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  1. 1. You don't need to literally read a Chomsky book to read Chomsky as it has bled into much of college courses anyway in various forms, shaping your concept of "The Man" who is out to get you and suppressing all your freedoms. 2. There isn't any such thing as "everybody knows" anymore or "The Press" precisely because the media is so diverse now. The last time I remember everybody watching the exact same television show called "Huntley Brinkley" was when I was riding my bike down the street in Niagara Falls, NY in 1961, and a teenage boy rushed by and warned me that "Huntley Brinkley" was starting and I saw the dads coming home from work in time for Huntley Brinkley". By 1962, Ramparts magazine had started and -- oh, never mind, history is lost on the ideological such as yourself. 3. This is just a crazy, wild-eyed idea -- but maybe you can't find any unbiased news sources because...you're biased yourself. 4. Twitter has a great diversity of truths and falsehoods and the wisdom is to know the difference. 5. You're welcome to have the last word as debates with anonymous people in SL even if they went to college 30 years ago are seldom rewarding.
  2. I'm in NYC, and I simply can't take a wild statement like that seriously, especially as I work in journalism. We have an enormously diverse, wild and free media, including even "oligarch" owned. There are enormous numbers of totally scrappy independent outlets that exist either on volunteer contributions or meager subscriptions. There are Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands -- millions -- of viewers that function like media, like radio used to. That you can write something like that lets me know that you cannot read anything except perhaps the Noam Chomsky books on your college reading list or perhaps you only read The Intercept. But if you even read just the Intercept, funded by an oligarch who used to be on the board of Linden Lab (Pierre Omidyaar), you'd grasp that your claim that we need to "pretend" USA is "still" a democracy is a wild exaggeration. But Good Lord on a crutch, you could at least listen to Amy Goodmann on "Democracy Now".
  3. Do you run a Second Life business that in fact is your real-life income with which you feed your family? Is your little side business in SL now what your family may have to rely on because your RL jobs are paused, shuttered, done? Tweet your Congress people to include e-Commerce in the bailout for business due to COVID-19 https://www.ebaymainstreet.com/campaign/tell-congress-dont-leave-small-ecommerce-businesses-behind?utm_source=Iterable&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=campaign_1098838
  4. I'm glad you're at least thinking in the right direction. Well as Rodney Collin said, if you can't do anything else, if you have nothing else to give, you can at least give a smile, that costs nothing. I think what many are slow to grasp now is the interconnectivity and interdependedness of human beings. If self-care doesn't involve an eye to the Golden Rule and basic decency and old-fashioned religious self-sacrifice, it's in fact damaging to the self in the long run. I bet we're going to hear enormous screaming from people whose Internet has slowed down or Amazon slowed or stopped as these services either turn themselves to mission-critical work or are ordered to do so by authorities. We're going to hear an enormous amount of ranting and raving from Ayn Rand libertarians and Soviet-style socialists which abound in the Second Life community that "the man" has "trampled" on their rights, that either the Deep State or Evil Capitalism have crushed their special snowflakes. Other-care *is* self-care now. And that's why I'm not going to be discouraged by notions of "staying on topic" that may be too limited. Even on a very good day, the forums are a toxic, self-centered, self-aggrandizing place with most posters never actually logging in world or sticking their head up above their hunker bunker to see what the rest of society is all about. So for self-care for some might quite rightly be simply ignoring forums like this, Reddit, Twitter etc if you don't have the ability to screen facts and usefulness out from insanity.
  5. I actually think a completely different approach is needed. Yes, self care is nice and as I said, knowing from my years at the UN, the first rule of relief work is never to become a case yourself. Make sure you have food and water and medicine if you need it. Even so, our society could use more Christian/Jewish/Muslim/religious ethos of self-sacrifice for the sake of others. I'm ok. Do I need to worry about putting on lotion now or should I see if my elderly neighbour has food? Yes, fresh air is nice, but have I even called my grandmother? I think not enough people realize that this is not about a chance to hole up and watch Netflix and practice your omelette recipes and post funny pictures of your cat. If you are able bodied and not sick, you need to figure out what you are doing to lesson the burden in your community for those who are sick or taking care of the sick.
