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  1. Since most land has a different landing point set than the point on the map I pinpointed (hence the beacon), then most of the time you CANNOT walk through the beacon or click on anything to get rid of it. And no, clicking on the world map button etc doesn't work.
  2. Walking through the beacons most certainly DOES NOT WORK. I remember years ago it did. It doesn't now. Clicking on the World Map DOES NOT WORK. You get beacons by...um....TPing to a place from the World Map. It gives you a beacon when you arrive. Clicking on the Mini Map DOES NOT WORK. Clicking on the arrow DOES NOT WORK. Only "stop track" works, and only for that log-in session. Oz Linden made a remark to me that my troubles, which he glanced at in this thread, were caused by packets not reaching the viewer. Yes, I'm aware of the packet loss issue. Verizon has had this issue. I've had long convos over the years with snarky Verizon people who swear it isn't on their side. But more to the point, the performance bars are all green, the packet loss is not showing any large percent, there's nothing to indicate packet loss. So yes, if you're on wireless Internet, sure, it can be spotty. But...it wasn't two weeks ago or two months ago. It's really bad NOW. Oz also mentioned your AV and security settings. Sure, I'm aware they can fight SL. But you make SL an exception. Windows Defender is turned off with AVG. There isn't anything to indicate AVG is blocking SL and wasn't in the past. So what changed? Their software. Their software. Their software. I imagine a patch or three from now, the problem of the forced log-ins to view profiles (apparently that's a packet or connection issue or security issue, too), and perhaps even the beam and who knows what else will go away. And perhaps it will be fixed and there may be a nice surprise, as there was with "unable to delete from Marketplace inworld," which people scorned as an issue, who said it wasn't an issue for them (they weren't selling gatcha with high turnover and need to constantly delete and replace). Or they hadn't noticed it. Or they thought the Lindens had a good reason for it. What would such a good reason be that slowed down sales from which the Lab gets a percentage??? I can't imagine! Yes, the workaround is you drag to inventory. But for that, you have to have not "recent" but regular inventory right, and you have to first drag and delete THEN search for the copy to replace it. SO glad this is fixed in Yorsh!
  3. No, I'm not referring to his weight. I'm referring to his gravitas.
  4. You do have to wonder why they get rid of people instead of getting rid of this world Sansar. I haven't been in it in years. The only thing that has kept my interest in it is Draxter putting up things about it now and then that look interesting, but not enough for a tech adaptation struggle.
  5. When they said "heavy hitters," the first thing I thought was, "I hope they bring Michael Linden back." I mean, it's all engineers and asset delivery optimization and whatnot, but what is needed is a person who lives in the world and builds it and talks to residents. I didn't realize Torley had left. But actually, it had literally been years since I talked to a Linden inworld until I just accidentally happened to drop in on Oz Linden's office hour. I will have more to say about this on my blog.
  6. So a new patch has just been pushed, aptly called Ёрш ("a Russian mixed drink consisting of beer thoroughly mixed with an ample quantity of vodka.) What's funny is that while People Search is now working again (I tested on a variety of names), that isn't mentioned as a fix. And the Grid Status page never had this outage as an issue, although it was more than 24 hours. Odd, that. How many things like that disappear into the memory hole? It was never put on the JIRA, as neither Lindens nor their geek fan base really find it a necessity to have to look up people inworld (like customers who paid you) in search. Perhaps there is an oblique reference to these events in the reference to Tale of Woe and Misfortune, a 17th century Russian poem that might be applied to any century: He begins to live wisely and acquires even greater wealth than before. At a feast he has organized himself, he begins to boast about his success. Woe (a personification-"spirit") overhears him and threatens the youth not to boast anymore, appears in two of the youth's dreams, and convinces him to spend all his money on drink. Ending up yet again with nothing, he is again ashamed and moves on to the next town. He comes across a river, and despite Woe's taunting, manages by virtue of a song he sings to have the ferrymen take him across. When the youth decides to return home, Woe gets in his way. The youth then transforms into several different life forms and ends up being able to protect himself from Woe only by entering a monastery, which he does, leaving Woe at the holy gates. Interestingly, it looks like the reason I couldn't get the workaround for the People Search to work (a script sending IMs using the avatar key) is this: BUG-227763 Preferences -> Chat -> Object IMs doesn't react to an instant message from an object. Best of all, this daily annoyance -- which some didn't think was a thing and didn't think was important (because they don't sell gatchas) -- was fixed, hooray! SL-12121 Unable to delete folders from 'Marketplace listings' Give those Lindens a gift card AND a long lunch, I say!
