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  1. Callum Meriman

    Lines that annoy you most

    Hmm. This is why "Queer eye for the straight guy" is a thing! Maybe Sexy/Cute avatars are more common in Gay circles, because there are a lot of them. Just look at Skell, Patch, Ethan and other Gay men on the forums. (Me, I'm not cute, just a kitten)
  2. Callum Meriman

    Lines that annoy you most

    We get them too. Random creeps (both male and female creeps) are a very common experience for male avatars too.
  3. Callum Meriman

    Five word Story Game

    pinching, like that aunt did
  4. Callum Meriman

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Cache I guess, but it's just a guess, so hmmm, wish I knew? While you use another avatar for a long time, especially if it's in different regions, then your main's cached items ... skin, body and so on drop off, as do all the mesh and textures in the other regions. When you log back into the main all that needs to be reloaded. Result orange cloud for ages. Just a guess, it annoys me though. Same here. Nadine's sculpt trees appearing as a messy zigzag for me, or just invisible, or some branches there and some not. Right click fixes it immediately, but this is new. Never used to do this.
  5. Callum Meriman

    Invisible collar (*should* be visible!)

    kehide keshow You can say that on channel 1, or the one you chose if you moved away from channel 1.
  6. Callum Meriman

    Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Wonder if that's the cause of the recent bake/cloud issues.
  7. Callum Meriman

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    While I don't crash to desktop often (maybe once every 6 months) simulator performance really has taken a huge nosedive recently. There is also a bigger slowdown when you run more then one character on the same computer. Log in and use one for 6 hours, then log over to another and the time it takes to rez is substantial. In that time, orange fog and very slowly appearing mesh. Someone who plays only one character won't see this weirdness. It's subjectively much worse then 6 months ago.
  8. Callum Meriman

    The Old Lie: "Dulce et Decorum Est"

    It's fiction. His age is not known. How long he was in service of the Englishman is unknown. When the fiction is set is not clear. Hollywood also portrayed him as a rather old slave. If you want to think the Englishman was flaying the skin of free men with a whip... you can, I choose not to. Additionally, the Indian Indenture System was not terminated until 1917, slavery by another name. The Hindu "water boy" in this poem was abused, belittled, and ultimately died for his Colonial overlords. This is a racist colonial poem that has little place in, and no bearing on a discussion about Armistice or Rememberance/Veterens day.
  9. Callum Meriman

    Land on the beta grid

    A lot of those for sale signs on the map don't resolve to regions on the beta grid. They point to void. I had my region copied to the Beta Grid, way, way, way, way back. Not sure if it's still there, I should check one day. I've tried bying a parcel though, it doesn't work. The sale never completes.
  10. Callum Meriman

    The Old Lie: "Dulce et Decorum Est"

    Imperialist Racism. He not only admits to whipping the slave The slave takes a bullet and dies. I find it very curious that you would post this.
  11. Callum Meriman

    A Derail Thread

    Vegemite will alwqays be better then Marmite. RAWR!
  12. Callum Meriman

    Five word Story Game

    except pirates, looking for booty
  13. Callum Meriman


    As an option to spending US$6000 per head.... Rez a plywood cylinder flatten it on the Z axis Apply a RL photo Take to inventory Attach to Chin. Rotate until the photo is in front of the person's head. This sort of thing:
  14. Callum Meriman


    More like 8-12 weeks each (so about US$7,000-ish per head as a guide).
  15. Callum Meriman


    Seems the workflow is: Crazytalk -> Character Creator -> iClone -> 3DXchange -> Blender.... clean up excess tris and rig for Bento.