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  1. Not shopping related, but whenever I'm leaving a convo with someone and walking elsewhere I jump. It's my way of waving......................
  2. Condolences to the family of poor Tewi, who died upon having a heart attack on teleporting into a sim they didn't check the maturity rating of.
  3. Once again I grab freebies that don't actually fit by body and take pics in them anyways
  4. Looks for when 'oh no officer, I have no idea what happened to my husband'
  5. When I first made my account, I got a cheap avatar that was Tewi from the Touhou Project series, so I made my IGN Tewi. I eventually got a different furry avatar but kept the name. Otherwise, asteriddle is my username for everything /shrug
  6. It's never fun when a place has a mile long rules NC but its never stated if furry/fantasy avis are allowed or not. Like I suppose I could read the room or switch to my human avi to be safe, but...
  7. MP freebie scrounging let me to these PJs and they don't even fit my avi but. But they're PINK so I gotta make it work somehow
  8. Thanks for your help anyways ^^" I feel like its probably a mesh issue because I've used the linked devkit and the TWI fox one and its not working with either On the off chance someone wants to fiddle with the blend, here it is (couldn't find anywhere saying anything about linking blend files so uhh. hope i dont get sniped) I feel like what I'm doing wrong is completely going over my head probably
  9. Went ahead and exported this, and it just floats by the avatar (still not responding to tail animations). It acts as though it's rigged to the head from eyeing how it moves?
  10. is this what you mean? It's weighted to all the tail bones and there's no weights on the pelvis
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