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  1. KanryDrago

    How far do you think 2nd Life could evolve?

    We can only hope its one far far away VR is definitely not for teenagers and it shows slow steady growth as can be seen from the steam surveys. It certainly didnt explode as some of the more excitable predicted but as the average pc gets better and there are more and more stand alone vr options like the oculus go, quest and vive focus then it will continue to grow and at some point be regarded as mainstream. Sansar on the other hand was always a solution looking for a problem and therefore stillborn
  2. KanryDrago

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    don't ask me was Drake who made the claim
  3. KanryDrago

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    Simply because no one has bought SL to their attention probably. They don't go around looking for games to come down on they deal with those reported to them usually by disgruntled buyers who didnt get what they hoped for. Feel free if you are that confident to bring SL gachas to the awareness of belgium and minnesota however
  4. KanryDrago

    Problem with Gamers/Game Developer

    The difference is I chose to give that information to them. I did not choose to give it to facebook. I keep my rl info off the net as much as humanly possible but thanks to idiot friends facebook now has my photo, the rl name attached to, my phone number, my email address a list of my rl friends, where I work. In addition facebook uses facial recognition software which only get better in time allowing them to extend their information about me rapidly No one else on the internet has that much information on me except a company I made a conscious choice not to deal with. I do most stuff via a vpn proxy, use disposable email addresses etc to keep info leakage to a minimum and then its all for nothing because a friend decides to let facebook at his contact list and tags me in a photo. All the other things which I have to share info for on the net is a choice on my part where I balance what they offer against what I have to give up in terms of privacy. Facebook has nothing to offer me yet has taken my info anyway. Why do you think I shouldn't object? The friend who did it is no longer a friend now due to it.
  5. KanryDrago

    Problem with Gamers/Game Developer

    putting your picture on face book isnt corrupting you? But seriously my point is its the same thing, being drawn into the clutches of a database you want nothing to do with and havent chosen to add yourself to.
  6. KanryDrago

    Problem with Gamers/Game Developer

    sorry billie jo have to disagree with you here. This is the same as a friend uploading a photo of you and tagging you on facebook. You didnt want facebook to know anything about you but now it does. Same here you didnt want this gamesystem to know about you but now it does. Just like facebook we hear the same arguments it doesnt affect you....till it does just like facebook does now even if you never had an account there
  7. KanryDrago

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    Most mmo's publish a list of the things that might be in a lootbox and an assessment such as common, rare, etc. I believe Belgium and other countries are also going after trading card packs
  8. KanryDrago

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    I think the only reason places like Belgium haven't pronounced on Gacha's is likely no on has suggested it to them. All of the games they went after were due to players raising complaints. I am fairly confident that if brought to their intention that Belgium and other companies would take the view that Gacha's and loot boxes are identical. You pay real money, you always get something even if it was what you hoped for, the items can be traded as they can in many games they have pronounced fall foul of the belgian law. What Belgium can do about it is of course a different matter
  9. KanryDrago

    Somebody loves me...

    why use a model when the real thing is just down the road
  10. KanryDrago

    Somebody loves me...

    samhain became all hallows eve then went to halloween you mean
  11. KanryDrago

    Somebody loves me...

    No Christmas has nothing to do with Santa Claus or even Jesus it was another pagan festival misappropriated by the christians to sell their creed to Pagans and whether your version of christmas was the celtic yule, the norse jul or the roman saturnalia prior to that it did very much revolve around stuffing yourself with greenery surrounding you. It is in fact the christian depiction of christmas as a more austere festival that is the oddity
  12. KanryDrago

    Groups In SL

    40 groups is more than enough for most people. Perhaps curb your shopping habit or get used to swapping out groups. the Labs need some way to persuade people to go premium and as you noted most of the perks arent worth anything to anyone. This one appears to be to you so either learn to manage or go premium
  13. Get him one of those wheeled trolley bags so he has no excuse to shirk his duty to add to your vodka fund
  14. KanryDrago

    Please delete this thread !

    I wonder why you dragged it back from the dead to ask us as I suspect we neither know, care nor even comprehend what the purpose of this thread was, nor of your resurrecting said thread. There are far easier ways of inflating your post count if I may suggest and getting yourself the attention you obviously crave 1) post about the greatness/crapness of donald trump 2) Make a post about furries cultural misappropriation of woodland culture 3) Defend or attack any group by using twisted logic to show they are or are not misogynist/racist/homophobic Let the dead threads rest in peace, their time is done they are no longer pining for the fjords