  6. I guess you don't appreciate the value of your free press in the EU, which is available to question, correct, and independently check things like UN statistics. As for your other extreme libertarianism and hatred and suspicion of multilateral institutions -- which itself becomes a kind of totalitarianism -- no bandwidth no, sorry.
  7. In the United States, the states are responsible for health, education and welfare, not the federal government, except at a higher level of aid to states that are less well off. So do start ignoring Trump; sparring with Trump; expecting a bailout from Trump. I'm very glad that Cuomo, who I voted for but am not thrilled with (his stance on abortion and his corruption) is exercising real leadership and taking drastic measures that need to be taken. DeBlasio should be removed or ignored the way Trump should be. The NJ governor is also doing pretty well with this. Local leaders are what you need to look to and encourage now. The endless blathering about what Trump did or didn't do now is so irrelevant that I have no words. What's relevant is whether a local leader can commandeer hotels to provide hospital beds and enforce shelter in place while keeping free media open.
  8. Could I urge all of you that are still in relatively safe conditions, with food, running water and Internet, and your main concern a slow run of Netflix or Balducci's taking more than an hour to deliver or your Amazon groceries a day late: you do not have the luxury to be scared, do not be scared, and focus on doing every single thing in your power to help first yourself to survive (first rule of rescue work is never become a case yourself), then your immediate family and neighbours with as much groundedness in real life and bricks and mortar as you can muster while sheltering in place and practicing social distancing and clean hands (please disinfect glasses and doornobs too). I'm at Ground Zero for the virus, across from hospital row in New York City. We have the most cases in the country. It's very bad here, and the newspapers do not even know the worst of it yet. I've already been in quarantine for 14 days now as I'm immune-compromised. My medicines began to run out and basic staples. I can't go to the store, which were emptying even 2 weeks ago. NOTHING I have ordered on line has arrived, whether from 14 days ago; 7 days ago; let alone 4 days ago. Not "overnight prime Amazon"; not "overnight" FEDEX. Local store deliveries take a minimum of *three days*; local pharmacies are NOT delivering, full stop. My daughter has been working in a hospital without masks because they've run out. She's screening frightened cancer patients and their relatives for the virus. Her co-workers are sick. It has breached the hospital walls as you may have read. She was able to get a few masks from her boyfriend's job. After worker protests, her hospital is now issuing more masks -- but they have to be reused. Surgeons, doctors, are reusing all protective items. So my goal, and yours too, should be NOT to end up in the hospital. Don't fall in your house; don't party at bars and get infected and infect others; stay home. If your symptoms are mild, stay home and don't overwhelm the system. There are no tests instantly on demand at this worst place in the country; they are *rationed*. They are rationed even for medical personnel. My son and his wife were helping me, but they can't now. They stopped being able to smell or taste food the last few days, which they found hugely weird, although they only feel a little tired. Unfortunately this weird loss of smell and taste is a classic and well documented feature of this virus -- Google it. They've watched as their local business and others have shuttered overnight, leaving open the question how any of them will buy food, even if rent can be postponed. The Costcos near them in NJ was empty last week. My church is overwhelmed with taking care of sick and elderly; my tenants' committee is overwhelmed. Thank God a college kid from a synagogue who started "Invisible Hands" was able send over somebody to first go to my doorman, then my mailbox, searching for a FEDEX of vital meds that never came; then wait in line at the pharmacy to finally get me 30 days. They won't issue 90 days which everyone thinks they will as they advertise it. Not without a doctor's permission. Good luck getting your doctor on the phone or through apps now. I am not scared. I am not panicked. I've been in quarantines before; I've been in disasters before, like Hurricane Sandy. It's bad, but FDR had it right when he said the only thing to fear is fear itself. I'm going to keep doing my RL jobs, which fortunately I still have; keep helping my family, and keep open my little SL business. What I do want to stress -- and nobody wants to hear it because while they can accept the dire situation of the virus, they don't want to hear that their salvation from that -- the Internet -- is going to slow down, get really slow or non-operative, and stop. So plan accordingly. Do not rely on Amazon or FEDEX for medicines, pet food, groceries. Start figuring out what real-life organizations, institutions, people, individuals can help with this -- and be one of those people yourself to help. That's how we will pull through. Linden Lab is in a shelter-in-place city. Ebbe didn't explain how he is dealing with that and whether his workers can come into the office or whether anyone will consider they are "media" or "education" and "mission critical" (likely not) and let them physically keep their doors open. Thank God the Lindens developed the MoonLab, and all of the wonderfulness of SL, but SL is tied to RL. Except people to disappear, as they did with the Japan earthquake, Sandy, etc. Only way worse. Except people not to be able to log on and do things for you that you take for granted. Try to be helpful instead of whining then.
