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  1. I switched from having internal auditory hallucinations to internal texting arguments with lots of typos...
  2. This thread should come with a subtitle: How to raise your bloodpressure in 47 seconds! Ask me how!
  3. ketchup (wait, is that ketchup or catsup???) or as several have mentioned, pass the Lea & Perrins but it isn't steak sauce because then everyone yells "No! That's A-1!"
  4. Oh I agree. MySL has been a horror pretty much from the start. Most people don't even know it exists. The history of how it was acquired is interesting, in a scary way. And how LL summarily fired the guy who knew the coding without having anyone else around who knew how it worked... It has always been broken half the time. Limited in its features. Etc. However, it is still there, some of us had been using it for ages, and there is its own little community there. Or was. I was not suggesting they replace it. They broke it about 1/2 a year ago and many people lost EVERYthing they had there.
  5. Yes to all of that. But I think it was executed poorly with a very misleading image (as I ranted about in that other thread). The old pages tended to look ... TOO much like a screenshot from 10 years ago. Many of the images do need updating. But this was just waaaaaaay too much "not SL." Do the new owners even know what they bought? (Or care?)
  6. /me facepalms I didn't see that thread. It isn't QUITE the same thread. Thanks for letting me know I need to clean my glasses... And again, this was kind a hit and run sort of visit. ♥
  7. Well, fine. Sorry for posting my thread after you started yours. I didn't see this one. Thanks to Rowan for giving me the heads up. And... that was a real person in the photo? I just thought it was heavily Photoshopped. Real person is even worse...
  8. The relatively new splash page that you get when you go to Secondlife.com, before you login, is a lovely photo, all blues and ethereal with an elven looking character. It is also heavily photoshopped, or its equivalent. Previous screens (you know, with the "old" owners...) tended to be pretty true to a screenshot. I thought that was a good practice. Even with BlackDragon running full tilt, it would be difficult to get that shot. Maaaaaaaybe possible, playing with glow and DOF and a hundred other things. If you are trying to sucker people in to trying this place, and you nab a newbie and th
  9. This. My biggest chunk of change is about $L10,000 per month for rent on a place that I love, but the landlords have trouble keeping sims rented out and had to close SEVERAL places a few months ago (dirty.pretty group, fwiw). So, yup that 7.5% is a helluva tax on that, which also includes tier... Rent will be affected much more than random spending, although that too will be affected since that is smaller amounts and now it is getting too expensive to make small $L purchases. The more I think about this news the grumpier I'm getting.
  10. Or how about for SL18 those of us who were using my.secondlife.com "profile" feeds get our data back? There are quite a few of us who lost everything: photos, old messages (I was keeping some for sentimental reasons from people who died in real life), friends/follow list... EVERYTHING. I was told many, many months ago "We're working on it." Which of course meant "You're SOL". Some people had their stuff returned/found/whatever the correct word is. I haven't. My last post there is a charming expletive to the powers that be.
  11. I haven't read the whole thread, just the first page (I intend to plow through the whole thing later), and people have been making some very good points. Wasn't the move to the cloud supposed to lower costs? Isn't the 7.5% leap rather steep? It looks greedy. It makes the new owners look greedy. I know that the new structure will impact how I buy Linden$, how much and how often, and that will mean I will be spending LESS on L$. So for me they are going to be getting less revenue flow, and not more, because of the huge spike in fees. I wonder how many others will feel and do the same. Probabl
  12. You assumed incorrectly. Your name didn't hit my radar. A person who routinely gets threads shut down is what I saw.
  13. The rumors of my return are greatly exagerated. I took a glance through, saw the COVID thread down, glanced at it. Saw this one. Commented. That's the extent of it. Ok, and checking to see if anyone said anything to my comment. That much back. Yup.
  14. Bored this morning. Wandered in here for the first time in a while. Notice there's a COVID 2.0 thread, which would indicate the long-running thread I started is defunct. Checked that. Ahhhh, yes. Usual suspects, doing the usual things, after having been told repeatedly "please don't" (paraphrasing). Going into Year 2 of this pandemic, I'm glad Rat started 2.0 here, because (some) people do need a place to rant, sigh, blow off steam and sometimes even cry... AND laugh about this situation we are all in. :::raises a coffee beverage to Rat::: Thanks for restarting this, and I wish you good luck i
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