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  1. Thanks for going to have a look, so often people don't even log in! It's a hulking build that overpowers the area. I understand why builders like this choose a nice area like this -- they like the view, too! They love looking out at the view. It's just that they seem heedless of the fact that...now THEY are in the view for everybody else! And as I've said repeatedly: GTFO is good in that it is a nice game to engage people across the grid and get them buying or renting land and having fun; it gives them "something to do"; it builds skills; it doesn't translate to real money so it stays fun. And as I've said repeatedly, I rent to GTFO warehouses and some of my tenants with these stops have been there for years! Notice that while it took awhile and I had to offer discounts, my land there did finally rent to a dedicated customer. You can always face out to the lake, not look behind. I did refrain from buying further land there in that nice area, however. But since I see A LOT of these warehouses I do feel the balance has been tipped. It seems to take over the map and the ground in places. This game is expanding, not contracting. So sure, there are aesthetic areas, some not like warehouses at all, but like country cottages, i.e. the Larsson shop in Molesworth. But most are not like that. Maybe they can consider making more like that and not have all the freight be heavy. But it's not my game. I don't play it. I rent to those who do, sometimes I imagine, even at the expense of my own residential rentals, but long-term, higher-priced rentals are to be favoured. Life is not an Amazon warehouse and Amazon trucks and Amazon deliveries, although it seems RL is dominated by this now, creating more burden for our doormen and postal workers nt to mention truck drivers!. There is more to life, and I would like to see it reflected in SL.
  2. Are you a Mole on your other account? OpenSim isn't really viable, it doesn't have a market or even things like grouped land for rentals. You might like to review the Community Standards. There are certain things one "doesn't like" which in fact "interfere with the enjoyment of Second Life" (as art. 2C of their old standards used to say, but the same concept is in the latest redaction as well). I have land on 50 sims which I share with other owners. And most of the time, people are decent and try to make way for each other. But every once in awhile you get a total a$$hat who does something like put a giant figure up in the water in the view on 4 sims, or a giant concrete parking lot boxing in others, or a giant refrigerator, or a giant dome that blots out the sun on 4 sims and creates a huge footprint on the map and in the sky just above you. These things aren't violations unless they encroach on your land, but they are inconsiderate and it's more than fine to call them out and advocate against them. The Lindens could simply make a rule that all builds in the sky have to be put up at least 500 meters from the ground, and we won't have those awful overbearing domes anymore, or other structures like stacked up layers with junk on them in the sky. I have that rule in my rentals. They could make that rule, and it would go very far toward improving the mainland. They don't make rules like this because they are afraid of edgecases, of "what ifs," of suppressing "creativity," of endless policing, of overload of ARs, of lots of things. But those are all excuses, as they were for ad farms. It is possible to make rules and enforce them, as it finally was against ad farms.
  3. Stop by the Ravenglass Rentals office to pick up a notecard with all our Fall and Halloween rentals and hang-outs. Here's the Autumn version of the Aquitaine skybox with a beautiful palace before you can have the use of, management prims don't count or ask to place your own. TP to Aquitaine in Winnipeg RENTED Green Fairy's wonderfully detailed Mill House skybox with a working mill. TP to Mill House in Winnipeg A wiccan home above Shaman's Bluff, a beautiful nature preserve with tidal pools. Check out the other offers there including a steampunk loft, an SL antique naturalist's home and more. TP to Wiccan Skyhome in Atis Be sure to check out the Haunted Monastery of St. Thaddeus, also known as St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes, whose novena began October 19. Teleport to St. Thaddeus in Tethys Don't miss the UnLinden Trailer where you can find the ghosts of SL's past on parade, pick up a Linden rare, and see some other rare displays. TP to UnLinden Trailer in Atis
