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  1. In the real Russia, there wouldn't be a corner store that is so convenient like that.
  2. BDSM as a lifestyle is always bleeding out into other settings where no one has consented, despite its invalid claims to the contrary. The authoritarian trash talk we keep getting here is the way this person can feel powerful and important, by aligning with a cruel and indifferent Silicon Valley company that shafts its customers. He delights in wielding this monstrous, indifferent company on other people vicariously. This is a very old story on the forums, where the same personas with the same shtick appear again and again. What's interesting is that Linden Lab itself has evolved fro
  3. Yes, I agree the white is too harsh and I tried graying it which I often do with things, that didn't work, and colouring it looks too artificial. I may leave it until tenants complain of snow blindness while I look for another rug but I find rugs are really hard to get right. I have zillions of them, and very well sorted by type and colour. And it always seems to require a fresh purchase for each situation. The rugs that came with this set (I left one of them) I just don't like. Yes, I changed the seating. Originally, I wanted a smaller conversation area with two settees facing each other
  4. The gatchas are generally all on no/cop and transfer. So that means in theory they should get it like any other item sent to them. But there is always a risk in transferring anything to anybody in SL when they are not online. It isn't that it gets automatically deleted (like a deeded object that is not on transfer). It's merely that it can get lost. Many things get lost in transit in SL. When it returns to Lost & Found, sometimes it can be "coalesced," i.e. in a bunch of stuff with the label of only one of the things in the bunch. So they have to take out the bunched items from L
  5. Yes, I had that happen multiply times back in 2009 and before, where all the objects on the sim would be thrown up into the air. This happened in Bailey at least twice I recall where every object just about was thrown up -- on other sims some objects would be thrown up, but not the whole sim. The Lindens generally aren't willing to re-set Mainland sims especially if you are not the sole owner because it creates problems for all the assets rezzed after the set point. I think this fear is greatly exaggerated but whatever, they won't do it. And you then would have to pluck every single thing out
  6. My one island being down for 20-odd customers, dumping them out of their love nests and their gatcha sortings for 24 hours isn't what I would call a "catastrophe" although I lost revenue and some of them were really angry. It's not just that the tier clock ticks every day for us landlords, not once a month as it does for an end user and this combined with all the other things happening which you can read about in the "Mainland" section is really a death blow. This is why I then have to close communities, do less, etc. But something called "can't find address" is worrisome on a higher lev
  7. You would never believe it, with your world view, but sometimes the stories all come together.
  8. @Nalates I'm sorry your boy/girlfriend dumped you. They sound like the perfect one for our times. But I think there are a lot of fish in the sea and you will find another one @FaireLilette tbh I can no longer listen to Kurt at all unless, for example, there is some clinical discussion of Dave's drums in "Teen Spirit" or some other kind of rock criticism with just a splice. But I will not go willingly near that stuff now. And I think the video with "Shame, Shame" -- a song I love and appreciate unlike 1200 fans, comes perilously close to that awful thing for "Heart-Shaped Box". Imagine, I
  9. It's worth mentioning that Oz Linden tore himself away from his sweet potato pie with bourbon (!) to TP into Ravenglass Realm and Belarus to see if they were working -- they are now because it got fixed about an hour or so again. Vix Linden answered my ticket. As I said, the Lindens are often nicer and more thoughtful than the forums geeks, although they are brothers from another mother. Now, is this because I put a post on the forums, sent two tickets, and raised Cain? Yes, that's likely, because both of these Lindens know that I complain a lot and blog and everything else and
  10. OK, better? It goes against my religion to put out something like a Mithral plant but ok. You are welcome to come here and put out more plants if you have them. I personally feel a little shell-shocked by putting out a rug to "pull the room together" but I may have overdone it. This is an Indian design on a texture I purchased to make a rug with. There's also the same Kraftwork stuff plus I added ChiaMia Knightbridge coffee tables which I love. The green isn't exactly right, but who's counting. It is very hard to get that same green, I tried just now with two gadgets on that white chair
  11. 1. I've never lacked for evidence. 2. So you don't read the transcripts because you were in the room when it happened. Ok.
  12. Scylla, you are very late to this thread. PS The Lab has always been AT ONE with their employees. There is no rich or poor in Jesus. I think you have never read the Tao of Linden. Let me enlighten you, my child: Vision and Mission To connect us all to an online world that improves the human condition. Company Principles Work Together. We are engaged in a wildly ambitious and complex endeavor. We need to take on risk and accept the occasional failure. But we dream, stumble and win only together. This requires a level of creative collaboration you won't find in many co
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