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  1. Chic, you yourself are a Home & Gardens merchant. I assure you that I don't need to be trapped in a lag fest of women's clothing -- or even men's clothing which I seldom buy -- for 20 minutes just to buy a chair and get a gift. They could easily put all the H&G on one sim, and if it doesn't fill the sim, that's fine, but it would all be on one sim. You need to see how this system loses you business.
  2. You don't need to have a "habit" of making new accounts to make 2 or 3 of them and track the experience and see how it works -- and also interview others who have. Don't be silly. There aren't just odd bad apples, the entire system encourages nepotism, cronyism and corruption. Help is needed but it doesn't have to be delivered in THIS WAY. There is nothing to prove this works. Indeed, it was disbanded before, with good reason! It's just historical memory fades and now new Lindens are trying it again because no one is around to explain how bad it was, and some Lindens who have been around for awhile are the very ones that benefited from the Mentor-LM-slinging racket.
  3. People who are commenting that they should be brought back aren't reading about the problems of such a system. Yes, indeed I do believe that the best way to avoid venality and corruption is to have a paid, transparent, ad system run by the Lindens. Who do I think will get such a space? Why, the same people who got them when the Lindens used to run such a system at the old telehubs -- anybody who pays the terminal. Yes, it could be run by first come, first served. In fact, your idea that there will be some huge number of people that there won't be enough room isn't proven by experience at all. If for some reason there was a huge rush, it would be easy to limit buyers to one week or two weeks and then a mandatory break for X days. As for "only the big spenders" -- that's also not proven. Not every big spender will want to advertise to newbies, who either don't have money, or who do have money, but don't want to spend it on THIS, just YET. But some will, and there could be a range of ad prices and time periods accordingly. Truly, this is the experience of the past and the objections you are raising are merely ideological and hypothetical, not practical and not based on experience. The Lindens can have expensive ads or cheap ads, but it isn't really the problem you imagine to make the system accessible and also tasteful, i.e. with rules such as "no adult images" etc. Yes, indeed, the artists and all the other beautiful people will afford it. Just like Riverwalk and many other art venues afforded the telehub ad space back in the day. It is not the horror you imagine whatsoever. Clicking on a teleport board -- an ad -- is not as hard as opening a box or building or doing anything. You just click. Yes, my Nobel Prize in virtual economics waits because this really is the solution and how do I know it? Because the Lindens used to have it and it worked. They were browbeaten into deleting the telehubs -- which were a good thing -- plus they had their own internal agitators against them -- again for ideological reasons -- and never returned to an ad system. Philip Linden admitted that most of the revenue came from telehub sims, and in fact the overwhelming majority were not the ugly lag monsters claimed -- it was just jealousy by oldbies who had boutiques far from them and who resented the democratic accessibility of telehub malls to anyone who could pay the rent, rather than to those who sucked up to oldbie designers to get a corner in their store. Real life works this way, and there is no reason SL can't work this way. When you arrive at Grand Central, you look at electronic billboards; you look at bus station ads; you look at flyers and pamphlets. You are not greeted by somebody who knows the mayor who takes you by the hand and steps you along to their own store or restaurant.
  4. Every year there's this issue. Maybe the big home & garden creators are too overworked, and don't want to put out gifts and sale items as required for SLBs. Understood. One thing that would help is if the Lindens would set up the shopping as, say, Swank and other big events do, putting corridors for women's, men's, home & garden, etc. They could likely fit the existing home & garden on just one sim. It's so hard culling through laggy, crowded sims to find the handful of H&G.
  5. That's awfully pernicious. You should be astounded -- as I was -- that this letter got a whopping 3,000 signatories! That is a hell of a lot of creators! That is very likely merchants you regularly shop at. I signed this statement when one of my favourites sent out a notice, and I watched in real time as this list filled up with 2,000 people -- now 3,000! What has to be said is not only the cashout burden now doubled, that act has devalued the Linden by two points, creating more loss.
