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  1. Oh .. here's another dead event I attended just last night .. the clue this time is Tukso
  2. Patch Linden in the driving seat has .. hopefully .. saved good ole' SL. He keeps an ear to the ground and listens to what the userbase has to say, and acts upon good ideas. Furthermore, imvho, LL has stopped wasting away the profits on Sansar and started investing in the golden goose that was, and still is, the original SL. Wise move. As for the old SL is dead meme ... it ain't dead. It's a matter of finding the right places where it's all 'happening'. I will give you a clue on that one. Bellisseria. Shhh don't tell no one Here's a piccy of how dead the game is ...
  3. Well I am convinced my three suggestions were so good that one of them is certain to be the winner. I will report back on my level of hurt later.
  4. I have to warn you Canada, they are a trifle expensive to maintain, and will expect to be kept in the gilded cages to which they have become accustomed at considerable taxpayer expense, because they're worth it.
  5. The brilliant minds of the breadheads have made the planet a much better place, no ? Giving as little as possible and taking as much as possible has made ... oooh ... lets say about one percent of them, very very rich indeed. I do not refer to SL but RL, although recent financial changes would suggest a breadhead or two has even snuck into our beloved SL to make things a heap better ... for them !
  6. 2 more crashes since my last whine. I'm trying coolVL viewer see if it still happens.
  7. and again. Three crashes in a row. I'm begining to suspect this is deliberate laughs. Even if I bother still playing you've lost my premium sirs I aint paying good money for this service anymore.
  8. Another sudden crash to desktop. In the middle of scripting too. I love SL but hate its utterly feeble performance and they have the cheek to ask 100 bucks a year for this carry on. Laughs .. and another.
  9. Lost my whole head after a region crossing yesterday, just a pair of eyes and a brain left. Now the holidays are over the team seems to be going out their way to destroy stuff, games never felt weaker, multiple crashes, two in two minutes last night, another just now, bits missing, 40 seconds to rez to ground from inv, 30 seconds to attatch to avvie from inv, regions vanishing, region restarts everywhere I go, regions offline for hours, and before you start, yes I know its all my fault and my feeble computer, nothing to do with LL at all, hollow laugh.
  10. They based the Dunning - Kruger effect on my mindset. Fact.
  11. Yay ! Fixed and a bit more learnt too ! Thankyou both, very much. Hmmm - and i will backup settings right now ty !
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