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  1. Yes, the thread is worth reading all the way through, especially this tweet which points out cogently that the plaintiff didn't actually find LL in breach, re: the substance of her job, finding security vulnerabilities! So all this yammering about Tilia is speculative. It's like the way Edward Snowden and his fan club falsely claim that "the US government is spying on you" merely because they, as an elected government of a liberal democracy, legitimately spy on some select people suspected of crime or terrorism, with methods or tools that "hypothetically" (or as I often point out "hysterically and hypothetically") *might* be used against "anyone". The capacity for a breach isn't a breach. I think this case will fall apart.
  2. Oh, I see that now. Duly noted. Well, that thing about which we're talking about.
  3. This lawsuits bundles together at least three separate issues that may combine in the plaintiff's head as being the most effective way to litigate against LL, but which are separate. And it may be that any one or more of the three claims are false, but then others may be true. We do not have the facts but at this point there is enough press coverage that it is more than fine to discuss it -- you don't know what a crippling effect this could have on our world and it's important the Lindens/the media have the facts from our side, too. It's also important to remember that this woman did give a lot in this job, and has been hurt, at least from her perspective, and it isn't necessary to disparage her as a person or ruin her life just because some of her claims may not be proven at least in legal terms. 1. Discrimination against on grounds of race or religion. I should think the Lab would be the last place to look for discrimination, as they have had a fairly diverse staff over the years, although like all Silicon Valley geeks, they don't like religious belief (especially the Christian sort). My complaint about their staffing is that they recruit from the user base which I think is a terrible idea, but it's a specific set of skills and "culture" so they justify it. And there is less of this than there was but it's not totally gone. But they seem to be genuinely open to diversity so this claim may not "stand up in court". 2. As for privacy, all companies online face this issue -- look at what just happened to Capital One, and the hacker, who turned herself in, seems to be mentally ill and has zillions of files from 30 other companies. All hugely weird. And then there's Russia and China... It's good that this role was conceived of "compliance" as it really should be another person/set of eyes on the existing security Lindens who are set in their ways. But staff at that level can only recommend, and shouldn't fume if they don't get what they want. Until Section 230 is changed, there isn't a whole lot the Lindens can do. They should welcome this change as it will actually relieve them of this sort of harassment suit. I don't see anything wrong with Tilia in this regard. You have to give your Social Security number to get a bank account or a credit card -- why is it such a big deal to give it to a company from which you intend to make money, to whom you also gave a credit card? And it's not required to just purchase tokens with money, but convert those tokens into money. I see a lot of Europeans complaining about having to show a passport as they would for a job or a credit card. But if you are a creator selling things in SL, this *is* a job or a bank card! It's not a unicorn fairy land. I think that's what is jarring people. I myself am puzzled as to why, having once provided this when they went through their age verification panic years ago, why I need to do it again, and I am also finding when it gives me the message that I have to "do more," it "goes nowhere" and I can't get it to work, but I figure it's buggy and I will get it sorted. As for the claim of no compartmentalization, this is speculative, and doesn't square with the experience I have had over the years dealing with Lindens and Moles. Every time I mention something I think is related to payment issues or my RL location or something in dealing with a support ticket, they say they can't see that information, they don't have access to it, and I believe they really don't. But as has been pointed out, there are logs that will likely come out in discovery, and I think this is a distraction. 3. Now for the claim of *****, this is something that has not been eradicated from SL. And this may be the only charge that sticks, even if this former Linden doesn't get any traction with her wrongful termination claim. Although here, too, she has to have the facts, or get them, and they may not be available. We have all seen these hideous Hentai ***** graphics on the events page which have been shoved into your face each time you open up search. I and others have AR'd this zillions of time; these are clearly children, and making a Japanese-style cartoon out of them doesn't fix that. But I was noticing the other day it's finally gone. It would disappear and come back again and again -- and now I see the timing may be related to this suit. I hope so. I don't think ***** is that common, even so, because most people do realize it is a crime in many countries and isn't just a cartoon and isn't just "nothing" you can use this awful euphemism with. Very rarely I do get child avatars who attempt to rent and have profiles filled with those "Daddy and Me" sort of groups and put adult furniture in their skybox -- so out they go in a jiffy with an AR to the Lab. I ban child avatars explicitly from a number of venues where they show up like camp sites, as do others who run sims. There is some static about this as "discrimination," but I find club owners and such hold the line on this because they don't want the problems associated with it. I have universally known the child avatars to be trouble for 15 years in SL, time and again, over and over, so I am absolutely immune to claims that they tend to be innocent. And any time I've given them the benefit of the doubt, if they didn't *****, they griefed or just made life for others miserable in other ways. It's a distressed persona that I personally want to avoid. YMMV but I don't care. The point is -- yes, LL is vulnerable here because of their ideological commitment to diversity, to which they think this extends. Yes, I realize there are even quite famous child avatars in SL and on the forums who are innocent. But the pushing of the envelope on this goes on constantly and I think this is the most serious thing in this case for LL. The problem is that without Section 230 being revised (which I heartily advocate for many reasons), they won't feel any heat to change this, and they only can sample-police it with key words now and then and ban a "Lolita" club or respond to ARs. To me, their stubbornness about removing those really graphic images on the events was emblematic of the problem, however. I hope the parties get through this. Nothing the plaintiff has changed is so systematic in SL, or based on actual malice or negligence on the part of the Lindens, and therefore it shouldn't get traction. If the facts can be found on some of the issues, even discrimination, LL has the means to change it.
