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  1. Gulps and puts away my snow - I just cant wait for Christmas !
  2. Are there actual fads in SL? Flexi hair. I'll never forget my ex flouncing out on me, hair flowing in the breeze as she marched away. Luckily we made up the next day.
  3. Rare blue eyes ! I give you 600$L for him ?
  4. Is BoM the latest fad ? Dusted off the boy next door layers
  5. Hunting Ham is not his name, it's a tactic he uses on me. Note proximity to fridge on the right.
  6. Anyone remember these ? Best gift ever given to SL imvho, and these days super intelligent, like they got AI or sumthin' ... anyone else noticed that ?
  7. Aww. All of us who have fought depression and managed to crawl back out that dreadful pit, the journey sometimes painfully slow, will understand its trying to grab you right now. Fight it off if you can, going down the pit of despair is 'orrible. I dare to suggest anyone who has suffered / suffers depression knows just how you feel right now HUG
  8. Its the 'wee' hours stateside so this is a minimal figure: 28K + users online right now. It'll be 45K - 55K users later.
  9. Somewhere in SL there was rentals for one linden a week. Perfect for a place to call home. Can I remember where to find it now ? Can I heck.
  10. SL is still, and always will be, the perfect escape from RL and its .... ups and downs.
  11. Rubbing shoulders with the Lindens and Moles is quite an experience. The blue writing is awesome.
  12. You can rest assured LL Does take this sort of thing seriously. I do understand your frustration though. I was griping about everything lagging to my partner last night and she pointed out Tuesdays is restart day. Last night I was getting 'No room to sit' on furniture that sits two in theory. It's wonderful that SL has survived sixteen years of gaming progress but keeping up with user expectations is maybe getting harder to do. Relying on 'the cloud' to interface between client and server may not be the wisest of moves, I don't know, we'll see, but a general degradation in game performance this last year cannot, in fairness, be denied.
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