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  1. How to you make seamless textures for SL? And with Paint.net, not PhotoShop, because I'm a beginner. I got the extension for Paint.net to do seamless textures, I downloaded it correctly, got it working, but what it generates doesn't work in SL. But I may not be doing it right.
  2. The chairman of the board is Jed Smith, and at least formally, wouldn't he be the seller? https://www.lindenlab.com/about
  3. I wonder what you see as SL's assets. Servers with content on them aren't assets, they're cost centers, they have to be run, billed, fixed, etc. The content is an asset I guess but where else can it be used? Most of it only in SL. The users are assets only if they are bundled with the other things, the servers and content, if those aren't there, they flee. So how can it strip? What can it strip? I wouldn't assume it will go the way of say, Toys 'R Us.
  4. I realize that you wish to be cynical to appear cool, but seriously, why is Tilia even a thing in a world of not only PayPal but Venmo and everything else? They can handle small amounts of currencies, too. If the value-add is micro-currencies, well, there are plenty of wallet projects including some bought by Facebook but just not implemented because they are a management and regulatory and security chore. They need constant watching. It isn't Tilia that has that experience of watching and implementing, but Tilia. And again, if there's nothing to buy with your microcurrency, it's as useless as Joe's Bitcoin, so content is still at the center.
  5. I don't see how it can be a jewel. The deal is still waiting regulators' approval because they are a money service. But then so is PayPal and much larger and better known and B2B as well. I don't see it. Content creation -- and sale -- is supposed to be the jewel of SL's crown. But as I already said, microcurrency management IS content creation/sale so it's maybe all the same thing.
  6. It's not Ebbe's to sell. He's not the owner, but the CEO hired to run it by the investors. He may have stock but he may not be consulted on the sale.
  7. I don't have an informed opinion on this, other than from watching the black box that is the Lab for the last nearly 16 years. So, my first thought was: Mitch Kapor will at last get a payday, probably his biggest (or only?) since Lotus-1-2-3, and since his life is now devoted to philanthropy, with his main causes being the end of copyright, freeing of content, undermining of government encryption, on the one hand (which I don't support), and helping of Blacks, underprivileged youths, human rights, etc. which I do support, I guess we can expect more havoc/good from that quarter. My next thought was that this fellow buying the outfit seems to have more business success (with this sort of better Task Rabbit thing called Jyve) and more experience than the past lab technicians, and that's a good thing. My third thought was: why the emphasis on Tilia, money. licensing etc when it's supposed to be about virtual content creation? Or maybe those are the same thing, essentially. My fourth thought was: no, I don't think SL will die. Look at Sansar, once it was out of the Lindens' hands, it seemingly has thrived with big rock concerts and such. Even I visited it. OK, maybe not. But still. When the Lindens said they didn't have any more sims to sell, I thought that was very, very, very weird, in a world suddenly forced to go online. So I guess it was about this. Does it mean they were hurting? SL is actually one of the rare online virtual world success stories. So many others have failed, or they don't enable their users to make money. Users make more money in total using SL than they can using FB, since basically only screened app engineers can make money from FB. Instagram doesn't help you make money. What does? But SL has something like $450 million in profits *for users* which is rare and exceptional. So maybe its worth is recognized. Yet it does have all kinds of problems, whether sim seams, or my bugabear, the edit window opening up and blocking the very thing you're trying to edit. Lindens used to say that fixing SL would be like trying to swap out the engine of a plane while it was flying. But "going to the cloud" or whatever it is -- that has to be done. Usually when there's an acquisition, the current CEO is replaced, yet Ebbe didn't seem to talk that way. But likely he will be. It would be folly to raise the price and chase away loyal users already made skittish by the announcement. Yet they will raise the price because -- see above. They will have some kind of developers' license you can buy that will enable you to upload unlimited textures, sounds, and mesh but will cost you something to be using this platform to make money. I predict they will keep Oz because he basically runs the place. Others are going to be let go. There are certain ones I'd like to see in that number but they manage to survive through every change of regime so it's not likely. Basically, SL is too complicated and rare a toy to buy if you merely plan to put it out of business. That is, if you are Google, and making your own thing, sure, it would make sense. But not for this guy. He likely imagines he can turn it into a virtual meeting space on demand.
  8. SL is broken, so... Go and see the new conference chat thing made by Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life)/ Visit Sansar (made by LL and sold to another company). I think the rock concert might still be going. Go and see SL's YouTube chanel.
  9. Group accounts work on a 24-hour basis so you don't receive the payment right away, you receive it the next day.
  10. Yes, thank you for making a field trip and confirming my point: no rules are being enforced. If they were, merchants could take out lamp scripts because the prim will stay lighted. As we all have to do at SL17B or FF or any other event. Hello! There isn't the policing, and there should be. I will have to say the Moles haven't remove their lights, either, however, as I said in the OP, naming one of the objects.
  11. It's a given that avatars crowd events like this and their rendering points are a big factor in lagging. But that's harder to control for, unless there are guards at the door and scanners and rejections of those over a certain limit. My point is THE MOLES THEMSELVES can control for the OTHER PIECE of the lag -- which is the Mole build itself, and the individual merchant builds. Every single one of these can meet the standards of every other event and remove unneeded scripts, use 512 textures, put on phantom, etc. Did they? No. And yet you are strangely resistant to simply acknowledging that yes, this is an area where improvement is more easily made than in trying to police avatars.
  12. Have you been to Stop 'n Shop? It's nothing like Fantasy Faire or really anything. It has these big RL mall-style pools with fountains and seating that no one uses. These are laggers and avatar traps. The huge ceilings are the gigantism. I don't see that they add anything.
  13. Go and examine the mall build itself, I think that's creating the problem as to complexity of build, vertices, scripts not removed that could be etc. Also some of the merchants have made quite complex builds.
  14. As a computer programming expert and builder in SL, you probably have a better/more expensive computer with a better/more expensive graphics card. Most people experience lag. And there is no reason not to take the steps I've mentioned that are in every single other event, including Linden events, and remove the bling scripts out of those dreadful hanging hedges, just to take one example, plus all that moving water in all those ridiculous pools.
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