  4. Oh, there, thank you, you've explained it to me! Every time this discussion comes up, I recall this photo on social media of the Kentucky Downs. This old lady was watching the end of a horse race with a look of joy on her face, totally in the moment, while two young people beside her with fiddling with their phones and trying to get the "photo finish". I sometimes go out with my children and find that they want to capture things with their phones -- pictures they never look at again -- rather than just living in them. Of course so many public places have people in twos or threes all looking at their phones, not talking to each other. This gets most absurd when you see a couple out on a date just thumbing their phones the entire time. Decades ago, the French philosopher Guy Debord said, "Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation." He's very difficult to read (and committed suicide). Maybe it has become too hard to look at reality. I remember Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life) used to say the skyscrapers in New York City would all become empty because no one would need to go to work, they would all work online and live in a virtual world. Well, maybe they could fill up those towers with servers or something. I appreciate how you have related it to a RL trend, because we tend to think that in SL, we are somehow isolated from, or different from RL trends, but we aren't at all, if anything we're an early or concentrated form of them. I am trying to think if one form of activity is cannibalizing the other, and I suppose it is...
  5. That's very well said. I agree that there is way less attention to scripting and interactivity to the point where one famous designer recently put out a whole skybox and furniture set with no sit poses in the chairs and couch. I was surprised and annoyed- and it wasn't the first time, either. I myself put in the poses because even slow learners like me can use the newly-revised version of Lex Neva's tool to place poses. So why didn't they bother? Maybe because people shooting photos don't use the poses inside chairs as they don't work always for the scene you want, or they are repetitive or awkward in conjunction with clothing (I've seen this with Designing Worlds, they have to bring their own poses with them). And maybe they know that people just drape themselves around a build posing, not living/interacting. Or maybe they are just under the crush of events, which are like sweat shops. I make it a hobby to take all these gorgeous looking mesh food and drink items that don't dispense and make them dispense, even if I have to put some over-primmed cocktail from 2004 into it. I will scour the full perm items on offer in search of something that might be close enough to use and even managed to make a whole brunch tray myself after long hours of struggle because I couldn't believe this scrumptious sprinkly toast couldn't be put in your hand and "eaten". Lately, this space has filled in with bento, but it seems unless you have the bento hands out there, if you take the food with bento anims, it may go in your hand but then you "do nothing". I'm puzzled by the mechanics of this but have found it repeatedly. I don't have bento hands and I managed to make something that still worked for the animations but they don't always and I have no idea why. Some bento creators are also deliberately not making the eating/drinking anims but just "hold" because it is god-awful hard to do, lining it up for both male and female, small and large, human and furry, etc. Some diligent makers will put in like 3-4 sets of these anims. I am at heart a sim from the Sims Online so I want things to be interactive and dispensable. And I find there is a contingent of people in SL who want/like the same thing. I am trying to understand the life of the backdropper. I suppose are some people who only get backdrops and only use them in sandboxes or no-autoreturn land -- I do see them there. That way they don't have to buy or rent land although you could do this on a 512 with the elaborate nature of these backdrops (they are terribly primmy however). But others (including my tenants but also neighbouring land-holders) put the backdrop up on the roof of their house and shoot there, or put it in the yard somewhere or the sky, but still maintain the whole compound of house, pool, helicopter, skybox, garage etc. The backdrop is just like one more luxury. Backdrops are less expensive than houses, but put them in a gatcha and you can make a fortune from them.
  6. The SL Public Land Preserve which I run and which is helped by many people with tier, cash, and content donations allows you to rez at the locations after you join the group for $5. Look it up in search/places you will likely find something that is scenic although I have to say I focus more on usability, interactivity, things to do, quests, hangouts, etc. more than "scenery" although some places are indeed pretty and I see them cropping up from time to time on blogs or Flickr.
