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  1. Laughs :D. Um .. can I grab this opportunity to apoligise for almost landing on your head in that sandbox the other month. ? When you was making them amazing trees. My platform had been auto returned and I fell from the sky, it was not deliberate.
  2. Precisely. Time for an update. There is an army of new players ( ex SIM players and ex imvuu players ) who just want a nice avatar and a pretty home to decorate and play in. It's an untapped market. imho Clinging on to the fundamentals of 2003 may not be the best way forward
  3. I should have expounded. I meant for true newcomers. 'Step in' avvie and also a 'Step in' Home too. If they stick around they will want to customise.
  4. I wish there were more mesh all in one avatars. That's certainly the way forward to get and keep newcomers. If LL even wants any more that is ? (There's talk of server space being almost at saturation point already.) Anyway all this hand foot head and body caper is dam tough on a non multi tasking male like me.
  5. Theres some fun wack a mole games inworld if you like bashing stuff mindlessly occasionally.
  6. Found Sirens Isle yet Misser ? Also the new location of the SS Galaxy ?
  7. Yo Gang ! They've dragged the ole' Doc Rast out the easy chair and back behind the booth ! Cinco de Mayo RFL event at the fairgrounds ! TIME: 2 til 4 pm slt TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whiskey%20Bay/174/21/22 PARTY HARD WITH ME GANG !
  8. House is a wow Vanoralynna
  9. Ah. This may explain why it seems 'dead' to you.
  10. logged in quite happily with my free membership alt, but cannot login with my 100 buck a year premium accy
  11. MP is down too here, uk, my canadian friend can still use it but its grindingly slow. Snail pace.
  12. Indeed. Laughs. Ive logged in quite happily with my free membership alt, but cannot login with my 100 buck a year premium accy.
  13. Thanks to Ancient for partyin' hard with us at the Fairgrounds last night. It made a great party just exceptional ! Shout outs to Pru & Krys and Jesse and Vari for wonderful organising, Stephanie Far and Krys and Floyd for the super DJ'ing, Delain for the light shows - exceptional - and Everyone for being there and celebrating Belli's first year anniversary. My goodness how quickly the months have flown past.
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