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  1. Weird issue at higher altitudes

    Yep, it's sort of a rounding error I believe. Nawt to do about it.
  2. How to Make a VERY Slow Script?

    llTargetOmega() is a viewer-side effect.
  3. Five word Story Game

    south of Wright Brothers field
  4. Five word Story Game

    A stern nun in habit
  5. Abuse

    This is a user to user forum, so we can't really guess what the Lab will do about your problem. Keep submitting abuse reports with as much detail as you can. Names, times, and so on. NoFly is not a protection, you can override it with Ctrl-Alt-G. If they want to go up, they will get up. However there are a few steps you can take. The top one is not to react, just keep playing whack-a-mole with your ban hammer, and not saying a word to them. As soon as you say a word, you lose. Make sure they get on the region banlist, not the parcel one. The region ban list can stop some alts... sometimes. I'd also suggest making sure rez is off, and there is a forced teleport point. Last, consider closing the sim to all but group for a few days.
  6. Five word Story Game

    Mom, I was doing homework
  7. Five word Story Game

    then it multiply by pi
  8. Looking to cheat with another girl who is taken

    Do you know the whey you moo-ve me?
  9. Five word Story Game

    modelled like Florida lawn flamingos
  10. Five word Story Game

    'en garde' she called out
  11. "Local mesh" capability in some viewer?

    The new feature coming in the next FS is the single most impressive improvement to working with mesh for years. Being able to see just the physics for the single object you are working on is a complete godsend.
  12. Bento ears deform

    Normally for a joke-deformer I log out and back without trying to repair anything. A swift-kick to the friend's hiney region normally stops it happening again. If you've not done so already, detach the ears and reattach them - this corrects 90% of problems. The other thing you mention is you reset the scripts - which means it's likely to have reset the animation you normally play back to the default. Touch the ears, choose "Submissive" on the menu for the down animation on these ears. That's the animation that looks like your working photo.
  13. Five word Story Game

    and set sail for the
  14. I don't ''get'' Sansar

    That's exactly the same mistake LL were making with SL from 2007-2008. Nobody will specially download the Sansar client then spend 20 minutes extra to download a coke ad. It's just not going to happen. Sansar will be - at most - the geocities of VR. A place for people to make their personal VR-Fan-Site complete with the VR equivalent of Marquee and Blink tags.
  15. Looking for this Asian male skin. Please help

    It's a lovely skin, even if post produced. I was thinking AviGlam due to the skin tone and smoothness but the eyelid folds seem to rule that out, Kendra's have smooth eyelids. I doubt it's Straydog due to the quality of the body in this photo, Straydog's body is ... well not like that.