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  1. The answer to the question is an obvious no. Simple reason If anyone gets to the point it becomes possible to create such a detailed universal simulation as the one we live in then they obviously have to assume their own is also a simulation and therefore they will be simulating a universe within a universal simulation and that any universe they simulate will also eventually produce someone who can create a perfect universe simulation. They then realise that all universes must be simulations which bend back on themselves and their brains melt and dribble out their ears
  2. Personally if I was LL I would be thinking of making op and his mates official non persons
  3. When hoarding becomes an issue is also because others see it happening then decide they ought to as well and before you know it everyone is doing it then people like me who just wanted a can of tomato soup have to make do with some foul flavour like cauliflower and wensleydale
  4. For those who don't have it stay safe. I have and its not pleasant
  5. I havent read any of this thread apart from the title, in general though if something on twitter is putting people who use twitter off coming here then I think we should all be thankful
  6. For comparison and checked date of purchase was mid 2016, originally a 980gtx 4gb
  7. Also can I advise shopping around a bit, my system is about the same age and similar specs the only difference I can see is mine is an i7 5720, my data drive only 1 tb. I paid 1400 for mine and that price included two asus 24inch monitors, about half what you paid
  8. I had a problem with my machine not booting reliably for a while. I traced it down to booting with my phone connected to the usb socket eventually. Might just be a dodgy peripheral. As to fans try cleaning the filters etc
  9. Consensual pvp can be fun not what the op wanted though, his complaint was basically when someone insults my gf all I can respond is "no you" because I dont have any skill with putdowns so I should be allowed to beat them up and knock them off line
  10. hmmm I did? goes to look back....my main comments have been op doesnt need a full homestead and nothing about internet but may have accidentally replied to you by mistake
  11. why are you quoting me bb speeds and costs when I never complained about them?
  12. in this day and age of unwanted junk mail everyone has an ample supply of unwanted paper no worse than the waxed stuff available when I grew up
  13. luxury some of us use the free newspapers and cut it into squares and hang it on a string
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