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  1. [citation needed] Actually, even though I *prefer* women, I can't say that I *hate* men. Quite the opposite, I often am amused by them. And sometimes I'm rather annoyed by super-submissive males, as well. Anyway. I admit I've been both genders in SL (and have never felt unwelcome as either gender), and I did have SLex with both genders, too - but I still prefer women over men.
  2. Re: "Nowaday's music is dead/lifeless" - That's only when you don't actually listen to today's music. It might be that the music seems all the same nowadays (but that was the same since the '80s even), but when you listen to the songs, to the lyrics, and to the particular music of the song - then you'll see that nowadays' music is far from lifeless or dead. Actually, I often have to actively search for videos of bands I do prefer over nowadays' top 40 of pop. And that even despite I like most music genres (except for German "Schlager", most Rammstein songs, most hip-hop, and some operas) - although which genre I prefer listening to at any moment is always depending on my current mood. That's one reason why I often listen to ultradarkradio via stream, instead of the local Hitradio FFH (which only runs half the day on my receiver because I want to hear the local and regional news instead of looking them up). But listening in on FFH also gives me some insight of what music the young people like. Me, I'm rather "meh" on most of the songs. However, some of them do stick in my ears - especially when I listen to the lyrics (which I often do). That's something I like:
  3. With my first account (created in March 05, 3008), I guess I still count as "SLoldbie". My current account though is from January 15, 2017 - so that makes me a "Benter", too. 😎
  4. Good. I really wish Linden Lab had kept the Teen Grid for those kids. In my opinion, Teenager absolutely don't belong into SL at all. Not on the main grid, and not on the Beta Grid. To be honest, until the Teen Grid was closed down (biggest mistake by LL right after getting rid of Lastnames), I would stumble over minors at least once a month - and AR them via the category "Minors on the Main Grid". I mean, when they're so stupid and openly admit a couple times that they're minors in Real Life, then it's their own fault when they got the banhammer. 😈 ETA: The youngest kid I ever AR'ed was only 13, and spent her nights as an escort. She didn't even understand why my friends and I even AR'd her. For her, it was "just a game".
  5. I stumbled over a "diary" series about SL back then in March '08. "Sponto" (the persona used [derived from SPON = Spiegel Online], I don't remember if it was the actual avatar name) reported rather irregularly about their adventures in-world in a humorous manner, so I became curious and googled Second Life. I read here, and over at SLinfo.de and SLuniverse (now VirtualVerse.One) about this virtual world, and soon created my first account.
  6. Abney Park are cool. I once saw them as supporting act at the only Qntal concert I've attended.
  7. That also happened to me. Here's an anecdote I even noted in my travel diary back then in August '94: While I was backpacking/hitchhiking westbound, I took a break at a truck stop in order to catch a ride there. And while waiting for my food, I watched the waitress making a fuss around one of the male customers. I wondered what was so special about that man, went to him, and we chatted a while. During this half hour (at most), I got the impression that he was pretty normal, like any other of the guys there at that truck stop. Anyway. When that particular guy left, I asked the waitress what all that fuss was about, why she had treated him like someone special. Surprised, she replied asking me if I didn't know who that was, if I hadn't recognized him. When I said no, she almost yelled "That was Mel Gibson!" - I only shook my head "Mel who? Never heard of him", because at that time I hadn't seen any movie with him yet, as far as I could remember. It was about a half year later when I suddenly saw his name in a TV magazine that listed a re-run of "Mad Max" parts I - III. I really somehow never had seen any of these movies before - so I had had no clue that the guy I had spoken back then was that famous. 😲
  8. I kid you not: The oldest man (in RL age) I've ever got to know in SL (back then in '10, with my first account) was just over 90! And he was a DJ, specialized in Hardrock and Heavy Metal, of all genres. 😲 The oldest woman I got to know in-world was Mid-80, and happily showed me her house, with a big gallery of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren -- all of them she would mostly see on Skype or in-world, or at certain holidays in RL. When I compare these two to my own mother though - with her 80 years, she has absolutely no interest in doing anything else on her computer than a few card games, or "Moorhuhn". Skype or other internet-related stuff? No way. She doesn't even want to hear any of that.
  9. Actually, from *my* point of view there are no "SL players": They're SL residents. Just like you can't play Real Life itself, but in Real Life, you can't play Second Life either (you can play in Second Life, though). SL is not an MMO, but a Virtual World. An MMO has optimized company-created content, given goals, levels, even a given story in most cases -- all things which SL itself does not have.
