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  1. I wonder why selected surnames was stopped way back when.
  2. Barges in waving mah hair clippers
  3. I wonder what flying is like in sl these days ? Is it easier on region crossings cos' one is much higher up ?
  4. Ah. It's our modems fault this time then. I should have realised !
  5. Double Pepperoni or bust ! Is that allowed here ?
  6. Flagellates myself a good fifty times for having the godammed audacity to mention Hippiestock but dont worry it'll still be rammed without you. Also Congratulations on the speed of your snipe, top marks !
  7. Do you know what really amazes me Scylla ? ikr but I'm going to tell you anyway .. It's that SL does still get genuine newbies. I've met two inworld recently, and now Prozzy here. My new inworld friend has a quiet determination to figure it all out for themselves. Yes, she's female of course. I both admire her determination, and want to help sooo much but dont dare interfere. On a secondary note, what on earth might attract people to SL. It cant be the clunky old MP surely. I reckon they drift in from the SIMS and from imvu. Anyway, carry on. Oh, and on a third note, while I'm feeling quite verbose, I consider genuine new folk finding themselves at places like newcomers island or whatever that infernal hangout of griefers is called, and my heart aches for them.
  8. Ooh, thankyou for that insight Ardy. I've notice the world map really struggles sometimes, grindingly slow, but I don't like to grumble, as all the regulars here know, so .... Carry On !
  9. Discovered my partners smalls in my lost and found folder yesterday. The real embarassment was wondering where the hell they had landed beforehand. Oh yes, Prozzy, did you check your lost and found folder for your missing item ?
  10. OK. I think I know what one the B is, but cant think what the L one might be.
  11. Hope you get your lindens back if not the actual product. Note anything dragged from Inv to the floor that is permission 'No Copy' will disappear from Inv while it is rezzed to the floor. The object has to be right clicked and choose 'Take' to get it back to the Inv. At the risk of overloading you with info, if rezzed stuff is invisible, you need to use Ctrl Alt T to toggle show invisibles on/off Lastly, a lot of people avoid 'No Copy' items, as they are easily lost. Until my partner addicted me to Gachas, I wouldn't touch no copies with a barge pole, following the loss of a 2 grand bed, but now I do. ( Glares at partner, but well dressed )
  12. What are some of your pet peeves? Don't ask. But if you don't like them, I have others.
  13. Prozzy. You need to learn off by heart the 'Search' button. Where it will be depends on which viewer you use. But you go ... Search>People tab> type in seller name > double click their name in result box>Choose 'IM' ( instant message) > tell 'em what happened and quote order number x
  15. Um. Are we talking Mesh avatars, Cinos ?
  16. Don't be. Its a complicated game that really takes years to learn. You should be free to ask questions here without being knocked about by the smarties waiting to pounce. Please, carry right on !
  17. B and L brand May I ask what B and L brands are ? Scuse' my noobness.
  18. Whatever you do, don't blame me ! It's a gacha, multi seller, and no copy no mod no trans. As Alwin said, first drop the seller a line and tell 'em the folder was empty. With a bit o' luck they'll send you it over direct.
  19. It's a gacha . Looks like they forgot to put it in the delivery box ... Do contact the seller, I'm sure it'll be a mistake and not deliberate
  20. Hello beautiful citizens of the SL Forums. I'm having world map troubles, and I know it'll be something I have or have'nt done. Can you help me ? In essence all the tick boxes are all greyed out and a relog does'nt fix. Any ideas what I've done wrong ?
  21. They care greatly about SL. The intensive work on the Bellisseria project proves this. I do fear the fairly vicious cranking of prices will have a lashback though, yes, especially for mesh creators, likely to decide 'T'aint worth the work anymore'. I could be wrong, of course, I often am.
  22. Did you join these groups yet ? Citizens - secondlife:///app/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074/about Events - secondlife:///app/group/0913c244-8878-95ba-c08c-81fc2214b555/about Hippiestock is on soon too - 2020 Jan. 25th Saturday This is the 10th Annual HIppiestock! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lagrange Point/123/98/21
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