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  1. I used to adore shopping, in both worlds. Oh, silly, silly woman... I was going to ignore the inworld sales. I don't really NEED anything, and now I'm on a theoretcical budget. And now the sales notices start coming in and the group chats are blowing up. People are basically peeing themselves in the AppleFall group. Then Pixiecat announces 50% off, and ... nooooooo. Then again, I may get some new RLV wtf-ery and decide to stay home to avoid embarrassment? Grocery shopping. I *hate* grocery shopping. Even with home delivery! I really understood what you were saying though about t
  2. I know a few people with DID, and that is odd because the diagnosis is so rare. But you are right, not everyone with it acts like this, in fact no one I have interacted with IRL or SL has ever presented like this. There are other disorders that because they seek attention will *pretend* to have various illnesses, including pretending to have DID. We take what as given in the Forums at face value. Better to err on the side of caution and go ahead and believe it is a real manifestation and not some sick attention seeking role play. Most people here (and most places) I've been will judge you
  3. A lot of it is just plain forgetfulness (among those who do know or care). Nothing more horrid or sinister than that (looks up to previous comment and rolls eyes). I am not a fan of RLV, but it is sometimes a necessity just to basically function in some parts of the grid. I do love my outfits folder which has a basic me with and without my lady garden.* *phrase coined by one of my favorite RL bloggers, The Bloggess, and one which will make the staunchest of doms want to puke and restrict you ever using it again. Allegedly
  4. I don't Ctl T, so who knew it was outdated. I suppose if i really cared (am I wrong that I don't?) then I would use my gadget that I learned about from Strawberry Singh/Linden ages ago. I think it is called "What is she wearing?" (I'm not inworld to check). It is great to be sneaky (no clicking avatars to inspect) to find out "oooh, where did they get that hair, that head, that shirt..." and yep, it'll show parts. TMI: The Vee. Way to increase my rendering #s.
  5. Jordan, we don't agree on everything (I'm thinking politics here), but darn if we aren't like Siamese twins or something. (The use of Siamese instead of "conjoined" was a super hilarious pun with a nod to GatoGateau, GiGi.)
  6. Since technically my alt (if I can say that without somehow it being anti-another-avatar?), GiGi (GatoGateau) is not the author of this thread, I'll just pop in here to say: What she said. As the OP I know I don't have any formal control over what is posted here. It is up to the moderators to evenly apply the rules. (Ha!) But as the OP I can say what IS and IS NOT on topic because I'm the person who wrote the frikkin topic. I wrote the topic very broadly. It includes politics. It is NOT, however, nor ever has been, a thread about everything and anything political. It IS about COVID,
  7. It is amazing how broad this topic of COVID is. Here from the land of fiction, and who doesn't like the idea of a menopausal vampire? Pamela Skjolsvik's debut novel, “Forever 51,” is about a menopausal vampire (Fawkes Press). The author giving blood in Fort Worth, Tex. (Photo courtesy of Pamela Skjolsvik) The coronavirus pandemic sucks. Nobody knows that better than Pamela Skjolsvik, a librarian who just published a vampire novel. “Forever 5
  8. I think you nailed the reading, and the Ramones' song was the cherry on top.
  9. My PCP's office usually is really good about getting back to me, but for some reason on the topic of getting a COVID test they've left me hanging, and it is really bothering me. Now I have to do my own research about local options. Bother. Yet another stress. Yus, in a post that was overlooked so the offtopicers could rail, I'm freaking out about maybe having symptoms. But, yeah... let's talk about cheese. ETA: Expletive. Of course it is after 5 on Friday. I just found out WHY I hadn't heard back from my PCP. There was a software glitch and her office never got the message on
  10. I hate hand sanitizers, but they have become necessary. I hate the way they make my skin feel. Purrell is so sticky. Pipette brand is one I actually like. It has to be ordered, isn't cheap (but a tiny amount goes a long way). It doesn't dry out my skin. FWIW YMMV.
  11. Well, they... in today's Trumpism (not conservatism) still think and want this. Sadly I am not quipping. Nor am I being hyperbolic.
  12. Which is why I said what I did in my reply to Rowan, that I was sheepish. I'm actually fairly well read on American History. Regardless of the slave ownership, Washington was very much against the two party system. His fears have been born out.
  13. Well, technically, I think we would because we're still having the problem of counting all of those paper ballots. But basically, yup.
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