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  1. I think those are called survival games. Oh wait.... I play survival games.
  2. Someone said something in a humorous manner, I responded with humor. Then I got burned at the stake. Rhetorical question: Is it really any wonder isolation becomes more and more appealing? You can only draw back a nub so many times before there's nothing left to draw back.
  3. This thread is making being isolated more and more appealing just when I was once again starting to think there might be hope for humanity. There isn't any. Not any more. I think I will be foregoing the life saving treatment I was about to undergo. I'd prefer not to watch humanity self destruct.
  4. There are reasons I get along with men far better and more often than women. You named one of them. Another is the neighborhood I grew up in. All boys. None of that changes the fact that most of the guys I've encountered in SL turned out to only want one thing from me. Note that I said most, not all. There have been a few that weren't after sex. Unfortunately the ones who just want sex far outnumber those who are not like that, in my experience. So, yes, I will be on guard. Life has taught me I can never let my guard down until the guy proves to me he isn't just trying to get in my pants.
  5. Thing is Skell (you know this) you aren't like most guys women encounter and we know that. Not because you're Mister Frilly Britches, but because you don't treat women the way too many men do. It goes back to that TED talk you posted in that other thread. You're more of a teddy bear than a grizzly. That's why we love you.
  6. Tell that to the guys who are firm believers in, "When in doubt, whup it out." They aren't going to listen even if they do hear you.
  7. I'd be surprised to find that it had been done deliberately by SineSpace. All too often I see images on ads online that have nothing to do with the ad itself or are aimed at the wrong demographic that the ad is aimed at. An example would be an ad aimed at senior citizens yet the image is of someone in their 20s or 30s. I'm looking at you MSN.
  8. Yup, you're lucky. I can't remember the last time I got a "respectful" come on, if there is such a thing. Like Lyrical said, each time, no matter how politely/nicely/delicately I worded the refusal, it got me nothing but a barrage of abuse and each time they all started with "hi"/"how are you". It's rare for me to run across the ones who just want to be friends. It's why I treasure my friendship with Par so highly. He's one of those rare gems. That and he always makes me laugh even when I'm so mad I could spit or so sad the tears stream down my face. He and my RL other half have a good bit in common in that respect. I didn't think I would ever succeed in making a relationship last more than 10 years so yeah... it's definitely an accomplishment for me. Thank you.
  9. I'll put it this way, you've been far more "lucky" than I have. I haven't hung out in SL clubs in over 12 years, mostly due to such places being seemingly overrun with guys that are only looking to get laid. That isn't why I'm in SL. I came to SL for a memorial for an AW friend and ended up staying to keep from being so isolated from the rest of humanity, even though it has been my experience that most of humanity aren't the sort I'm comfortable being around. I also stayed because I couldn't keep the RL other half from seeing the far better graphics of SL as compared to AW even though I tried. Things were pretty rocky for us back then but we've managed to stay together for 20 years now.
  10. When you think about it, it doesn't really come as much of a surprise that SL seems to attract that particular type of men, considering they appear to be outnumbered.
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