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  1. Prokofy Neva

    Neighbor Bully

    Here's my recipe for people like this: 1. Ban them on your land so that they have to face your ban lines. Ban them anywhere you can. 2. Encourage your neighbours to ban them -- they must be unhappy with these eyesores. 3. Do try to return them -- sometimes things do encroach. Or they may not initially, but the owner moves them. So try again periodically. 4. Abuse report them as "targeted behavior intended to offend" every now and then -- perhaps the Lindens will act. It's true that you can do WTF you want on your land, but targeted behavior can sometimes rise to the test of Linden action. 5. If they have a store or rentals, get everyone to boycott them. I've found that many things in SL go away after 30 days. I've waited sometimes 7 years for them to go away, but then, that's for my flagship sim. In your case, I'd give it 30-45 days and then move. Put your land to sale at a very high price. If you can't keep waiting that out, then abandon it.
  2. No. We don't need more Linden-sponsored railroads in SL. We have BUNCHES of them that are mainly empty most of the time except for the nuisance unmanned vehicles that keep spawning. No one has asked for this except for a few diehard rail fans that have the Lindens' ear. That's not a reason to mar the view everywhere. It's especially wrong to inflict these view-killers and laggers merely for the sake of helping some resident business called GTFO (!) which has littered the map everywhere and which is also seldom used. Please, Lindens, let common sense and fairness prevail here.
  3. Prokofy Neva

    Real Estate business, still profitable?

    I think you should try it first in small batches and see how it goes. There is so much overpriced empty land for sale even in this "buyer's market" that you could only add value. Make sure that the build is transferable so it sells with the land, you have that option on the 'about land' menu. I sometimes see some very nice options that have sold in this manner but I see so much awful stuff that I hope you can improve the market.
  4. Prokofy Neva

    An 'honest' view of SL

    I think you've about nailed it. But I make a point of finding and repeatedly going to the nice places -- and making them myself. Skyboxes should always be placed at least 500 m in the air and never within visibility. There's no excuse not to do this. It's a rule in my rentals.
  5. Prokofy Neva

    Winter Swaginator

    Would you say that the prize you got is worth doing all this?
  6. Prokofy Neva

    Winter Swaginator

    Elfangor, no, technically you are not required to "play the game" in the sense of gathering the silly crystals. But the game is FORCED on you because the monsters COME FOR YOU. Sorry, that IS being forced to play a game, when you have to dodge them. You can't just "run to it." They get you.
  7. Prokofy Neva

    Winter Swaginator

    I'm not interested in doing any of this. The prizes in the crystal hunt for the birthday weren't all that, but some of them were ok. Some of them were a little hard to find, but mainly they were dirt simple and you just had to be awake enough to get them all and put them on the HUD. It was a bit confusing that there wasn't some final OTHER prize that you got by collecting all 20 or whatever -- or maybe there was? In any event, it wasn't that compelling. Still, by comparison to this one, it was leisurely enough and not maddening, and didn't have glitches. To be honest, I'm not likely to take any of the crystal stuff out of inventory again, although I didn't delete most of it. The big crystal palace never rented so I took it down, too high prim. Maybe I'll make a workshop out of it or something because I liked the little daemon that came with it. The stuff in this hunt is a little better and more interesting to me as a norm, but it still has that brown, rounded slightly cartoony feel that other LL content like this has had which I don't always like, unless it is really good, and this isn't first rate. What I resent about this hunt is being gulled into playing Linden Realms which I have no interest in playing. Years ago when they first rolled out these cartoony rocks that eat you, I played once and quit. I don't like games that much. SL isn't a game. If you have an avatar who is a norm, who isn't really into RP that much, who doesn't like killing games, it's disconcerting and even offensive to see your avatar being crunched by a giant rock thing. And not just crunched once and you return home. But crunched for a long time, and with relish. I feel it reveals a certain attitude toward the user base that LL has never quite shaken. I don't want to play this game. I don't mind hunting for things although I don't do hunts that often, but I hate being conned into having an "experience," getting a HUD, being forced to run around and go to safe areas and figure out strategies etc just to get a book case. I have a jillion bookcases already. I realize the Lindens need to find ways to lure the few users they have to play these games they've spent money on. But they seem like they're for children.
  8. Prokofy Neva

