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  1. I haven't gotten the head yet too many errors. 😴
  2. Glam Affair the lips look familiar.
  3. I have a video to share but you won't be making 500K. You'll be making the regular rate that everyone else is making in Second Life.
  4. Kind of new to Second Life so never heard of it. please explain.
  5. is this under breedables? if it is yes then which breathables is it so I can explain it in the iceberg eventually.
  6. Hi, everybody I'm making an iceberg image and wonder if there's any conspiracies or urban legends. here is an example of an iceberg.
  7. Had a bit of a fight with someone in world for just defending why I like morphs. I think they look good there are some good morphs and some really bad morphs. I understand if you're going to sell a skin and use a morph as a vendor that's a bit misleading. I'm on the fence 50/50 on that. I know people pay up to 2K for a morph on flickr. So I would like to know about everyone else's opinion on them?
  8. Afraid there is no other way to get a refund if the owner goes away. Linden Labs doesn't get involved in resident to resident disputes.
  9. Just a heads up the gifting option on marketplace doesn't work right now. Just tested it and I'm the one who received the gift not the intended person.
  10. Is the skin Omega compatible? LAQ heads usually have omega compatible built in. So this may not be the problem. Did you make sure to clear all the layers? Could you provide us with a screenshot?
  11. Now you're just taking it out of context I being sarcastic.
  12. All this talk about potential businesses joining Sansar just reminds me of the 90s mentality to Virtual Worlds. This is the future people are going to view products in 3D and not on a web page. There was a good reason it didn't catch on it was too niche. Look at active worlds and worlds.com or even look at Second Life big boom in 2006.
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