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  1. Total drivel because the left aren't asking for government apologies , they are saying I should apologise for things that happened before I was born. They are tarring me with the brush because way back when some people who happened to be the same colour as me did some bad ***** even though I believe that bad ***** to be wrong. This is being demanded by the very same people who then go on to excuse Mao, stalin etc and believe in the same credo.
  2. Colonialism has been dead long before anyone now living was born, Those on the left want us to apolgise for things we never did nor believe in I will apologise the day after the left apologise for the 100 million or so that socialism has killed and the billions it plunged into ooverty, I dont believe in colonialism they still believe in socialism despite the evidenece that it leads to poverty, gulags and misery. Why should I apologies for something I dont believe in when they wont apologise for what they do believe in
  3. The wont damce with you button is far too close to the yummy yes pkease button on the dialog as littleme always presses the wrong one
  4. I you have that many objects then maybe, just maybe you need to step away from the shopping cart right now
  5. I have no idea what an egg plant emojii means to you, well I have no idea what an eggplant emojii actually is because being human I don't bother with emojii's. Maybe its just a random picture to them like it is to most sane people and they just dropped it in because they thought "oh sardonyx loves those emojii things because she is hard of thinking, this is an emojii so here goes"
  6. by uk resident I meant uk nationals overseas students resident or not are not in that figure as to whether its the loan or the fee that gets wiped that doesnt really matter from the students perspective, they didnt pay it
  7. I was quoting figures for students resident normally in the uk not over seas students which was why I put (UK residents) after the figure. Also to note around 60% of thos tuition fees will never get paid as the debt only comes due as a deduction from wages after a certain income and any unpaid gets wiped after I think 30 years
  8. We have about 3% black, you have about 13% I believe. The black community does not come out much better than poor white on average. The reason I cited the indian hindu vs pakistan muslim was to mere point out that the difference in outcomes cannot be down to racism because as I said unless you ask there is no real way of telling. India and Pakistan being one country for many years before partitition. I do not think the white poor doing well is however down to racism. I think classism is more the problem in the uk. Poor white and black communities sharing some common problems and who is to blame. 1) Teachers not expecting much of them and pushing them to do better and aim higher......... institutional problem 2) A lack of belief in the value of education , the it doesn't matter you will never get a break, parents not reading to them at home or encouraging them.......community problem 3) Lack of good rolemodels......absent fathers play a big part in this......community problem Now the controversial bit parts 2 & 3 are worse for the black community because of anti racists in many ways. If you tell poor whites they are parenting poorly and perhaps need to do something about it no one bats an eye lid, do the same for the black community and you will have various woke people writing articles in the guardian branding you racist. There are many good black role models however often they feel to speak out and say there are problems in their community which are the community fault, Trevor Philips is a good example. However when they do they get epithets thrown at them by the woke such as coconut, uncle tom, racial gatekeeper
  9. I am from a poor background too, I see figures you quote feelings. 20% of university students are of bame origin(uk resident only) 12% of the population are. It is a fact that the group with highest average earnings is the indians and chinese and jewish communities, the one with the lowest average earnings is those white from your average council estate. You see a different country to the one I and friends see and seeing as I live in a town with a white british population of a mere 36% I think I would be be more likely to come across this discrimination than someone from Northern ireland which I believe has one of the lowest level of BAME in the UK. Sorry you can make all the claims you want but if you dont have stats to back it up then you don't have a case. Is there racism in the mainland UK yes of course there is. What people like you can never explain though is why do the Hindu Indian community do so well whereas Muslim communities from Pakistan do so badly. Without asking there is no way of telling one from the other so the difference can't be racism, not that stops those like you claiming it is.
  10. One reason people push back against the term white privilege is because its a term coined in america then extrapolated to apply to all whites in every country. Know who does worst educationally and who has the worst life chances in the UK? Poor(as in from financially) white males, know the ones who have the best....the chinese and indian immigrant communities. However those poor white kids are still being told they have "White privilege" by the woke idiots over here. I want to share an article a friend was kind enough to share with me about events a while back. Maybe it will stop some assuming every country has the issues the us has....perhaps call it "American White privilege" if you dont want to drop white privilege. https://theconversation.com/black-troops-were-welcome-in-britain-but-jim-crow-wasnt-the-race-riot-of-one-night-in-june-1943-98120
  11. My current pet peeve is people bringing their countries politics into game and forums when most of us don't give a toss. If your government is doing something you don't like well it was you lot that put them there. Its not my problem and sick of hearing about it
  12. If I might suggest its probably a bad idea to post complaints about this for 2 reasons 1) The sort of people who do it are unlikely to read forums 2) It is a good way of avoiding idiots without actually having to engage with them first to find out if they are an idiot so we dont want to discourage it
  13. You do realise some like me come to the sim not to have sex but because we come to see a friend that works there and yes if one of the other girls im me then I will certainly let her know I dont pay for sex, not to be rude but so she doesn't waste her time and can move onto other profit opportunities. Now I won't say some don't do it just to be rude or in the hope of a freebie but don't assume it is always the case.
  14. American cops are abusing their power.....there fixed that for you. In most countries we dont have those sort of things surfacing and on the rare occasion we do, the cop is dealt with. US citizens made the problem up to you to solve it.....dont you have elections coming up?
  15. The answer to the question is an obvious no. Simple reason If anyone gets to the point it becomes possible to create such a detailed universal simulation as the one we live in then they obviously have to assume their own is also a simulation and therefore they will be simulating a universe within a universal simulation and that any universe they simulate will also eventually produce someone who can create a perfect universe simulation. They then realise that all universes must be simulations which bend back on themselves and their brains melt and dribble out their ears
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