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  1. Is there any other way to eat candy corn other than by color sections?! Well, I guess if you include eating some salted peanuts with the corn (soooo good). Halloween is candy corn, Easter is jelly beans, Christmas is cookies (decorated spritz)...
  2. Seicher Rae came about as an exercise in overthinking and bad spelling. When I joined, I had all of these high-falutin ideas of what my avatar would do in SL. It was to be a psychological, social, spiritual, and philosophical romp through a virtual world in order to better understand the real one. :::pauses for the well deserved eye rolling::: I liked the idea of being a seeker, but Seeker sounded too icky-New Agey to me. :::irony pause::: So I played with the spelling using the weirdness of English, ch can be k, ie can be ee... Except I forgot the "i before e" bit and typed ei instead. Rae was one of the SL last names and I liked to think of it like ray, and sharp focus of light. :::sighs and laughs::: I'm the only Seicher in SL (the last I checked). Then I learned that seicher in French is cuttlefish. In German/Swiss slang, in some parts of the land at least, it appears to be a pretty raunchy slur about a loose woman—which explains all the pervy comments I used to get from German avatars. (I haven't gotten one of those in years, for whatever reason.) I quickly realized my spelling oops but figured it wouldn't make a difference because "who would ever say it outloud?" Then I started going to live music and other events where voice was used. Oh boy. Thank goodness for being able to change your name tags now. Seeker it is.
  3. I see so many posts here with large (appearing) images... plural. I could only get two photos in one post if I shrunk them down to too tiny. What's the trick?
  4. Below the waterline there are projectors, particles and sounds. Raw screenshot:
  5. I finally got a houseboat (not thrilled with the location but I was thrilled to get a boat after clicking on the get a Linden home tab for waaaaaay too long). I've been dinking around with it and am far from done. My main focus is the water, or yard as I have been jokingly referring to it, instead of spending my LI on a kitchen or bathroom etc. inside. The trouble with the waterscaping is that the depth is shallow and it really limits some things. Below the waterline I seem to have developed a bit of a steampunk thing. It is still a work in process. (Apparently my files are too big to post all in one go. Sorry.) "Yard" from above, raw screenshot:
  6. Oh, yours was lovely! And this is weird. I saw your post and immediately started clicking. A houseboat came up. It "HAD TO BE" yours, right? Nope. It was a different one. Good news: I finally got a houseboat! Bad news: It wasn't the one you let go, and yours was better. How was that for weird timing?
  7. Have you decided yet (I'm getting near to having to log off for the day)?
  8. Three regions and I didn't see one houseboat. I'm not inworld to monitor what each region has to offer, just clicking/refreshing/relogging all day for days on end.
  9. :::bangs head on desk::: I have been manually refreshing and logging in/out continuously since 8 am SLT and haven't seen a house or houseboat. I don't even know how that is possible when others are seeing multiples! And, yeah, I have a fast internet connection.
  10. Saw a houseboat, a first time for me (and what I"m looking for), about 11:30 SLT. I clicked immediately, wrote in the name for the boat asap, accepted the terms and... got the "sold out" message. 😠 About ready to say eff it.
  11. :::sobs::: I've been clicking, sometimes on two computers, for ages. I keep seeing houses. I never saw a houseboat. Ever. And that's what there was on Friday? :::more sobbing and whining:::
  12. I saw many houses. Were there any houseboats? I don't know what the regions look like.
  13. How are y'all monitoring regions being named and released? Or what Little Jewel said about LL releasing on Mon, Wed & Fridays?
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