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  1. Well, if you want 2048m of land it will cost more, yes.
  2. Gosh. Reading all eleven pages of this thread was an emotional roller coaster of a ride for me. The peak being this quip from a well know stalwart "I knew I should have never logged back in but I listened to the other half's offer of a mesh body." Raised a smile and I don't mind admitting it. So. In the cold light of day I did a little math. (99 x 100) / 365 = 27.123. What else could one buy for 27 USA cents a day ? Furthermore, I could even go non premium and play for free ! In summary, SL is still a great deal imho.
  3. I heard the boozers of Bellisseria have gone underground ...
  4. Those who wish to explore the new lands will find this Landmark List in the Bellisserian Weekly invaluable !
  5. Legacy ? LEGACY ? ... my TMP is still in beta ! Still waiting for the 5 grand tattoo layers to work properly ! They won't be getting any more of my hard earnt !
  6. If we stop considering LL to be a mighty corporation and start considering it as a SME ( Small to medium enterprise ) working their butts off to try and keep the boat afloat it becomes considerably easier to forgive them the errors of their ways ... Getting a housboat may have helped my disposition considerably as well
  7. Oh the bikes are peewee bicycles and they are super for exploring the new lands but they are gachas and prices swing wildly just sayin
  8. So. The Beautiful new lands LL made us at Bellisseria have generated considerable interest. So what started as a coffee morning became a bike ride and, inevitably, we ended up at the pub Thankyou LL :D. Thankyou moles and most of all thankyou residents
  9. Gorgeous pics. Man alive second life has never looked better than it does in Bellesseria. So much still jaw drops me in awe and we've lived there ... a month now I think ! Anyway, we were enjoying the disco at the beach on Sunday and I had a surprise visit
  10. Yer. I'll hang on for now rather than risk TOS
  11. Could I rez my virtual fishing bouy at our houseboat or does it break TOS please anyone know ?
  12. Something beautiful is going on behind Allie Cat. I'm intrigued. G'nite everyone.
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