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  1. Seen in a restaurant in Frankfurt (1h north of my hometown) The big sign on top reads: "We ask our dear guests to pay mushroom meals immediately" and the sign right behind that reads: "If you tolerate our meals, you're healthy"
  2. Back then about15y ago, one guy on a discussion board I was active on claimed he could hack every computer, no matter the OS. I gave him "my IP": - and a few hours later, he logged back in and claimed that I had counter-attacked him by erasing his \C: partition
  3. I had a sweet lunch today: rice pudding and apple sauce Lots of calories, but tasty
  4. On the left corner, in the background behind the laptop, there is the Brockhaus dictionary German/English, and copies of each of my books ("Spiegelvisionen", its translation "Mirror Visions", and "Pinky") 😎
  5. Maybe your antivirus stops the process because of a "false positive"? On my Win10 machine, I whitelisted all viewer folders after the recent updates, since then everything has been working correctly.
  6. Quite some of these "Dom(me)s" seem to not even have the ability to read profiles. 😈 "Waaah! That's *my* baby, it's perfect as it is!!!" <-- I've met lots of them in all my years in-world
  7. Actually, I do have what you call a "5 year old potato": And I can run *any* viewer (Windows-only viewers via PlayOnLinux) just fine, thank you very much! 😈
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