  9. Er, what you make of it is that statistics and reporting to the UN in a country like China controlled by the Communist Party are cooked.
  10. Good thing the Lindens ignore the forums when they make marketing decisions.
  11. I read the other thread, and read about Roblox, which I don't think you can compare to SL. The reason Roblox has a billion users is that it has a built-in "things to do". SL doesn't have that. Most people can't make their own fun, and it's not a slam on them, why should they have to? Most entertainment in life is made by companies, not by you. SL is free, too.
  12. I got several notices today from Dinkie groups about various fun, games, prizes -- and they didn't even seem to involve chipmunk voices, although they might have. Again, this already exists; you're soaking in it; you create it yourself. WHY do you want the Lindens to make it for you??? As for all the comments about the Metaverse, you do have to go back 10 or even 15 years and read the literature on this that existed way before Fortnite, and even before Second Life, and isn't just about Snowcrash. It's helpful to read past literature, for example the book Exodus to the Virtual World by Edward Castronova published in 2008 (and his other books published around that time)- now that was 12 years ago. I remember hearing Ted speak at the conference at New York Law School which was also the venue for the first SL meet-up with Philip Rosedale, the creator, present and Cory Ondrejka and other famous pioneer Lindens and philosophers like Richard Bartle -- now we're talking 16 years ago, ancient history! His thesis was that people would become so addicted to virtual worlds and gaming in particular, that the National Guard would have to be sent in to haul them away from their computers and force them to work at jobs that maintain critical infrastructure like electrical power plants and food and deliveries and such. Imagine! He was the first person I heard talk about bitcoin before it was called that. He said that terms like "virtual economy" or "virtual content" would lose their descriptors in 10 years because all economy would be virtual, all content, etc. etc. I haven't seen anything from him in ages, and it's not fashionable, and now there are other people, at conferences not subsidized by game companies, that find that yes, violence in RL is linked to violent video games, something he denied and is still denied and furiously fought about, although there is more and more studies that support this. It's funny, he denies that reality, yet he could mount a thesis that people would get so busy playing Fortnite that they wouldn't keep the electricity on in their city. He and others never explained why gaming or virtuality never became a massive phenomenon -- yet social media did. I remember we went out to an outdoor cafe -- it was in September -- and we were sitting with Pathfinder Linden (John Lester) who had on this SL necklace which the Lindens sold then, like swag. And there were tourists from Florida or something, and Pathfinder, sounding like the member of some cult or secret society, told these tourists who asked about the hand-eye icon that few were in on this secret now, but soon the entire world would know about it and be in it! That was how these virtuality zealots talked about SL back in the day. Philip confidently said that all the office buildings in NYC would be empty, because there'd be no use for them, because everything would be virtualized and be on a 3D Internet, which would be based in SL and similar platforms. It was taken for granted that the 3D Internet would be here any day, and I first saw the "Internet of Things" proto-typed in SL by I believe Yoz Linden -- and again, this was 15 years ago. I could go on and on. There were these enormous conferences with thousands of people coming to buy into the virtual world craze of 2006-2007. One year it was even at the Jacob Javits center next to Toy Fair, the biggest industry expo. And now, Toys 'R Us is closed, Internet-tied toys didn't take off, and the entrepreneur who used to run those big virtual world conferences -- Chris Sherman -- morphed to augmented reality, and other kinds of things because it was a "virtual world winter" it was said. Google even ran a virtual world for awhile called "Lively" that died and went to the Google graveyard with other products much touted like Google Plus. I see some of these people I have kept up with as friends over the