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  1. sorry complete and utter tosh if someone finds the information important you can answer or refuse to answer....both are honourable and the person asking then has good information...this person is x (where x might be gender or redhead or a fish or whatever) or the person refused to answer so they may be x or may not now I can make a decision the alternative you propose is Yes I am x when you arent and you basically get someone into a relationship they didnt want to be and wouldnt have been if you were honest. Having said that I will agree are you x shouldnt be a subject of questioning until things are getting serious
  2. Rangoon is in burma so assuming the dish is named after its birthplace then its not chinese food
  3. who are they? Why should we care?
  4. and I haven't said the right is correct, I just combatted her view that the left is the moral high ground. As to her not being extreme you obviously havent been around her enough
  5. I havent said I am right wing I just am sick of extreme lefties claiming to be so cute and cuddly compared to the left when frankly they are actually just as evil as the extreme right. Yes I class Luna as an extreme leftie
  6. The left never worked, many communities were ***** holes and elected left wing representatives since world war 2....they are still ***** holes because the left arent interested in fixing them. The left have a vested interest in inequality as its their core point of existence...elect us and we will cure it....for some reason they never do I wonder why
  7. dont care about stanford university definitions they are american and you lot have wierd political views. Most of europe however has been a lot further left than people like obama, not extremist etc in the last 20 years and in that time inequality has grown, wages have stagnated and living standards have dropped. This is why most european countries are moving to the right electorally. The left simply does not work no matter how mild. Even sweden has lurched signifigantly to the right in its electoral patterns. No one who has lived under an extreme left government will vote for one, those that have lived under soft left governments are increasingly voting for more right wing ones as they realise the left simply doesnt work
  8. The left dont consider the individual because the collective is all, the individual doesnt matter whether they live or die as long as the collective becomes stronger....you are the borg
  9. Not a conservative I just know that socialism doesnt work, doesnt help the poor and impoverishes the country its tried in and means the poor end up worse off
  10. shrugs elect bernie sanders I really dont mind the rest of the world will point and laugh at you when america crashes and burns and they start having to cut back on anything that helps the poor because there is no money left
  11. Mao killed at a conservative estimate 30 million via starvation due to his policies I dont care about bernie sanders I dont care about your economically illiterate beliefs, the left are far far worse than nazis
  12. And most of those left wing governments I quoted had a damn site more inequality.....the ruling elite lived in luxury everyone else starved
  13. And left wing governments have killed far more folk than right wing governments Mao, pol pot, stalin, lenin, chavez . Go talk to the people of venezeula and ask them how well left wing governments did for them so get off your high horse
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