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  1. I have a ribbon and bracelets on, so it isn't naked cello playing, 'cuz that would be odd . . .
  2. I hear you. I come and go from SL, and every time I return there is a new learning curve. The Bento though? Worth it. Once you get the hang of it, it really opens up options, imho.
  3. I cannot stop chair-dancing, dancing-dancing, foot-tapping to this
  4. LoL, me too. In RL I have a top that is two connected pieces, a sleeveless shell and over that is a 3/4 sleeve top with a knot in front. Omg. I get so tangled up in that thing trying to put it on, and it is made of a thin, gauzy mesh stuff so you can't wrestle it too hard. Glad I'm not alone with my wardrobe challenges.
  5. After 9+ years of posting raw screenshots, I'm learning PShop. Here's an early try from today. Took me ten tries for this one:
  6. BlueVioletVixen Lorefield : I'm glad you took my ramblings in the spirit in which they were intended, good natured curiosity and conversation. The weather? LoL. Well it is off/on seasonably cool, overcast and rainy. We'll have sunshine today or tomorrow then back to rain.
  7. And I was "called out" for changing (?) Mr. into mister. (I'd love to hear how Mr. is pronounced if it isn't mister.) Rules rules rules . . .
  8. "You aren't family because you say you are. . ." is true in RL too, with the addition of "or what your genes say." For some, family has nothing to do with genes. Like Orwar said he was, I don't have family in SL, never have, never pursued it, never thought about it. But I find myself following this thread, and I'm not exactly sure why. I'm confused about the son. Is this your teen son in RL who also RPs in SL? Or is this an alt? Another avi who plays your son? (As I said: confused.) So it is a 2-for-1 deal? I'm also confused about the cross-over to RL, where you talk about Skyping during AFK times (in your blog/web post). It sounds like you want someone 24/7, and that, to me, doesn't sound like RP. As Orwar also says, his SL family doesn't always agree and can squabble, which sounds about right. The "perfect" family you described on the blog sounds just that, too perfect (as in unobtainable). Both of those would scare me off as a prospect, especially in early days. Then again, I had a crap RL family, so what do I know from families? I also find any kind of deep, meaningful relationship in SL to be few and far between. I had some great ones that ended up being horrid. I have one, abiding friend who is now in my RL and always will be (and he's now never in SL). I dunno. Just rambling here.
  9. Cigarette break at a foggy train station, in my underwear, as one does . . . (unedited screenshot)
  10. ? Mister Freddy's (Mr.) to plant mister is off how?
  11. Ha. As if. Nope it is because I'm a few Forum iterations before this stuff, like 6-7 years ago, with perhaps 1 or 2 exceptions. I can't believe my post numbers transferred over and that it is less than 2000 since they did transfer.
  12. I look and dress exactly like that in RL when peeling potatoes.
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