years sold off their virtual reality businesses and got into other things like SEO or streaming music or who knows what. Corey Linden works at Facebook as VP of engineering now, you know? A Naval officer who once worked at NSA, who was CTO at LL and left over a disagreement with Philip, evidently related to whether the entire thing should be open-sourced or just the viewer. There's a staggering amount of history. The people who have worked at SL are are responsible for its features come from some of the best companies, with the best skills, there are people from IBM or Microsoft or whatever. A former Linden created Fair Vote which is about lobbying ranked voting which is now popular and even implemented (not something I support). The point is, the Metaverse came and went, and left in its wake people who know make it easier for you to see just the cats you want to see on Facebook or Twitter, not other cats. It is now ramping up for another "Virtual World Spring" and round of wonderfulness, after the VR goggles thing tanked? Oh, I don't know. I don't think so? The coronavirus pandemic might make it seem as if now SL has found its time. The things that make people stay home or need to seek entertainment (there are more movie goers in a depression) or need remote meetings online may give it a bump, but the tether to real life is strong. If people lose jobs or have to tend the sick or be sick or lose property or homes, they are less available for online life, not more.
  13. I suppose your animosity toward me preceded this discussion because of the way you have reacted to literally one line that suggested "Tinyland" is not a viable project for LL in a marketing sense -- and a line that came after agreeding with your point that "creator" is not just a literal maker or scripter but also a decorator. You could have said, "Thanks for buying my Dinkie wares, Prokofy, on the MP, and I'm glad you're interested in tinies". No, instead, a line that merely states an opinion based on fact leads to round after round and the really ineffective argument "you don't know me" -- ineffective because nobody knows anybody in SL, everyone has a fictitious avatar to some level or another, so it is what it is. I don't perceive Dinkies as "child avatars" and you don't, but it doesn't matter. It was in *the Dinkie discussion group itself* that I first heard complaints of Dinkies being banned "as child avatars". So others see tinies of any type as child avatars, and they aren't wrong to do so, quite frankly, so there's little you can do about it. Child avatars might have a better reception if they didn't try to push the envelop (remember how they landed at the opening of Zindra and demanded the right to be present on this *adult* content *devoted to public sex*? Not much more you need to cite than *that*, but scads of bad experience, with griefing also notable, leads to this attitude. Now to return to the topic of LL's marketing. Would LL make a stand-alone world, with its own accounts, log-ins, monetary system, engine, etc. etc. I think you don't to be a rocket scientist, after Sansar has just been announced on the block and the staff fired, to conclude, noooo, the Lindens are not going to be creating any stand-alone worlds which they would create to give you a controlled Dinkie/tiny/etc experience. Would LL make a separate *continent* like Nautilus or Bellissaria, devoted to tinies? Well, maybe, but I also think it's not likely. Remember Elderglen? I do, because I lived there for some time. I liked the content there, I liked the house styles, I played the game with the fairy jars, I made a wizard house open to the public with various magic things shown. There were elves and fairies, too of course there. But it was empty, because that's not what most people wanted. Most people are norms, and they don't want to RP anything except "human norm". Sure, fairies or wizards are different than Tinies. Still, it's an experience you can use as a yardstick to predict the likelihood of LL doing this. If anything, they are continuing to produce "norm" after "norm" stuff -- houseboats, Victorian homes, campers, and now log homes. I don't think hobbit caves or Dinkie miniature abodes are likely to come because it's too much a niche. Only the maker of the original Dinkie avatar knows how many she has sold -- it's got to be thousands and thousands, but not half a million. And why would you want the Lindens to take over this thriving, creative