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  1. sorry, we're out of lifestyles at the moment, would deathstyles be ok?
  2. thought i posted here :0 guess not im tewi! im just a funny cat drifting around cyberspace... in sl im usually a) aforementioned white cat b) a variety of other walking animals c) an anime girl or d) a dragon???? im pretty chill and just here to vibe and create , i draw / mesh / animate when i'm not working on my sim (which i finally am realizing after a year of yearning and planning, yeehaw!) in reality i have no idea what im doing and im too afraid to ask
  3. dont tell anyone these are actually just fancy wip shots
  4. great icon btw ok so disclaimer its like 12am so this is gonna be messy i'm very very shy too!! especially when it comes to roleplaying. most of my shyness comes from initiating, so this is what i'll focus on. join rp groups and keep tabs on the group chat! even though group chats are wonky now for a number of reasons, they're still super useful, moreso than waiting around on the rp sim hoping someone will approach. you'll often find people posting IC or looking for partners in these groups, and if you see some bait you'd like to take, go for it! you can also say 'hi i'm looking
  5. i finally finished my character's 'refsheet' so i can finally post here : p her name's momo and she comes in human/anime, anthro, and feral variants!
  6. this is from the start of december but i've been so busy i hope yall dont mind a rehash o_(\ taken at stay awake / telterma!
  7. cool, thanks :0! i have another question if you don't mind, about the gridsurvey website - i searched the region name there and found it was last online in 2009 (but now ceases to exist) would i still be able to use that name for a region? i remember back when land sales were open i tested the name and it was available
  8. in lieu of full region sales fully opening up again, i have a question about naming them - in the rules about naming private regions, it says: A name which violates any trademark right, copyright, or other proprietary right. however, what if i wanted to name a region after something that is not copyrighted? outlining the situation a bit more: the name is of a fictional land that is not copyrighted, the source is generally considered public domain the creator is explicitly okay with others using their fictional land's name in other endeavors (there have been third par
  9. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/o-Bakes-on-Mesh-Regalia-BoMR-Applier/18397648 this is the BOM relay for regalia for reference you'd have to make the two sides separately (i.e. with one half of the text on one and one half on the other) then combine them by designating each on a separate half of the body - the top and bottom halves of the skin designation for BOMR are for left and right if you need help aligning your tattoo you can shoot me an im inworld (or a notecard if i'm offline) and i can try aligning it to your skin as a tattoo layer
  10. finally though i'll admit i'll miss people messing with the signs by covering them up with memes, which is infinitely better. i say we put signs over the mainland with out of context memes from now on
  11. it wouldnt detect any faces on my main furry avatar but i'm surprised i got a result out of my anime av
  12. i return briefly to see a new thread 👀 this is a couple days old so i'm kinda cheating here but i recently completed my anime avatar and i love her ;__;
  13. i return to the forums briefly to leave my picks in text form because im too lazy to open mspaint in no order! WMC little star [M] - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pine Valley/126/168/551 i forget how i came across this place... it's been in my LMs for a long time! but's it's one of those places i like to visit when i'm bored. while the town portion is currently under contruction, the rest of the portals at landing work just fine. my favorite is kid town because it's got a movie theatre, bowling, go karts, and mini golf! it reminds me of those family fun centers i'd go t
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