  7. You've just hit upon something here -- it's about the poses. Good fashion or exploration photographer shows the avatar not just in some vacant-eyed, system feet-splay, but often with elaborate poses that feign action and even facial expressions. The reason those gorgeous exploration sims in destination can't have poses is because poses seldom can be used by third parties! That is, if I buy a pose for, say, reaching up to a bookshelf, or twirling an umbrella, I can't put an umbrella or bookshelf out with that pose either in it or in a poseball (not used so much anymore) because only I can use it, nobody else. Then what's the point? I can only use it to pose my avatar and snap some pics for Flickr, since Twitter doesn't work anymore. To be sure, sex furniture has poses that enable couples to sync. That's not all of SL, however. I will even go out on a limb and say that I actually think people spend more time shopping and decorating and photographing than having sex in SL. Seriously. But an ordinary rock or tree pose thing doesn't have what an adult chair has. And that's likely because of permission issues. If you sell an animation a thing that can be used by a third party, it would have to be on transfer and copy (I think that's the story). There are theft deterrence scripts for such things (I've commissioned one that works pretty well and I see others, on various principles) but in general, the issue of furniture and its poses and the abuse by thieves is an age-old story. So that means it is rare to have a thing, a station, a tree, a rock, stairs, that other people besides the creator (initially) and you, the owner, can interact with. Interact! With groups of friends. So you're not just in a pose by yourself photographing. I have wrestled with this mightily, and have got various scripters to make, for example, a music box that third parties can play (in a hunt); some food and drink dispensers that the buyer and his guests can both use; perhaps a few other things. But mainly it's not possible -- hence backdrops I suppose. I once got this Necromancer set that I thought would enable me OR a visitor to a haunted monastery be able to cycle through things like wielding an axe or flying or crouching or whatever, in some kind of smooth routine (I know there is a dining table that enables all the guests to be in a smooth set of animations, for example). But t'was not to be -- what it did enabled me to pose with it as if I was in the act of wielding an axe, etc. but not animated, just posed. That would be perfect for fashion magazines. Or making story books, which I have also tried to make in SL (the way we used to do with the Sims Family Albums) but it's all just too hard and time-consuming. When you point this out, people inevitably reference Experience. I've also wrestled with that. It's somewhat buggy. And the things you can do with it are limited, like you can have a woosh teleporter without the map pulling up, or you can have a thing you buy or pick up and then you can walk through a wall or a gate, or you can have a HUD and collect things in a basket or backpack in conjunction with the HUD -- horribly laggy. But that's about it. Somehow I thought Experience was going to enable the ability to have third parties (not creator or owner but visitor) click on a thing and have it take you through, let's say, wielding a pick axe to pound on a rock, find a gem, pick it up, polish it, etc. The way the first Linden machina about the Wild West had "acting" in machina (people argue about this) actually a big set of anims that you click on once and it takes you through the whole series. I realize the reason there aren't more of these is that it is hard and time-consuming and then becomes costly. I was hoping Sansar would advance this more and maybe it has but I was there a year or so ago the only thing that was better was being able to control signs in the environment.
  8. You know, this issue plagues me, too, since I began trying to police scripts more on sims with lots of active objects and low script time, especially one that kept going down to its knees almost like on schedule (until the Lindens moved it to another server, but even so, I'm going through and trying to weed out high time scripts). I don't know if there is some spec like "the maximum script time on a homestead". Because what matters is the interplay of all the scripts and avatars and pets on *your* homestead. It's the accumulation of them, along with the avatars, that can make it laggy. Sometimes it seems some really high time scripts are whaling away on a sim and it isn't laggy at all, but that's because there aren't more than 2000 scripts anyway. I find when it gets above 5000 it becomes problematic and 6000 means it is almost out of time. Yet they limp along somehow. In this regard, I do wonder if what you can't see doesn't lag you personally. Recently, a tenant put up walls around her store because it seemed that her customers would arrive and have everything rez faster if they didn't have the whole sim to look at. I suppose that's the theory behind the decision by many merchants to put stores up in the sky in boxes. I don't allow big walls like that so in exchange for removal I went around trying to delete things that might lag the sim -- to my horror, I found some sion chickens (yes, I still have them!) had hatched their eggs while I hadn't paid attention, awful! But even with them gone there was still little script time -- it really means deleting bunches of stuff, furniture not being used, doors that could simply be taken off, scripts inside trees which can be removed and they still work, etc. etc. But I do wonder if what you don't/can't see doesn't lag you. I should think it would still lag the sim overall anyway.
  9. Years ago it was somethingawful.com and then 4chan.com and then various reddits, but I don't know now. What you're describing does sound more like Tiny Empires though. I see infestations of there around and I no longer allow them in my rentals because they fill up the sim and annoy people just with their presence. I see bunches of them in the Linden Homes, BTW.
