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  1. I logged into my store and there was a message that said one of my items had been flagged ... Wait 'til you've spent half a day tracking down some innocuous word it's decided is unacceptable before you can post your listing. Then you'll have the set
  2. Spotted a Yava ballon too out sailing today .. ps Juicys' rainbow north' EEP
  3. Yer sounds like media slider - if firestorm all the sliders reached by clicking the speaker bottom right near quick prefs button note - u might want to see media but not hear it in wich case tick the tick box.
  4. The mp star system is little more than a griefing tool these days. Ebay make buyers wait a week to neg feedback for the same reasons. Doubt they'll change it shrugs. You could flag it but dont expect prompt attention.
  5. The '5 second rule' will keep one safe my Mum said. If you can scoop it up off the floor within 5 seconds you can eat it safely. She said.
  6. Shopping on the MP tonight was a painful grind. I nearly gave up but perservered. Waiting 30 seconds between every click is a dragggg. Oh and I had one failed delivery out of 3 purchases but it was there after relog.
  7. As long as no one mentions the adult furniture to Jeff we'll be fine
  8. Applauds your wit.
  9. WTF lol. Now I can pay but not get the goods ? The MP sux. Is it deliberate ?
  10. You are costing merchants a fortune in lost sales and yourselves a fortune in lost commision. Treat yerselfs to some proper web coders is my advice.
  11. When I click BUY button it goes ...
  12. If anyone at the lab has the slightest interest the MP keeps dropping out AGAIN smh
  13. Todays Special - on Campbell Coast - 150 prim 150$L pw - Lot 2 Durdane Plots are going like hot cakes. And why not. Over a year in the making and preparation, Campbell Coast is a wonderful beautification of the good ole' mainland. Created not for profit but out of love for SL, our 'Clan' is growing daily .... By the way theres a Teagle horse rezzer just up the lane of this plot, perfect for a ramble and explore around the 9 regions CC is spread over ... Gorgeous family home on the Campbell Coast. Road/path/trail access to both road and sailable water. 150 prim 150$L pw - more p
  14. Rental of the week on Campbell Coast - 150 prim 150$L pw - Sunstream South Lot 1 Gorgeous family home on the Campbell Coast. Road/path/trail access to both road and sailable water. 150 prim 150$L pw - more prims available at 1$L per prim. Find this and other rentals at the Casperlet terminal at the Park Office inworld The park office is a great place to start your Campbell Coast adventure and grab a Landmark, right in the midst of everything! Across the road from one of the the beautiful Cable Car Ride(s) which travel a circuit up and down the mountain, this Campbell Coa
  15. I hated EEP and went back a viewer. My friend implored me to try EEP once more. Now I love it. One simple click in firestorms Quick Prefs button and select Day Cycle 'Age of Sorcery'. Now the SL world looks like this on my AMD graphics and I love it ... Everything goes sort of hazy the further away it is, and it looks very realistic.
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