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  1. In preparation for the life of drudgery ahead
  2. OR you got a 'shoe base' on, making u higher
  3. Least they can look us in the eye and say' Not us guv' as its now Jeff Bozos companys folt
  4. No. Just folk logged in before the fail. I told my gal not to log out but it was too late
  5. On the plus side the MP fail is costing them money as well as me
  6. Elastic load balancing eh ? I think it went Snap!
  7. Theres only 23k logged in. No one else can at the mo. The MP failed this morning and has failed again now. Wonder what's causing all these woes.
  8. This website is under heavy load We're sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We're working on this problem. Please try again later. LOL
  9. What about single shoe footwear demos. Annoying
  10. Laughs ! Falls under 5 which disallows the option
  11. 'Twas a new one on me hence the panic lol
  12. Hopefully won't be long before its fixed. Wasting ten minutes filling in the fields for nuttin' rankled a bit mind. Not to mention I gots to go through it all again lols
  13. lol Lewis. 4 is in. Essential alternative choice. 5's too vague, we all want X Y and Z and apart from einstein and brian greene we won't get it
  14. Got a pic ? Asking for my master.
  15. Which of these following three statements applies mostly to you, and why ? 1 - I only want a place in Belliseria 2 - I only want a place on Mainland 3 - I want a place on Mainland AND I want a place in Belliseria and I shall have it. Me ? I'm a 3
  16. Mainlands a free for all bruh. Some folk are beautifying it slowly though. Long way to go yet. And there's no shops allowed in belli but commercial is a yes on mainland
  17. I got this when I clicked 'update' when uploading my latest product to MP ... An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #119.dc5c7a5c.1630404685.169c3b Also it refused to add items to the 'related items' tab from the generated list. Is it just me ?
  18. Here in UK there is a confirmed correlation between the poorest areas having the most betting shops. Luckily it's one addiction I've managed to avoid. That said, I wish gachas could have continued in SL but I accept its a no no due to laws.
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