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  1. I see so many posts here with large (appearing) images... plural. I could only get two photos in one post if I shrunk them down to too tiny. What's the trick?
  2. Below the waterline there are projectors, particles and sounds. Raw screenshot:
  3. I finally got a houseboat (not thrilled with the location but I was thrilled to get a boat after clicking on the get a Linden home tab for waaaaaay too long). I've been dinking around with it and am far from done. My main focus is the water, or yard as I have been jokingly referring to it, instead of spending my LI on a kitchen or bathroom etc. inside. The trouble with the waterscaping is that the depth is shallow and it really limits some things. Below the waterline I seem to have developed a bit of a steampunk thing. It is still a work in process. (Apparently my files are too big to post all in one go. Sorry.) "Yard" from above, raw screenshot:
  4. Oh, yours was lovely! And this is weird. I saw your post and immediately started clicking. A houseboat came up. It "HAD TO BE" yours, right? Nope. It was a different one. Good news: I finally got a houseboat! Bad news: It wasn't the one you let go, and yours was better. How was that for weird timing?
  5. Have you decided yet (I'm getting near to having to log off for the day)?
  6. Three regions and I didn't see one houseboat. I'm not inworld to monitor what each region has to offer, just clicking/refreshing/relogging all day for days on end.
  7. :::bangs head on desk::: I have been manually refreshing and logging in/out continuously since 8 am SLT and haven't seen a house or houseboat. I don't even know how that is possible when others are seeing multiples! And, yeah, I have a fast internet connection.
  8. Saw a houseboat, a first time for me (and what I"m looking for), about 11:30 SLT. I clicked immediately, wrote in the name for the boat asap, accepted the terms and... got the "sold out" message. 😠 About ready to say eff it.
  9. :::sobs::: I've been clicking, sometimes on two computers, for ages. I keep seeing houses. I never saw a houseboat. Ever. And that's what there was on Friday? :::more sobbing and whining:::
  10. I saw many houses. Were there any houseboats? I don't know what the regions look like.
  11. How are y'all monitoring regions being named and released? Or what Little Jewel said about LL releasing on Mon, Wed & Fridays?
  12. 12:19 SLT there were houses that stayed up for a little while before getting snapped up. I want a houseboat!!!! click click click
  13. I've seen several houses the past few days but no houseboats! I see someone (above) did spot a houseboat, so I'm still clicking. I felt a little queasy not taking the houses when they came up, but darn it, I want a houseboat!
  14. I'm sure I'd drag stuff out of the Fanci Deep chest for a houseboat garden, gotta keep the mer happy. Did you know that 1/2 of Fanci Deep is no longer there. The sim where I had my build and an adjoining one are now gone! After all of those years. The whirlpool and other things, just poof.
  15. I'm loving this thread. I have not had the fortune to score a place in Bellisseria, though not for lack of trying. I'm amazed at the wonderful creativity that is showing up in these posts. It is more than a little intimidating! I thought I could assemble and tweak, but compared to some of y'all... sheeee-ittt. I've learned quite a bit, too. I wouldn't have thought to look on MP for add-ons and wall-overs (or whatever you call them), planar textures (I'm still a bit confused on that one), article resizers... I'm dreaming of a houseboat, putting in an underwater garden, and stuff. Also, thanks to whoever mentioned the free Apple Fall skybox! I snapped one of those up, and it is much more pleasant than the big hollow prim cube I make for doing photography. Please keep up the good work and keep sharing! ♥
  16. I've come and gone out of SL quite a bit in my ten years. I don't use it as much as I used to. My circle of friends here is no more, and so it is lonely out there. All that said, if SL were to disappear I would be heart broken. It is my fall back place. I enjoy the photography and exploring, and I would miss that. I'm in a situation where I can't make up the deficit in RL, so I would have a hole in my life. I've tried Sansar, a while back, and it was kind of interesting but mostly meh and too sterile, and I haven't been back since (although I know they have been making improvements all along). I suppose I'd try it again in the event of SL's demise. Life would carry on, but I would miss the heck out of it.
  17. This is correct. There is no "must" in Lindens supporting a renewed LEA or any arts. I didn't see the comments where that was assumed, but there are a lot of comments so I might have missed them. IF LL agrees to support LEA, then I think there have been good points and ideas floated about in this thread about what a renewed LEA could be. This sets up a false dichotomy. LL can both support the arts and upgrades. Personally, I think it benefits LL to support the arts in efforts like LEA. I don't know how much it costs them to give out sims, but keeping LEA in residents' hands not LL salaried hands helps lower LL costs in that regard. From my own experience, it is nice when talking to RL people about SL, and they ask "What can you do there? How does it work? What's the point?" that I can talk about the art and music as part of the sell. It is helpful to be able to point to the LEA sims as part of that good stuff. So many people have still not heard of SL and many of those that have only know it as that place where weird people go to have virtual sex. LEA is good PR, if nothing else.
