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  1. Prokofy Neva

    Premium account mainland confusion

    One thing I don't think was mentioned -- you can't choose your Linden home. That is, you can choose its style, but not its location. That style will be randomly assigned to you on some Linden Homes sim. You get five tries, i.e. you can abandon a home and try again if you get a location you don't like. Not sure when that resets. I think choosing a location on the Mainland and buying the land is a much better option with a premium account -- it's a buyer's market, take your time, and look around, you might find 512 or 1024 for less than $1/meter, I see it all the time. Also some rental companies, such as mine, will accept tier in their groups in lieu of cash, i.e. $250/wk credit for 512 m, so that you get either a no-cash rent or a discount. Then you might consider grouping your land too to get the extra tier bonus.
  2. Prokofy Neva

    Current Premium Gift - camp fire & tent

    Yes, I thought this was really the best premium gift the Lindens have ever produced because it was modifiable, varied, came in pieces, and had interactivity that you could transfer to other things/settings. I suppose the dune buggies was something many thought was the best, and they were cool, and I drove them a bit on their desert sims, but I don't really care about vehicles that much. I wasn't bothered by a 20-prim tree because a lot of the best trees in SL do not come cheap in prims, either, and you can always remove and replace it. I had seen a script like this that tells a story before, in -- of all things -- an automatic Rosary prayer that takes you through all the Mysteries of the Rosary (I have it at the Notre Dame replica in Champlain), but this was something you could add to yourself. The animations were good, too.
  3. Prokofy Neva

    What Keeps You Coming Back To SL?

    Because they did in the past about other people. Just look at the forums.
  4. Prokofy Neva

    What Keeps You Coming Back To SL?

    I'm glad to hear that on the private SLU Community Forum there was an outpouring of grief and a GoFundMe. For those who didn't join SLU or worse, who have been banned like me for protesting the bad behavior of griefers, this isn't visible. But it's still odd that there were no comments on the general, open forums, of the type that have been made on similar occasions in the past.
  5. Prokofy Neva

    What Keeps You Coming Back To SL?

    What's relevant here is why a person whose "interest has waned completely" still runs a primarily SL-related forums and why Linden Lab's CEO and other Lindens continue to think that this forum is some kind of "litmus test of opinion" that they "must" heed. It's not. One of its chief features is that the members no longer log into SL. And their "game" is in fact about being obsessed with criticism and nostalgia about SL rather than engaging in it currently. Speaking of RL deaths, it was a total mystery to me why no one on SLuniverse marked the death of Siggi Romulus, who was a very important figure and merchant in SL's early days and used to be a participant of SLuniverse. What's important to me is not "why" I log on every day mainly to serve my customers but THAT I log on -- for many reasons of creativity and the ability to control and design your environment, interact with many kinds of people and so on. The reasons change, and persist despite bad patches such as the current grey squares.
  6. Am I confused? Somehow I got the idea that if you stuck it out and collected all 15 gifts on all 15 weeks and got it checked in on your HUD, that there was YET ANOTHER special prize on top of that. Or was that 15th one the special prize?
  7. Prokofy Neva

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Oh, dear, what other virtual worlds did they infect?
  8. Prokofy Neva

    Picture-Taking Annoyance

    Well, they're free to unban me at any time. I used to contribute significantly to the Jira. Imagine, there was a time when the viewer said "Second Life is brought to you by....name name name Prokofy Neva name name." True story.
  9. Prokofy Neva

    Picture-Taking Annoyance

    No. Jira is not that thing. I'm banned from the Jira because I insisted that a bug was really a bug and not a feature -- a feature that a certain Linden was wedded to. So I can't even read Jira and that is not the solution -- far fewer people read the Jira than even the forums so the forums of course are a viable means of expression, and I have seen Lindens respond to forums concerns many times. This annoyance comes JUST as we are forced to rely on saving photos to hard drive to put on a drive or upload to social media BECAUSE the social media/photo thinger is busted. It has taken a lot of the fun out of SL for me.
  10. Prokofy Neva

    Picture-Taking Annoyance

    No, I will never become a Firestorm user. Ever. In my life. For the many reasons I've blogged about for the last decade. I am a member of secondlife.com and I prefer to use the official viewer -- and there is no reason why I shouldn't, and the Lindens should fix this on their viewer, regardless of what Firestorm does. I'm glad to see that this is confirmed as an issue.
  11. Prokofy Neva

    Is This Summer's Sales Slump Worse Than Usual?

    There are two problems with this theory of yours: 1) Rent is by definition cheaper than purchase price plus tier to LL. The rental agencies have lower costs of tier as they have bulk ownership and reduced costs, so they are charging you less in rent than you would have to pay LL if you paid tier directly. Everyone in the rentals business and renting gets this, so trying to argue it to the contrary is absurd. There are many reasons to own and not rent -- full control of the land for "privacy" is one of them, since not every rental can provide you a maximum-security bunker. But lower cost is not one of those reasons. 2) My customers can click on REFUND and get most of their rent paid back minus a small early cancellation fee, so that's not an issue. As an owner, you *might* get your purchase price back but likely may not -- which is why we see so much abandoned land.
  12. Prokofy Neva

    Is This Summer's Sales Slump Worse Than Usual?

