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  1. You all sound pretty sure that no one accidentally could cam into /end up behind "closed doors". May I ask how long you have been using this platform to make that assumption?
  2. I know some folks who got multi region bans by insulting land barons - those are just humans too and can ban you from all their sims if you annoy them too much.
  3. Ah but that prcatice raises another question - is that service still GDPR compliant? I remember one Forum user getting patted on his fingers for less ...
  4. "✱ Automatic removal of known attackers using our DDOS protected threat database."? sounds like technobabble of a modern snakeoil salesman to me... how would you even DDOS from within SL ...?
  5. I doubt it works that way...or people would just blacklist each orb owner they felt wronged by with an alt account... the trolling potential would be hillariously high and the system would have gone out of business long ago...
  6. Soul sells omega enabled ear patches... not perfect but best solution I have for now.
  7. I tried establishing "measuring puffer fish" but I guess it was too hard to pronounce...
  8. but when you use a limb per "add on".... 2 arms + 2 legs + 2 hind legs + 2 wings + 1 head/tongue + 1 tail = 10 tentacle thingies per animesh wear two and you have Cthulhu down there
  9. Don't ask a question when you already know the answer ...
  10. I wonder if that explains the arms race of compensators we see out there...
  11. there is no current starter avi out that would be "no gender" let's hope for new ones
  12. Guck in das XML Dokument und benenne das root Objekt um in "hip" um.... vorher HIERARCHY ROOT mPelvis { OFFSET 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 CHANNELS 6 Xposition Yposition Zposition Xrotation Yrotation Zrotation JOINT mSpine1 {... nachher HIERARCHY ROOT hip { OFFSET 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 CHANNELS 6 Xposition Yposition Zposition Xrotation Yrotation Zrotation JOINT mSpine1 {...
  13. My cat does not know about that - no one told her - Miss Fluffy always sleeps among the cucumber plants in our glasshouse ...
  14. Oh, you meana that is actually working? We all know gators don't like dem bananas, right?
  15. sounds like a glitch... can't you stop them from the HUD instead?
  16. I think the Opensim version of FS does not contain havoc and thus cannot autogenerate your physics model for the mesh.
  17. Fionalein

    I'm back!

    That is good though as friends slow you down, #WrongThingsILearnedFromSL
  18. Yes mesh is totally unpredictable there (well no, technically it isn't - the math is deterministic, better say unintuitive), it could even incrrease in LI when you shrink it.
  19. Lots of the stores I buy from don't have an inworld store anymore. It effectively boils down to three questions: Will I be mad if I get nothing in return for my payment? Do I have good experience with this merchant? What could possibly go wrong? The last one is especially hard to judge but some stuff merchants cannot mess up easily, I am willing to give the seller a try in those cases.
  20. You will have to apply additional textures to the gloss and or normal layer... read the notecard in the "misc expample" it tells you how to configure it. Please be aware that not all bodies will be able to use your design at full functionality.
  21. While I usually hate regular gacha I bought several gacha vouchers on MP - some rares for thousands of L$s - this never happend to me.
  22. Don't forget potential future sales - some people might be more inclined to buy more stuff from creators that offer free updates... Like RL small scale business you will have to listen to your intuition to decide what's right for you, at those scales there is no reliable data or market analysis - basically what @Da5id Weatherwax said.
  23. This raises the question on how RL photopgraphers picture humans in regular sized rooms then. Don't take me wrong but you might need to have to work on your camming skills
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