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  1. Oh, yours was lovely! And this is weird. I saw your post and immediately started clicking. A houseboat came up. It "HAD TO BE" yours, right? Nope. It was a different one. Good news: I finally got a houseboat! Bad news: It wasn't the one you let go, and yours was better. How was that for weird timing?
  2. Have you decided yet (I'm getting near to having to log off for the day)?
  3. Three regions and I didn't see one houseboat. I'm not inworld to monitor what each region has to offer, just clicking/refreshing/relogging all day for days on end.
  4. :::bangs head on desk::: I have been manually refreshing and logging in/out continuously since 8 am SLT and haven't seen a house or houseboat. I don't even know how that is possible when others are seeing multiples! And, yeah, I have a fast internet connection.
  5. Saw a houseboat, a first time for me (and what I"m looking for), about 11:30 SLT. I clicked immediately, wrote in the name for the boat asap, accepted the terms and... got the "sold out" message. 😠 About ready to say eff it.
  6. :::sobs::: I've been clicking, sometimes on two computers, for ages. I keep seeing houses. I never saw a houseboat. Ever. And that's what there was on Friday? :::more sobbing and whining:::
  7. I saw many houses. Were there any houseboats? I don't know what the regions look like.
  8. How are y'all monitoring regions being named and released? Or what Little Jewel said about LL releasing on Mon, Wed & Fridays?
  9. 12:19 SLT there were houses that stayed up for a little while before getting snapped up. I want a houseboat!!!! click click click
  10. I've seen several houses the past few days but no houseboats! I see someone (above) did spot a houseboat, so I'm still clicking. I felt a little queasy not taking the houses when they came up, but darn it, I want a houseboat!
  11. I'm sure I'd drag stuff out of the Fanci Deep chest for a houseboat garden, gotta keep the mer happy. Did you know that 1/2 of Fanci Deep is no longer there. The sim where I had my build and an adjoining one are now gone! After all of those years. The whirlpool and other things, just poof.
  12. I'm loving this thread. I have not had the fortune to score a place in Bellisseria, though not for lack of trying. I'm amazed at the wonderful creativity that is showing up in these posts. It is more than a little intimidating! I thought I could assemble and tweak, but compared to some of y'all... sheeee-ittt. I've learned quite a bit, too. I wouldn't have thought to look on MP for add-ons and wall-overs (or whatever you call them), planar textures (I'm still a bit confused on that one), article resizers... I'm dreaming of a houseboat, putting in an underwater garden, and stuff. Also, thanks to whoever mentioned the free Apple Fall skybox! I snapped one of those up, and it is much more pleasant than the big hollow prim cube I make for doing photography. Please keep up the good work and keep sharing! ♥
  13. I've come and gone out of SL quite a bit in my ten years. I don't use it as much as I used to. My circle of friends here is no more, and so it is lonely out there. All that said, if SL were to disappear I would be heart broken. It is my fall back place. I enjoy the photography and exploring, and I would miss that. I'm in a situation where I can't make up the deficit in RL, so I would have a hole in my life. I've tried Sansar, a while back, and it was kind of interesting but mostly meh and too sterile, and I haven't been back since (although I know they have been making improvements all along). I suppose I'd try it again in the event of SL's demise. Life would carry on, but I would miss the heck out of it.
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