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  1. Eighteen years old and still truckin' on. Well done SL ! See ya there sl'ers !
  2. I bought the matching skins for my body and my head and they wern't cheap neither. . Still get the neckline line.
  3. Hey Chub theres heaps of free textures available on the MP - marketplace - for 0$L - scuse the long link i filtered it for yew https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[layout]=gallery&search[category_id]=&search[sort]=&search[per_page]=12&search[keywords]=textures&search[price_low]=0&search[price_high]=0&search[land_impact_low]=&search[land_impact_high]=&search[copy_permission]=0&search[modify_permission]=0&search[transfer_permission]=0&search[limited_quantities]=0&search[is_demo]=0
  4. Lots of buyers see the stuff on the MP then use the See Inworld link if they are interested. This is the best way to maximise sales. Indeed I read one post where they said if they cannot go and see / test inworld they simply wont buy. After I read that one I got an inworld shop going and it made a dif.
  5. For me, saving scripts is a great way to trigger it.
  6. Whenever I script or build I get incessant popups with the SLPlugin.exe has stopped working error message. But nothing crashes and stuff continues to work. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this ? AMD Ryzen and firestorm viewer.
  7. I used to map hop and stumbled on a memorial garden. Spent two hours there choked up and reading. Shed a tear for the lost and the hurt I dont mind admitting it
  8. Today it took a full minute for my mp purchase to arrive in my inv. Then when I rezzed a box it took over 30 seconds to appear inworld. I logged off.
  9. Nuuu ! Bring limited commerce TO Belli !
  10. Lot 1 Laserlight on the Campbell Coast. In the highlands of CC this plot boasts a commanding sea view. 100 prims @ 250L$ per week. See this and more rentals at the casperlet vendor by the park office !
  11. Adventuring in SL is FUNNNN ! Glad you are enjoying ! I am going to send you my instrument panel inworld as a gift to hopefully aid your enjoyment - just right click it in inv and choose 'add'
  12. Enjoy your journey ! If selling clothing, demo versions will help greatly with sales. Having an MP presence as well as a store is kind of ... important too. And dont expect more than a bit of pocket money in the early days. People tend to flock to a certain set of well known and reliable sellers rather than test the waters with new sellers.
  13. 2 US dollars for your fun a bit expensive ?
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