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    My main account got hacked

    I think they are all hanging out here https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  2. Cindy Evanier

    Krissy's Bar & Grill!!!

    report your first post and in the box, ask the to delete it
  3. Cindy Evanier

    Products not appearing in MP search?

    Did you read Dakota's sticky in this forum regarding marketplace search?
  4. Cindy Evanier

    Sim reviewing and Promoting

    Never hurts to ask. They can only say no if they don't want to do it.
  5. Cindy Evanier


    All the information you need is here
  6. Cindy Evanier

    Why is much in SL so aggressive like

    we have. excessively
  7. Cindy Evanier

    Who is winning?

    Obvious troll attempt the way you are going about it
  8. Cindy Evanier

    Invisible to visitors

    You realise this is about ten 2011 post you have attempted to revive now. Not really a good move
  9. Cindy Evanier

    Help SL addict NEEDS account and IP banned!

    Ok the second 2011 thread in a row brought to life
  10. Cindy Evanier

    Who is winning?

    Maybe since 2011 when this thread was active?
  11. It was a joke really. I have a 21 year old in university studying astrophysics and a 19 year old just coming to the end of an apprenticeship. The 13 year old will get a paper round as soon as he has grown a bit and can carry a full bag (he is tiny for his age).
  12. Cindy Evanier

    What would be worse?

    Google is your friend...(a series of books roleplayed in SL)
  13. Cindy Evanier

    Conversion starters

  14. Cindy Evanier

    Conversion starters

    err nope
  15. Cindy Evanier

    Conversion starters

    definitely not cheap
  16. Cindy Evanier

    Conversion starters

    Something that makes me genuinely laugh or at least smile will get my interest.
  17. Cindy Evanier

    Product listing reviews beyond my understanding!

    Had one complaining animations didn't fit their non human avatar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I didn't ask for a removal but used the opportunity to comment and point people to the inworld demo to test first to make sure it fits them.
  18. Cindy Evanier

    free DEMO clothes question... changing script?

    No its there exactly because its a demo. For you to try it out once and decide if you want to buy the full version. You can't remove it
  19. Cindy Evanier

    How about a new sub forum in "People"?

    You can't go anywhere until 12th May (earlier if it's not mathematically possible to win)
  20. Cindy Evanier

    What would be worse?

    Haven't you tried this before then deleted it?
  21. Cindy Evanier

    Sooby dooo

    woah... step back from ma man!
  22. Cindy Evanier

    Sooby dooo

    You can look and then go back to work