    Winter Swaginator

    There is no tree that glows in Linden Realms. I've been there twice. Unless there's something I'm supposed to adjust on my graphics menu.
  9. So there's this commentary on Hamlet's article. I don't think it's a large enough sample to make a judgement, and I don't think the issue is that there are "too many sellers" willing to "make things for free". Free things are almost always far worse than quality items you pay for. I do see an interesting sign of the gatcha furor -- which has fueled the economy for years -- waning, not in my anecdotal experiences, but in the fact that quite a few merchants now are offering a "fat pack" or "full set" of the entire gatcha for a fixed price you can just buy -- so that people don't have to keep plugging $50 or even more likely $75 nowadays into the one-armed bandit to get the set. So now you can spend $1500 or $3000 and just buy it outright. Which is really how it should be. Those prices would have been sticker shock years ago -- now they aren't. I do think the downturn is simply because of poor performance issues and lost content, which really frustrates consumers, including packaging annoyances. That's what it's about for me, my customers, and others I see posting in good faith on the forums.
  10. Prokofy Neva

    Inworld Store Closure - Similar to RL Blue Laws

    I realize that you love to pounce and look for "gotchas" but you don't have one here. The situation of this merchant is that she cannot translate her desire to practice her religion fully because while she can put her sim or land on "ban all" or "closed" she can't close the MP or cam-shopping or whatever, without a huge inconvenience, so she makes a request for a soft norm to be observed. But a person who doesn't wish their script to be distributed has an easy solution -- just put "no transfer". Or charge money, and offer it all perms with a license. End of story. This slapping on people of all kinds of other written caveats or verbal brow-beating is just plain ridiculous when you have another option -- checking off a box or creating a license and adding payment. Soft norms need to exist when technical means are either insufficient or not granulated enough or flexible enough. But there's a way to deal with your whimsical desire not to have your script distributed to people you feel unworthy -- put it on no-transfer when you yourself give it to others. Or sell it on all perms with a license -- that lessons the ability of people to rip you off, if that's your concern. What is the story of this creator of the "spirit" script? It's completely sectarian and parochial. She wants only people she likes to have this script. She wants only people whose writing she approves to have this script. She only wants her friends she trusts to have this script. And I'm sorry, using a soft norm there is abuse of the principle when she has the option of either charging money and putting in a license (full perm items are sold this way all the time in SL) or putting "no transfer". It's just completely arbitrary to set up a freebie in this fashion. I remember years ago there was a certain creator who made freebie GNU license houses but refused to put them on mod -- many creators get that way. That's their right, but it's a huge inconvenience. They want free distribution, but they don't want any modifications. I pleaded with this creator to make me a set of mod versions so that I could de-prim some of the hugely prim-heavy builds. Why? Because I had a sim where I was making an experimental community where people could come and live in these houses for free and just make donations. And so to enable there to be more of the houses, I needed less prims. Reluctantly, because I was doing this socialist thing of helping poor newbies (so the urban legend went), she gave me these no-mod versions but then with this stern admonition not to distribute them with "mod". I heeded her call, but I also thought it was ridiculous. If you want to distribute things for free, put them on all perms and let them go. If you have an artistic vision, sell your item or put it on no-transfer. Don't inflict your constrictions on every other person and press them into service forcing them to become a re-distributor of unmodifiable items -- or face collective brow-beating if they sell the item for even $1 to offset the cost of tier to display the item. P.S. There was also the ridiculous idea that the scripting forum should "never make it too easy" for people coming on and asking questions unless they are already admitted into the sacred cult of scripters. They should be re-directed to the "jobs" forums -- as if that was a place to find good scripters (it's not). No one is required to answer a newbie's question or the question of anyone for that matter. But they shouldn't discourage others who want to answer questions or provide free scripts when asked. The thrust of what that poster was saying was -- "Our secret club/cult can't have riff-raff in it, so let's discourage the riff-raff."
  11. Prokofy Neva

