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    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    You forgot the main reason : As long as no one cares to compile it into one good howto, it cannot be so important. Sorry, Optimo, but no one with a sane mind is going to hunt down information that has been scattered all over the place... you need a certain unhealthy obsession to do so...
  2. I am pretty sure @Arduenn Schwartzman knew what pic he posted, ... But discerning "bots" in SL is usually done through conversation and not by triggering emotional stress as described in a novel by Philip_K._Dick .
  3. Fionalein

    teleport down?

    Maybe this explains? PS: It sucks to be among "certain users" every time. Dear @Linden Lab please make sure the random problem generator hits someone else next time.
  4. I am currently in process of rebuilding a wearable animesh tuk tuk into one that can be deployed by a "vehicle on demand" rezzer. The tuk tuk driver is subtley animated animesh - which IMHO is a neat idea how animesh can be used to improve the looks of an item.
  5. Fionalein

    teleport down?

    Oh, sound that useful, where in preferences can I find it?
  6. Fionalein

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    So as I see in your opinion the only person entitled to deface your "artistic" work is Y O U ! Congrats! By falling back to swear words you do a good job at it right now
  7. Fionalein

    Tipping Guidelines for Gentlemen Clubs

    Oh silly me - I always thought they did this to have enough virtual currency to keep up with the Joneses...
  8. some people just are very bored ...
  9. Fionalein


    I would not be surprised, SLers pay a lot to look like trash =^.^=
  10. might be legaly easier to do on a private grid with avatars and scenery bought from trustworthy sellers
  11. Fionalein

    teleport down?

    sometimes it recovers instead of crashes - keeps me in old region tells me "teleports are currently blocked" and finally teleports me after 3 to 5 seconds
  12. Fionalein


    We have the same laws in Germany so out of experience: Are you island folks British enough to actually abide by that rule?
  13. Fionalein

    Why do people support sellers that do no mod?

    Has anyone ever tried filing a Jira for allowing us to remove/disable scripts in no mod items? I know some creators will cry out in pain if something like that ever happened - but it is their fault it had to come to it.
  14. Fionalein

    "Fake child" (avatars) and adult lands

    In Caspervend easter Hunt 17 I first came into contact with virtual pregancies*, one of the observations I made is that virtual childbirth seems to be adult rated. So one example of porn free adult sims are virtual child clinics... * and now have funny little collection of WTF items like a coffin shaped manger for those vampire babies you might have one day...
  15. Fionalein

    Gender Neutral Clothes - A call to creators

    Sadly each rigging to a body costs a serious amount of time or money so anything beyond your basic customer base's needs is a bonus you have to invest in first. Currently a handful of bodies dominate the market and in a feedback loop designers make only cloth for those - which again leads to improves market share of those bodies as they are the ones "most supported".
  16. Fionalein

    Disappearing tattoo (mesh body)

    Try upping your Graphics setting and nope ot won't affect how others percieve it if it was that.
  17. Fionalein

    "Fake child" (avatars) and adult lands

    Same way you do with achild avatar if your whole region doesn't allow them -- you cannot! If one turns up non the less: ban and report...
  18. Fionalein

    Stolen valor on SL

    Is it that time of the thread again? IBTL!
  19. Fionalein

    Linden Homes Preview

    I guess until fair ends? https://slhomegardenexpo.com
  20. Because reasons. But I find it amusing that it's you who wants to draw attention to that nefarious thread =^.^=
  21. Fionalein

    Rigged Tail.

    with an animation scripting is pretty much the same depends a lot on your animation and ao scripting... get familiar with playing 2 or more animations at the same time and possible pitfalls before doing seperate AOs
  22. Fionalein


    Have you looked at Horizons?
  23. Fionalein

    Stolen valor on SL

    Fun fact: if he dresses like one but is none of them... the homeless might actually shun him
  24. Fionalein

    Connect the Continents

    It's all openspace regions too, do you really think it is a good idea to clog them up with a parade?
  25. Fionalein


    UPDATE: channel sims are full at 10, so I guess they are openspaces... no use parking your party boats there =^.^=