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  1. Aww man! That's a shame. Hopefully someone will come in and fill in the niche, or they'll change their mind and relist it one day.
  2. Not really what I was going for, unfortunately, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  3. You know, with like a hairless face/hands and fur on the cheeks/body and pointy ears? idk, sometimes I don't want to be a whole furry and want to just have some face fuzz and big teeth while also looking humanoid. I've looked in the past but I don't ever really even look for human avatar skins so I don't know if there's ever been any. This is the closest one I've ever found and of course, there's no female version. I've seen one in-world and bought it but it's a Kemono body with a Venus anime head so it's not the type of avatar look I want at all. =/ I use a Utilizator 'Normie' head and either
  4. Whattt!! Hmm. Guess I'll have to wait for that then.
  5. I am very very confused by this feature. So like... I have a bunch of old system shirt/jacket layer clothes in my inventory. So I can't just 'wear' them and they automatically go over my avatar now? I thought that's how easy it was gonna be, sigh. It seems so needlessly complicated.
  6. You know what's rapidly becoming a big pet peeve of mine? Sim visitor limits. I've been trying to get into this stupid event to see it for the past 4 hours on and off, and no, it's full EVERY TIME I TRY AND TELEPORT. It's 2019, can we increase the limit? Ugh. Or at least have a thing that says FULL on the damn search results or the map itself.
  7. I'm too shy to use it (the times I've ever had it on, I freak out and leave the second someone starts talking to me) and I've always listened to music while playing. I think it's neat in concept but it's not my thing.
  8. Most of the time I like to have glasses on my avatars, unless it doesn't fit the outfit or I just forget.
  9. I look HUMAN today omggg. Well, with a mask.
  10. So I finally caved and bought myself a Maitreya Lara, but my big problem with a lot of the clothes made for it is, WHEW look at all that cleavage. And then I have alike, nothing in my inventory that fits the body to try and hide it. Does anyone have suggestions for these kinds of clothes? Even if it literally just covers the cleavage, I'm looking for something that I can use with other clothes as well.
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