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  1. Must be a slow day to get a two-page wall of text for this non-problem.
  2. Yebbit, don't short change my abilities! I can quickly catch up.
  3. This also supposes, for me, that I have the skills to do it (which I don't). I've always wanted to create a sim that represents a planet where plants have evolved or have been engineered to do all sorts of things, from houses to transportation. Houses would be grown. Transportation would be part of a tendril system. It would involve a lot of 3D mesh and scripting. But, yeah.
  4. The walls of text and conspiracy theories are daunting, 'tis true. But in Firestorm this is what I see for sharing photos. I don't think it has changed:
  5. @Scylla Rhiadra why the sad face to my pondering about not having drunk enough for this thread? Is that encouraging me to drink more? (I don't need encouragement.)
  6. I've been doing tipsy SL tonight. Clearly, I have not done it well enough, or deep enough.
  7. I responded the way I did, with the sad face to your comment above, because... holy crap. Yes, yes this was what was said, and trivialized. Yikes. I can't even... even... Yeah. No.
  8. I think someone needs to review what the definition of "ethical" (and therefore, unethical) is. I am just dumbfounded by that remark. Then again, someone who posts just to get enough points to change their status in the forums, is also dumbfounding to me. Perhaps one should just stay to the games section?
  9. I thought you might have looked at the several posts that came right before you posted. No worries. No harm, no foul.
  10. Gad, she was gorgeous. (And still is but at 85 it is a different kind of gorgeous.) I'm not a fan of the song, but the video was fun. And who the heck ever thought it was a good idea to make her blonde?! The darker her hair the better. Gorgeous...
  11. The album was released yesterday! :::whispers "You missed the joke. We have been doing a quick talk/fawn over Taylor Swift. This song is obviously not T.S. and I was goofing on it."::: (My so-called humor is often missed. )
  12. I don't remember this being on one of TayTay's albums! I guess she's had her 15 mins of fame on the forums. After listening to this I felt like I should go jump into the nearest Viking ship and go plunder and pillaging.
  13. And yet no one comments on my dancing to madrigals. (kidding, kidding) Go TayTay.
  14. I just had this conversation with the personal trainer "health mentor" I *had* through the mental health clinic I use. Said trainer makes house calls, so when he arrived I had been in SL and also had the Forum open, and the Forum notices were pinging on my computer. Not too surprisingly, he asked what was going on. I explained SL, etc. He had never heard of SL. (This is an important point.) He was curious and so I explained. I explained the social aspect of it. Now... since the RL social "aspect" is a RL issue and discussed at the clinic with therapists, this was notable. Trainer, who didn't know the SL he was talking about, began to go into how I could spend my time better, how it was kind of a wasted thing to do, what about RL, etc. I was not amused.
  15. I have never met anyone who admits to liking Taylor Swift, but ain't it amazing how many kajillion songs she sells and how much $ she's gotten doing it, when it is only 13 year old white girls who like her? I've been around various kinds of music snobs since I was 16. Well, in your faces music snobs, I like TayTay, she's my secret guilty pleasure. Also, if you're interested Rolling Stone recently rated all of her songs, here https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/taylor-swift-songs-ranked-rob-sheffield-201800/ . Delicate is #4.
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