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  1. SL is still, and always will be, the perfect escape from RL and its .... ups and downs.
  2. Rubbing shoulders with the Lindens and Moles is quite an experience. The blue writing is awesome.
  3. You can rest assured LL Does take this sort of thing seriously. I do understand your frustration though. I was griping about everything lagging to my partner last night and she pointed out Tuesdays is restart day. Last night I was getting 'No room to sit' on furniture that sits two in theory. It's wonderful that SL has survived sixteen years of gaming progress but keeping up with user expectations is maybe getting harder to do. Relying on 'the cloud' to interface between client and server may not be the wisest of moves, I don't know, we'll see, but a general degradation in game performance this last year cannot, in fairness, be denied.
  4. Cashout fees have become eye watering. The MP star system is used as a griefing tool at worst and a griping fest at best. ( I cannot figure out your product so here's one star and I'll call it rubbish rather than contact you for help ). Once a pristine 5 star is lost it can never be recovered beyond 4.5 stars. That sux badly. Lastly, imho, unless a seller is one of the 'big 6' you'll sell hardly anything which kills all motivation.
  5. I am submitting a special request to Linden Labs. Get brutal. Make the decision to remove ALL mainland objects lower than 1000 metres but higher than ... say ... 20 metres. I thank you. Please, carry right on !
  6. I had a plot along that edge. It sold in no time at all. The outlook was awesome, the sea is far below the plot edge and not 'usable' but the view angle looked awesome trust me, added a beach edge looked fine. But the BEST bit of living there was the low to zero lag, and no crap floating in the sky from the outlook.
  7. Itching to know why and what happens. Like a gossiping fish wife. I just cant help myself. Do keep us fully informed. I might add I have two infractions against me on the forums and have to watch my etiquette these days, and I live in dread of being banned in SL for something I didnt realise was naughty.
  8. Wow Mint and Ingrid ! Digital treasure ! Thankyou Oh I might add Ive still got a copy of the electric guitars !
  9. You think that's weird ? Two nights ago my boat control reversed itself ! I use WASD and the W key took the boat backward and the D key forward now that was weird. The next night it worked as normal again !
  10. Hi. Gorgeous low lag 1024m plot with protected waterfront outlook - 15K $L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scimitar/231/146/40
  11. lol - re ultra policing the forum. About three months ago I crafted a wonderful post with pics and gif clips of our group tour of the old lands culminating in an impromptu disco in the Queens Head in Belli. It took an hour to collate. It was deleted and I was banned for a day too. I called it 'Boozy Bellisseria' and that caused great offence apparently. I've rarely bothered posting since.
  12. Hi Folks. Well I attempted to convert lindens into dollars into my paypal account, about a week back now. Everything in SL dashboard says its paid and cleared. But there is no sign of the funds in my paypal account and I did not get the funds cleared email I used to get either. Oh and I havent been asked for any extra ID by Tillia either. Any suggestions advice what to do next ?
  13. 10$l hud that scans for rez zones. Handy dandy. A few years back I made great use of the 'University' sims. There were lots of them, all gone now. Sometimes like 12,000 prims available with no auto return. Happy days, practicing building up in the sky out of sight and a boundless supply of prim allowance. Happy, happy days. Sometimes I wish I was still a hobo and not a fattened old timer drunk on the delights of life in Bellisseria.
  14. Ouchies. Anyway I'd go to opensim to wean myself off loosing sl, slowly. I don't like opensim, after I tried it and saw the jaw dropping amount of content theft from sl there, but loosing sl 'cold turkey' would be bad for my state of mind, (scripting and building withdrawl ), and opensims the closest alternative I know of. As for Sansar I cannot understand why so much resource would be poured into it. Maybe it will take off in popularity in 3 / 5 / 10 years time, but the suggested drain on resources cannot go on for that long. Can it ? Cheers all and long live SL !
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