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  1. I look HUMAN today omggg. Well, with a mask.
  2. So I finally caved and bought myself a Maitreya Lara, but my big problem with a lot of the clothes made for it is, WHEW look at all that cleavage. And then I have alike, nothing in my inventory that fits the body to try and hide it. Does anyone have suggestions for these kinds of clothes? Even if it literally just covers the cleavage, I'm looking for something that I can use with other clothes as well.
  3. Tigerish. Bought this avatar last night, and while I'm like of like 'hmm I could have put the Lindens towards a nice human body' it is AMAZINGLY LIGHT and the alpha layers are an improvement over the wolf avatar by the same maker.
  4. I thought it was just me having these issues, phew. It's aggravating!!
  5. I don't see why that's a problem, haha, I love the mindset of it. Dressing up avatars can be super fun and relaxing.
  6. Music, music, music. Also because I can be a werewolf on it. Like, come on.
  7. I discovered a new one today! Being flirted with. :') I'm in a large group for residents of my state. Earlier someone initiated the normal 'hello' and me and some other people were like, good evening!', whatever. Then I get a 'hi' IM from some rando in the same group, and after I say 'hi' back he immediately starts trying to flirt with me. He just watched the names in the group chat and kept clicking profiles til he found some female avatars, I suppose. Creeped me out enough to just pull the picture of my human avatar off of my profile and replace it with something else, I've never been hit on with a furry avatar, ahaha..... The idea of just doing that is so skeevy. The guy's profile said he was a dad with four kids, too, for EXTRA layers on top.
  8. I like how the title of this thread implies that men don't have any worthy thoughts about SL sex at all, like it's only something women would turn their noses up at and that every woman who plays is a prude who's disgusted by the thought of people having sex in this game. Grody. I think people take it too seriously, I've done it before and it comes off as goofy. Like, yeah, the text aspect can be a turn on. I've read women enjoying smutty writing and visualizing it in their heads more than men, who react better to pictures, but idk where I heard that so take it with salt. But hence why the overwhelming majority of erotic fiction/fanfiction is by/for women. I learned cocks with jiggle physics exist in-world yesterday, and BOY they do not look pleasing lmao. It's like watching someone hold a hot dog in their fist and flail it around.
  9. I can't imagine how awful it would look on a phone, lol. Does nobody own computers any more these days? I can't imagine why people are so into everything being mobile, every time I try and browse the internet or do anything that's not Twitter on my phone it's obnoxious. Too many sims are too high-detailed to look any sort of decent on a mobile version. Maybe it would have worked if the game looks like it did back in 2004, but not any more.
  10. I finally have a Bento head and hands for my human avatar, it's a Christmas miracle. Still working on matching the skin tone for the hand since the applier I have for my skin doesn't seem to effect it but yaaaay no more weird splayed-out fingers.
  11. So I finally upgraded to a mesh head for my human avatar, but my favorite outfits are on a classic body, and I don't mind sticking with it a while longer. My hands are driving me crazy though, so I'm looking for some Bento ones. I'm considering the Slink ones, but are there any cheaper alternatives out there for female hands? Just looking for some that I can use an Omega applier on. Trying the Marketplace but it's just loads and loads of demos for nails/rings or complete mesh bodies.
  12. I never actually posted here, whoops. So I'm Kai, I've been playing for almost 9 years (my rezday is on the 31st!). I heard about SL back in like, 2007 or so when it started popping up in the news and in articles, I still remember seeing a segment on TV about a woman with some neurological disorder who distinctly programmed her avatar to have all her little real-life Tourettes-like issues. I didn't actually pick it up until my senior year of high school (I was 6 months underage, sshh!) after seeing one of my friends make a video of her furry avatar dancing, and I was hooked. So the furry avatar thing was the biggest draw to me, the first avatar I ever bought was a Luskwood rat. That being said, 95% of all other furries on here cause me extreme embarrassment and I really don't like being around them, but then I get self-conscious about being one around human avatars. I need to get over myself, I think. Since I came back though, I've tried to put a focus on putting together a nice looking human avatar so I can enjoy myself in it. Of course, her whole thing is she's also a werewolf. I miss the old heyday when there were a ton of furry avatar creators making new, different avatars instead of people using the same base ones with mods over and over again. I mostly use SL to find new music and explore, and tend to like to stick around alternative/indie music venues. I'm really shy though, so I don't tend to talk much around other people, I don't have social anxiety in RL but I sure as hell do in SL. I play on and off, I've definitely taken hiatuses for what was probably more than a year or so. Definitely playing more now that I've got a better laptop than the one I had in college, and the Monster Factory video Boy Mayor of Second Life definitely was a big factor in bringing me back for the first time in a while. I've got rented land and my own house for the first time ever now, and it's nice. Might go back to my drifter ways eventually, but it's nice to be able to slam the 'teleport home' keys and be somewhere alone if you ever teleport to a sim full of naked people or something. IRL I'm a pretentious anime nerd living in Florida. I'm quietly but very obviously furry (build fursuits, draw nothing but animals, ect) but like in SL, I'm super embarrassed about it and I can't stand the people who make their entire identities revolve around it and are incapable of enjoying anything unless there's animal characters in it. Anime is the bigger part of my hobbies by a long shot, and definitely the thing that has the most emotional connection for me. I went to art college and majored in illustration, but I think my calling is building fursuits, so we'll see how that goes...
  13. I am like 99% sure that by "reboot your system" he just means "restart your computer", lol. I never have voice on unless I'm exploring with friends (and even then we almost always use Discord), and of course the day I want to start using it casually is the day it all crashes, augh.
  14. Ooh man, I had a semi-mimosa last night and it was good. Used a mango-rita fruity drink as the alcohol though because I'm really sensitive to the taste of alcohol. It was tasty.
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