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  1. 10$l hud that scans for rez zones. Handy dandy. A few years back I made great use of the 'University' sims. There were lots of them, all gone now. Sometimes like 12,000 prims available with no auto return. Happy days, practicing building up in the sky out of sight and a boundless supply of prim allowance. Happy, happy days. Sometimes I wish I was still a hobo and not a fattened old timer drunk on the delights of life in Bellisseria.
  2. Ouchies. Anyway I'd go to opensim to wean myself off loosing sl, slowly. I don't like opensim, after I tried it and saw the jaw dropping amount of content theft from sl there, but loosing sl 'cold turkey' would be bad for my state of mind, (scripting and building withdrawl ), and opensims the closest alternative I know of. As for Sansar I cannot understand why so much resource would be poured into it. Maybe it will take off in popularity in 3 / 5 / 10 years time, but the suggested drain on resources cannot go on for that long. Can it ? Cheers all and long live SL !
  3. NO MP IN UK at the moment
  4. Just asking - Use Edge not Chrome to fill the form in ?
  5. I ripped out firestorm, and clean installed the latest 32 bit version, on this AMD 64bit pc, and bingo the problems gone.
  6. Hi SL'ers. I upgraded to the new firestorm last night on a clean install. Well now I have a graphics problem I last saw when I used to use Singularity a couple of years back. In a nutshell lots of textures focus, blur again, refocus, blur again, on a repeating cycle. Its awful. A pic of the blur effect below. So those tropical ferns (and the pond wall) focus, then blur, 2 seconds later they resolve again, 2 seconds later it blurs again, in a never ending cycle. Please bear in mind it was all fine before. Graphics is AMD Radeon on a quad core cpu I'm in the graphics preferences right now but confess to being clueless what to try. Any graphics tips / advice appreciated thanks.
  7. The new lands of Bellisseria have created a resurgence if anything. If you do decide to try it again check out the links below: Bellisserian Link List
  8. Art for arts sake Money for Gods sake 10CC - Art for Arts sake
  9. Here's the youtube link to sl's TV with all the videos and interviews and everything: Bookmark it or llDie() SL4Live - TV And while I am verbose, heres SL's radio stream for such events if you just want the audio - it's NOT 24/7 - http://sl16b2.luschaudio.com:8516
  10. Regarding costs to have a 'cherished plate' surname ... Patch enquired inworld what, generally, people would consider paying for such a feature. I went in at 9.99 usa dollars, but others were willing to pay 99 dollars and the highest bid was 200 usa dollars. So I upped my expenditure to 19.99 usa dollars, " and not a cent more" if I may quote myself at the time. But I see from above posts I may have to to stretch to 25 - 35 usa dollars. If its 25 I will mumble and pay. If its 35 I will mumble, grumble, for a week, then pay. If its above 35 I will have to seriously rethink my options
  11. The last money tree I knew of was at The Shelter, out the back. But last visit it was gone So I've built a new magic money apple tree Anyone can play it here ! Enjoy ! - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scimitar/239/139/39
  12. Somehow I got the free 50's diner out of that vist !
  13. And then we get to fashion .. and you get this. Whatever and whoever this is supposed to attract is beyond me. No one is dressing like this. No one is buying this. No one wants to join SL so they can wear their hair backwards, dressed in a bin bag with a dish cloth. Howls ! For what it's worth.
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