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  1. That might be what they tell you but that isn't the reality. I've run free forum software on a few different subjects and on each one all a member had to do was make the change themselves if I have that feature enabled. The software did all the hard work. That's been true for decades.
  2. What is there to explain? Software glitches, has bugs, and the list goes on. Nothing created by humans is ever absolutely perfect. I'm curious though what vwininformation.com has to do with LL or SL. Other than that, you're not saying anything I wasn't pointing out. And none of it changes the fact that LL was founded by Philip in 1999. Technically (and legally), the company is over 20 years old. All I'm saying is people expect too much from software that is 20 years old (and older). ETA: A prime example would be Active Worlds. Anyone expecting AW to ever have the quality of avatars that can be found in SL are going to be waiting a very long time because it's just not going to happen. Just like you will never be able to build in AW with anything but paper thin walls and floors.
  3. I hate lectures. Especially ones I've heard 1000 times. They still don't change the facts. Facts I have known for 16 years. The company is 20 years old but I suppose you'll tell me I'm wrong about that too when we both know I am not.
  4. Well... if you go back to the beginning of the Lab that would be 1999, the year Philip formed Linden Lab. So yeah, LL has been dinking with the software for 20 years. Pretty damn close to it anyway. That was LL's biggest mistake, imo, firing Cory.
  5. Somewhere in the web profile settings. It's been years since I set mine so I don't recall where exactly, off hand. I didn't do it through a viewer. If I think about it tomorrow, I'll take a look. Too tired tonight to mess with it.
  6. That's the profile rating which is something I can set. That's not what LL uses to prevent underage from accessing mature and adult sims/regions. That's a user profile setting, which, presumably, LL does not allow verified underage accounts to change.
  7. It is? Where? My profile rating might be but there is no rating for the account itself.
  8. *mumbles something about doing something over and over again expecting different results
  9. ETA: That was not aimed at the two posts above this one. They snuck in there while I was hitting the save button.
  10. You came hear to speak about something that died 12 years ago. Of course people are trying to shut you up. They're sick of hearing about it after 12 long years. It's been discussed to death. Enough already.
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