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  1. Maybe clear cache prior to login ? Longshot but worth a try ?
  2. Anyone got fascinating links to the earliest history of SL ?
  3. rasterscan

    Why is much in SL so aggressive like

    PHIL ! We've got another one with attitude here ...
  4. rasterscan

    There really should be an SL2. Not Sansar.

    At 16 years old now SL one is getting more and more cranky. They tinker around the edges, usually making things worse instead of better. The earnings the game bought LL should have been poured into improving it, not wasted on a project like sansar. Not even 3D glasses took off, never mind strapping binoculars to our head to play. Aint ever gonna take off big style.
  5. rasterscan

    If you were a teacher how would you use SL?

    Excellent. Can't wait to play now. Dam rl for conjuring up a workday just when my interests been triggered.
  6. rasterscan

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    Yeah. That was a weird one. 17LI indeed. I lost an hour of my life editing and re-editing wondering wth was wrong before I turned to the forum to get help. 17LI would have been the last thing I would have tried. The ad would have said nothing but 17LI before I had finished. And would still have been rejected. Laughs perhaps slightly bitterly. My friend does'nt know what a disguised loli is either btw.
  7. rasterscan

    Conversion starters

    2 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said: Like laughing gas, or a feather tickler! 1 minutes ago, Cindy Evanier said:err nope Shall I fetch the mask or not then ?
  8. rasterscan

    Conversion starters

    That might work if I've had a few drinks first.
  9. rasterscan

    Conversion starters

    Sounds expensive this one chaps
  10. rasterscan

    Product listing reviews beyond my understanding!

    Then there was the one who one starred me because my 0$L LCD wall clock didnt work as a HUD. smh. After that one I started caring less. And furthermore I took to responding cos' you can comment on the reviews. Fight fire with fire girls its the only way. One of the best retaliators I've read is Utilizator he dont take no sh*t. And yes, I do spend far too long reading reviews and review comments. I know it's unhealthy but .... its like a sort of hobby now in its own right.
  11. rasterscan

    Product listing reviews beyond my understanding!

    My worst was a disgruntled customer who used an alt to one star all my best sellers, when I used to sell for 10L cheapy cheap. One starred with lies like 'this AO deformed my avatar' and .. 'the box was empty' . I cried in here about it and was advised to up my prices, which worked.
  12. rasterscan

    Product listing reviews beyond my understanding!

    Customer bought a skydome I kindly sold yes mod. He fiddled with the textures, wrecked them came back and one starred me for bad textures. I upped the price to 99 after that one.
  13. rasterscan

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    Wow ! High Five and Thankyou ! Fixed ! Wonders what a disguised loli might be but I aint googling it
  14. rasterscan

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    MP refuses to list my item - Successfully updated, but banned text in the description field caused an automatic unlisting of the product Heres the item decription: I just cannot fathom what is upsetting the holy ears of Linden Labs. Can you see whats offending them ? Oh and Ive tried clearing cache etc in chrome - surely its not 'He comes' ... is it ? ... Nope - changed it to 'delivered' - still unlisted
  15. rasterscan

    Windlight Question

    I discovered, as usual long after most of you, that in Quick Prefs, clicking 'Atmos 6' right near the top of the drop down list, and sliding the sun slider where desired, makes the game look fantastic. Before that I spent years on a fixed midday sun position, which is fine, but not half as visually pleasing, know what I mean ?