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  1. @yiniii, @Shhoan: The answer is NO to all your questions. But best listen to the explanations given by @Grumpity Linden and @Patch Linden during the Town Hall meeting:
  2. This. ↑ Since I've been a newbie helper on my first account, I've always "preached" that there is a real person behind each avatar, with real feelings, real dreams, real expectations, real wishes and wants, real likes and dislikes and so on. Except for chat bots (which you easily can tell apart after a few sentences), there's no avatar in the entire grid that is not steered by a real person. This real person may not appear inworld with their Real Life™ age, their Real Life™ gender, their Real Life™ look, their Real Life™ ethnicity, etc -- but they all are Real Life™ persons nonetheless. If you don't respect that, and don't actually become"boyfriend material", you always will be bound to find an "e-girlfriend" who rather role-plays being your girl than actually becomes your girlfriend. And as others suggested: Be patient. Start with getting to know the person of interest, form bonds of friendship until you can open up to each other. Then let the feelings grow. Rather take it slow than fast.
  3. It might be that Firestorm is the most-used viewer on the grid (I have no stats though to even guess that), but to call people who use the official SL Viewer "noobs" only shows your arrogance. Hell even I occasionally use the official SL Viewer, to look see if something that seems broken is specifically related to <insert viewer of choice here>, or system related.
  4. So when Linden Lab took away those abilities, what does that have to do with the new Firestorm update? Linden Lab doesn't even develop the Firestorm viewer.
  5. I think you would get nothing back. At all. Every single cent you've exchanged into L$ would be just as gone as the regions in SL if LL shut down the servers, and every single item you've bought, as well. And I even doubt that you would be entitled to a refund for any USD balance on your account before the shutdown.
  6. Same here. When I became aware that there was a virtual world named "Second Life" (back then in early '08), first thing I did was looking for the forum connected to it, skimmed through a few threads -- which made me even more curious about SL than I already was -- then I created my first account.
  7. To be honest, I still think that getting rid of the Teen Grid and opening the Main Grid to teenagers (age 16+) was one of the biggest mistakes of @Linden Lab. If I had had a say, the Teen Grid would still exist for these kids, and the Main Grid still would be for age 18+ only - including the AR category "Minors on the Main Grid".
  8. Exactly. Personally, I would see absolutely no reason to report such harmless stuff, even if that were given out in "General" regions. Now AR me, too, if you want. 😈
  9. To be honest, I couldn't care less about any mobile client to access Second Life. Especially when it comes to pure text clients (like that proposed iOS client by LL). From my point of view, SL is a rich virtual world, and I even consider the 15" screen of my laptop as "too small" pretty often, that's why I mostly use my desktop computer with its big monitor to log in. Even if there were a service that streamed SL onto the mobile screens: The screens of smartphones and even tablets are simply way too small (in my opinion) to have a good look on the virtual world. And whenever I enter SL, then ONLY on laptop or PC - even though both my smartphone and my tablet could handle Lumiya easily. So, what use is a mobile client anyway? And what can't wait until you (the general "you") boot your laptop or PC and run a "normal" viewer?
  10. One pet peeve of mine is when people who ought to be intelligent (after all they're smart enough to use a computer!) are simply too lazy to actually use their brain when it comes to doing things in-world, and cry "it's too complicated!", yet they're also too lazy to go look for help (like, in the forums or on youtube).
  11. And yet, Blender is pretty successful. So what's wrong with something more complicated than some stupid video game? If the manual for <whatever> is too complicated for you (the general "you") to understand, then there's Google or other search engines that will lead you to forums and/or youtube tutorials about <whatever> helping you to understand it. You only have to show some interest and actively look for it. And I think that's something that can be expected nowadays. I think that no info about any product have to be spoon-fed to the prospective user at all. You don't understand the manual? Sorry, then the product isn't meant for you to use. Anyway, I think Second Life in general is easy enough to access and to use, and has been forever.There's been NOTHING - from creating the account to doing anything inworld at all that has been really complicated. Not with Viewer v1.x, not with V2.x or any other version... Those who still think it's too complicated and has a too steep learning curve, are either too lazy to think, and too lazy to ask for help, or too willfully ignorant to go look for it - and sorry (not sorry), but whenever one of them leaves, it's no big loss.
  12. Words. 🙄 What I meant with "fixing" your quote is, you can't play any of these worlds. Neither SL, nor of course RL. You can play in them though. 👿
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