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  1. Yeah, I don't really know how the whole dmca thing works. Why they have to take what down, and when or when and to whom the complainant has to be disclosed. It seems horrible that it can even go a day after it is official and the target company can't even know who is filing against them! I don't know anything about the case, and hate to speculate, but... as it is playing out so far it seems purely malicious, else why would the first attempt have been dropped? We've seen here on the forums what one nutter with a grudge can do if he puts his mind to it. I hope for Genus's sake they aren't dealing with someone with the same mindset, and if they are that they can get some restitution.
  2. Huh? ... Weird how this kind of thread can cause kerfuffles, but whatevs. I do belong to the group and yet still did not see the notice of the new complaint, so I am glad to read about it wherever I can get the info. It allows me to check into news on my own. You know the obnoxious spammer guy who was calling a halt to these forums recently, by doing it over and over again using different names? To have the company get another complaint right on the heels of settling one complaint strikes me as being a similar kind of harassment. I hope they can get to the bottom of it soon, for their sakes, and because I'm not terribly altruistic, for my sake as well since I have a Genus head that I love and I would hate to see all the creators dump it because of all of this.
  3. Is it just me? Or do other people explore places by randomly trying to sit on things? (In my defense I was looking for a cooking animation in this one, but I rarely have such good cause to click and sit.) RawR screenshot. I love being able to adjust poses in Black Dragon!
  4. @Cindy Evanier I'm so sorry to hear about your fur baby. Those are truly horrible decisions. :::hug::: And yes, 2020 sucks, for oh so many reasons. @Rolig Loon :::hugs::: for you as well. Although it has been a few years since I had to let go of my last cat, it *still* upsets me every so often. @Selene Gregoire I am no longer on the Forum enough to follow what is missing from where by whom, but I know it is annoying. My recent inworld/in Forum experiences have me re-learning the old "don't trust anyone" and "people suck" and a lot of wtf-ery. There are always open offices for you at Misanthropes Anon, because no one ever shows up there due to the possibility of encountering (ew) people...
  5. I don't see how the OP is actually discussing primal play in BDSM, and the use of the word "fear" is also confusing, and yeah, the font doesn't help in communication. You can't just grab a term out of context and then force your own spin on it... well, you can, but you'd probably be wrong.
  6. I don't get how this is on topic or in the spirit of this thread. First time in 21 pages I've thought that.
  7. Photoshopped the image above. I fixed the alpha break in the corset. Tried to make the left shoulder look less like a bent toothpaste tube (wish Maitreya would fix that). The pose put a weird lump in the front of the neck, tried to take that down. Increased the saturation of the strawberry. Fussed a tad with the contrast and red level. Fixed teeth showing through lip. Fixed a slight neck seam. Finished with a gradient tool wash.
  8. One way to deal with stress. Also, I'm experimenting with Dutch angle, or the canted camera angle. I think it is generally waaaaaaaaaay overused, especially from what I see on Flickr, but I also think it can be a useful tool. Theoretically it is used to add tension to a frame. I experimented between an uphill and downhill tilt for this shot.and thought the uphill, reading left to right, was less tense. This is a screenshot, other than the signature and the box covering the terrible bits that should never be seen by anyone, ever, lest they die of a stroke. (sarcasm? moi?) I may post another uncensored version on Flickr. For some reason I've been photographing "bits" lately.
  9. But you have to go to the store to get it, at least that is what I was told.
  10. What I thought was strange is that according to the blog article (in the OP), neither Genus NOR Linden Lab knows who made the complaint! Still! Wow. I'd think "lawsuit" would be in order due to the loss of revenue Genus had for being shut down for months.
  11. I have not verified this personally, but a blog reports that Genus is back. ETA: It is true. The region is swamped.
  12. An actual peeve, IRL and SL: People who only hear/read the first five words of whatever you are saying, decide they already know what you are saying, and then spend the rest of the time NOT listening/reading what you actually write but are preparing in their head how they are going to respond to you. Because they haven't listened their assumptions are dead wrong. Because they continue to not listen — being intent upon formulating their response — they do not hear that what you said after the first five words is completely different from what they thought they heard. And, because they are the type of people who do not listen, even after they make their response and you try to correct their inaccurate assumptions, they don't listen... What is remarkable is that this happens in print, here in the Forum or inworld, just as much as it does verbally IRL (well, that's my experience). In print you can say to the inattentive, "Reread that paragraph, please, that is not what I said..." And 9 times out of 10 that makes no difference. Or they may admit that, oops, they did misread it, but if you ask them later they are still holding onto their initial, wrong, view of what you said. Drives me bats. I've seen it do great damage here in the Forum, to me and to many others. It screws up personal relationships. Second peeve that I have recently received via SL: People who don't get what a real apology is. I've written about this before, in the defunct thread. "IF I offended you, I'm sorry but..." This is so not an apology. "If I offended you..." refutes that you just told the person, "I'm hurt/offended that..." and no true apology ever contains the word "but." Or the reasonable sounding, "I'm sorry but we are both equally responsible..." Uh, again, that "but" and also the blame shifting of equally responsible. If you screwed up it shouldn't be so hard just to simply say, "I screwed up by doing xyz and I'm sorry." I'm sorry, I could go on, but I won't.
  13. Not a peeve, but I recently purchased this T-shirt from Dead Doll (nope, not a typo, she's recently dropped the zed), and thought of this thread. Also, Chic Chica has the 4th of July particle popper as a free gift (not sure if you need to be a group member or not). Happy (safe) 4th to those who celebrate, and ffs, wear a mask!
  14. Oh, the good doctor is one of my favorite poets! Thanks for reminding me of this one!
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