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An 'honest' view of SL

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9 hours ago, Blush Bravin said:

is there a </forum asshat mode> ?

Yes, and 95% of the time it's the same people...

People who want to...


  • Ban skyboxes and private estates and exile the "anti-social people" who use them to Project Stupid.
  • Force the survivors to move from greenbelt Madlands sims into "Urban RP Cityscapes" like Kama City.
  • Cover as much of the Madlands as possible with copies of Kama City.
  • Place bike rezzers outside Adult rated Zindra Infohubs, in the belief that this will somehow convince the occupants to stop asking for 'poseball sex' in IM's and "explore the beauties of Kama City".
  • Legalise copybotting of any MP item that hasn't been updated in the last 12 months, so they can steal other peoples IP, and "improve it".
  • Legalise copybotting of entire sims, with a special "entire sim" export format so it can easily be transfered to Project Stupid, or the OpenSim Empty Grid.
  • Ban "bots and alts".
  • Lag the grid to death with thousands of AI scripted animesh store clerk NPC's.
  • Discourage teleporting so as to force the survivors of their other "sl improvements" to drive between the endless empty copies of Kama City along the expanded road network, on motor cycles from their shop in Kama City...

All of the above suggestions were taken from forum posts by Madlanders, right here on the SL Forum, over the last year or so...

"When you understand the nature of a thing, you know what it is capable of..."

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4 hours ago, ErikaKotov said:

I believe Klytyna is referring to the mainland the massive lag and the chaotic builds. No real sense of themed builds.

Yes it is her nickname for whole mainland - she just likes isolationist private islands.

The PanIslandic Federation is at war with Madlandia. The PanIslandic Federation has always been at war with Madlandia.

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I think that people might be missing something here: SL has an enormous variety, good, bad, ugly, but it's the variety that stops it getting stale. Go into one of the games people keep using as a comparison and because it was all designed by a team to a theme there's a style that pervades the whole experience. I have always loved SL for the anarchic nature of it. Anything I don't like I can derender or just turn my back on. And, going back to the OP's comments, the places full of what they describe as abandoned dreams, if they're there to be seen then they're not abandoned, people are paying tier to keep their prims in place. I would hate SL if all I could see were approved mesh builds and bodies all coming from outside.

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36 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

“Madlands” also invokes imagery of the dystopia depicted in the “Mad Max” movies.

Ah good old "Madlander Max, the Prim Warrior", screaming along the roads in the last of the V8 Primterceptors, with its trunk filled with eazy-rez boxes containing amusement arcades, mega-prim rotating adboards, and rental boxes, shouting...

 "Madlands! Madlands!

No Covenants! No Rules! No Refunds when I sell your rented parcel out from under you!


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4 hours ago, Coby Foden said:

"Madlands 😉"  view from my home parcel - draw distance 512 meters. Can't complain, it's quite ok.



Usually, my draw distance is 128m. But a few minutes ago, I set my draw distance to 1024 for a minute, just for these pictures:






Madlands? I think in my corner of the Mainlands, it's a rather appropriate description. ;)

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On 12/5/2018 at 2:48 PM, Arduenn Schwartzman said:

Once in a while a story about SL pops up in the mainstream media. Generally, the premise of such a story is:' wow, SL is still a thing?' Sometimes an experienced gamer slash YouTuber albeit unwitting SL n00b decides to give SL a try and concludes after ten minutes of extensive field research at welcome areas, popular adult destinations and debilitatingly laggy shopping events that SL is not for them or their target audience. On the other side of the spectrum, there are SL bloggers and vloggers slash SL advocates who aim to debunk the negative stories and prejudices around SL ('Isn't SL all about sex?'). They too tend to sugarcoat matters a little. To my personal opinion, SL is like the real world. It's a nice place to be, if you know where to look. But overall, it's a mess because people made it that way. In real life, a representative picture taken on our beautiful blue planet could show something like the ocean with lots of plastic in it (a.k.a. the Great Pacific Garbage Patch). It's not the kind of picture you want to carry with you in your wallet on intergalactic journeys, but it is a very average and honest view.

So, on my quest of an honest view of SL, I teleported to the middle of a continent and flew up a bit and set my drawing distance to maximum (1024m). Gazing and camming around, I came to the conclusion that SL is a desolate place, like the Pacific Ocean, with lots of junk in it, like the plastics in the real world.


This, times thousands and thousands if my draw distance wasn't limited. The  majority of these skyboxes is also unoccupied, unrented, unused. And behind this all are servers that keep them into existence while a power plant nearby exhausts some more CO2. So it's kind of depressing and I hide in my little skybox that's way nicer than all the others and keep my draw distance at a minimum and try to unsee what I had seen. Just like in real-life.

What's your honest view of SL?

I think you've about nailed it.

But I make a point of finding and repeatedly going to the nice places -- and making them myself.

Skyboxes should always be placed at least 500 m in the air and never within visibility. There's no excuse not to do this. It's a rule in my rentals.

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On 12/6/2018 at 8:51 AM, Fionalein said:

Draw distance 1024 is not your everyday use, but for some of us it makes sense.

I guess. :/   The sailing club I joined advised 500 just while sailing. When I DJ I zap it to min 32. Ordinary 'at home' I use 56 on a bad day and 96 on a good.

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On 12/7/2018 at 10:25 PM, Fionalein said:

The PanIslandic Federation is at war with Madlandia. The PanIslandic Federation has always been at war with Madlandia.

Where do the techno-communists fit into this war?

And speaking to nobody in particular... I have parcels in three Madlands regions, @1024 this one isn't so bad, in fact it's pretty nice. Lots of dedicated Japanese builders making nice stuff.


Second is only tiny, 256M2, but it holds my long standing rainbow jesus statue. Seems someone's erected a privacy screen to block it. Heathens :D


Third is Zindra, it's a madlands mess.


Edited by Callum Meriman
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This almost reminds me of another user who decided to go to the middle of Nowhere and crank their Draw Distance up to a level well beyond absolute absurdity ....

Just out and wandering about on foot? No reason at all to have Draw Distance set above 256 meters.  Using a vehicle at a sane speed? Most you'll need is 512 meters.

Everyone's different? That's nice - the above is sane, that's all there is to it. There is no reason to have your Draw Distance set above two sims length - none. Not for most use cases. "But what about photography?" - Do you really need to be able to see what is going on three or more sims away? If the answer is no, then keep it sane. In the past, Draw Distance was calculated from the position of your Avatar. Now it is calculated from the position of your camera.

Gads .... and some wonder why their lag is so bad or why network based/render based lag is so bad for them ..... Some even wonder why they get "crap FPS" ...

Yeah yeah, not the point of the OP but it still irritates me to no end ... 

Edited by Solar Legion
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6 hours ago, femhalf said:

Many of you are seeing things from a veteran's point of view.  Try looking at it from a newbie point of view.  SL is a confusing mess. 

It is an experiment in anarchy. From what I read the veterans had much more insanity before governance was established.

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