  4. Yes! I still have my first land in Refugio. It's on the side of the hill even though waterfront which is why I managed to get it because no one wanted to be on a rock face. It was above a placed called Waterfall Canyon where Jauani Wu had a house and had named it that, I believe, and I kept the name. (I should mention that the Lindens used to have a program in the beginning called "First Land" when they began selling land with prims tied to square meters. When you made a new account, you were eligible for that First Land -- oldbies were not. You couldn't have contributed to a group with your tier or it wouldn't work. So naturally it got gamed and people made lots of alts to snag it. The Lindens used to have a limit of 5 accounts per person. I don't know if they still have that. They got rid of First Land I believe by 2007). I remember an oldbie on that sim who had snagged a bunch of first lands on different alts and who had a huge TV business tried to force me to re-sell and tried to block other first lands for sale on that sim but eventually a friend and I waited that out and kept ARing it and that person is gone. Today, that land has a coast guard renting the larger parcel from me to which it was linked, and there is a plaza and some homes and apartments for rent there. In Wakeley (now merged to a marketplace) is another first land I got on earlier account when I was a newbie, where I had a bad experience when I abandoned it by accident and it fell into 16m squares (which is what happened in the bad old days when land was abandoned, because the Lindens thought this would be a great way for people to pick up just a little extra prim land, although it proved the seedbed for the long siege of the Mainland by ad farms). Hence, my attempt on another account to get it again on another sim -- and then much later, what I had originally had as first land and got grabbed by flippers was eventually for sale again and I got it. I'm proud I managed to hang on to my first land through thick and thin. And I'm also proud to have provided inexpensive rentals for people to have as their first homes, so they get used to land and buy their own land. The more buyers and owners who are happy, the better the Mainland for all of us, including for rentals. PS Apropo of another thread, there's a GTFO here and that's fine. it's a warehouse and airport for a rescue mission RP and that's great. I needed someone to rent a large rocky bluff that few wanted to rent and tackle, and they did, and have for years. I do have to point out that the particular residence next to it seldom rents merely because not everybody wants to live next to a warehouse, no matter how "pretty". In fact, I have an idea now, and I'll turn that townhouse around to face out to sea in another direction : )
  5. I agree that by definition a warehouse need not be ugly, and beauty can be achieved with steel and concrete, and quaint cottages can be ugly. But that's not the point. You must not have GTFO near you. It means that in many areas that are quaint roads or Linden bridges or waterfront, you have this mammoth structure that clashes with nature and its surroundings by its industrial nature. Make it beautiful or not, it's still INDUSTRIAL. Once again, there are almost NO GTFO sites that are like Larsson's for example, a quaint cafe. Compare and contrast Larsson and the one near my land on Lake Caldera. WHEN you have a GTFO right next to you, do write. Others have different experiences. Anything that threatens to take over the entire grid needs a pushback, like the "pod tours" which a few forums regs love and therefore feel shouldn't be criticized. Stand on my parcels and watch dozens of flying green buses limp down the roadside with no passengers, and you will feel differently. Well the concrete things are being done, Therese is getting a HUD designed of recommended places. If anyone wants to host a node and be on a circuit rid of MAS locations, IM me, I now have an object (pot of daisies) and an Experience key with that name, "Mainland Appreciation Society" which is basically just a fast teleporter.
  6. Oh, that's nice to know, I guess it was a parcel that was near that location that bounced me, yet flying all around now, I don't see it. Well glad to hear your party is open.
