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  1. The answer is yes and no, I like people because I enjoy conversations with them and that doesn't depend on how you look. Where looks come in is in initial contact however, I am more likely to talk to a girl who has a well turned out avi than one who hasn't bothered. However if I am somewhere where I am a little bored I will start profile perving and may contact you because of something you wrote there
  2. If you don't like people responding to your suggestions don't post them. Its a fairly simple premise. People are negative when they think your suggestions aren't good ones. I am happy to support a good suggestion from what I remember of yours they amounted to "waaaah make land cheaper so I can afford the amount I want"
  3. The good reason not to have one is it would get less of an audience than general discussion and therefore the ideas there would get less scrutiny
  4. People with addictive personalities get addicted to things, sorry not an argument for getting rid of what they get addicted to when the vast majority of people don't get addicted. Doesn't matter if its drugs, sl, gambling, alcohol, knitting patterns. Addictive personality people will always find something to get addicted to. Merely an argument for locking them away for their own good.
  5. Shop like a man, know what you are wanting to buy, find first acceptable example, buy it, go home
  6. Even if you have a perfectly pronounceable and readable display name people will mangle it anyway when they talk to you
  7. sl sansar is a wasteland of bad ideas, bad implementation and bad targeting of audience
  8. Plants are what my food eats. Eating them direct is just.....euw
  9. I was making no judgements merely poking at Anima, I think both genders have their quota of toxic waste
  10. Whatever the eu think american companies are not bound by eu law, just like they probably won't comply with the right the eu grants to see all information they have on you. As far as I know the labs have no european subsidiaries. We euro's are soon up in arms when its america trying to makes its laws apply over here I don't see this as any different on the whole and should be abhorred just as much especially when the EU has shown itself to be completely clueless about internet regulation.
  11. You assume all the dip*****s are male....interesting
  12. The trouble is I can conceive of nothing they could sensibly offer that would make me consider premium irresistible. I suspect that goes for a lot of those that remain basic. I have no interest in mainland, don't need the groups, the stipend would barely register in what I spend, never needed support. In fact probably the only thing they could do to is to make it so I couldn't have my house unless premium. Though as I have it if they took it away I would be more likely to just stick a finger up at them and walk away.
  13. I don't really think she was angry so much as fed up of seeing the same bollocks repeated over and over ad nauseam such as this myth that the labs premium customers are always worth more than basic customers
  14. SteelJane has been making a very valid point here. Any suggestion that makes basic players feel too much like second class risks losing them and regardless of what ethan says a lot of us do contribute significant amounts to the labs bottom line if we rent land. Yes it goes to our landlord first and he takes a small cut but then the bulk of that gets passed straight through to the labs. Lose the private renters then the landlords start giving up the sims they rent.
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