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  1. Missing Textures

    *giggles for the fact we all spend so long telling people not to (except in outlier cases)* This would likely be one where I think heading to an empty underwater region, and clearing the inventory cache, rather then the texture cache, will be the help Whirly was considering. The FS link is highly useful, of course!
  2. Vote for Net Neutrality

    quod erat demonstrandum
  3. What are you listening right know.

    Mostly, Tommy is a clear exception. And thanks for the music, he actually captures the drone of a didgeridoo in that masterful guitar work.
  4. What are you listening right know.

    Gotta love regional licensing (not)! So far I've been able to see all yours, so I'd guess the RIAA block is only outside Trump's wall and coming in, not inside coming out to the world, I only miss out on one person's songs a regular basis. But overall regional licensing is nowhere near the level of GEMA censorship from a few years ago when they were in war with youtube. And you are not missing much in my songs they are mostly a mix from Deutschland & Nihon as Aussie music is mostly cheesy rubbish Case in point, typical Aussie dross: /me screams!!!
  5. What are you listening right know.

    Some lovely Goth-ish ballads
  6. Racism in player profiles

    Their exact words on are: I really don't think his admission of racism falls into this. Americans are weird at the best of times, on guns and free speech even more.
  7. Racism in player profiles

    I'd have to agree. Free speech can be distasteful sometimes, but this case I don't see him pushing those views to the point they cross the TOS line. Until then he is entitled to hold them, and we are entitled to laugh at his stupidity. When he crosses the line, we are also entitled to uphold the TOS. Would I delete something I'd bought from them? Yes.
  8. I don't know about those Lindens....

    爆 = although not a hehe is somewhat translated as a LOL
  9. Crossgender numbers

    As a male koneko yokai, complete with a tail and four ears the only parallel should be our wish that chimeras subjugate the human race and restore Bastet to her rightful position of worshipped, godly power. It would be an improvement over that orange haired hamster ruling over the USA, and we'd get tasty noms from our beloved human slaveses. She is, after all, the most awesome of the gods.
  10. Is there a way to block out/censor/remove my forum archive page?

    I believe Syn and Fionalein are both correct. This is a task for a support ticket where you provide full information and resquest the information is removed. You could also consider sending a followup message to @Tommy Linden with a reference so he is aware of the ticket Even if you are not European, I feel that LL should in good faith (as it is a matter of safety) be considering all requests to remove people's personal details. Most companies I am dealing with have applied the GDPR to all people of the world, I still find it a rather unusual exception that the Lab are only considering people in the EU for this legal protection. If you placed this information yourself it is a good time to strongly reflect that anything placed on the internet will most likely remain in public view forever and to take the life lesson from that. Also consider that just removing it from the forum archives will likely not scrub some of the many archiving sites like, you should certainly be checking the URI in question at those sites.
  11. SSOC / Mopire

    In Mopire the underground railway station, at one end of, and under the mall, is worth a look at.
  12. For SL, and that is really all you are allowed to talk abou on these forums, LSL code will *ALWAYS* run on servers under LL's control. That's it. Topic effectively closed.
  13. GDPR and off-world databases

    Highlighted the main word. If you are just getting aggregated information, you are clean, Aggregated non-identifiable information is specifically allowed.
  14. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    I get the feeling a large portion of them are old textured clothing business owners. They look back at the previous decade with their rose-coloured glasses, recalling how anyone with a few graphic skills and a copy of Gimp. could make texture clothes. They moan incessantly how mesh was the death of the creativity and how fashion suffered when mesh clothes came along. Their businesses faded way with the passing of that decade, and since the end of those glory days nobody but a few 2004 fossils wanted those painted on things any more. Now they have hope again, they want it rushed out half finished, because they believe they can restart their 2006 era businesses in all their vintage glory. They see promises of waterfalls of L$ falling before their eyes while they imagine a return to the heady days of leisure suits, flares, polyester, padded shoulders, texture clothing, prim bulges, and flexi skirts.
  15. OMG, there is too Nooo, my SL home looks like it, but not in real life.