  7. Sent an NIC to Asadora, hope to be included, but if not, it's a great event which I will tour and promote.
  8. This is strange. Do you behave this way in RL, where you don't advocate anything to the government, say, better treatment of refugees or not building a wall, or not leaving the European Union, or not ending sanctions against Russia? Or whatever your political beliefs are -- you don't advocate them? Of course you have to advocate policies to the Lindens, who are a kind of government, even if they are more like an old-fashioned corporation with a company town and company store. It is the only thing that has ever worked. This answer is in red so that you all remember it after I die, and cut and paste it and remember SL history properly, not as some of the victors are writing it now. Lindens didn't change their odd prim policy that enabled some people to destroy the commons by taking up all the prims on a sim on their tiny lots; they made a different system where prims were tied to purchased square meters, with some Linden Land easements, after the "Tea Party" prim protest years ago. Lindens didn't finally end ad farms after four years of blight and loss of land value and destruction of second lives from "the Bush Guy" and "Mr. Lee's Hong Kong" who are gone from SL now; they made a policy and enforced it due to residents' persistent advocacy, including pickets at Governor Linden's manor and the welcome areas. Lindens didn't make the opportunity to buy grandfathered sims, initially only privately available to their special friends; they opened it up to everyone after this unfair policy was exposed. Lindens didn't change language in the TOS and follow up on DMCA policies regarding intellectual property theft; they changed them not only due to advocacy but RL lawsuits. When the Lindens crashed the land auction by rolling out low fixed-price full sims for a time, some of us ceased buying them and sold our land in protest. They stopped that. Lindens didn't create the telehub buy-back plan (after the land bought for huge prices at auction was devalued when they implemented point-to-point teleportation) until land barons got together as a group, confronted Philip Linden in an inworld meeting, and invoked the possibility of a "bait-and-switch" lawsuit. This was done politely but firmly. The raising of island prices sparked some very raucous protests with graphics I found too bloody and I didn't take part in them because a price hike is basically a business choice you can only respond to by not buying. The Lindens didn't lower their prices that year, but did years later when they could afford to. Lindens didn't stop concentrated and deliberate griefing rooted in RL institutions until enough of the bad behaviour was published and enough of the user base protested. Lindens didn't crack down on child pornography until RL prosecutors launched probes against them. They didn't end ponzi schemes and fake banks and stock markets and later illegal gambling until credit card companies threatened to withdraw their services. Lindens didn't stop punishing people who put their gatchas in the wrong category, and enable a category just called "gatchas" on the MP until they dealt with enough people protesting constant notices of infractions that they devised a new policy. We have more prims per square meter and lower priced sims today because legions of users grumbled about the cost and limitations over the years. Lindens changed policies about their own zoned land like Belliseria -- does Belliseria have a policy that you can't have skyboxes, the way Brown does? Of course not. I could go on and on with many other examples. I myself was involved in a number of these protests and even breaking the news on this, actions for which quite a few Lindens, especially after they left the Lab, praised me and urged me to continue because they themselves advocated them internally. The other day, the head of a group that claimed they bought water to keep it free for sailing which owned a parcel in front of some land for sale -- land itself not put to sale, put that land to sale after I bought the parcel behind it. I protested this bad, duplicitous practice. The owner then claimed he knew Philip Linden and now he understood why Philip said I was banned from every party in SL (LOL). By that he meant the community conventions, from which I was *not* banned -- I attended three. But not before a group of connected residents I called the Fetid Inner Core advocated my banning from the second one in Chicago in a planning group, with a Linden who didn't protest it. Why? Because of my past history of protest about favouritism (which in fact, together with others, led the Lindens not only to create a code of conduct for employees but to cease the practice of having Lindens promote residents' inworld businesses). And specifically because I protested a contract that would have removed the copyright protections for music bands playing at that SLCC. None other than Robert Scoble published a column in a RL newspaper condemning this idea, and it was withdrawn. I wasn't banned from a later one I didn't attend, although some griefers -- whose islands were later seized -- chalked "Ban Prok" on the wall of Linden Lab's RL building, with Lindens who opened the doors to them standing by (who are no longer at the Lab). Who's still in SL? I am. Who isn't? Lindens who griefed me on their alts because I protested against against their pet projects like the open-sourcing of the viewer, the cause for much griefing and loss of content and a factor in the dispute between Philip and Corey after which Corey left. In 2005, I was banned from these forums for a time because I protested that the FIC were able to post horrendous