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  1. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/o-Bakes-on-Mesh-Regalia-BoMR-Applier/18397648 this is the BOM relay for regalia for reference you'd have to make the two sides separately (i.e. with one half of the text on one and one half on the other) then combine them by designating each on a separate half of the body - the top and bottom halves of the skin designation for BOMR are for left and right if you need help aligning your tattoo you can shoot me an im inworld (or a notecard if i'm offline) and i can try aligning it to your skin as a tattoo layer
  2. finally though i'll admit i'll miss people messing with the signs by covering them up with memes, which is infinitely better. i say we put signs over the mainland with out of context memes from now on
  3. it wouldnt detect any faces on my main furry avatar but i'm surprised i got a result out of my anime av
  4. i return briefly to see a new thread 👀 this is a couple days old so i'm kinda cheating here but i recently completed my anime avatar and i love her ;__;
  5. i return to the forums briefly to leave my picks in text form because im too lazy to open mspaint in no order! WMC little star [M] - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pine Valley/126/168/551 i forget how i came across this place... it's been in my LMs for a long time! but's it's one of those places i like to visit when i'm bored. while the town portion is currently under contruction, the rest of the portals at landing work just fine. my favorite is kid town because it's got a movie theatre, bowling, go karts, and mini golf! it reminds me of those family fun centers i'd go t
  6. it's mostly gachas that i've seen, though there's a few non-gacha pre-posed clothing
  7. hope im not bein too posty but i picked up the carekitty from kittycats and i think i understand why people love breedables so much now. IT'S MICROSCOPIC. IT'S SO TINY AND SO CUTE
  8. this comes after a long session of scouring for clothes on the mp but i've never gotten clothing with pre-posed arms.... especially when the clothes in question are cute but the ARMS...... if i can't lovingly punch my friends in the face what's the point
  9. supposed to be a racing outfit :0! and thank you !!
  10. i love the racing outfit i made so much Q_Q what's the point of having your car fly through the air spinning wildly out of control if you dont look cute while doing it honestly
  11. there goes my plans for opening a region in june... i can wait though! let's hope the migration goes smoothly :0
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