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  1. I have "Prokofy's Spring Home," "Prokofy's Summer Home" etc. I tend to make my Linden homes a project or site in the land preserve of some kind, but a few I live in for a few weeks then dump. My "homes" on Mainland I tend to keep. But after they are decorated they lose their charm and just moving around with seasons is not enough. So I might either wipe them out and start over or more to an entirely different lot. Basically, I feel avatars are avian creatures. Cooping them up in houses is criminal. They need to fly around, perch in trees and such.
  2. First see if the person who owns the land is in search. They may have not paid their bills and have been prevented from coming on line but the Lindens may not have seized their land yet. A group-owned land with a group owner who is MIA is a concern. Not always, but often. Or someone in their group is keeping it going despite the original owners MIA but it could go under any time. Do not pay ahead. Try one week or whatever the shortest amount is. If you are forced to pay a month and don't get a discount for that -- and can't refund for a small fee -- then find another rental. Be
  3. I believe on the regular viewer, even if you put the setting up in the sky, if a person isn't in your group, they won't get to it, and have to click twice on any landmark. At least that's what I've found. I don't think "everywhere" will work. I think you have to make a dedicated landing spot -- it could be just 16m of your parcel unless you want it in search, in which case it has to be 96 at least (or that may have changed to even more). And then set the parcel to that landing spot.
  4. Welcome to my world...is for the last six months or more? Search is broken on the regular SL viewer and I hear reports that it is also broken in certain ways on Firestorm. The Lindens acknowledge this in tickets and office meetings and say they are working on it. Since they did fix map tiles, maybe they will get to search now. The Lindens have or used to have a system to foil all kinds of gimmicks like traffic and naming. And so key words might work or might not work. I was surprised once to find myself at the top of the list of rentals, simply because the Lindens mix it up this
  5. It's not all trashy. You have to find the communities where people keep them up nicely and have rules, there are multiple communities of this type you can find in search. If you can't afford Blake Sea, Sea of Fables is another area that is now becoming fashionable and costly but not as much as Blake, and has very nice rentals and sales. Look for non-Blake seas and the coasts of the other continents. Bellisseria only has 512 m houseboat lots and 1024 house lots and it's a total luck of the draw, you can't pick out waterfront or an area you like, it is randomly assigned. There are no 4
  6. When you say "region" do you mean on the Mainland or on a Private Island? If on an island, you can retain ownership of the land and still "sell" the parcel to a tenant who then puts it into her own group. You write a covenant and copy it into all the parcels in the space that says "covenant". There you can put rules to keep the parcels nice, i.e. no builds over two stories, and then if violated you can eject for breaking your rental list (put the list of rules in the notecard in the rental box as well). You can revoke the land purchase if it comes to that by taking it back.
  7. I also have the Two Moon Gardens new Storybrook Cottage on a large riverside lot with landscaping. Management prims don't count. $450/550 prims. TP TO MORAINE MOOR
  8. I started a new community with Craftsmen's homes in Moraine by the river. House and landscaping prims don't count and the rents range from $300/365 to $350/425 and $450/550. Extra prims available at the same rate. The houses are all around a large commons where you can sit by the pond and let your pets range. For now the houses are unfurnished and there are no house replacements (house prims don't count). TP TO MORAINE MOOR
  9. I think actually SL has shrunk in size and population since 2006, you can look up news stories and it really seems the case, and study Tyche's grid surveys, but I think they are more spread out and people don't log in as much. I can only say that from the sample of my tenants, I see some who don't log in as much. You can go for days on end and never see another soul in Bellisseria unless you join one of their groups to sail or chat or collect stamps or whatever. It's like anything else, you need to find an interest and join a group to hear the chat and go to various events. I would h
  10. I would second this statement for New York City for certain months last year, I don't know where you're writing from. I have a rare immune disease and when I cut my finger as you may have heard unfortunately it escalated to my whole arm and became "life-threatening," so as much as I didn't want to go in among the COVID emergencies, both the walk-in doctors and my regular doctors told me I better go over to the ER. My regular doctor said quite frankly, "There is no room for you in the ER at Bellevue". She recommended I not come here. That's the public hospital in my area and my regular hos
  11. Yes, yes. Exact same message on editing any object, and on teleport. Well, I have sent the entire set of logs to Support, I'll see what happens. I put SLPlugin etc in as exceptions into AVG.
