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  1. I have absolutely no experience with the SpaceNavigator or other kinds of 3D input devices. But, as a writer, I often have wrist issues, to the point that I have to take painkillers every once in a while -- even though I've been using a Vertical Mouse for quite a few years now. But, that comes with daily computer usage of more than 8hrs a day in total, every day throughout each year. It's called "writer's disease" for a reason. However, after using a background app called RSIBreak for some months a dozen years ago (on Windows, there's RSIGuard and others, with similar functions) I got used to taking a short break from the keyboard about every 45 to 50 minutes, in which I roll my wrists, flex my hands, do some practice. Every 3 breaks or so, I go offline entirely to just lay down a bit, then do chores, run errands, go out for a walk, or do other offline-stuff. 😎 Also, I bought wrist bandages recently which I regularly wear, so my wrists get some relief while I'm at the keyboard.
  2. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  3. The only site you ought to download the Cool VL Viewer is the official website of the Cool VL Viewer. Likewise, you ought to download *any* viewer only from the official websites and sources their creators have set up.
  4. Why don't you use the JIRA system, then?
  5. I haven't blocked anyone *yet*. But I have ignored some posts at times while skimming through the threads.
  6. I don't know... For me, SL is just one of my hobbies. However, I do (mostly successfully try to) limit my SL to 2 hours in the mornings and 1 in the late evenings; during the rest of the day, I work on my writing projects, browse forums, do off-line stuff, or go for a walk when the weather is nice.
  7. I don't know... when I lost interest last time (with my former avatar), I told my friends that I need a break from SL, and went on hiatus for a while. Maybe that is because I consider SL as one "place" to go to spend my pastime, as only one of my hobbies. I share my time on the computer between writing, translation work, reading ebooks, SL, watching movies and browsing the web. At no time though I've ever had the feeling that I *had to* go inworld for whatever reason. I even have a rule amongst my folks: When I log in, I even do try to limit my daily in-world time to 2-3 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the late evening my time, and I'm almost never online past 22:30 my time (13:30 SLT), no matter what - although my wife lives SLT+3, and some activities held in the circles I frequent are mostly for US-citizens.
  8. To be honest, when I began this drawing, I didn't even have an idea of what to draw. I doodled some curved lines, and somehow the bonsai tree evolved from there. Once that small tree was finished, I decided to make it a bonsai and added everything else to it. 😅 And about the medium: over the decades I've learned that, in spite of all practice, I'm not good at using watercolor at all - at least not good enough for *me*. That's why I stick to pencils. ✏️ I'm mainly a writer, after all, and draw rather seldom: When I draw, then mainly to illustrate some scenes of my stories, or to even take a break from writing or other computer-related stuff.
  9. I think it depends. There's positive criticism on one side, and negative - even harmful - criticism on the other side. The latter one, unfortunately, is the most used one, that's why criticism almost always has the meaning of "negative criticism" However, the positive way, as I've learned to realize since showing my works (both written and drawn) to others, is always well-meaning, supposed to be helpful, constructive. Take my drawing for example, "I like the picture in general, but I think it would be better if the bonsai were turned towards the tree outside", or "These characters in your novel are really believable, and the story is inspiring and well-written, but I would find *chapter soandso* better if it weren't so fast-paced. In my opinion, you could describe the setting in there more detailed, something in the ballpark of (example text based on the chapter 's setting)." Such positive critiques show that the person put some thoughts into it, saw potential in the artist and their product, and made suggestions about where and how to improve it. The artist doesn't need to adapt these suggestions, but it wouldn't hurt doing so. On the other hand, the negative way is always meant to be denigrating and hurting, and can be really harmful. So much so that the artist might even give up this path of doing art entirely. With that, I mean stuff like "How dare you to show us this utter piece of ***, my 3y old child draws better than you!" or "It shows that the author is not a native speaker: Spelling, grammar, and word usage are like ***!" etc. etc. I've learned that artists (me included) can be very sensitive at times when it comes to their babies. And especially when one's inner perfectionist is full of bashing anyway.
  10. Actually, I call almost all my drawings "sketches" - even the finished ones, simply because, a) they begin with some scribbling around and grow from that, and b) when I see what others upload to DeviantArt (for example), my own drawings barely reach their "sketch" and "scrap" level. Here's one of my few colored drawings, photographed from the original (because when I made this, I had no scanner at hand). I didn't even start with an explicit idea or a message to express, just with some curved lines which then evolved to the tree, then I added everything else. Is this drawing "good art"? I honestly don't know. I even doubt it. I only know that there are people who liked it and gave positive feedback.
  11. I think such a Carl Sagan Museum would gather less traffic than the International Spaceflight Museum or the Star Trek Museum (though I don't know if that still exists), but it definitely would be worth a visit (or several).
  12. As a writer and hobbyist artist myself, I consider my art "good enough" when *I* think it's just so good enough to let go and publish it or post it on a site like DeviantArt. And when there's positive feedback from others (like favs, comments, etc.), I think "obviously someone thinks my stuff is better than I think it is". Because, even after publishing my stuff (drawings, photo manipulations, free-verse poems, or prose) I can still find details I could have made better. And about practice: I think first you need talent, and you'll improve this talent by constant practice. If you have no talent for a certain art, you can practice for years without getting any better. For example, I could practice painting (with watercolor or acryl) all day, but over the decades I had to realize that I've made no progress at all because I simply lack the necessary talent for it. That's why I stick to the things I do make progress at.
  13. Me (in silver) and my wife (in black), at our Hangout "House Infinity"
  14. German here, living in Germany, Europe. And among the circles I'm frequenting inworld, there are Americans from all over the place between the West coast and East coast, between Canada via the USA down to Mid-America; also Brits, Australians, French people, Italians, Polish people, and German people. Really international, although the South-Americans, Africans, and Russians are rather rare in the places I do visit. However, as soon as there are English-speaking people around, everyone else switches to English or uses a translator, so that everyone has the same chance to be understood. Also, European folks often use English to conquer the language barrier between each other.
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