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  1. @Ethan Paslong I thought you said eggplant not pickle?
  2. I am confused. If you have a linden house/boat why do you need a rez zone?
  3. I was lazy but you are right. i really like that particular one and will use it often
  4. Haven't you got an eggplant to cook? 🙄
  5. Check the linden homes threads in the land forums. They were all snapped up pretty fast and people are waiting for the next wave to be ready
  6. All there in the knowledge base My advice. Don't gesturbate. It is frowned on in a lot of places. Spams local chat and is extremely annoying
  7. you can use Windows Key and full stop at the same time and get emoji's when chatting in IM's This is what the eggplant looks like [08:44] Cindy Evanier-Xaris (Cindy Evanier): 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆
  8. They want proof of who the real person is behind the nickname before they will process your credit. This is for tax/fraud/other reasons before they will let you take REAL money out of second life.
  9. I am not sure what you mean by nickname. Are you talking about your SL user name?
  10. The eggplant emoji is frequently combined with other emoji. When paired with the mouth emoji, it can suggest oral sex. ... Coupled with the sweat droplets emoji, it can represent ejaculation. Because of its suggestiveness, the eggplant emoji is often used in sexting.
  11. We train our seagulls in Liverpool to do that, better still if they forget the fish and go straight for the wallet
  12. You have to prove who you are in real life so they need your real name ID card before they will process credit. You can explain to LL all about your nickname when you reply to them with a copy of your ID
  13. now I am having nightmares about "Hi sxy hru" followed by that aubergine (eggplant) emoji that means things innocent girls like myself don't know about
  14. I think you might be mistaking that for asking for a parcel of mainland rather than a linden home
  15. Check the grid status and follow updates LL are aware of the teleport disconnects and working on it. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/dx8b0vp9cjqj
  16. EVER! x100 I would like a job travelling SL resizing them all to realistic proportions
  17. Not quite 14 but over 10 for me. I do wonder how people these days would cope with those days of Log ins disabled for a day or more frequently. TP crashes. Logging in as ruth, shoes up your bum etc etc we just got on with it, laughed about it and carried on
  18. Damn, can @LittleMe Jewell @Ethan Paslong and I have your stuff... left overs for Whirly
  19. Depends, I can be mature when its needed but most of the time I just want to have a laugh
  20. I can confirm it works. Since LittleMe and Ethan increased their bandwidth, I haven't had a TP crash at all 👼
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