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  1. Damnit Solar! You made me switch accounts to respond! It would be really weird for the cat to make this post... " Either Seicher said something truly nasty and you can prove it or she didn't and you're full of it." Ooooooh, well D/s seicher most undoubtedly said all kinds of truly nasty and delicious things. mmhmm But those would be inworld transcripts and not forum. (seriously: I say all kinds of dumb things in the forum) (And thank you for your post.)
  2. That's what he said.... I can't believe no one said that until now.
  3. I have to agree with the cat. Ending the day feeling peeved at, you guessed it: people. Join me in the annual gathering of Misanthropes R Us, to be held at ... wait. No one's coming? Yay! We really weren't going to let you in if you showed up anyway.
  4. @Sylvia Tamalyn ahahaha It took me this long to realize you did what you were going to do and add the Taylor gif, so it is in every post. 😄
  5. Sometimes it feels like "am I the only one who sees this?" It is nice to read things like yours and @Lillith Hapmouche's and other comments and be able to think, "Whew. Not just me."
  6. I dunno what it is, but damn, I think that cat... whatsitsname...Gatoe? is adorbs. Right? Cats, amirite? (too soon?)
  7. Wait. Wut???? Only "most" of the things I write? /me shakes fist at you and goes looking for that legendary "ignore" button
  8. That dermatological symptom is a very very difficult one to avoid scratching sometimes. Like it needs vats of cortisone cream. Or so I've heard.
  9. I'd gladly give you some of my randoms... ♥
  10. When I was making my "encore" post edit which was about 95% of the final comment, I was notified you liked the original comment while I was still in the middle of the edit. So I knew you were liking something different from the real post. ? Or something like that.
  11. Encore performance Pet peeve #5367.1b : Having someone from the old Forums say they never liked me 😞 AND I DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE! They never were noticable enough to hit my radar! 😞 😞 It happened a few times, the last one just mere days ago. "...And you are???" Very sad. Pet peeve #5368: The formatting of these posts. After a year of this platform and I still can't figure out how to place images without sometimes posting and then editing, which probably leads to OTHER PEOPLE's peeves of Pet peeve: Liking a comment only to have the author edit the comment and you go back and read the comment after the edit and you're all like, "WTF? I didn't like THAT?!" I'm looking at you @kiramanell (for the liking after editing part!)
  12. I've been sent to my room because I've failed at the silver polishing chore. (but but but... Taylor Swift gifs!)
  13. FALSE! PATENTLY LYING! GET THE BOOK OUT! I have zero flaws. None. They are features, not bugs. And always adorably hilarious!
  14. I have a peeve that I can't wear red lipstick, or rather can't pull it off like Taylor does. It even goes to SR inworld, she rarely wears it either! My favorite TS video btw (not necessarily song)
  15. Inworld or through the messenger? Inworld, very few and very rarely. If it is from someone I don't know it is usually about one of my photos, or something I'm wearing in a photo, or the slurl of the photo... Through the messenger in the forum? Used to be very little. Then it started blowing up about a month ago and I get daily messages, but usually from people I "know" pretty well. Although it has been known that I get a "random" from someone who is mad at me for not liking their photo posts. (What?)
  16. I thought I saw another thread about that. ??? I don't think I saw an answer about what the 200 error actually is.
  17. That's why I rarely do it. Doesn't count to give 😞 faces. ♥ As an oldbie I know these things.
  18. Anti-pet peeve (which is kind of on topic, right?): For every sarcastic/scorn 😄 response I get, I get at least a point toward increasing my forum standing. I don't take stock in the ratings, but some people do, so "thank you." ♥
  19. See above "sucking at adulting" thing. 😞 :::kisses Sylvia's foot too before cleaning that silver. I hate cleaning silver. I dawdle.:::
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