So I'm an expert, you can trust me to give an authoritative answer: Yes. Speaking personally, from my vaunted position of expertise, I *like* to *admire* lots of things and people. I *like* to do that, and have a preference for that over grumbling about ugly things and as*hats, or ugly things in as*hats. Admire doesn't mean assigning a sexual attraction to something. It might. It usually does not. And cisgender doesn't mean hetero in case anyone is wondering.
  3. My ex was like that. For example, the UPS guy comes to the door, he hands me a package, I say thanks and sign for it if I have to, and the UPS guy leaves. If my ex opened the door he'd know the UPS guy's life history and be invited to a BBQ at the guy's house.
  4. This is a weird thread. OK, I've skimmed through the 3 pages, so that probably didn't help make sense of things, like reading every third page of a book. Anyway. Huh. In ten years I've blocked a handful of people. I generally unblock them after a while. I get a little OCD about having a few things in a category, or list, or box. Like, you know, having two cookies left in a little plastic channel in the cookie sleeve. NO! That's wrong. All the cookies or none of the cookies! So yeah, my block list is empty, I think. Apparently the OP is going for the other end, ALL of the cookies avatars! (This paragraph is actually much cleverer if you read it a few times. Squinting might help.) There's only one or two places where I actually read local. So usually I could be standing right next to you and I still would probably IM you to talk. If I ping you in IM, it is never with just that dreaded "hi" that hangs there. (Ugh) But I might say, "Nice boots." Usually I'd say more but honestly, if that is all I type, a "Thanks" is all I hope to get, and I don't hold my breath for those. I've never had anyone yell at me for giving them a compliment, and sometimes a conversation starts from there, usually not. And often I don't feel like more conversation than "Nice boots." I read profiles. It says I read profiles on my profile. It says, on my profile, what I do if I see something interesting on another person's profile. I IM them. :::gasp::: So, I really don't get this zomg too much real life too soon stuff if the other person has GoT on their profile, why not comment on it? RL too much too soon is someone telling you their age, marital status, street address, recent episode of gout, all within two minutes of "Nice boots." Nobody is ever rude to me when I comment upon something specific on their profile. They may not effuse, either. And yeah, if someone new, with a totally blank profile starts a banal conversation with me, I'll be polite, blunt and not encourage further conversation.
  5. Stir as many pots as you will. Smoke as much pot as you will. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. bwahahahahaha And @Rolig Loon hates people who chime in with just "me too!" (Me too!) So that is why I had to write those first lines, because as to your sentence writing methodology... Me Too! (And the last few weeks have been particularly bad.)
  6. Demmit, Rhonda. I was gonna say something like that. Perhaps an unholy alliance? Wait, that's the FFC... or another acronym. Things get confusing.
  7. I couldn't decide, so... both! Can't go wrong with the classics.
  8. LoL. One of my favorite clubs is doing a cross dressing theme based on Bowie's "Rebel Rebel." Folks really outdid themselves. This is my attempt, and yes, those are whiskers. Kinda low graphics on this screenshot because: Lag at the busy event and this was taken real time. Also PS. I had The Most Bizarre PM with someone who contacted me for god knows what reason. I was told that the ONLY reason I, or anyone here, posts pictures is for the likes. That's it. It has to be true. It is only for the likes! And because of that, we ALL have to pay close attention to who IS and who IS NOT liking our photos. I'm not sure, an Excel spreadsheet might be needed to keep accurate tracking of this important information. Ah... the Internet and its various nuts.
  9. It happens. It is always a little surprising when it does. And a lot of fun. Glad you had a nice chance encounter, you celebrity you!
  10. Thank you! It is a beautifully done sim with lots of little details hidden about.
  11. I don't think I've used the word "nice" so often in one sitting before, or heck, one entire thread. Nice work there, me!
  12. I'm just gonna sneak this in here because I need to vent. I probably should go into the pet peeve thread, but I'm going to weasle it in here. I am generally relatively friendly inworld. I am shy, introverted (though you'd be hard pressed to know that on a few sims) but if I get asked a question in a nice way, I'll answer and often go out of my way to help the person. I have rarely ever rescued a noob, though. And now I remember why. :::banging head on desk::: In the category: No Good Deed Unpunished, I have now created a lovesick puppy. Nipping at my heels at all hours. My long-time friends know that they may not hear from me for months at a time, I'm that crap of an inworld friend. This dude... zomg... "are you there?" "are you there?" "are you there yet?" "let's hang out!" "whatareyoudoing?" I want to be nice. I have given some firm, blunt replies, but kept it nice. The dude is a nice dude. But FFS... Kill Me Now. Please. Just do it.
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