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  1. 100% agree. Actually, I've built my own desktop PCs since mid-2002 in order to save money, after a suggestion of a back-then colleague. I guess I made every beginner's mistake within my first year of putting my own PC together - but I'm sure I've learned from them. Of course there's been no system level warranty on my self-assembled desktop PC's - but I've been using every support I could get (tech forums, support of the component's creators, etc.) to assemble my computer properly. But to make matters more complicated, I don't use Windows as my main OS, but OpenSUSE (a Linux distribution) which back then often had troubles with driver compatibilities. There still are a few components (like some TV cards, capture cards, some printers for example) that can give me headaches because of missing Linux drivers - so research is my friend. /me nods. I do indeed. However, because of the budget I have to live with currently, I've only upgraded my PC one component at a time, during the last 5 years or so.
  2. This. ^ It's nonsensical to keep suggesting the most expensive notebooks/laptops (of prices $4,800 and up) if the budget is not high enough. Just 8GB of RAM, and a decent processor (AMD Ryzen 5, or Intel i7) should be more than enough. Also, if your internet connection allows it, you already can run SL on "Ultra" with decent graphic cards, like the NVidia GTX1060/1070/1080 for example (I don't know the Radeon alternatives), which are much less expensive anyway than the High-End graphics card NVidia RTX2080, for example. You don't necessarily *need* a High-End Laptop/Notebook.
  3. I don't know. I have a cheap HP laptop (about €399 when it was new, 4 years ago) which I use when traveling to my family's, also with 4GB RAM and with integrated graphics only, but SL runs just fine on it (when using the Cool CL Viewer, on medium graphic settings, although with 128m draw distance). However, I don't run Windows 10 on this laptop (because it is pretty resource hungry), but a Linux distribution (Kubuntu 19.10) instead - and I don't use Firestorm on it, because that would give me very low FPS. That said, I agree that you'd likely want a designated Gaming Laptop with more RAM and a much better graphics card. And that would cost a grand at least. That's why I'd go with Lindal, because with a desktop computer, you'd get way better performance for less money invested. ETA: Here's one of the best Gaming Laptops (as far as I know of): MSI GT75 9SG-268 Titan (43,9 cm/17,3 Zoll/4K UHD) Gaming-Notebook (Intel Core i9-9980HK, 64GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD, Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 8GB, Windows 10 Pro) Price: €5.099,00
  4. Before I was diagnosed with Diabetes two weeks ago, I used to love Stollen But I think from this year on, I have to either totally limit my appetite, or abdicate it, in order to keep my blood sugar levels in check.
  5. From what I've seen at the places I frequent, there are almost as many male avatars as female avatars in-world -- although the market (like in RL) is very female-oriented. It seems though that the demand just isn't there to create more male-oriented items and fashion. It rather seems that male avatars (in general) don't change their look as often as female avatars, that they even buy less stuff in average than females. Also, there always have been a lot of (RL-)males who've changed to female avatars for whatever reasons, which has made SL even more female-oriented than it may have been before.
  6. I don't know what exactly do you mean. You can upload an inworld profile picture via https://my.secondlife.com/unaval6086 As far as I know, there's no way to get a profile pic on your Dashboard though. (That's the page you see when logging in on https://secondlife.com ) For a profile picture on this forum, you obviously found out how it works
  7. 1000x THIS. There are many people who expect SL to be just another game to pkay through - and they can't be more wrong.
  8. I'm an INTP. In large crowds, both RL and SL (and with that, I mean, >10 people), I'm often drained after a while, and need some alone time to gather new energy. The largest crowd I ever could fake being extrovert for was a class of 20 7-graders whom I had for a double unit (=90minutes) each week, back then in '04 - I was their substitute English teacher then. But I did need a power-nap of at least an hour after each of these classes. πŸ˜ͺ
  9. Congratulations from me, as well. πŸ‘ As for me, I started smoking with 18, back then in 1986, and had managed to quit quite a dozen times (the longest time without was from Feb '93 to May '02, the shortest time was through August '11) -- but whenever I did quit, I did so completely, from 25 cigarettes (in average) per day down to zero: out of a whim, from one moment to the next. But then there always was the "stress cigarette" (which I felt I needed during or after a stressful situation) which triggered my addiction again...πŸ˜” Anyway, since I got my new apartment in '16, I've kept it smoke-free, by smoking on my balcony only -- no matter the weather outside: I simply don't want my nice apartment to smell like an ashtray. πŸ™‚
  10. I don't know about the "makes you fat" part - but I don't eat in front of the computer either because I'm not motivated enough to clean my keyboard every other day, so I eat any snacks whenever I'm AFK and in the kitchen anyway. Actually, I'm often AFK, like every 45-50 minutes or so, in order to avoid RSI: I stand up from the computer, stretch, flex my wrists, then I smoke a cigarette on the kitchen balcony, have something to drink, and/or some chocolate or cookies in the kitchen, then I return
  11. On beverages: In in the morning, it's coffee, later in the day it's sparkling water, or coke. However, I *always* have my beverages in the kitchen, not at my desk in the living room.
  12. See, that's another reason why my Rule #1 in-world is: The first reason is that people I knew back on my first account had spent much more TIME in-world than they could afford. So much so that they neglected their Real Lifeβ„’ household chores, their families, neglected their sleep needs, even lost their job (happened to 3 people I knew), risked their marriage (2 people), and lost an apprenticeship (1 person) over SL.
  13. Actually, I think that SL will be at least so long around that I'll be able to celebrate my 55th, 60th, and 65th birthdays inworld (I'm 51 now πŸ˜’)
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