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  1. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Yes, they are under the control buttons -- but those aren't the boxes you are trying to access now so IT DOESN'T MATTER. And noo. That's not true. Maybe YOU are describing your experience with Firestorm. I don't mutter stupidly as if you put the edit box too far over you can't even see it such as to access any options so it's not what I normally do. That's not the issue here, however. The ONLY reason it is pushed flush left -- and not by "resisting" anything -- is to illustrate to you that when the menu opens up again OVER the object is it NOT because the object is "over there on the flush left". You keep IMAGINING that the only reason it opens over the objects is "because I put it there". But of course I didn't. The box overlapping with the control buttons is NOT what causes it to block the EDIT BOX as they control OTHER things. If I move the box in just a bit away from the control buttons the problem of the edit box OPENING OVER THE OBJECT WHICH IT SHOULD NOT DO would still pertain. You are merely distracting with extraneous, non-relevant issues. THE EDIT BOX SHOULD NOT OPEN UP OVER THE OBJECT
  2. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    No. As you can see, it's merely flush left and is not "under" any control buttons. I haven't pushed past anything. The garden is the object being edited, not the KittyCat I'm not standing in any house but outdoors. THE EDIT BOX SHOULD NOT OPEN UP OVER THE OBJECT
  3. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    The objects pixels obviously don't take up the entire screen, derp. There isn't any object "edited so close to the left side" that the menu "appears outside the limits". You're just crazily making up stuff now. Let's go over it again, with reproduction of the problem afresh: Screenshot one shows the edit box pushed all the way to the left. Supposedly if you "move it out of the way" then "it stays". It may for a few rounds. Then whoops, it is back covering up an object, and not flush left but more toward the center of the screen. That should put paid to all your contrarian theories that are just based on spite. The Lindens should look at this. No edit window should ever be opening up over an object edited. Surely they can stop that. If they can't, and they have to play "tear-off" with this, then it should "stay put" and it doesn't.
  4. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    You're still not getting it merely because your mind is closed on the subject and you want to be contrarian. Once again, the larger issue is that it DOES NOT MATTER where I have put the edit box because it should NEVER open over the object -- period. There is never a good reason for it, it should always open to the side. Second, derp, I moved it or pushed it, same thing. Third, in fact the screenshots once again for the third time do not show what you imagine because there is a zoom-in on the object. But more to the point, I have just gone another round where I pushed the edit box all the way to the left margins. That's where it should "stay" according to your belief. Yet after a few rounds of editing objects, where it remained flush with the left margin, oops, there it was again opening up over an object that was not flush left. It's not rocket science to have an edit menu pop up not OVER the object but to the left of it. Obviously the pixels that make up the view of it are in a certain location on that viewer and the edit box can be coded not to open right up over that location but move over to the left. And in fact the Linden I once discussed this with conceded it. He laughed merely because it wasn't an issue for him and he didn't see it as a nuisance.
  5. I made a tutorial about grouping land and its pitfalls using this game table and these Vikings figures. See if you can understand it. I have to update it with the latest info. It's here in the post office in Ross. It's true that you always have to pay for the highest level of tier you've had that month, it only becomes lower the next month if you set it down again. You can also look at the land manager page on your account on to see where your tier is, which groups, and how much you have left.
  6. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    No, because the time that the edit box opened up again over the object, the camera is zoomed in closer to the object as it was in my hand, I was editing it for a wearable/rez on touch thing. And once again, this problem isn't about the locations of where my avatar is standing but where the edit screen is. Let me post another screen shot -- here we go again, after I've pushed the edit box all the way over to the left, it pops up again, NOT all the way over to the left, but OVER THE OBJECT Once again, I am not moving the menu -- that's ridiculous. I am pushing the menu away to the side, and after a few times, oops it comes up OVER the object again. THE EDIT BOX SHOULD NEVER OPEN UP OVER THE OBJECT PERIOD
  7. The Lindens used to have a limit on alts of 5 per name/credit card. Don't they still have that? I seem to recall that the system literally stopped you from making new alts. But that may have been years ago when I did that. Nowadays I see so many alts made quickly that I wonder if they have any bar on the making of more of them. I don't see why you couldn't use the tier additional tier for either a plot or group donation or all one or all the other. I didn't realize you couldn't split it between group donation and Linden Home, that's a shame, I was going to get one again.
  8. Clarification needed - Tier pricing and allotment change

    No effect? But when I put the extra 512 I had into the group it added 563 as it always does. Is that what you mean by "stack", i.e. "no effect" means "it stays the same"? PS Buy milk! BTW, I always have impeccable timing. I just had three tier donors tell me they were pulling out, so I bought 1536 additional tier on an alt yesterday -- ouch. I never seem to get the early memos like the cool kids! But then, at least the prices are lowered now so I am saving money overall! This was good timing by the Lindens for me because I was just in the processing of figuring out how to shave off a half sim of tier which is something I always do when -- oh, that's a story for another time. PS Tier is so confusing for many people -- I explain it as a blanket that you need to cover a bed (your land) before you can sleep (live there). I have a tutorial updated with the new offer here in my office.