  10. To be honest I absolutely couldn't care less about a mobile client for SL. I mean, what use is a mobile client anyway? You can't see a thing, because those 5" screens of average smartphones are way too small for anything more than some text - which makes that whole concept moot. And using such a client on a tablet? From my point of view, even the 15" screen of my laptop is rather small for such a rich virtual world like SL. In my opinion, LL shouldn't even waste one working hour on developing a mobile client, at all. 👿
  11. I think I would go Premium again just in order to change my firstname to Thorine and add a last name to it. My first account (from '08, long inactive now) did have a last name, so I want one for this account, too. I don't know if either of those name suggestions already exist in the legacy lastnames database, but here's a short list of suggestions I'd happily chose from: Haeckel (from Ernst Haeckel, biologist) Tesla (from Nikola Tesla) Humboldt (from Alexander von Humboldt) Curie (from Marie Curie, chemist and physicist) Grimm (from the Brothers Jakob & Wilhelm Grimm) Hauff (from Wilhelm Hauff, poet and novelist) Hoffmann (from E.T.A. Hoffmann) Lovecraft (from H. P. Lovecraft) However, I'll see what that name change will cost, and if the price will be worth it - to me.
  12. There are (or were?) a few shops I frequented back then several years ago which offered their products for free, but also had tip jars near their vendors with a titler, reading "Pay what you think it's worth". I always donated a few 100L$ whenever I "bought" something there, because these products were truly worth it.
  13. @Marut72's post reminded me of my aforementioned Grandpa again. My grandpa actually was a 100% communist, "taken over" when back then in '46 the Communist party and Social Democrats in East Germany united and became the SED ("Socialist Unity Party of Germany"), which then ruled over East Germany like a dictator. And he did believe in the idea of actual communism, a truly egalitarian society without private property of production means or land, where money would be obsolete. However, with this strong creed of his, he was way too left-wing for the party line, even was short of being thrown out of the party several times (which would have given him troubles, making him a pariah of sorts). Anyway, one of the mottoes he lived by was "What ever you got for free, give away for free" - and that he lived by indeed: Whenever he shared his knowledge and skills with others (no matter if it was us grandchildren or other folks), he would refuse any offer of money or other reward, instead he used to say "I got it for free, so I give it for free." He never even thought of making a profit from what he learned: the entire concept of profit seemed to be foreign to him. But not only that: Whenever one of his acquaintances took some written-off stuff home from the steel company they worked at, he would even accuse them of theft: In his eyes, there was no such thing as depreciation of things within just a few years. Heck, he even used tools that he had bought when he was like 18y old, and which were still good because of the care he gave them.When I later tried to tell him that electronic things are considered worth half their price as soon as they left the shop and arrived at the buyer's home, he declared that concept as absolutely crazy. That said, I mentioned before that he taught and encouraged me to think for myself, to form my own opinions, to question everything instead of just accept given answers. This though became both a blessing and a curse, because it led to things I never would have envisioned myself: When I had a look at my Stasi files in mid-1992, I had to learn that I not only was under surveillance by several IM's since my teenage years for being "politically inconvenient" - I even was destined to be sent to an internment camp if the GDR had existed a few years longer. But still I never even thought of leaving the country for good: I even demonstrated for a "better GDR" back then at the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig for a while, when the motto there still was "WE are the people!" (I stopped attending these demonstrations when the motto became "We are ONE people!")
  14. I've actually attended five live concerts: City in 1987, Jethro Tull in 1992 (I think), an oldies concert in Salt Lake City, during my backpacking trip through the USA in August '94, Qntal in 2007, and Persephone in 2008. And speaking of backpacking: I actually backpacked (and mostly hitchhiked) through the States for 4 weeks each, in Summer '91 and through August '94. The first trip led me from NYC to Chicago and back; the second one was from NYC via northern New England to Salt Lake City and back. And strangely, I often was even asked which *state* (not country) I came from.
  15. In RL, both my Dad and my grandpa. My Dad (who died in '13, age 73), because unlike my mother he was never authoritative or violent, but rather like a big buddy. He taught us (me, and my brother who unfortunately died in 1987) some self-defense and some dancing, he taught us to be always respectful toward others, and to honestly apologize for own mistakes. He always traveled with us on our school school trips, and was respected by my (and my brother's) class-mates. However, he also could get loud when someone *really* pissed him off. My grandfather (who died age 88 in '02) - because he "presided" over the family, being a "natural authority" without being actually authoritative. He always showed respect towards his wife, called her "my love"; and referred to her as his "better half" or as his "government", depending on who he spoke with. He allowed me to read books that were indexed, and encouraged me to think for myself, to form my own opinions, to not just accept given answers but to question everything and look it up at the original sources if necessary (which though later gave me troubles in Civics, because I regularly discussed with the teacher). Being a hunter, he also taught those of us who were interested everything in that regard, and taught each of us kids to repair our bicycles by ourselves, to ride - and repair - a motorbike, and to understand the traffic signs (which later helped me with the driver's license). He always was glad when one of his grandchildren was interested in a subject he knew about, and encouraged us to follow that interest. When Grandpa was angry though, he would just look at his (really big) hands, shake his head with a sigh, then he would give us a stern look above his glasses, and say "Do feel slapped in the face". It still makes me gulp remembering that, because when he did say that, it was almost too late for an apology. After the "Wall" came down, both of them encouraged me to go get my Abitur and go to university, they encouraged me to start writing (I mean, more than just an occasional poem or short essay), and to use my knowledge for tutoring others. ETA: Also, a former stepson of mine: With the help of his elder sister, his mother and me, he managed to change from a special school which he attended back then because of Dyslexia, to a normal school. Simply because he was so determined to learn how to spell, that he actually memorized all the words, both hand-written and printed, and stubbornly learned to write them without mistake. He made it through 10th grade with a note 3 ("C" -grade for you Americans), managed to get an an apprenticeship and later a job as butcher - and last I've read was that he became a foreman in his job.