  6. In his interview with Saffia Widdershins, Patch Linden spoke about Mentors "camping out" in new housing areas -- and...it wasn't clear what was to come next. I hope they are NOT coming back, but if he mentions them in a Linden-sponsored activity, it looks like they are. The Mentors were disbanded some years ago -- and that was a good thing. Yes, they re-formed but as a strictly resident-based group. Could we have a statement on their exact status from a Linden, please? There has long been some confusion about this. I recently saw a resident bragging on her profile that she was a Mentor, and that this group was ENDORSED by Linden Lab -- which of course then enabled her to imply that everything she does -- from her stores to the promotion of her ideology -- is ENDORSED by Linden Lab. THAT is what is wrong with the Mentor system -- in a nutshell. Honestly, if you are the type of person who needs to write on your profile that you are in a group ENDORSED by Linden Lab, we can already tell a lot about you! And it's not good. So now it seems that they are being brought back -- which I think is a TERRIBLE idea. Here's why. When I studied the Mentors back in the day in the first decade of the 2000s, when tenants complained to me about them, here's what I found: o Staked out at the high-traffic welcome areas and infohubs, they would sling folders of landmarks and notecards particularly at newbies. These landmarks would steer people to their friends' stores, if not their own stores, and their own clubs, etc. and socializing networks which ultimately helped their own businesses. So technically, they might be described as not engaging in commercial activity, but in fact they were. o Taking advantage of their title, Mentors would lord it over other residents, even claiming they could tell them what to do and discipline them, and back this up with the force of various informal "posses". They would swoop down on a resident's land and boss them around. o Mentors were ultimately outright given stores at the help islands, again, under the guise of "helping" -- but regardless of whether these were low-cost or even free items that newbies "needed," the bottom line was that again, they were a means of commercial advertising. o Inevitably, the Lindens would listen to the Mentors' views on their own products and services, and like the Tsar listening only to the boyars, or worse, the Oprichina, they would get out of touch and even quite at odds with the regular user base. o Mentors formed cliques or even gangs, and harassed people who questioned their bad actions. They were also notorious for taking over the forums and abuse-reporting people they didn't like. While no doubt there were some selfless Mentors who helped people, my own experience when I made new accounts and walked through the process, or when I asked new tenants to describe to me what happened to them, confirmed my complaints above. Remember, the Lindens disbanded the Mentors. There are reasons for this! It's inevitable that when you form a group of people who stand apart, who are the first contact new people have, that some will exploit this perch for their own gain, whether reputational or commercial (and the two are interlinked). So why do it? For one, there is a felt need that newbies need individualized help. To be sure, there is a tendency to infantalize people who as a rule are savvy Internet users and often techs themselves or they wouldn't be bothering. But more than that, there is a fundamental philosophical flaw with on-boarding that Mentors and similar FIC programs only perpetuate: the belief that people need immediately to learn hard skills like how to rez a prim or drive a vehicle or slay a rat as if in a war game -- instead of to learn to dance or buy Lindens or shop. I have always found with very new people, quite a few who come my way, that the way to teach -- and learn -- skills is first finding what you like and what to do, THEN learning the skill to go with it. Most people are consumed with anxiety about how they look, so that's important, but somehow with all this "help," so many people aren't told to put a picture into their profile so they don't look like random goofs. They aren't told that that first photo is free if it goes in their profile. And so on. The help people need is not to learn to build or drive; what they need are ways to find a friend; ways to stick; they need people. There's another thing about newbie help -- it is endless. It will absorb and overwhelm every resource you throw at it, and much of the time, provide no pay-back in terms of retention, much less thanks. So don't through those kind of resources. Move people along to self-help. And spread out the burden to the entire user population by enabling people to find interests and friends. There is no better way to do this than teleport boards from the landing areas. I've always advocated having residents with businesses being able to BUY ADS in welcome areas, which would have to be PG and follow rules and be useful in terms of routing people to their interests, whether shopping, live music, houses, lectures, art works, whatever . This would simply take a natural human tendency to use this space for sales and REGULATE IT. But inevitably, forums regulars of a certain type scream that this would involve ugly ads and selling hustles -- as if the second-rate stores and sleazy clubs in the landmarks slung by mentors were somehow first-rate. If Lindens cannot overcome this long-time allergy to commerce that would actually help their business, in part because of the screaming of their most vocal user base on the forums, then let them make their own teleport boards. Over the years, Lindens have tried all different things. Random landmarks to infohubs (the "randomness" in this small set of users and landmarks never in fact worked to its mathematical potential). Rotating teleport boards. Featured destinations from their own list. Etc. Yes, newbies need help -- but trained and responsible and integrated STAFF should help them -- and help them through creating systems that people can simply access and use themselves. If that is too expensive, this belief needs to be re-visited. Retention is SL's greatest challenge, after server performance. It's a governance issue, at the end of the day. To make people stick, you need good experiences, not just smooth experiences. Staff once were the ones who handled incomers -- Jack Linden himself stood for hours at the welcome areas, remember? Welcome areas of course have a host of problems (griefing, wall-sitters, general idiocy) but it's not clear Mentors would fix that -- they might worsen it. Turn off voice chat in the welcome areas unless they are in Zindra. That will speedily end a lot of the worst experiences. Honestly, with all the problems involved in this system -- the tendency for not only corruption but ineffectiveness inherent in such systems -- having a system like jury duty -- where randomly every resident might get an invitation to serve two weeks as a greeter and helper -- might do a lot more good. How about having just the existing staff of Lindens and Moles and SalesForce desktop helpers rotate through on Welcome Area duty? That might help them understand SL way better. Since Lindens seem determined to bring back this dubious program, from all accounts, then I'd like to hear how they are going to exert quality control. Will they have standards and requirements and a grid of check-offs that people must meet before being Mentors? Will there be any "secret shoppers" who observe them at work? Will LL take abuse reports on them in good faith and investigate them? Will they measure their effectiveness? And so on. How about making it a firm requirement that no Mentor may place on their profile, picks, or any other public media in SL the fact of their Mentor membership. That would cut down abuses in a jiffy. "There is no limit to the good you can do if you are willing not to accept the credit."
