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  1. Not if you are a heart patient. https://www.heart.org/en/healthy-living/healthy-eating/eat-smart/sodium/sodium-and-salt
  2. I must have missed seeing that part about it being a homestead. I used to have one and I did have a few rentals. But that was way before they upped prim count/LI. It's still in my Picks and on the grid, too. lol ETA: I went back and looked. I didn't see where anyone mentioned homesteads until you did Lindal. Would you mind pointing me to it? Please.
  3. Are people really that desperate for something different to eat?
  4. Combining salt with chocolate is an abomination. The flavors clash, not compliment. Most people eat way too much salt and then have a heart attack. As the RL other half recently found out the hard way. Lucky for him I stopped adding much in the way of salt to my cooking years before I ever met him. So now we only have to shop for the no salt added foods. Of which the variety available today is vastly better, compared to 40 years ago when my father ended up with a pacemaker I don't care for pretzels anyway. Too salty. Remember, salt is a preservative. The more you eat, the more damage you do to your body. https://www.verywellhealth.com/eat-it-with-a-grain-of-salt-1958878 ETA: The human body does require small amounts of salt, about 2 grams per day, so you can't cut it from your diet completely. But you can get it naturally just from the foods you do eat so you don't need to add salt to most things.
  5. A 1024 has an LI of 351. Someone is getting ripped off renting a 4096 at 312 LI.
  6. What is wrong with people?!? Salt and sweet do not go together!
  7. Yesterday I ate a food like substance. Today I ate a food like substance. Tomorrow... I think I'll eat some real food.
  8. I"m the one who slammed the door in his face so no I haven't contributed to a lower grade. If anything I did him a favor. ffs
  9. Yes. Both. And some will flipflop between SL and RL. Like fish out of water.
  10. Not difficult, impossible. People are not completely honest in answering surveys. If you've ever worked for a research company and had to do them over the phone, you'd know, too. Of course, any results are going to be skewed and conclusions are not going to reflect the actuality.
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