posts advocating violence against me and accusing me falsely of a RL crime (Internet witch-hunters found a journalist with the same common RL name as mine who was fired for plagiarism and mixed that person up with me -- I've never been accused of plagiarism). I then posted a question for the then-Town Hall about the open-sourced viewer and griefing, for which a Linden banned me -- and when I went to the Town Hall, a griefer made a day-old alt with the name "Prokofy" and spouted nonsense during this town hall, and *I* was banned although it wasn't me. A Linden was recorded in an IRC channel plotting to get rid of me with the FIC. But eventually after a year or so when the management of the forums changed to a different Linden, I was restored, because I hadn't done anything wrong. And all of this is important when you read false claims that I am banned from all SL forums and blogged (I'm only banned from Sluniverse where these oldbies congregated) or banned from conventions they don't even have any more (because of all the problems associated with them), keep in mind that a reason you have a better Second Life today is because people like me were willing to endure abuse and harassment to bring about change. The only place I remained ban from among the LL properties is the JIRA, where I advocated repeatedly for a change to the group code to end the bug (admitted to be a bug by the Linden who originally programmed it) that enables the return of group-set objects even if group-set item return is NOT checked off on the members' powers. Lindens who banned me want to keep that function which they view as a feature of group builds, heedless of its effect on relationships in groups when prims are returned against your will, much less its havoc in group rentals. That's ok -- you can't vote anymore on the JIRA as you once could, so it is better to go to an office meeting and discuss a proposal. The Mainland is a far better place to live today, and SL is better in general, because residents ADVOCATED for change and it CAME. You can't respect bad choices that injure your second life. And the Lindens realize these changes were in their best interests; after all, they like SL too and many of them have "civilian" alts, some of which preceded their work at the lab, where they had lives and businesses they enjoyed. Advocacy isn't "forcing people to what you think it is right" because you can't -- THEY ARE IN POWER, not you, and never forget it. You merely express your opinion of what is right and frankly, they come to see it is in their best interests not to keep rolling out new sims and let them be destroyed by blight and griefing. I don't see that any of this advocacy was disrespectful. In the earlier days we met directly with Lindens in groups and office hours, some of which still persist today, and I don't see that this is "disrespectful". You can't be in a Kumbayah circle holding hands with people who devalue your land and ruin your virtual life; you have to speak up. And because they are largely decent, and not like, say notoriously indifferent and abusive MMORPG companies, here we all are.
  9. Does anybody else have this? For several days now, I have not been able to delete folders from the Marketplace Listings inworld. I have to go to the MP outside of SL and delete it there, which means deleting the entire entry, not just the folder. So I can't then add a new copy of the item I'm selling. It's just grayed out, and I can't delete either just the stock folder or the entire listing folder. Very odd. UPDATE: What I used to do was right click on the item and delete either the entire item, or just the one stock folder in order to add another copy. Now it's greyed out. But the workaround is to drag the folders to "Trash". Still, I wonder why this stopped working as "delete" as a right-click option is still showing.
  10. Have had the exact same thing happen, over a hundred items, no explanation, no notice, no apology, and I couldn't figure out what was a violation.
  11. oh that's great to know! I have to check my prims and I'll get back to you.
  12. No, it's not a new culture, it's an old culture. They used to be inworld much more heavily and interacted much more intensively. They would build things like inworld games or plant trees and residents would watch and talk. Jack Linden used to stand around at the telehubs chatting with regulars. They had town halls and office hours galore. Some of them came to live music. Their staff was drawn more from the user base then (something that I didn't think was such a great idea, due to favouritism and clientitis, and the more they began to draw from the big IT companies in later years, the more professional they became). They departed from this over-fraternization and I think it's probably a good thing. It's not a relationship of equals.
  13. Here's the house altar where you may pray to Patch Linden, with animations.
  14. Have you ever tried to wander around the world and talk to people? It can be hard work and also, if you are the ruler of the world, I imagine you'll be in for a lot of complaints. There's nothing in it for them to do that. They never said they were the new golden frontier of work, where did you hear that?! I've never seen that anywhere. They also have never said that businesses interacting with their customers in a virtual world is a thing they encourage, either. If anything, they're more on the side of bots and algorithms as the tools of business and that's what has resulted in the world.
  15. Oh, wonderful! What I have is called Bama Fishing Boat. That's wonderful that there's a rezzer. But now she's gone from SL so I guess it's not possible to get : (
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