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  1. 😐 Enter your imagination. Picture a seaside area, with those post binoculars you feed coins into to use. Picture a pale brunette looking through the binoculars, looking oh so cute in a new leggings and top outfit. She's looking for spring. The sky is the perfect shade of spring blue, with mackerel clouds. Seagulls are there, circling. I just spent an hour fidgeting with the BD poser, because the binoculars didn't come with built in poses. I fussed with the WL, the shadows, the tone, the... I had clicked "save to disc" and the computer was in the process of doing just that when the popup came up that BD had crashed. Ahahahahahaha. Sigh. Feel my pain!
  2. I responded to your comment with a "thank you" for good reason, although I also wanted to use the nonexistent hug emoji. I cried reading your post. I'm still crying. Why? I hurt for your friend. I hurt for you. I also am so thankful for you for your friend. I have no idea what your friend's issues are, even though you alluded to some. I don't need to know. But a lot of your story rang true about me and things I've been struggling with. It is also my natural tendency to withdraw further and further when hurting. I also get self-destructive as I hurtle down into depression. I've handled a lot of it on my own, and that sucks so much. But I also have a very good, dear friend, who like you with yours has stuck by me, even through fights. For me, I feel guilty because I rely on this person so much, too much. It isn't fair to him. I know it. He knows it. But... thank god he's there. His being there has saved my life, literally and figuratively. So, know that you are loved and appreciated back, Tari.
  3. Apparently I woke up feeling the need to tell people they are idiots. I've always wondered how one manages to wake up in an entirely different mood from the day before. I don't remember my dreams, which is a good thing because the ones that I do remember are pretty awful, so I guess I'll blame the need to carp at people on some stupid dream. Anyway, the Internet was created so that if you wake up feeling the need to tell idiots that they are idiots that you can do so anonymously and while in your PJs drinking morning coffee. That and cat memes... oh and porn, can't forget that, but that's why the Internet was created. So I blew off steam by reading and then responding to political/coronavirus comments on NPR's Facebook feed. Ahhh. It is almost too easy. Too easy would be to go to FOX's site, but even I'm not crazy enough to wander over there even for sport. The trick to blowing off steam is to not take it seriously, don't get involved in arguments (just hit and run), and keep it to a minimum. The more time you spend venting on Facebook (and similar), the more it sucks you dry and destroys your mind and heart and soul. So, yeah, a few well written, snarkily clever sentences aimed at people who think that old people should just get sick and die so that other people get back to work as normal... I feel somewhat better. With that off my chest it is time to get back to being my usual sunny, people-loving self. [sarcasm font] TS gif to ♥ Beth.
  4. This is one that needs several emoticons to respond. I "laughed" (and I rarely do the sarcastic laugh, although it does happen but that wasn't the case), because yeah, someone said something wrong on the Internet. But I needed the sad face about wtf happened so you aren't welcome in the freaking LH section? I didn't even know you could pis* people off over there. Then again, I pis* people off in the "how do you look today" thread, so yeah. That happens.
  5. How am I doing today? I have no idea. My moods continue to fluctuate like a coffee drinker's cardiogram. Last night the "new guy" and I had a surprise meeting (I was inworld taking photos and he showed up). We talked. I cried through most of it. Luckily for both of us it was in text. I'm confused still after it, not really sure what is happening, but even the best scenario isn't good. So there's that. I'm slowly making progress on putting the new apartment together. Emphasis on slowly. The kitchen remains a disaster (hence the Italian food delivery). I'm rather proud of my bedroom closet now. My old apartment didn't really have a closet. This one has several, all nice sized. So one good thing about moving is at least once in the apartment's history with me it'll have well-organized closets. I'm *preparing* to take better care of myself. I'm not actually taking better care of myself, in fact, I'm taking lousy care of myself. But there's a glimmer of "maybe" stirring. I signed up for a 30-day online mental health type program. I have access to it. I just haven't opened it yet. I ordered a couple of used books on Amazon dealing with physical health. I have subscribed to a couple of youTube channels for exercise that seem to be convertible to someone with my physical disabilities. All of this will eventually be a good thing or they will just haunt me and make me feel guilty for not doing things while at the same time making my health even worse. But mainly I'm binge watching streaming programs. BTW, for those of you in the USA (don't know about elsewhere & the licensing laws), the Sundance Channel is offering 1 month of free streaming! Of course you can cancel before the month is up. I'm currently bingeing The Name of the Rose. I adore Umberto Eco's work. This series, with John Turturro is better than the movie that came out a long time ago with Sean Connery. Go to www.Sundancenow.com I have managed to take some SL photos, which usually is a type of meditation for me. (Flickr link below fwiw & shameless plug.) I get a synopsis email with the Washington Post's top headlines. Just reading the headlines, let alone the articles, is enough to send me to bed for several days. God. It was bad enough when it was "just" the crazy politics. Now it is pandemic AND crazy politics. Cue the Beatles. "I read the news today, ohboy..." I'm still grumpy with a smidge of knee-jerk responses, so I'm hoping to avoid Forum boors and as*hats if that is possible while still being on the Forum.
  6. Oh piffle. Do you know how quickly that thread changes? Peeve away. I think we've kinda done the lima bean and chili thang anyway. I'm thankful, and a heavy tipper, to those people who are delivering things to our doors. I just got a boatload of food from the local Italian place. (Yeah, no... not covered by food stamps but covered by a credit card, cuz that ain't like having to actually pay for it, right? Right?!?) :::burps daintily:::
  7. I'm being all about the sharing of knowledge today! Here's another link, a pretty great article about why people fuss about chili, and the different types. I make what this article refers to as Texas Red chili... which is definitely no beans cooked with the meat. However, the picture and the article also mention the beloved garnishes. When I make chili, it is accompanied by bowls of various things: chopped fresh tomato, chopped onions--both white and green, chopped avocado, shredded cheese, at least one kind of bean, sour cream, cilantro (yuck yuck yuck), tortilla chips, soft tortillas, white rice... Gah, now I'm hungry. And there ain't NUTHIN' boring about that food table. This is what someone else's Texas Red looks like, and mine looks similar https://www.seriouseats.com/2017/02/guide-to-chili-styles-types-of-chili-recipes.html PS. This is a nice change of pace from the normal food fight of "which pizza is best"
  8. Yup. And it really was invented by Greek (Macedonian) immigrants to Cincinnati, and other than having meat in a sauce, it has nothing to do with chili. It is pretty good, well... if you're in the mood. And I preferred mine on the hotdogs than over the spaghetti. Here's a link to those who have never heard of this stuff (it is regionally HUGE), and a recipe that looks fairly spot-on. https://www.thechunkychef.com/copycat-skyline-cincinnati-chili/
  9. Yeah, mine has beer in it too, when all the chili pods are simmering. Beans are an acceptable garnish to chili, @Beth Macbain. With the addition of chocolate one is getting close to a mole sauce, but I will allow it. FOOD FIGHT! (And the appropriate Tay Tay gif!)
  10. Hmmmm. I might, perhaps been reminded of a pet peeve here: beans of any ilk in chili! Chili is as some god in the SW intended: meat in sauce. Everything else (beans, onions, cheese...) is garnish. I also lived in Cincinnati for a while. While I like Cincinnati chili (at least some of it), to call the Macedonian meat sauce over spaghetti "chili" is an abomination to all that is chili holy. Of course *I* make The Best chili, using 2-3 kinds of meat, several kinds of whole dried chili pods that are roasted then soaked, then scraped, then... it's a real p.i.t.a. so I make vats of it because it freezes.
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