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  1. Five word Story Game

    turning off the asset server...
  2. Did LL just give up on the mainland?

    Offending willy seems to have been removed. Clearly an AR worked.
  3. Buying a sim to place rentals

    It is a difficult market Paris, and there is a big outlay. You will be paying the lab or someone leaving SL an initial outlay of around US$600 for the sim, and you will then be paying US$295 a month, every month, without fail. There can be grandfathered sims to buy secondhand, sometimes, but the initial outlay is US$1200 or so, but the advantage is $195 a month paid to the lab. A lot of rentals, if they don't have a special market, will be very lucky to be 75% full. And that's with a lot of work advertising, dealing with tenant problems, chasing tier and so on. And in addition, the going rate is about 0.8-1.5 lindens a sqm a week for a non-special sim. So, the maths on this means you are not going to break even quickly. You will have to pay the shortfall from your pocket. On top of the US$600 or so start up fees which you won't ever make back. Next fly in the ointment. If you don't pay the lab on time they lock your account and will delete the sim. Your renters will lose their homes. So you need to have a good backup source of funds to cover all those people who don't pay their rent to you. Of course it *is* possible to reach 100% tenancy, my rental sims have been that way for a year, but you will be working hard, and you will need to offer something very unique.
  4. Only curious... Advice please?

    Yep, he's ghosted you Stellvia, time you move on.
  5. It's time for a family

    How is babby made then? Edit: googled and found Damn, as much as a catwa head!
  6. It's time for a family

    I think I've met him!
  7. Suga(r) Daddy Problems

    hehe BilliJo! Alts solve a lot, just have to be wary of shared friends between them.
  8. Animated trees - are they laggy?

    Most of them use a texture slide, that is a client side effect, not the server. Too many of them can drop the client's FPS a little, but not as much as alpha does. The original trees were made using a library called SpeedTree (from memory).
  9. Suga(r) Daddy Problems

    How you act now will say a lot about your own personal ethics. You won't get in trouble and won't be forced to give the gifts back, you can mute him and move on should you wish with no penalty. You could also try to show the correct amount of contrition and resurrect the relationship, with the knowledge he does want monogamy after all.
  10. Premium membership

    Edit: /me gets tricked by the necro
  11. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    Not in America, pixel kiddy-porn isn't illegal there, it's protected under free speech. The justification given was the laws in Germany. And that's where it really blew up with Robin Linden having the dead fish look on Report Mainz, and the very soon after following over-reactions like banning child avatars from SL5B.
  12. Five word Story Game

    packed inside a delivery hud
  13. Five word Story Game

    just like my mainland neighbors