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  1. Hi all! I just remembered a little game from over at SLU back then which was inspired by Chroma Key: you would shoot your avatar in front of a green or blue Screen, and others would put it into another situation or place by photo manipulation. Here's the Before/After pic from Wikipedia: And here's an example of what it could look like using an avatar: I know, it's not perfect, but I was in a rush.😒 Anyways: because I'm basically still in this outfit, I already prepared a green screen pic for you creative folks to work with: I'm curious what you can come up with, and hope to see more people offering their avatars to work with, as well.
  2. Yes, of course I do - well, at least it depends on their species/form, and on my mood. I usually treat others like they represent themselves inworld: So I treat humans like humans, animals like animals, objects like objects - you get the gist. For instance: You might have a hard time getting spoken to by me at all if you represented yourself as a toaster or other inanimate object. And if you were some (realistic-looking) animal I would talk *about* you (for example: "Isn't this a beautiful animal? I wonder whom it belongs"). And if you spoke to me, I would say something like "Oh, this animal can speak!", or something like that before replying.
  3. I'm a right-hander. But as a writer, I'm very prone to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) which usually affects my right wrist most, and can be extremely painful. Anyways, I had a normal mouse for quite some time, which I used with my left hand (and switched buttons to match) when I had severe RSI last time, a couple years ago. And back then, I only used the camera controls to cam around. To be honest, I still find that more comfortable to do than using keyboard shortcuts and mouse. Since my recovery after that last time, I've not only been taking regular 10min breaks from the computer every 45 - 50min of computer usage to give my wrists a rest; but I also have been using an ergonomic "Vertical Mouse", which (in this version) is built for right-handers only. I already consider buying an extra left-hander mouse for left-hand use in case RSI hits me again so badly that I have to take painkillers to even function. 😏
  4. I have a rather old-ish, relatively low-budget system: CPU: AMD FX-6100 Six-Core Processor (3.2 GHz) RAM: 16 GB Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 950 (4GB) And I run SL on High-Ultra, with ALM and basic shadows (sun and moon) on. Worst FPS have been when I was in clubs or in busy places like for example HBC, with "only" 10fps -- which I think is still bearable. So I think more RAM might be the way to go for you
  5. I think SL will not "wither and die", nor will it be bought off by Facebook or Google. I rather think that in 10 years, SL will have about the number of active residents as it has now (or a little bit more), with about the same number of active regions as now (I am optimistic in that regard: I rather see SL stagnant or growing a little than further declining). But no matter if SL will eventually grow a little or decline further, I think it will have more innovations, more shiny things, and better functionality than now - for example: flexi-mesh hair and clothes, so that hair (and clothes) actually move again like before the introduction of Mesh; weather that can be set and edited by the sim owner/admin; more and better Animesh NPCs for Roleplay regions, walls that keep light where it is (so that, for example, the sun doesn't shine through the walls), water (and weather) that doesn't go through walls or ship hulls; caves you can build yourselves using land edit tools, without having to rez some mesh building; more Pathfinding usage, more (and more modern) public railway trains, street vehicles, and airborne stuff, better sim crossings, bigger regions and/or more LI per region, even more realistic avatars than now, etc. With more Community Gateways, a new Mentor programme, and - something I hope will be implemented much earlier: a new and improved Inworld-Building Tool. I really do think that in 10 years, SL will be a bit more vibrant than now, rather growing than declining - but still a niche product.
  6. It's not the prims nor the mesh stuff, it's all the scripts and (mainly) all the textures slapped on them. When for example there are tons of 1024x1024 textures to render, then, of course, the fps will go rock-bottom. What you describe seems to me that your puter has a hard time rendering the world. Even without having more specs and setting info, I rather would recommend what @chibiusa Ling said.
  7. I feel very immersed in Second Life. When I'm inworld, I often feel like I'm actually there: I imagine the voices matching the written word (I have voice disabled); I imagine smells matching the scenery or looks, I imagine many things that can't be shown inworld at all, or only be described by emoting it. Although I often have the same grade of immersion when I read a good book - but when I'm reading, I'm reading. There's almost no stopping it. For example, I managed to "binge-read" Stephen King's "The Stand" within one weekend. 😏 However, I must admit, I sometimes even dream to actually be in SL, to actually be my avatar. Although, whenever I have such dreams (which are very vivid, by the way), waking up in RealLife is a tad confusing for a few moments. 😮
  8. ThorinII

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Re: 03... That isn't a peeve of mine, rather makes me amused every time I see that. "Master", "Mistress" or "Dom(me)" as Display name only gives ME the impression that this person has some trouble with their own self-consciousness. I mean, those titles as group tags, okay, I myself use such a group tag at times - but as Display names, that's just ridiculous to me. YMMV. Re: 04: That's really confusing.
  9. ThorinII

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Sometimes, I greet people with unreadable Display Names: "Hello Unreadable" - and then, with their (Legacy) system name instead 😈
  10. ThorinII

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Although both are beautiful, I'd prefer the head to the right (as seen from me) over the other one.
  11. ThorinII

    Fixing the "Wear" Mechanic.

    1. It's Linden Lab, not "Lindon labs" 2. It's not "players", it's Residents. SL isn't a playable game, it's a virtual world. and 3.: Why is it so difficult for you to understand that ADD means ADD? As far as I can remember (and I created my first account in spring 08), WEAR has always meant "wear & replace", and ADD has always been the fix for that.
  12. ThorinII

    There really should be an SL2. Not Sansar.

    @CoffeeDujour, actually, I do love SL as it is -- otherwise, I wouldn't have returned to SL with this account. However, I think the code underneath the surface of the servers AND viewer definitively should be renewed, written from scratch, so that it's entirely up-to-date. Not this mess that it's now, with all these great new functions simply added to a 15y old source code. Also, the UI of the official viewer sucks in my opinion (that's why I barely use the official viewer), I think it should have the same UI as FS in Phoenix Mode. I also think LSL should be updated to a new version, with as much functionality as any modern script language. LSL, as it is, is in my opinion too limited, even for SL standards. And I think an in-world tool to create optimized Mesh objects would really be a nice-to-have. In my opinion, this tool should be as easy to use as the current build tools but auto-creating optimized mesh objects instead of the usual prims; so instead of a prim cube, you would rez an optimized mesh cube as default. And yes, this new build tool should have the ability to cut and shape faces and using materials, weight, and such stuff. Using Blender or Maya both have a very steep learning curve (which I personally can't say about SL or about building with prims) - and some former creators I've met through the years with both my accounts simply don't have the time or nerves to learn Blender or Maya. In my opinion, such a quasi-automated in-world tool would massively ease the creation process, and I think there would be many more content creators again.
  13. ThorinII

    There really should be an SL2. Not Sansar.

    I agree insofar that there should be an SL2.0 instead of Sansar. In my opinion, Sansar has been a dead birth, right from the start. But it should be an SL2.0 with all the codes for servers and viewer written anew from scratch, without all the baggage on top of code written first about 15years ago; with a better viewer UI (= similar to V1.x, like the UI of Firestorm in Phoenix Mode); with an inworld mesh creating and optimizing tool; with better avatars, bigger regions and less region crossing troubles; and so on.