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  1. As someone who complained regularly and often in any venue I could about this, I do want to express my gratitude to the Lindens who diligently kept working on this project because it is vital to the virtual world. No, it isn't perfect, and some zoom levels can be slow in loading. But they do all work now -- in recent weeks it was only some zoom levels that work but now they all do. And there are always people for whom it doesn't work and who have quibbles. But the main outlines of it work -- it shows the tiles. You can see where to point-to-point teleport. You go there. The buil
  2. I have tried all different things over the years and to this day I make sure I have multiple methods because some things don't work at certain times or one thing stops working or whatever. I go to various night clubs or music venues and if they have open ad boards I put ads there, they do get some clicks. If there is some outrageous fee for the ad, I give it a pass, it is seldom worth it. There are hangouts like "The Shelter" that have ad boards to help cover their tier. I have recently started placing an ad in a furniture store. They are the only furniture store I have ever se
  3. I'm making my way through all of Hopkirk and related authors in the pandemic. https://www.amazon.com/Spy-Who-Disappeared-Mission-Russian/dp/0575047852
  4. Hi, Reed, Can you comment on how this new fee will impact the value of the Linden which has been artificially kept at about 240-241 for more than a year, and throughout SL's history has varied considerably. Will you continue to keep it at US $4.00/1,000 Linden dollars? Everyone who buys or sells on the LindEx knows that it is not truly a "market" institution, despite some small fluctuations daily, as it is artificially kept at this rate by infusions of Lindens. Also, Linden Lab used to supply information about the percentage of the concurrency (which is now 30,000-40,000 on aver
  5. I guess you don't know about the Cult of the True Linden. And yes, it involves Altruima Linden.
  6. Actually, there's 156 now. I guess they tripled in a week. There must be a mathematical formula for this. Or maybe there were 153 and I got it wrong. Oh wait, now there's 126 with the word "Bellisseria" and 56 with the word "Bellisserian" -- but search is broken. No matter. The point is, the number is growing and there is always room for one more. Looks like you may not be able to control this phenomenon.
  7. I recently studied the question of Bellisseria groups when I made one. I'm all for "let a 1,000 flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend." (Of course Mao didn't really mean that when he concocted that campaign phrase based on a Chinese poem -- and used it mainly to out dissenters and then persecute them. Still...). There should not be "only one" or "the only correct one where the proper people are". Nor should they all be driven to "unite" because there are "too many". I remember Nautilus went the same way -- one very aggressive person forming the main "citizens" group
  8. You never said a truer word. I have one neighbour now ranting at me and threatening big flashing spinning ugly builds because I wrote a note, "Sorry, I returned your trees but you weren't online, etc". I try to first constant people. But sometimes they are never online -- for years at a time. So I return them. One thing I've noticed is that Linden trees do not follow this "new" rule. That is, if a Linden tree encroaches, even very, very obviously, you CANNOT return it. Sometimes about its nature, which isn't a prim but something else, or at least following other laws of physics or someth
  9. I don't allow orbs on my land except for in the sky and there I prefer 20 seconds warning, but that's just me. As you said, you can do "WTF" you want on your land on the Mainland, that is the principle, although Phillip originally said this, in response to my question as to whether the Lindens were hoping to drive people to private islands, which are more expensive: "I'd say, stay on the mainland, the idea of clustering and the magic spell of working with your neighbors is just a great appeal." Philip Linden, Town Hall, Second Life, 7/7/06 Clustering. Magic Spell. Great
  10. I think possible now, after 2 years of watching this topic, you can conclude that yes, the navigable air and sea channels are primarily for the "shiny new Linden Homes continent" -- and that makes sense from their perspective, as they have to stay in business to keep tiering half of the Mainland for all of our enjoyment (yes, Governor Linden owns about half the 6000 sims on the Mainland in the form of intentional "Linden Land" in the form of roads and parks and abandoned land. Look at the Grid Survey. If they've got 1500 or 2000 new sims now that pay for themselves and make a profit from Premi
  11. Very beautiful photos! Yes, I'm highly aware of all those facts. I was present at the birth of Heterocera and know Iris and the other moth sims very well. Here is a transcript and photos from a talk by Xenon Linden about his inspiration for the builds.
  12. Well, that's what I wonder. I'm not going to be able to make a mesh item. But since it's a background building that doesn't have to be entered, I could put prims together and paste the magazines and whatnot on to it from old photos (it's a Soviet news kiosk). I mean, there's be no sense in buying that model and then paying someone else to upload it and more -- they'd have to do all that cutting and pasting to fit everything as Aquila mentioned. Seems insane, actually. Thanks to everyone who explained it in detail. It seems like Render Hub is basically not a place to shop for SL items
  13. Here's my problem with "Lou Netizen's" thinking. He says the bots are "doing good" as he defines it -- and some, but not all of what he indicates could be construed as "doing good". But why does he or any other bot wrangler get to decide that for the entire community? He withholds the names of groups of bots or individual bots so that people can ban them because he feels they "must" have eminent domain "for the good of society" or "science". But why does he get to decide undemocratically? The ability of certain people to grab the entire world as a canvas they don't pay for is somethi
  14. Hmm, well that's a lot of resources unless this is an April Fool's joke. They could fill in with actual Linden Home sims maybe? I don't know if this is a priority, but if they ever do it, then they need to call the Linden Homes area "Mainland" as a result.
  15. If you join my SL Public Land Preserve for $10, you can visit all the locations and set prims there. But the intention is that they are temporary, i.e. to set up a photo shoot, to fish, to hang out -- and then you clean them up. The idea is not to put up skyboxes or houses and live in them, if you do that they will be removed.
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