  16. I also love books. I've read a lot since I was able to read (with 5years!). The bookshelf in my old room at my mother's house contains exactly 2,538 books - mostly novels of all genres - which I collected and read (most of them a couple times) from 1973 through 1999. I'm a fast reader though (my mother used to say that I'm only "scanning" the pages), and have huge problems to read aloud. Also, my tablet currently contains roughly 700 ebooks (most of them unread though, because I'm usually working on my own manuscripts, so I don't have that much time for reading anymore).
  17. 100% agree. Actually, I've built my own desktop PCs since mid-2002 in order to save money, after a suggestion of a back-then colleague. I guess I made every beginner's mistake within my first year of putting my own PC together - but I'm sure I've learned from them. Of course there's been no system level warranty on my self-assembled desktop PC's - but I've been using every support I could get (tech forums, support of the component's creators, etc.) to assemble my computer properly. But to make matters more complicated, I don't use Windows as my main OS, but OpenSUSE (a Linux distribution) which back then often had troubles with driver compatibilities. There still are a few components (like some TV cards, capture cards, some printers for example) that can give me headaches because of missing Linux drivers - so research is my friend. /me nods. I do indeed. However, because of the budget I have to live with currently, I've only upgraded my PC one component at a time, during the last 5 years or so.
  18. This. ^ It's nonsensical to keep suggesting the most expensive notebooks/laptops (of prices $4,800 and up) if the budget is not high enough. Just 8GB of RAM, and a decent processor (AMD Ryzen 5, or Intel i7) should be more than enough. Also, if your internet connection allows it, you already can run SL on "Ultra" with decent graphic cards, like the NVidia GTX1060/1070/1080 for example (I don't know the Radeon alternatives), which are much less expensive anyway than the High-End graphics card NVidia RTX2080, for example. You don't necessarily *need* a High-End Laptop/Notebook.
  19. I don't know. I have a cheap HP laptop (about €399 when it was new, 4 years ago) which I use when traveling to my family's, also with 4GB RAM and with integrated graphics only, but SL runs just fine on it (when using the Cool CL Viewer, on medium graphic settings, although with 128m draw distance). However, I don't run Windows 10 on this laptop (because it is pretty resource hungry), but a Linux distribution (Kubuntu 19.10) instead - and I don't use Firestorm on it, because that would give me very low FPS. That said, I agree that you'd likely want a designated Gaming Laptop with more RAM and a much better graphics card. And that would cost a grand at least. That's why I'd go with Lindal, because with a desktop computer, you'd get way better performance for less money invested. ETA: Here's one of the best Gaming Laptops (as far as I know of): MSI GT75 9SG-268 Titan (43,9 cm/17,3 Zoll/4K UHD) Gaming-Notebook (Intel Core i9-9980HK, 64GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD, Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 8GB, Windows 10 Pro) Price: €5.099,00
  20. Before I was diagnosed with Diabetes two weeks ago, I used to love Stollen But I think from this year on, I have to either totally limit my appetite, or abdicate it, in order to keep my blood sugar levels in check.
  21. From what I've seen at the places I frequent, there are almost as many male avatars as female avatars in-world -- although the market (like in RL) is very female-oriented. It seems though that the demand just isn't there to create more male-oriented items and fashion. It rather seems that male avatars (in general) don't change their look as often as female avatars, that they even buy less stuff in average than females. Also, there always have been a lot of (RL-)males who've changed to female avatars for whatever reasons, which has made SL even more female-oriented than it may have been before.
  22. I don't know what exactly do you mean. You can upload an inworld profile picture via https://my.secondlife.com/unaval6086 As far as I know, there's no way to get a profile pic on your Dashboard though. (That's the page you see when logging in on https://secondlife.com ) For a profile picture on this forum, you obviously found out how it works
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