  7. Oh, well, that's because Firestorm has access to the Legacy Search. The SL viewer does not. I went to a Linden office hour where it was confirmed by Whirly that yes, People Search is hosed. And so they need to fix it. As always, because there wasn't a JIRA for it, no one was acting. So I hope someone will make that JIRA. I'm banned from the JIRA so I can't do that. But I did my part by sending screenshots and a full write up to the Concierge people and they escalated the ticket and took it seriously. This is not "just my problem" as multiple people now on the SL viewer can see it. The forced log in is what the search box does to you when you try to search on things -- it returns only "G," and it forces you to re-check "M" and "A" in order to search for places, for example. But on "People" it forces a log on by having a "Log in" text highlighted, as often happens with profiles when you try to send IMs. So you log in, say "remember me" and...you still can't search. I was thinking all Linden names would show up, but for some reason, only "Jagix Linden" shows up in this broken state, with a list of avatars who mentioned Lindens in their profiles. Otherwise, you get "whoops"...
  8. Oh, thank you. This is exactly the sort of response I look for when I post in the forums, even though I will have to bat away all sorts of nonsense and bad actors and people of bad faith. This might well be the issue. I have a GeForce card, not AMD, and the driver is up to date, but maybe there's something to it. As I noted, turning off Advanced Lighting got rid of that "extra highlighting" stuff in edit. But the whole point of getting the more expensive graphics card was to be able to see this Advanced Lighting stuff. oh, well.
  9. The grandfathered homesteads are $95 a month. So in order to get that tier paid, you would have to charge $25,333 for the month or $6,333 per week. So $7,000 is not much more than the cost, but still enough to make a little profit, and if you have bunches of them, it ads up.
  10. Which viewer are you on? And have you experienced this "forced log-in" stuff for search or IMs?
  11. Get both of the suspected avatars online at the same time, and ask one to talk and the other to drink a glass of water.
  12. Yes, yet another odd thing. Yes, I have done a clean re-install, cleared cache, restarted my computer. So People search just isn't working. No matter what name I try -- names of people who I know exist and are in the People List and my friends or alts, or people I don't know -- there are zero results. I noticed in the last few days the system was forcing me to "log in" again on the website as seen from inside the viewer every time I tried to send someone an IM. Often for any type of search, it would show "G" only, and I would have to re-check "M" and "A" to force it to show those results. Even though they are clearly checked off in "Preferences". I just went to an infohub and clicked on some random people -- for some I had to keep re-logging into search to get the IM box; for others not. Strangely enough, if I type in "Linden," I get those last names, as if they are on a different server or something. But no other names. If I search for "Everything" and "Places" etc -- then I get results. But nothing on names. The forced log-ins is an old story, but not getting any search at all is something I have never seen. Actually, it's more weird than that. It's only "Jagix Linden" that I get if I type "Linden" into people search. Then I get a bunch of random avatar names.
  13. Nope, I didn't ignore it, but what he is showing is completely different than what I see -- there is NO LARGE RED ARROW LIKE THIS. So I thought perhaps he inadvertently was on another viewer. The small red arrow that you can see by the beam in this photo DOES NOT WORK. You can't click on thin air. Believe me, I've tried.
  14. Look at my screenshots above. Note that there is no red arrow. Perhaps you are using Firestorm. Or some other factor.
  15. It didn't use to do that, however, And now I finally understand why. I noticed that everything seemed so "see-through," and the hover texts of objects normally only seen right nearby were showing clear through a house, so that you would see dozens of them. The walls seemed paper thin. Everything had a translucent quality that was annoying. I discovered that when I downloaded the new viewer on a re-set machine, it automatically checked off "Advanced Lighting". Yes, I realize this is all the rage, with many creators making things for it and telling you to turn it on or things don't look good, etc. I actually don't like the "materials" look, as it always looks to me like everything is a lot of sweating, lead medieval goblets. So I turn it off, and even the shaders, too, as they lag. Not everyone has the graphics card for all these things. So as soon as I turned off "Advanced Lighting," the excessively highlighted vertices went away. Now they are basically just around the edges. The excessive hover texts intruding went away. Perhaps I would find the annoying border indication would go away too but I already got rid of that in the debug menu. So at least some of these annoyances are caused by "Advanced Lighting". Again, clicking on the arrow does nothing. Double clicking does nothing. You have to check "stop tracks".
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