  10. In one sense all of SL is just a backdrop. I get that people like to pose and play dress up and take pictures -- but why wouldn't they want to do this more in the round, with action, in full-fledged builds? There are so many amazing places in SL. Destinations is just the tip of the iceberg. You could be posing without the edges cutting off.
  11. I've just been going around to events, and buying things at events, and I've been marveling once again how many backdrops there are! Most events have more backdrops than real houses! The idea is to have a thing to pose in that isn't a whole house or park so that you can take fabulous photos for Flickr or your fashion blog -- which is more of a thing than the actual living in virtuality these days. It's weird how it evolved. These backdrops are often prettier and better designed than full-blown houses or forests -- which is why I buy them sometimes even though I don't do fashion or home & garden photography but just blog my thoughts or experiences. But the reality is, they have way more prims often than a real house. I have even written to some of the authors and asked if they *could* make a real house out of their backdrop, it is so nice. In fact, I just made a Secret Garden area with backdrops out of the Enchantment event because some of them were so cool. And what, people are going to come and pose around them and then post to their blogs or social media? They might. But I always try to make them into actual houses or chambers or forests, I try to string some of them together. Or take them apart and mix and match them. But this is madness because they not only are high prim, they often have no backs! And sometimes I've had to spend a day applying backstops to the backdrops so they aren't weird from behind, and even put walking prims on them, and by the time I've done, I've built a whole town and have no prims left over for tenants. I am still trying to understand the psychology of wanting to come into a virtual world, with all its magnificence, the ability to fly and teleport and explore, geographic contiguity and so on, and spend your time posing in front of a backdrop you can't even walk or sit on. Is it due to lag? Thoughts?
  12. I have a device called Random Compass that does that, people fill it with landmarks and you click and go to a random one. It's fun! Work to maintain, however.
  13. I deal with this issue constantly as a rentals agent. It is the kind of real-life human behaviour that is hard-wired into the brain from evolution, the territorial imperative, and you can't get rid of it online so you have to work around it and if anything, accommodate it. The fear and hatred are rooted not only in a need for resources, basically food, shelter, and fire, and keeping "the other" away, but later fear that one's progeny might not actually be one's heirs, i.e. if the wife had another partner who fathered her children. Paternity and property rights go together. Since you don't really need any of this in SL, especially the proof of paternity and the food, why don't you just open up your house and if anything perch on top of it like a bird since you don't need shelter? Why are houses like RL houses and not branches in a tree (mostly)? Again, you can't erase human hard-wiring so don't try to. People really, really, really fear a stranger even going on their sex furniture with someone else, let alone their own partner -- and this is in a world where you can't catch STDs or AIDS. The Lindens over the years gave up their cosmic engineering around this issue and put in property ownership, property lines, ban lines, and allowed orbs -- which I think they should have deprecated at the dawn of time. Later, they put in "avatars can't see me" -- which you would think is the ultimate privacy. But yet it isn't, because the fear of somebody in your house, maybe on your sex furniture or just "there" with their cooties is completely unsettling. It's the biggest reason for move-outs. Yet the people complaining about it usually can't afford the expensive humper bunkers on the homesteads or islands. So they make skyboxes and orbs -- but it's never enough because someone could still cam them (and Firestorm and others let you know when someone cams you. So why don't these paranoid people lock up their land with orbs or "group only"? Because either they don't know how, or their landlord doesn't allow it (like me, on the ground, although skyboxes are ok), or they still want the convenience of their friends arriving easily -- but want to vent all their paranoia and hate on strangers that stumble across the line. I think there's also a basic lack of good will in SL that could have been remedied much earlier in its history by not allowing ad farms and griefing as much but honestly, I don't know how to do it today. Except by patiently telling people who get crazy like this that the reason you landed in their yard is because you always type in the name of a sim to the world map and TP there rather than hunting for LMs, and for 10 years the 128,128,0 spot was a big, empty, abandoned field, but today it's their back yard. And? So what? It's not worth ejecting over when I immediately fly away anyhow? I have zillions of LMs of stores and various interesting sites that are now changed, and I go there and land in somebody's house sometimes, and get a boot. They don't care about explanations. I don't know how to fix this. Over time, as land gets cheaper and it is easier to get rid of annoying types without maximum security methods, perhaps with soft bumpers that leave 96 m on parcels for people to pass through or something, or with some kind of system of verification that lets people know you are not a creep (they also tried that in early SL with pos rates and neg rates and it went in the opposite direction). Hell is other people. So is Second Life. But since those other people might be your customers, at least if you are in business you learn to think twice before ejecting people.
  14. You can always call me about a prospect like that, I might be able to take cash rent or a tier contribution, I give $450/wk credit for 1024 m contribution.
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