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  1. You assumed incorrectly. Your name didn't hit my radar. A person who routinely gets threads shut down is what I saw.
  2. The rumors of my return are greatly exagerated. I took a glance through, saw the COVID thread down, glanced at it. Saw this one. Commented. That's the extent of it. Ok, and checking to see if anyone said anything to my comment. That much back. Yup.
  3. Bored this morning. Wandered in here for the first time in a while. Notice there's a COVID 2.0 thread, which would indicate the long-running thread I started is defunct. Checked that. Ahhhh, yes. Usual suspects, doing the usual things, after having been told repeatedly "please don't" (paraphrasing). Going into Year 2 of this pandemic, I'm glad Rat started 2.0 here, because (some) people do need a place to rant, sigh, blow off steam and sometimes even cry... AND laugh about this situation we are all in. :::raises a coffee beverage to Rat::: Thanks for restarting this, and I wish you good luck i
  4. If there were a store named Buttocky Legume :::cough::: I'd stay far far away because of their horrendous customer service. Horrendous. 11+ years and have never received anything remotely as horrible, both from the owner and the CSR, And to get to the horrible CSR you have to sign up to get onto a website with an active email account, which account, btw, you cannot ever delete. Yeah. Not them. The experience was so bad I broke a direct order to post this. /me gets out the butt balm
  5. Ah, is that what got someone's attention? A picture of Trump. Interesting. Noted. It makes as much sense in regards to consistency and reason for comment/thread zaps (and those not) as anything else. Lord knows it isn't because there is an actual policy.
  6. This isn't a thread about a philosophical discussion about karma, btw. Just saying.
  7. Thank you for that news. I knew updates were in the works but with everything else Genus has been involved in over the past year, I know all of that got tabled. I figured someone else on the Forum had a Genus head and ears and might know something. ♥
  8. After having major problems with group chats working this morning, I looked at my dashboard to see this proclamation. Ah what was I peeved at? The whole thing has been resolved! Thanks, LL!
  9. I still can't save a photo to disk, so again, a snipping tool shot. The human sized scratching post cracks me up but I love it. mew
  10. I can't sleep. So I went back inworld, and back on topic. Resetting the skeleton, didn't work. I did a shape revision to set the ear settings to zero. Nope. Didn't work. I tried using the large sized ears. Nope. Didn't work. So far what is working is wearing the divot covering old old hair (which I still love. I wish the designer was still around , who was Zero Style). Sigh. This is dumb.
  11. I think so too! She was based on a RL model, a very striking woman. I just can't carry her off!
  12. I know. Anything not white was pretty horrid. And depending on how far back you go, even white skins were orange and I'm not talking Ruth, but more 2009 ish. I was briefly involved with a Chinese American male and the choices for them are now really nice! And I've done a stint as a black avatar, in fact, it turns out some people in the forum thought I was black (and gosh in real PC manner treated me better until they found out I wasn't! reverse something or other eh?) I used lelutka for my black woman, who I love the look of, but it turns out she is too... competent! for me to feel c
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