niche?! Here Etheria Parrot, the Dinkie creator has made a remarkable avatar that isn't too "cute" and that has "cat" but avoids some of the cliches. The eyes are very different, not just the cliche "cute" wide eyes of an animal cartoon or child. Those eyes create expressions which seem to range from "a little grumpy from being awoken too early from my nap" to "haunted at the things I saw in trench warfare at the Somme" -- but that's just it, it's a range, and like the expression-free dolls of the Montessori schools that are supposed to stimulate imagination rather than killing it (as Barbies are supposed to do), the Dinkie eyes enable people to have a wide range with it, and are very compelling. Only God can make a tree, and the Lindens make pretty good trees (some continue to hold up well 16 years later), but only a resident -- not a Linden -- can make a Dinkie, you know? Truly. The Dinkie thing has spawned ENORMOUS numbers of clothes, scenes, props -- the freebies made by Veloce are bar none, the best, most intricate and well-working interactive freebies of any kind from any group I've seen. WHY would you want the Lindens to co-opt this??? Tinyland exists already. There are entire communities and shopping centers just for tinies. It just boggles the mind while you would want the Lindens to capture this and manage it for you -- which inevitably would end up homogenizing it and flattening it and locking some out. Why would you, as a creator who makes and sells things for Dinkies, want the Lindens to take over this niche? Do you believe it would bring you more customers? The Lindens do what they want, of course, and who knows, Patch, who has Neko ears (elf ears? some kind of ears) may lean toward the Dinkie/tiny/woodland creatures for all we know. But I think it's unlikely, and not even advisable. If you want a Tinyland, buy 10 sims and run them, like Mieville does. it's a lot of work, it requires a lot of sacrifice, imagination, diplomacy and it's fragile as we have seen. One person dies or one person is sick -- it suffers. Even so, there is a group that rallies, it has a spirit, activities, content -- it's a model for such niche communities. (BTW there are a lot of tinies in Mieville it seems, which has a Steampunk theme). So before getting the Lindens to do X community, it would be good to do it yourself on 10 sims, with your friends who share your views. Lock out who you want; block who you want; do what you want. You don't need the Lindens for this. Should there be yet another option, where the Lindens helps such themed RP communities, or "communities of purpose" of any kind, with a more hands-off but helpful means, as they do with RL educators by giving them non-profit tax-free rates? (Because they have RL tax-free papers from authorities). Just as they give 10% extra land to use in a group as a bonus to land contributions to a group, shouldn't they do something extra like that to help RP survive? I don't know what such a thing would be -- making all texture uploads only 5L instead of 10? Adding more prims? If they did that, they would first get outrage from those who felt this was more favoritism, and they'd get deluged by groups who aren't really a dedicated theme but just want free stuff. And remember, this isn't about getting the Lindens to do more and pay more themselves. It's about them MARKETING and getting more users. So how does making the land you'd like to see do that? I might like them to make Buryat Mongolia, but I know that I -- and the only real Mongolian that I have found in SL -- are probably going to like it, plus the odd dragon or yurt camper. So I make it myself, you know? So what this comes back to is your notion that parents want an Animal Crossing kind of game that they play "after hours" when the kids are in bed. And this is based on what kind of data or even anecdotal impression? I don't think the demographics cross. There are those Moms who play WoW and swear like sailors and beat all the bosses, but they are a minority. I do see husbands and wives plus the occasional child playing Free Sims Online -- the Sims Online always had that interesting phenomenon of actual families in RL, who came from playing the offline game to playing online. The top traffic FSO houses are often actual Mom & Pop shops who actual find the mindless repetitiveness of the Sims to be soothing. I don't think there's a basis to market to "families" or "mom and dad after hours but still for kids" with SL.