  9. At Ravenglass Rentals, you can donate tier to get a weekly discount on your rent of $250/wk for 512 m donation and now $450/wk for 1024 m donation! So if a rental is $250/wk you would not have a rental box, and if it is $150/wk you would get extra prims pro-rated. This is in addition to the regular 10% discount for 4 weeks advance payment. You need to have tier free from land to be able to donate to a group -- and now as a premium account holder you have MORE tier from the Lindens! Tier can be confusing so you may want to read the tutorial in our office -- look for the sign with raven on a ladder. Teleport to Ravenglass Rentals Office On the flagship sim of Ravenglass, management prims don't count! So you could live in a fully-furnished Grandmother's Cottage by 8f8. Teleport to Grandma's Cottage Or the new Wishbringer Fletcher's Cabin, fully furnished, two stories. Teleport to Fletcher's Cottage This cottage is normally $265/375 prims but mention this add if you donate 512 m tier and pay no cash rent, just the tier.22 Or pick out a room in the Celtic Tower, some of which are furnished - $100 to $500 for the two-room apartment. There are also larger parcels where you can apply the discount, i.e. $700/900 prims would be reduced to $450/900 prims. Teleport to Ravenglass Waterfront When you donate tier, you can remove it from the group yourself any time when you decide to stop renting.
  10. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    "Works on my machine" is not an answer. Are you using the SL Viewer, for one? Mine does NOT do that and does NOT stay put when I move it to the side. It comes back after awhile and opens up over the object. That's wrong. That is a bug. That is not how it should be. Obviously to edit something you don't move all the way to the left where you pushed the edit screen so as to "end up under it". That's ridiculous. Even if you are in the center or on the right it opens up over the object sometimes and it should NEVER DO THAT. This is just very basic. The constant effort to try to put it back on the user as a problem is just plain wrong. It's an annoyance that should not be there, period.
  11. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    @Theresa Tennyson No, that's simply not the issue, you are merely being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. You act as if the edit box is some kind of "inworld" point where one can "walk under it". That's ridiculous. It's not about where you avatar is positioned or the world. It's about the screen. If you move it to the side, it should stay to the side, period. And it does...until it stops and once again opens up RIGHT OVER the object. It should not do that. It should always open up to the side of the object. Why would it even EVER open up over the object such that you HAVE to move it??? THAT is the real question that you refuse to see. You shouldn't have to move it and it is clearly buggy because EVEN AFTER you move it, it again appears over the object. Obviously, if you move it to the side, it's to the side. The fact that it once again goes to OVER the object again means it has become unmoored. It's not like the inventory tear-off box, for example, which always stays on the side where you put it.
  12. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Perhaps you need to take a long break from being nasty AND open your eyes when someone is pointing out a flaw in your beloved Linden code. I've found almost to a man that the forums regs who are the most toxic and nasty -- and not only to me -- have builds that look like they were made in 2007 with no traffic on them, and no evidence that they ever log in. You can also see this from some of the groups they joined where you can see their log-on date. But then, you wouldn't believe this because you don't think there's a problem on the forums. No, it is not popping up "where I left it". Because "where I left it is pushed over to the side" not over the object. The only reason you have that impression is because I have zoomed in closer on the last one. Believe me, it opens up OVER the object when it need not do that. And please, it's not where you stand on a sim anyway, something like this doesn't work that way it's the space of the viewer, and you push it over to the side -- it stays there -- except when it doesn't, an opens OVER an edited object again.
  13. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Nope. No residence government period., I used to be for the Lindens creating some kind of community councils on the Mainland that would have the power to remove eyesores or garbage prims as hard as this might be to establish, and as much as it would be like horrid RL condo boards and such. But now I know having gone through the group tools reform and many other things that the Lindens won't do governance, they don't like it, and who can blame them, it's the customer-service state. Worse, some of them have very bad ideas on governance, like allowing a dom on a sim to render a sub's AR's on him null and void, and LL accepting that. No way should their own TOS be "flexible" on a BDSM sim. There is absolutely nothing to stop you from getting together a group of people, having a democratic election, and buying a sim and making a community. In fact, those with big ideas about this who haven't seen SL's history or imagine that their ideas should be imposed on the entire world just to "have" them should try this and see how difficult it is because of human nature. SL is littered with failed experiments, like the socialist commune Neue Altenberg or whatever its name was, which perished when a founder was thrown off the island for bad behavior but owned the buildings and then terrorized the sim. And so on. There was the authoritarian caliphate experiment. Others I can think of. They all ended in tears. I suppose the long-standing furry one could be the exception but we have them to thank for the bad idea that an owner who makes a co-owner can't get rid of that co-owner then. Snowcrash is a dystopia and there is no need to fuel it as a model for 100 reasons. LL already had "splicing sims" called void sims which I believe they still used. They sold them for a time but they were misused so they made homestead sims instead. If someone wants to make a continent, LL already "splices together" their sims -- there may be some small fee involved in this but it there are multiple examples of this already in Sl like Desmond Shang's community.
  14. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    That's interesting what you say, not only about the "inworld building" which I value as well but also how Sansar might not catch on even with everything put into it. I'm not so sure SL's replacement will come along so soon though. I'm not going to be buying any VR goggle any time soon, for example.
  15. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    No, there's something messed up in the *Lindens' code* *gasp*. Here, I'll repro it for you -- it's likely some kind of bug. 1. I try to edit an object, the edit menu opens up RIGHT OVER THE OBJECT obscuring it. Annoying! 2. Duh, I push it out of the way. 3. Hey, on the first re-log imagine, it stays put! Could I be wrong? 4. NO! Because on the *next* relog on *another* object, it's back opening over the object again and obscuring it. Hello! There's nothing you can "set in your viewer" that fixes this that I've ever heard of -- moving it out of the way is "supposed" to keep it out of the way -- as moving the inventory box or any moveable item. But it doesn't "stick". The problem is a) you don't log into the world much (a common problem with forum regs with big ideas) b) you don't edit anywhere near as many times as I do -- I do enormous numbers because not only do I make little things myself, I have to place houses and furniture constantly or modify items to fit in places.