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  1. As Lindal notes above, if the account(s) in question truly aren't your Alts then Disclosure does not apply. Send in an Abuse Report concerning harassment instead.
  2. To expand/expound on this: It took me quite a while to bother even testing Furry Mesh bodies, let alone Human Mesh bodies and even then - between those two types - I can still count on one hand the number I have bothered with (by Creator, mind) ... The Human ones, I was very particular with as I had a specific body type in mind. Boy that took a while to find (mostly because the one I eventually ended up liking hadn't even been made yet)! For Furry bodies, I have specific Creators/bodies I use for specific looks and even have a few that aren't wholly Mesh. Many are not even overly customized either - at least, not the Furry ones. Clothing choices and perhaps eye coloration and an AO are as "customized" as they get and this is by design since - as you know from my posts elsewhere - I tend to RP more or less and the less the character stands out, the better.
  3. LittleMe got to it while I was typing my response to you so not sure how you could parse my response as "spiteful". Tarina is the one that stated they simply were not going to explain. This sort of response - by the by - is part of why some choose to act that way. In the initial case however, the reasoning should have been obvious enough and quite honestly only two types would have been confused by it: Those who genuinely did not understand (which I honestly believe you fall into - if LittleMe had not gotten to it before I'd finished typing, I'd have sent you a PM after my post went up) and those whose bias (whatever that may be) do not allow them to understand.
  4. Heh, oh I can understand that sentiment. I've been fortunate that those i tend to engage with in that way do not rely simply on the poseballs or their overall appearance.
  5. Funny part of that is, I've seen a fair few mesh bodied human and near human (Sidhe/Elves, Hybrids and the like) avatars that I personally wouldn't 'boink' with someone else's thirty foot pole and a few system body based avatars I'd certainly 'boink' .... Mesh alone means nothing whatsoever.
  6. There are people and situations where it does no good to explain your point - it is either understood or it isn't and no amount of explanation will change that. This is such a situation. Mind, @LittleMe Jewell above went ahead and explained it anyway.
  7. The last few posts are why I try to make it clear - where i can - that my partner and I don't have issues with dancing, chatting and whatnot with others in SL.
  8. Honestly? if I'm feeling a bit more open/outgoing, I'd approach either for a dance. Mind that it would depend on the venue, my mood and if you'd be open to dancing with an Anthro or not.
  9. @Wendy11 Kips, it is possible to edit the posts you make to the forum, so long as you do so within a few hours of posting.
  10. There were a few, more generalized settings you could use and play around with to cause programs that did not have the hooks already present to sound better, which you'd be better off using for Second Life anyway. The technology at the time was a fair bit more extensive in scope than EAX, requiring the designers of a game to code for the varied surfaces and materials. That would have been a bit of a PITA to do with/for Second Life, owing to the user generated content. Even the Minecraft mods that add scaled down, similar effects require you to specify certain properties for any custom blocks/content - well, the last time I used Minecraft that is (about a year or so ago).
  11. Steam Audio is an attempt to update and reintroduce a technology made by Aureal Semiconductor - namely their A3D audio technology, something which - at the time - was leaps and bounds better than Creative Lab's own EAX system (and arguably still is). Had the legal crapfest not been a thing - along with the subsequent bankruptcy, buy out and burial of the tech - we might be enjoying that technology right now in every sound chip. ETA: My family had a PC with an A3D powered sound card in the late 90's/early 2000's - one of the last made by Diamond Multimedia before they vanished for a while. It was their Monster Sound MX300. Combining a quadraphonic speaker setup with the A3D tech was amazing - provided you had games that could use it or music in Quad or higher channel formats.
  12. Linux is "unsupported" by their default viewer and some of the TPVs out there. Firestorm and Singularity support Linux - without the need to run a Windows executable through WINE. On some distributions you can even bypass certain annoyances (a tweak or two to use Voice for instance) - Arch based distributions for example can use an AUR package to install Firestorm. As for Black Dragon and others ... you could try using Lutris or find a way to run it through Valve's Proton system. WINE is somewhat notorious for having prefixes 'broken' by an update or some oddity, especially if you have a shared prefix for most of your programs. I do wish there was more collaboration between the varied TPV developers out there - along with a slight attitude adjustment for a few of the more stubborn ones. There'd be fewer headaches and more options. ETA: If it was working fine and then suddenly isn't - be it after an update to your system/WINE or after a new program was installed into your prefix .... You may need to wholly redo the prefix itself.
  13. Ah yes, we've come to the point where anything that you haven't heard of personally somehow is not the norm for the rest of the user base. We also see that - once again - you're describing normal behavior (a Beacon beam vanishing on Teleport Arrival at the very destination you picked) as being abnormal. That is how the beacon system functioned back when I joined in 2006. That has been the way the beacon system has functioned every second of every day, including today. One user came into the thread and stated that they sometimes have trouble getting the beacon to go away by clicking on the arrow, that it sometimes takes more than one click to get it to register. The others that offered help and explanations do not seem to be having the same issues, thus it is not the viewer software itself. I myself rarely see interface elements that do not respond at first. it's not the software - not entirely. Depending on the element, it could just be that that particular cycle got dropped by my CPU. It could be because the command or the response never made it through the network. It could even be a total outage somewhere. Bah ... why am I even bothering with this, you're not going to listen at best and will try to hand wave this response away with some pithy excuse at worst.
  14. The 4096 I rent costs me L$5404 - right now that's $22+ when factoring in the transaction fee. In short, it's fairly up there if going by those numbers. Mind it was "worse" at one point and the $1.49 transaction fee isn't helping matters either.
  15. The above has been present since I started back in 2006. The person you have quoted mistook these aggregate numbers to be individual sellers.
  16. All "bonds" past the Linden Lab crackdown on "banks" and such within Second Life are against the ToS - the fact that there are no Banking/Financial Institutions of any kind within Second Life should have been a clear hint that anyone offering such services was likely going against the Terms of Service. This means that there are either two trolls in this thread or one troll and a very naive user.
  17. Countdown to "that's not how it works and you're lying about it working that way by default" rant commences ....
  18. If it is possible to do so (I am unsure on this, as I use Linux "native" viewers myself) you could try using Lutris or even Steam to run the viewer. The later's Proton system allows for a lot of Windows based applications to be used. I think you can get Lutris to use Proton as well.
  19. In case it was not mentioned already: I use a Lightstar head for my Jake. It is decent enough for what it is and for the price. I just cannot justify (let along really afford) to drop as much on a head as I would my parcel rent. Sure, I have Daniel wish listed but that's likely to remain on there for a while.
  20. Well, to the poster that mentioned Waterfalls of Dreams - thank you for naming the place! It is a lovely little slice of the Grid! As to users posting here simply for the Likes .... Geez, talk about showing off just how utterly shallow one is! if that is why you believe a user would post here, you've got more issues than the average magazine subscription.
  21. The current L$ exchange rate is L$260 to the US Dollar. Which means that the exchange rate is L$338 to the Pound Sterling. For those buying L$ this is not a bad thing whatsoever. For those selling, it is not exactly the end of the world either. The sky is not falling. Nice try.
  22. Not a worry. That does point to part of it being in the code base itself, among other things.
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