  12. Here's what the log says about that file you mentioned: This looks to me like a problem on LL's side: \SecondLifeViewer\\SLPlugin.exe 2021-05-03T19:51:30Z WARNING #Plugin# newview/llviewermedia.cpp(1776) LLViewerMediaImpl::newSourceFromMediaType : ONCE: plugin initialization failed for mime type: text/html 2021-05-03T19:51:30Z WARNING #Media# newview/llviewermedia.cpp(2585) LLViewerMediaImpl::navigateInternal : Couldn't navigate to: https://viewer-splash.secondlife.com/?channel=Second Life Release&grid=Agni&lang=en&login_content_version=2&os=Microsof
  13. Remember the uproar some time ago when there was talk of "getting rid of landmarks" and some fanboyz of course embraced this and cheered the Lindens and others of us were wondering what was going to happen to a zillion notecards with landmarks inside of them and product boxes with landmarks inside of them and so on. If you make a landmark now and it doesn't go into a "Landmarks" folder, that's terrible. People don't use bookmarks on browsers, that's obsolete. They type pages into Google search and pull them up that way or they just keep that tab open and it restores when they reboot. So w
  14. There are no HUDS. All attachments like scanners are removed. I realize that about Quicktime but since the advice was to reinstall Quicktime a few years ago, I tried that. I put in the exceptions. It didn't make any difference. I don't see how this is related to the AV when the error is about media. So I was thinking it's something about how the inworld browser is checked off or not (tried different things), media is on or off (tried all or none). It still persists.
  15. So this strange error is back (I had not experienced it before but it's been around in past years.) Yes, I reinstalled Quicktime. Yes, I did a total clean boot of SL's latest download. Yes, I cleared cache. Yes, I updated the latest AMD drivers. Awfully annoying, as each time you teleport anywhere it fires up this silly notice again. Turning off all media options doesn't seem to quell it.
  16. o Don't start with a full sim, it's too hard, and you will be stuck with a big tier bill, and starting out, won't get enough tenants to fill it. o Start with 8192 and see how it goes. o Remember 80% occupancy is already a dead loss for you and will start to put you out of business unless you like this hobby.
  17. Find abandoned land which is everywhere and cheaper than what companies sell often. It may not be waterfront or a prim location but think of it is as your starter lot until you get a better feeling for land and location. Fly around and find huge open areas with lots of abandoned land. Pick out 1024 or 4096 and send a ticket to the Lindens, they will sell it for $1/m.
  18. I don't allow walls, 2D hedges, photo-real boards etc -- they all look terrible. Put some 3D trees or hedges along the parcel borders. They need not be dense. You are trying to just create a certain sense of division. Privacy does not come from walls and fences. You uncheck "avatars can see me" and you are invisible. Doesn't get more private than that.
  19. I really started working at it this last week. But I keep staying at the same level because I get new things or unpack boxes. But I hope to make progress.
  20. I have been told by those in the know that those selling mesh bodies and mesh heads do nothing to make sure you can find and buy them on the MP because they want to drive you into their stores -- that way for one, they don't lose the tax to LL, and for two, they can usually get you to buy something more expensive. Understandable. I have found this to be the case. You simply cannot find the actual hands or feet of certain brands, only various add-ons by others piggy-backing on their brand. That's to make you come to the store.
  21. Years ago, Philip urged people to clean their inventories in the spring. I asked him if thousands of people suddenly deleting lots of stuff would disrupt the servers, and he thought about it and said "no," but then, I'm not sure. No one suffers from the problem of too many deletions now, it's more like bloated inventories and lost inventories. I've had some really bad patches of lost inventory, once totally 15,000 items, many original gatcha items with no-copy. It got so bad I couldn't even log on. The Lindens had to seize my account for a few days, and run scripts on it to remove corrupt
  22. Funny how this ad you worked up is more attractive looking than what the Lindens now have on the front page. But my tastes may have been modified by being in SL for 17 years.
  23. I did note a few weeks ago when Patch did an interview with an educator which you can find on YouTube that there was a Linden literally born that day named "Nix," and I remember thinking, "this is the outworld Linden avatar he will have with a business suit to meet the suits in RL". Of course he may be completely unrelated and Patch himself said nothing to confirm this. I personally am not bothered at all by the Lindens having a fairy and elves side and a RL business side. Why not? As Eric Rice once said when I complained about business taking over SL, "We can't have separate drinking fountain
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