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  1. I remember that. It was freakin hilarious. I laughed and laughed and every time that person posted I laughed even harder. It's a wonder I didn't die laughing.
  2. Hey! Give credit where credit is due. I posted it first!
  3. Makes two of us. Don't worry about it. I'm doing ok L wise. I just hope I get a chance to log in this weekend.lol
  4. I have a nickname for Rolig... Chatty Cathy /me runs
  5. lol Don't worry about it. I didn't really want anything. Just to yank your chain a little.
  6. I'll never understand why people ask about 1099s on the forum rather than going to the IRS website and finding the information. It's all there. If you have questions, call the IRS. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/when-should-i-call-the-toll-free-number
  7. Best I can do. Not much to find on Google Images.
  8. He (or she) completely ignored my posts. So... yeah.
  9. You're new to SL aren't you. If you weren't new you would know about the issues in the past with images not showing up or the wrong image shows or someone else's image shows on your product. It was a mess and LL is still working towards correcting all but! they can't do it if we don't report the items.
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