  18. I agree that the art produced is more important than the artist who produced it, and it should be for any LEA that goes forward. Good luck to any who want to decide what is art. There's been debate about is it art? or is it craft? probably since the first person traced her hand on a cave wall. When I was taking both fine and applied art classes in university, there was that distinction. Illustration was a craft, not art! Painting was art, but photography was still if-y, especially if there were a lot of dark room modifications. There's creativity in a lot of things, I'm not sure there is the same amount of art. I personally shudder at everything is art because I think that ultimately reduces down to nothing is art. But it is difficult to run a program based on I know it when I see it. The areas in RL where I can sit and absorb art for hours on end may be the exact same areas where people rush through to get to something better, and there are certainly gallery and museum exhibits where I question the sanity of whoever allowed that stupid thing in, while obviously it was deemed worthy to be shown. Perhaps there can be different segments of art at LEA. Sims dedicated to decorative art (which would include those fairy mushrooms!), performance art, audio art, prim art, mesh art... let the audience enjoy and define what is art by their virtual feet and perhaps wallets (tip jars). I would like to see more inclusiveness, not less, and while I'm not particularly interested in fairy mushroom sims, perhaps others are. But at some point, someone needs to say yes and someone needs to say no. Unless you let absolutely everything in, someone is going to be pissed off. I think as we've discussed, new artists should be encouraged, and all things being equal given the nudge, but the work should dictate the inclusion, not the artist.
  19. That seems to be a running theme in several of your comments. Rules were there, like replacing absent council members, but eventually things devolved. One suggestion would be to sit down with the existing rules and guidelines, and line by line examine what worked, what didn't, what got ignored, etc. I was surprised to read that this change stopped people from applying for LEA. I probably would have voted the other way, that *a* tip jar would be ok, because donations are discretionary, and while the sim is free the time and financial resources to the artists are not. Plus visitors often like to have the ability to vote with their wallets. I think I would have wanted rules on what the jar could say, as I hate the ones that publically list who paid what, but this discussion is really getting into the weeds. I did read this entire thread (something I rarely do) and have been keeping up with Inara's blog (her blog is such a service to the SL community). It is sounding like while a whole new beginning is probably the way to go, it also sounds like there were so many pitfalls that a new group going forward would need to know the history of the former LEA before venturing forth. This is another reason I haven't signed up to volunteer — I do not know about the historic ins and outs of the group and what ultimately lead to its demise.
  20. I have been toying with the idea of joining the new group, as posted on Inara's blog, but have yet to hit the "join" button due to what could be a tangle of thankless political drama. That said, I'm in a place where I could donate some time and energy to things I care about: art and SL. I was never involved in LEA's past dramas, political or otherwise. I vaguely knew they existed. It does seem that "start from scratch" may be the way to go to revive LEA. Learn from the positive; learn from the negative. My involvement was as a visitor. My thoughts are thus guided by my lack of experience other than as a visitor: Fewer exhibits at one time, with more staggered timing. Work it somehow where you don't get exhibit "bleed." By that I mean, trying to immerse in a quiet installation and you look around and see the fireworks and neon particles from the adjoining work. We teleport in SL, the sims don't need to be adjacent. I would not want the proscription against pre-made, MP purchased mesh constructions. Some of my favorite LEAs have been constructed this way. I would argue they are "real art" (whatever that means). I would like to see some guidelines to prevent the "fairy mushrooms" that Dekka mentioned. Don't the artists have to present some kind of written reason and description of their prospective art? If administrators don't participate in x-number of times, replace them. I like the suggestion of stage and galleries, for performances and 2D art, respectively. Active Linden participation in the admin group is not required. Personally, I don't mind if some artists have exhibits frequently, as long as they are producing quality work. But if there are a smaller number of spots, then I think some kind of deference needs to be made to new people, but with quality in mind not just new vs old. All things being equal, give the nod to someone new, with the experienced artists always welcome to reapply for another round. Have an active LEA blog, Facebook, whatever social media site. Renew interest in LEA.
  21. Random, huh? Don't feel like math or coding.
  22. It was 2009, and I was in a mood. I didn't have enough energy to log into SL itself, but I was bored and so clicked things on the dashboard. I read the General Forum, and found a bit of fun, witty conversation. I read for a while and then joined in. There were flame wars, sure, but I thought I could avoid them. :::brief pause for oldbie laughter::: By the way, did y'all know the FEED is still around? It is buggy as all get out, but there are still some folks posting. I did post on the Feed for quite a while, still do, but the bugs just get too annoying. Anyway . . . I loved the banter of the old forums but not the bullying and trolling. Then hammer-handed moderation started (like, I'm not even sure if I can write that phrase using the m-word, I couldn't have then) as an over-reaction, one that actually caused more problems and suspicions and bullying and trolling. I just left Forum posting. I wander in here, rarely, hoping to find some of the good stuff of old, but I don't see what used to be the community, but that could just be me not being active in the conversations or me being in a different "place" than I was ten years ago.
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