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  1. don't look for a girl friend, look for a friend thats a girl. Then sometimes things grow between you
  2. You also find there is no age check to buying condoms here. I know I could buy condoms when I was 13 at any store. Maybe things are different in the land of the free and its a cultural thing
  3. there is a sim called haven games, they dont sell games so I am not advertising. They are merely a sim where you can goto play games. If you look round there you can see a lot of different games and try them out to see which you like. Just search haven games in places
  4. Condoms are adult content? Can I point out just to be contrary that kids here at least get shown condoms at school at I think about age 11 and get shown how to use them on banana's. While I understand the thrust of the concern I am not honestly sure I am concerned that some 16 year olds might see a condom
  5. While I am certainly not claiming this is mostly true, in fact I have no doubt it is mostly true. I wonder if sometimes maybe you are a little quick on the trigger. I don't mean that nastily but I am a guy and if I am dancing in a club on my own I will profile perv. If I see something in a profile that interests me I will open an im and strike up a conversation. Not to flirt because I am not currently interested, merely to chat. I have found some good friends that way. However more often than not I have to fight my through everything I say being filtered through a "He is flirting with me in the hopes of getting me in to bed" mentality. Not every guy that im's you is going to be flirting sometimes its just curiousity and it would be nice sometimes if people waited to see before assuming so I dont have to spend the first 20 minutes of conversation trying to convince them that no I really am not trying to get them in bed merely trying to find out more about what caught my eye
  6. I am from a very sheltered background what can I say.....neck lines are neck high and never seen an ankle
  7. I couldnt possibly hang out with a girl with such scandalously scanty clothing .....nods
  8. Just no, why the hell should we all have to verify just because you feel younger players should be allowed onto sl. That is after all what your suggestion leads to. Moderate sites are allowed to have sex on them as well, merely it cannot be in the open. SL had age verification once and they dropped it. Given all the furore over people not wanting to have to verify identity due to tilia you really think age verification is going to fly
  9. I am always active in forums whether games i am playing or virtual worlds
  10. You talk total and utter tosh....ever heard of cuda? Why do you think bit coin miners need lots of gpu's....a lot of software apps use gpu's without having any graphics content at all. You are spouting drivel about SL and you obviously know less about technology than the average politician
  11. Yes wander around and see someone once a week if some of the average 11 or so concurrent users happens to be visiting the same experience
  12. When you derender something in firestorm it offers you the choice of temporary or permanent. The latter means you will never see it again
  13. shrugs for a lot of people it was always a waste of time, I know my reaction to an npc such as you describe would be block and derender on first landing, I suspect I am not alone in that. I don't particulary see npc's as in anyway adding to SL outside of zombie shooter style games. They are no different to the little bots some clubs have wandering around making comments which also get the block derender treatment straight away. Making the thing prettier in no way makes it useful
  14. No I didnt say I didnt use local what I said was if this is implemented many of wont use local we will just go f off LL and leave. That is not saying I dont ever use local. As to free services the Lab gets a pittance from the premium fee compared to their total revenue from sl 7.2%, the other 92.8% at least half of it is from us "Free" players probably more than half seeing as we outnumber premiums by about 9 to 1 As to respecting their privacy of course I do only for some reason you want to take that ability away from us
  15. Many of my friends have issues and SL helps them, of course you would rather they discuss the problems of an autistic son in local, or being in a womans refuge in local...all because you think premiums are important. Sorry you are not you are an accounting blip in the lab accounts so go take your sense of superiority elsewhere
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