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  1. it's mostly gachas that i've seen, though there's a few non-gacha pre-posed clothing
  2. hope im not bein too posty but i picked up the carekitty from kittycats and i think i understand why people love breedables so much now. IT'S MICROSCOPIC. IT'S SO TINY AND SO CUTE
  3. this comes after a long session of scouring for clothes on the mp but i've never gotten clothing with pre-posed arms.... especially when the clothes in question are cute but the ARMS...... if i can't lovingly punch my friends in the face what's the point
  4. supposed to be a racing outfit :0! and thank you !!
  5. i love the racing outfit i made so much Q_Q what's the point of having your car fly through the air spinning wildly out of control if you dont look cute while doing it honestly
  6. there goes my plans for opening a region in june... i can wait though! let's hope the migration goes smoothly :0
  7. i have to assume the dude's botting, because he sends the same message to what feels like every single furry group at the exact same time to the second. last night his messages opened 3 of my group chats at once, it's pretty annoying.
  8. there really needs to be someone around to do the late night shift, it sucks that this keeps happening
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