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  1. Then put your money where your mouth is, its a simple premise
  2. going to put some numbers up just to be controversial and point out something taking worst case a sim costs 300us$ = 30 x 2500 L$ = 75000 l$ a month a "popular sim has 100 regular visitors. To keep the sim there they only need to contribute 750 l$a month each in tips or a little less than 200 l$ a week dont know about most here but I certainly spend more than that on tips on a night out dancing So my response to people like the op is if people actually cared about these sims they would be funded. If they arent then frankly no one cares and they may as well just be returned to the pool till someone creates something people do want
  3. simple solution when you go somewhere if you want it kept pay to its upkeep, most have tip jars....dont want to pay then obviously its not worth that much to you. Sims that pay their way will continue. Those people dont value enough to pay for will die as they should
  4. The only problem is schmeckles are limited to region size or smaller sadly
  5. Cheese is good, processed cheese how ever is cheese designed by committee
  6. How is it rubbing it in? People are welcome to put it in just some people will pass them over because of it. If you want to rub you will need to try harder.
  7. And when you goto a store that wishlist is there for a reason usually, birthday, wedding etc. You are totally shouting the link out when you put it in your profile which is available to anyone to look at. Not shouting it out would be having it available in case anyone says, I want to buy you something. What you are doing is the equivalent in rl of printing the url to a wishlist at a store on a tshirt in the hope random strangers will buy you stuff
  8. Ok try a simple experiment, come up with a list of 10 items you want in rl with links to shops where they are ordered then email it to 30 or 40 of your friends letting them know its just in case they want to buy you something. See what reaction you get. It amounts to the same thing. Also as I said I have always found those that have a wishlist in their profiles quite forward at letting you know for the most part ranging from "We have been chatting half an hour and you havent bought me anything, are you wasting my time?" . To the subtle "just so you know I have a link to my wishlist in my profile if you ever feel generous" . Are they all like that? Probably not. Are they mostly like that in my experience yes.
  9. If I talk to these people with my red flags on their profile and 90% of time I find it a waste of time I could be using to talk to someone else that I would enjoy. All of the red flags on my list except the obvious ones have got there by experience that I am wasting my time talking to them on the whole. For example I found early on that within the first 30 minutes of chatting that people with a wishlist in their profiles would manage to point out to me it was there.
  10. They are acting like one by making it known they would like to be given free stuff. Seems the very definition of being a beggar to me
  11. As to the first, I distinctly said SL because its a totally different situation. No one here needs anything, they may want it and they also have tools they can use to get the money for it from working/that linden game/sploders etc. I agree active beggars are even worse in the virtual world and I also agree the wishlist does me no harm by being there. I never said it did. However if I am reading your profile as a stranger then I am reading it to decide whether I want to talk to you or not. Now I will talk to most people who im me, I will also reach out an im someone however I will always check their profile first whichever way the im originates. The whole point of a profile however is to let us know something about the person so that we can make that decision. People seem to think I am a horrible prejudging person for using a profile in just that way.
  12. Nods and the whole point of me speaking in this thread, though it has digressed somewhat from the initial point. Was to say that while the thread contained the answer how a word of caution that some people won't bother talking to them because of it. I certainly know other people who have expressed the same views on wish lists in profiles
  13. Do what I do, you either know what someone wants because they are a friend, you ask them what they would like as you are feeling generous or you merely say here have some lindens go buy yourself something.
  14. I never said they were all equal Scylla, merely mentioned some of the things that just makes me ignore someone when I see it on a profile. Life is to short to bother with those people in my view and as its my time I get to choose the parameters
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