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  1. Not only @Cristiano Midnight or @Gregorian Chant or men in general that have trouble understanding the concept "swimsuit"
  2. Oh, that's sad This one is Dura-Boy*31 - resizeable of course, so it was easy to get it to fit my Catwa!
  3. D&*#, I look so good in that suit, so I'll post another one!
  4. I got this for christmas at Celestinas Weddings. Not quite the same, but similar colors. Maitreya body and lots of alphacuts
  5. How does my avatar look today? Mischievous?
  6. Grabbing some chocolate and a magazine on my way home
  7. The newest Pink Fuel V-tech applier have a full body Omega applier built in, so actually the only thing you need is the Omega relay for Maitreya, and wear that when using the V-tech applier... (I had the same problem and just now found this out after rushing to the Pink Fuel Mainstore to buy the Omega applier for Maitreya - just attaching the Omega Relay and using the V-tech applier fixed it as it says on the board instore!)
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