    I realize it is "the game" for some to be contrarian on the forums. "Look at the map" means..."look at the map". Look at the green dots present during prime time in the US, let's say 9 pm, and compare and contrast for what would be 9 pm in London or Seoul. That is all. Then you won't keep arguing, as the pile-up of green dots will prove it to you. The Lindens used to release log-on information, and it was clear then. They don't know, but the map's green dots will tell you this. A statement like "there are at least 25 US states that have warm weather year round" as an argument against the perfectly normal, common-sense and demonstrable claim that in the summer, people go outside is absurd on the face of it. First of all, it's only half the states. But more to the point, different US states are not on different school and vacation schedules. When it is February, all kids all over the US are in school and most tend not to take an annual vacation then (some take a winter vacation if they are in a very cold state but it's not the majority). It's not like in the US, in Texas there is a different school calendar than Alaska. The calendar will not vary by more than a week. By the same token, people take vacations from offices in the summer -- "summer" as a concept when there are more vacations does not vary from New York to Kansas to Arizona. Everyone in SL who is in business knows there is a summer slump because most users are in North America and most either go outside more -- not only due to weather but due to school and work schedules!!! -- and/or take vacations more. I merely have to look at my list of customers and what they do to see this, as anyone does. The hot air here is coming from persistent contrariness in the face of obvious facts, and to what end? Again, one can only conclude this is "the game" for some. People go outdoors not only when it is warm, but when they have time off. The end!
  13. Prokofy Neva

    Picture-Taking Annoyance

    This is one of those problems that probably started as someone's idea of "making things better" -- and they weren't wrong -- but then either they hadn't thought it through, or it didn't work as planned. This is, of course, assuming that this problem isn't some annoyance peculiar only to my SL, which seems unlikely. For years, the way snapshots worked was this: when you log on, you snap a picture, and for the very first picture of that log-on session, the system will force you to label it on your own hard drive. At that juncture you would also be forced to pick a folder into which the pictures would be saved. Then it would proceed automatically with sequential numbering. So let's say I log on, make a picture and decide to call it "Pattern" for something I'm building, and then I get "Pattern_01", then "Pattern_02" and so on. Some weeks ago, this system changed to what "seemed" better -- the system no longer forced you to make up a new name for your pictures each time you logged on. So now it automatically called the next picture from the new fresh log on "Pattern" -- the name chosen from the *last* log-on. That would be fine, if it "just knew" to keep the same sequential numbering. But it doesn't -- it keeps that name, but now it starts the numbering over, "Pattern_01". So obviously when you try to put your pictures into folders, it bounces and asks you if you really want to do that, to skips it, or it forces you to renumber it -- say "1Pattern_01" so the original picture with that name is NOT overwritten. So now, while you no longer have to go through the annoyance of thinking up a new label and putting it into the same or a different folder to save, you will then later have to re-number pictures that ended up having the same name AND number -- from several different log-on sessions. Which is worse? Eventually you conclude the latter, even though it was supposed to "help," because at least when you were forced to think up a new name on every log-in, you didn't have to worry about pictures having the same name from session to session and the danger/annoyance of errors forcing re-labels. They simply wouldn't overwrite if you chose a different name every time -- and chances are you would be happy to do that as you would be photographing *something different during a different log-on*. I'm sure there will be found contrarians who will say I am "doing something wrong" or "don't get it" -- but that's absurd. We all know how the system worked for at least 12 or 13 years. Now it has changed suddenly, ostensibly "for the better," but only introduced another annoyance -- having to renumber pictures with the same name AND number later. There does not seem to be any way to turn this off, to force a new log-on to give you the option of a new label -- it automatically picks up the name you had from the previous log-on session but then restarts the numbering (perhaps it is technically not feasible to keep going in sequence. Of course there will be found people who say, but you just relabel it, it's not a big deal. No, because having to make new labels is an annoyance -- hey, the very annoyance that prompted the devs to get rid of this forced-renaming upon each log on! Hello! And it's much worse having to do it sometimes randomly when it suddenly clashes later when you are trying to put a picture into a folder (and you may put them in *different* folders). What is the solution? Either you have to put back the system that forces a re-name and re-save upon each log-in OR ensure that if the system generates the same name at each log-in, it also keeps going on the sequence and doesn't start over. It seems to me if you have a system that can remember a name, why can't it remember also the last number in a sequence and generate the next sequential number?
  14. Prokofy Neva

    What would you pay for it?

    You don't have enough data to make this claim -- and it's simply not true, either. Some rentals are at .5/prim if they are low-end, no frills or yours or something -- others aren't, I see even very costly rentals still doing well if the agent provides things people want. And .5/prim is below the cost of the tier you have to pay LL, so it's not a good business proposition.
  15. Prokofy Neva

    Is This Summer's Sales Slump Worse Than Usual?

    Except...there is, and the statistics of the LindEx and so on bear this out -- which used to be more visible but are still detectable. Just look at the map. Most of the users are in North America. It's not about there not being "plenty" of Asians and Latin Americans. It's about them not being the largest category and their summer not being at issue. The end. Summer means not just vacation, but going outdoors more and doing sports or having barbecues even at home or a nearby park. There's nothing foolish about reality; what's foolish is being contrarian when there are so many indicators.