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  1. Selene Gregoire

    Is there any merit to calling Second Life a "game"?

    lol All of my kids are adults. Never said "go play a game or something with barbie". It was either "go play a game" or "go play with Barbie". The word may have a broader use but that doesn't make that usage correct. Obviously, your definition of "game" is very different from mine.
  2. Selene Gregoire

    Stopping necro-posting

    That's something I can get behind. It really isn't necessary to lock all threads that haven't been posted in, in a while.
  3. Selene Gregoire

    Is there any merit to calling Second Life a "game"?

    Barbie is a doll, not a game. Granted there are Barbie "games" but the doll itself is not. Tonka trucks are toys, not games. Granted, in the decades since Tonkas were introduced, games came into being but the Tonkas themselves are not games. Same applies to sand castles, although I am not aware of any sand castle building games.
  4. Selene Gregoire

    Conversation wtih Dance.

    Oh dear. Apparently, I didn't learn anything during all those years I raised 14 of them.
  5. Selene Gregoire

    Please let us see bots.

    Looks like I'm going to need these again today.
  6. Selene Gregoire

    What would be worse? pt 2

    There are two things you do not ever want to mess with. My name and my money.
  7. Selene Gregoire

    Automate uploading to Secondlife

    Build--> Upload --> Image. (Or File--> Upload --> Image on some viewers) Build--> Upload --> Bulk OR File--> Upload --> Bulk There is no other way.
  8. Selene Gregoire

    Conversation wtih Dance.

    Please, leave wolves out of metaphors (or whatever). They do not deserve the reputation Red Riding Hood gave them.
  9. Selene Gregoire

    Please let us see bots.

    So you are arrogant and conceited. That pretty much says it all. I've been a resident since 2004 and have known a Linden or two, one of whom I knew from Active Worlds prior to leaving AW and coming to SL.
  10. Selene Gregoire

    Please let us see bots.

    If you had read the thread, you'd know I did just that a few pages back. You can sit there and tell me I am wrong all you want. It's never going to make you right.
  11. Selene Gregoire

    Please let us see bots.

    That isn't your call. It's LL's decision and they made it several years ago. Your interpretation does not (and should not) make any difference or have any influence. There are many uses for bots. If you register a bot with the intent to use it a certain way and then later change that, it's still a bot, unless you change its status. Bots, in SL in particular, aren't intended to be used as a normal/personal account. When you use something outside of its original intent, in this case an unmanned account/avatar aka scripted agent being used as a normal account, you are misusing that something. Using a bot account as if it were a normal account or any other use outside of what LL approves, is misuse.
  12. Selene Gregoire

    Second Life 16th Birthday Celebrations Confirmed

    I always wished I had been born in 69 instead of 59. 😇
  13. Selene Gregoire

    someone to spoil me

    Don't forget to turn on the looped recording that reminds you to "breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out".
  14. Selene Gregoire

    Second Life 16th Birthday Celebrations Confirmed

    Nope. Kent State Segregation/desegregation Kennedy asassinations (there were 2) Chicago Days of Rage Rolling Thunder (not the man) MLK riots Cuban Missle Crisis (which scared the living EF out of the 4\5 year old child I was at the time) etc