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  1. havent been active for a hot moment but heres my dragon gal \o/ she uses the asr aeon head
  2. maybe i just cant find where to edit this post but this is now CLOSED!
  3. it's me again! this mansion has been the bane of my existence because i'm lost on how to fully decorate it so i'm just asking someone else to help rooms i'd need are: -an office -a music room -knife enthusiast maid's room -tea room -prettying up the dining hall -prettying up the main halls if possible? rooms are small/mid sized, nothing too wild each room has one or two key items placed inside already, and the general theme of the building is victorian/rococo! the sim is also a homestead so try and be mindful of prim count? its no biggie tho if you're interes
  4. I really enjoy making cosplay avatars, and I wondered if anyone did the same here and wanted to share? For clarification - a cosplay avatar is intended to look like a character from a pre-established media source! This can be from movies, books, games, anime, etc... Also, try and post a picture of who you're cosplaying! Because comparison is fun : > Here's one I recently completed of Reimu Hakurei from Touhou!
  5. for me i'd like to pretend and say that it's assets for my sim but.......... im garbage at saving and too easily tempted by pretty pink clothes wwwwwwwwwwww though paying my builders is also a pretty big chunk :0 but i dont feel bad about that they deserve it
  6. alright i'm back with another thing im searching for! i had built this area without a reference and only just now noticed it looked nothing like the screenshot, so... i'm looking for something like this! (from touhou 14.5, hopeless masquerade) any help would be appreciated \o/ i tried searching for 'machiya' on the mp but couldnt turn up anything i liked
  7. oh wow, thats.... literally exactly what i was looking for! it appears to be the exact 'hall of dreams' from the 30kL$ i mentioned in the OP but by itself instead of the whole temple : D !! thank you so much!!!!
  8. i know silent hills / timber wilds has an rp area set up - as for how active it is, i'm not sure. but i have some friends in the feral avatar community so i might ask them later! i also know WMC / wolf mountain used to have a big open forest area and had wild animals integrated into its RP storyline but it's under construction last time i checked edit: nevermind i guess wolf mountain is gone, just checked
  9. im a bit late to this thread but hello o/ i dont actually watch anime anymore so i'm kind of a hack but i'm a big fan of the anime-styled game touhou! it sits right in the fantasy genre and i could talk for ages about it wwww im not really into too much mainstream/modern anime unfortunately but i do know bits and pieces of more modern/mainstream stuff! as for hangouts im also in the club of thinks it's weird that all the sl animanga hangouts are NSFW spaces 😔 im working on my own non-hentai oriented anime-themed place but it's very unfinished atm ;w;
  10. so here's my sob story; i was looking for a temple similar to the Yumedono of Hōryū-ji, and found one! buuuuuuuuut it's 30,000L$ and includes the ENTIRE temple, so i'd really only want to spend that as an absolute last resort. so i'm coming here as an attempt to find an alternative! i'm also looking for decor to resemble a tower(?) pictured in a screenshot from a game here's my reference images of what i'm looking for! \ (from touhou 14.5, hopeless masquerade) (from wikipedia) again, i don't expect an exact match, but anything close would be sweet!
  11. sorry, we're out of lifestyles at the moment, would deathstyles be ok?
  12. thought i posted here :0 guess not im tewi! im just a funny cat drifting around cyberspace... in sl im usually a) aforementioned white cat b) a variety of other walking animals c) an anime girl or d) a dragon???? im pretty chill and just here to vibe and create , i draw / mesh / animate when i'm not working on my sim (which i finally am realizing after a year of yearning and planning, yeehaw!) in reality i have no idea what im doing and im too afraid to ask
  13. dont tell anyone these are actually just fancy wip shots
  14. great icon btw ok so disclaimer its like 12am so this is gonna be messy i'm very very shy too!! especially when it comes to roleplaying. most of my shyness comes from initiating, so this is what i'll focus on. join rp groups and keep tabs on the group chat! even though group chats are wonky now for a number of reasons, they're still super useful, moreso than waiting around on the rp sim hoping someone will approach. you'll often find people posting IC or looking for partners in these groups, and if you see some bait you'd like to take, go for it! you can also say 'hi i'm looking
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