  7. Remember when void sims were described as merely "a stretch of water". And were actually used as such by Anshe Chung and others with huge empires -- I think they are the ones that convinced Lindens to make these cheaper open sims. To my recollection, "void" was separate from "open space" -- void had even less capacity in terms of prims and avatars. The open-space became "homestead". There were standalones, but the Lindens ended this when bunches of them sold and were immediately flipped to say, 16 renters of chopped space, creating revenue for users, not Lindens, yet the same CS headaches or more, as no-show landlords who turned over management perms to renters would then complain to LL about lag and griefing.
  8. I think the reason isn't so much server overload as it is customers grabbing huge bunches of these cheaper products and then re-renting them by chopping them up, so that they, not the Lindens, get the tier from them, and don't even have the compensation of one island. This is just the law of physics and human nature -- the cheapest product that can be flipped will be until the Lindens stop it (as they did with "First Land" when bots on endlessly spawned new accounts bought land meant for actual newbies and then flipped them).
  9. Try a rental which is furnished where management prims don't count on your count (such as many of my rentals!) But more to the point, 100 prims is actually a lot these days if you use mesh items. I would recommend NOT getting the items advertised as "one prim" which are temp rezzing or often not very good looking -- you could put out a bed, table, armchair, side table, flowers etc with each item only being 1-2 prims up to say 10-20 for the bed.
  10. Yes, what others have said: hippoRENT has been out of business for years. I wonder how the script can still operate and take money. I guess that's possible.
  11. Why? They are ugly, and stupid, to boot. The problem is that they only contribute to the clutter and ugliness. Those that violate those rules will ignore them; those that don't violate them don't need stupid reminders like this. They are not effective. They are also dead wrong about "begetting privacy fences". There is nothing uglier on the grid that a photo-real flat shrub. They are the worst thing to have to look at. There are very, very few shrubs or walls that are EVER an improvement. If the trees/shrubs are good 3D plants, and not planar horrors of 10 years ago, possibly they are ok. But the idea that they give "privacy" or "relief" from ugliness is sheer idiocy. Unchecking "avatars can see me" makes you invisible and gives maximum privacy that no amount of wall or hedges could give you as anyone could cam over them. Honestly, the person making up these rules and putting these ugly things around the grid really does not understand community living and I doubt they manage a community or a rentals business or they would not say things like this. I ban fences in many of my rentals because they always annoy the person next to you and make them feel crowded even if you feel like you are now cosy and safe. Photo-real NEVER looks good in SL.
  12. No. The job isn't to design "a better one," but to stop these vanity grid-wide projects in their tracks. There are too many people who expand their egos all over the grid with obelisks, signs, pods, etc. Just as the Lindens have a requirement that you cannot put a search ad on a parcel smaller than 128 m, so they might consider not allowing builds on anything smaller. But basically, this can't be solved via the Lindens. It can only be solved by massive outcry and peer pressure, so that people get pushback when they attempt to expand their egos across the grid with this sort of thing.
  13. You can't make an 8 m stepback easily, when the land is in 16 m chunks. Even 16 m would be a major improvement. I say 32 m because 16 m is often not enough. Most lots aren't 512 but 1024 in my rentals, and the 256 camping sites don't have this rule because they already have buildings on them I place, or they have to be cleared and in theme. It's not what you imagine. Look at an entire sim with 1024 lots, or even 4096 lots, and you will start to see the problem if everybody builds smack on the property line.
  14. Indeed. Here's the petition: https://www.change.org/p/second-life-residents-remove-good-neighbour-obelisk-from-mainland/share_for_starters?just_created=true It's on a parcel next to one here. It's quite telling that these "rules for the mainland" which involve limits on scripts, security orbs, and privacy fences and lanes don't involve anything about ugly builds. Three rules could help there -- no builds over two stories on the ground; put skyboxes at 500 m or higher; step back 32 m from the parcel border to build.
  15. 1024 m of land will always have the exact same number of prims no matter where it is, this is a fixed, mathematical feature of the programming of the servers. But GROUPED land may arrange it differently. In a group, prims work differently. You are not limited to the hard number of prim limit that you would be if the parcel stood alone. Regardless, then of the "parcel limit" you could keep endlessly putting out prims on one parcel -- as many as you have available in all the land in your group. This is one vulnerability of group rentals. But actually, the overwhelming majority of people put out only what their limit is, on the honour system. The Mainland is not the horror depicted by people selling private islands and using Mainland Horror as a marketing device. And these days, people don't use up their prim limit as mesh means they have more prims to spare. There are also 1024 parcels on homesteads, which would in turn have less than the standard Mainland parcel because there, too, prims work differently, with less prims but more space, so to speak. Homestead by its nature can't be on Mainland. It can only be bought if you already own an island. So it will be put by an island normally. And plenty of people have parcels of homesteads for rent or "sale" -- I'm one of them. So Chin, I'd love to see where these "homestead sims on the Mainland" are, never saw them.
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