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  1. I attend a DJ set every week where the DJ chats, mixes live, and even talks to his host somehow and it all comes out on his stream, really quite fantastic and he uses all hardware. Now me, I DJ with a software mixer only, called Mixxx, and it has mic input and two 'decks' (mp3 players) that works fine in a simpler humbler way. if anyone knows how I can get a stream going, that would be great. Sl streams can be rented from as little as 25 lindens a week. There are 'shops' inworld where you can go and rent a stream. You pay your lindys and in return you are given a notecard with your stream URL and a password to access it. Whatever you use as a mixer, hardware or software, that mixers output has to be sent to your stream url input. I cannot explain how its done with hardware, but in my software mixer ( Mixxx ) I just enter the rented stream url into its settings ...
  2. A profound truth, that might explain the lasting popularity of this 'game'.
  3. Wow ! So glad my lady grabbed a place first night they opened. A houseboat too lucky us ! More importantly it shows there is still a HUGE demand for the game despite the current, ahem, wrinkles.
  4. Oh bad luck I must say the new region looks magnificent, risked a drive around on the new roads today. Incredibly popular too, the amount of green dots on the map is jaw dropping and I wish LL every success with this interesting new development.
  5. Draw distance. Drop it to minimum ( 32m ) using quick prefs. What a dif ! If you sail or fly though .... you'll want to slide it up again
  6. Curiously, I had the same problem but only today, and in a road vehicle.
  7. Derender is your friend ! Right click offending object, More>More > Derender > Blacklist. Your welcome
  8. Yes agreed ! It's as bad in the forum with the same half dozen flamers loitering permanently, waiting to pounce on the first poor resident with a problem or query. My good lady reckons they are LL employees incognito !
  9. Can you please stop flaming me every chance you get ? Thankyou
  10. Anyone tried sailing the new waters yet ? I watched a yacht sail past, sink into the water and poof as I floundered in my sweetpea unable to get it to move lmfao !
  11. Let me qualify this post by stating it is NOT a complaint it's an observation ! Look at this map ! The lower half is the new land opened last night. Looks like a mass exodus south laughs !
  12. Well. everyhthings collapsing around our ears these days so why not !
  13. Interesting. I've noticed it no longer stores my mesh body alpha hud settings either. Set the alphas, TP somewhere, the alphas revert to old setting !
  14. See this seagull ? It took FORTY seconds to appear after i rezzed it from inv ! 40 Seconds ! Perhaps I should try clearing my cache ?
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