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  1. Awe bye. There's so many flocking back too, what with the pandemic and social distancing forced upon us all in RL. Your bucking a trend.
  2. We can name names ? As an experienced region crossing victim, my prefered mode of touring is the peewee bicycle. Fantastic ride, great region crosser, and they come up cheap in gachas now and then ... indeed I'd grab that 100$L one if I didnt own two already.
  3. Was a midday man for years. Then I discovered the quick prefs button and SS Atmos 13.00. Love it.
  4. Bit o' good news friends. Matti is alive and well and partied with us inworld this very night. In Belli, yeah that place. The New World, as it were.
  5. End of an era. Best wishes for a speedy recovery too x
  6. The blurring of sl into rl, and vice versa, usually in dreams, is a phenomenon worthy of a study. It can be really weird. Lols.
  7. I Love the 30 minute ones. It doesn't take me long.
  8. " I had to search for ten minutes or so before I found the outfit " This. I give up after 10 mins. Many a lost sale. All because of forced landing points rendering the slurl useless.
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