  14. Norman Rockwell made his painting in November 1942, based on FDR's 1941 speech on the "Four Freedoms" (it's "Freedom from Want"). It was published in 1943. I think it's more likely that this dumpling mix, which look like it came from the 1960s, judging from the wide collar, tie, and haircut and photo qualities, was consciously copying Rockwell's painting because the company would know it would find resonance with people who knew Rockwell's iconic painting. Unless you can put an earlier date than 1942 on this photo, but it doesn't seem so.
  15. This has been an interesting thread, and it proves several things: o the idea of what is NFSW is subjective, especially for @Beth Macbain o depending on your Twitter settings, location, and past search history, you see different things. Even so, most people will find a lot of NFSW furries on that search. Even a furry who describes himself as going through three phases of fandom says there are lots of NSFW furries. So I think this is the usual story of either denial, or desire to be contrary to anything I say just because I say it It has been pointed out that there's a lot of porn on Twitter. Yuck, that's for sure. And I don't wish to view it and don't click on it, so it's not showing up on a search of "second life" because I view porn. If anything I am harassed by Russian trolls using porn as a means of shocking and annoying, and block such accounts. I have "show safe content" checked ON -- which I hadn't realized because I never bother with net-nannying settings -- and I would need to leave it on my RL account because I have to tweet for some of my jobs. And because all kinds of free speech, LGBT, torture, human rights, war etc content can be declared as "unsafe" or "sensitive", I would need to keep it checked. I *un*checked in on my @prokofy account and that cleaned up the furry related stream in search somewhat, so that's good to know. But it isn't even just "NSFW" and graphic furry sex, it's just furries period be associated with SL. And as much as you want to yammer on about how "this is the Internet and get over it," it need not be that way when you simply post other content, and not in the contrarian way Beth suggests, merely to add graphic human sex, but other non-sexualized topics so that SL is presented more diversely. There really isn't a way to do this in some widespread way and the Lindens aren't going to put to work 100 interns doing this because Twitter might then ban them as having deliberate, targeted Russian troll like behaviour. I could note I did this search on my RL account which has "Moscow" set for its location so that I can see the hashtags popular for that location. I *think* that means that I also have to have censored what Twitter decides it will censor because the Russian government asked it to, merely to keep its service from totally being blocked. And that's annoying but I have another account set to "New York" so it's all good. But that Moscow-centric account is what produced the furry deluge -- there's a lot of Russian furries, did you know? And graphic ones at that. There isn't any "skewing" of my narrative here @Storm Clarence I've REPORTED ON what I found on a Twitter search. That's what you do in a normal democratic free society. It has all the usual parameters we all know from the way social media companies skew your search. I've now tried this on three different accounts after reading about the "safe settings" issue and the "location" issue and while some of the most graphic stuff doesn't show, it's still mainly furries associated with Second Life, the search term. It's not like YOUR search of "second life" on Twitter is going to produce fairies and unicorns and rainbows and no furries, so let's not be children here. The purpose of discussions is to add facts and information and useful opinions, and this thread has done that by pointing out the issue of settings, history, location. Chaser has reported with a useful post based on real experience, "So in summary, I don't feel it is much of a problem as most people looking for info about Second Life as a business platform will have nsfw enabled on twitter, and if they did, they probably wouldn't be the type to judge considering theres some pretty weird stuff on twitter." And I certainly take that point. But this topic veered off into the "UNSAFE" furries not filtered out. And ultimately, there's a different, larger issue that it's furries IN GENERAL in the search, and for the average prejudiced person deliberating about SL, their association with furries will be a) sex b) griefing/harassment. Which is unfortunately because it's not the majority of furry presentation in reality, or the majority of SL as a whole, either.
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