    Inworld Store Closure - Similar to RL Blue Laws

    There are so many wrong assumptions here that I don't know where to start. No merchant is required to enable you to shop. They create and open a store or don't create or close a store as they please in what amounts to a free market, in a relatively free world. What is the definition of a marketplace? Where a willing seller meets a willing buyer. The idea that someone wishes to close their sim or vendors for any reason or no reason somehow impacts "your rights" is absurd. You are not "forced to follow their beliefs." They are allowed to practice their beliefs and you can go elsewhere to shop for a day. They are not required to serve you and sell to you at your whim. The world is big enough and diverse enough that you can go find another store. If you find that one day a week curbs your shopping habit unbearably, you'll stop shopping there. The idea that everyone else exists to serve your hedonistic whims is hardly the basis for a civil and just society. Many aspects of civic life, including rights, exist in a balance, and exist with judiciary discretion. Otherwise it would be sheer domination by force. If a person wishes to practice their religion in this way, and adapt it to online exigencies, that their freedom of religion. It doesn't harm your freedom not to believe. Indeed, for you to force them to be open to accommodate your freedom not to believe is the harm. Your beliefs haven't been touched -- you can go on practicing them as you wish. Your ability to shop has been touched but that's a separate matter, and easily remedied by *gasp* waiting a day or shopping elsewhere. A human right often overlooked by many, when considering various seemingly conflicting rights, like women's rights or religious rights, is Art. 30 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which says, "Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein." What that means is that one right cannot be extended such as to cancel out another. The right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins. Your right to shop ends where the merchant decides to close their store. It isn't "negative" to make a judgement that turning on and off vendors or disabling marketplace Once again, it's about the ability of soft norms to prevail in an electronic world. This is very, very important. You're requested not to buy from this vendor even if you still can technically or mechanically *out of consideration*. She doesn't need to be considerate of your need to shop because she isn't the only person providing that service and that content. (BTW, this is why the Christian bakers should not be fined for discrimination against gays, and in fact they obtained a ruling in their favour, although it is complicated and not a settled matter yet.) If you can't heed soft norms, we will have totalitarian rule by coders, and totalitarian rule by various interest groups who are the coders or get the ear of the coders, be they atheists, BDSM, humanists or conservatives or, religious believers.
  12. Prokofy Neva

    Inworld Store Closure - Similar to RL Blue Laws

    I think the Lindens would do well to close this thread. If your religious practice includes not doing business on the Sabbath, then by extension and by analogy, that includes digital business, cam-shopping, the marketplace, whatever. It's very important to allow soft norms to prevail and not have the entire online experience be governed by "code-as-law" and the screw-you hedonistic theory of the coder that "just because I can, just because it lets me, I should."
  13. Prokofy Neva

    Inworld Store Closure - Similar to RL Blue Laws

    This is a lot of non-grounded hypothesizing which again, was based on the original poster's refusal just to simply and quietly accept the reason for a person's request related to religious practice. If they didn't shut their MP, maybe it's because it's too much of a hassle to take it down and put it up again. At least they've mitigated it by making a request for a soft norm, i.e. even if "you can" because of some electronic exigency, you won't, as a courtesy. It also saves people buying something, then wanting customer service, then finding the merchant isn't available. Why is this so hard? It's not. Putting out a sign that a store is closed and requesting that people not buy on the Sabbath is merely making and placing a sign. It's not work. It isn't "taking all necessary steps" as if they are binding themselves up with seven chains. It's just a request. Sounds like the hard work is in people accepting it, and "needing" to have an explanation for it.
  14. Prokofy Neva

    Huge Packaging Annoyances

    I love science and the scientific method. I just wish it were applied evenly by those who so religiously espouse it. BTW, even if I don't search first and re-log, the "paste" is STILL greyed out. The reason a transfer-only test prim is still in inventory despite anything is because the system keeps a copy of my own created object in my inventory. It won't do that for other people's. When I happen to find an item that isn't mind that I don't mind burning, I could test it, but "real life" and "experience in the field" have already proven to me that these items ARE GONE. My point is that "Cut" does not hold through a re-log. "Paste" is not there. THAT is not a reliable method at all to be using on inventory. I would never use it for that reason alone. Second, when an automatic unpacker sends you an item you DO NOT accept, it is "not there". It is not in the box (sometimes, even if copyable, that pertains; but certainly if non-copyable it is gone from the box). It is not in inventory anywhere. It is not in inventory when you re-log. It's gone.
  15. Prokofy Neva

    Huge Packaging Annoyances

    It's not better. Content is lost. The end.