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  1. Sun position - How do you play your game ?

    I love to watch the change of shadows and different colours through the day, so I run a custom windlight in my regions, very long sunsets and sunrises, short nights, and normal days. When I do my special monthly events I choose a lighting scheme to set the mood. Those are fixed. In my personal home region right now, being spring, I have set a more pastel daylight cycle, but still moving throught sunrise, to noon to sunset to midnight. When sailing or exploring I accept what the region's landscaper wanted, including mainland. Lastly, when I am colour matching attachments or trying clothes on I use CalWL - but only while doing that, then back to the normal daylight cycles.
  2. Teen shape

    Teen males can be difficult to make look just old enough to be 18, but not too young so they are kids. I find them a fun challenge. To help, would you be willing to please post a photo of your face as it is, and also (wearing just speedos or underwear) a photo of your back view. Do you use a mesh body? Which one? Are you willing to buy one if not? How tall are you? Same with the head, do you use a mesh head or the system head. Some visual tricks are a slightly bigger head than an adult, 7 heads tall, not the adult 8. Adding strong freckles and blush can also knock a few years off. I do like the AviGlam skins, and their soft body, although you can use the athletic body too. County/86/93/1522 Stray Dog also have a few head skins (for catwa) that are youthful Touch/79/187/23 although the body is very much athletic.
  3. Will The mesh project bodies and heads

    That's the 97 million dollar question. The only reasons I can think of is Slink must have made the devkit too hard to obtain, and not schmoozed the creators as much as the other 2 main bodies for men. Or every male in SL (apart from me) loves thick bodies, deformed necks, and huge biceps.
  4. Prim Ceiling Increase

    4kM (4096 meters) is... 2.545 Miles in American distance. (9.13 Empire State buildings) Do you want to build something taller than that?
  5. Avatar attachment broken

    From experience, the MOR creator can get busy making things, and IM capped too, so the answer might be a bit longer. The group can be a quicker idea sometimes. Do you see other's bento heads and hands? The only other thought I can think of is to strip your body down to just wings, I notice mecha parts, so remove those especially. There may be a weird conflict between rigging. I see this sometimes with my ears and tail messing up other bento things, especially wings. I know you mentioned it only happened two days ago, but it's something to rule out. Also, copy paste the about>Help... so we can check versions and so on.
  6. So I laid an egg... :P

    It's likely you need to edit the egg, then click the little "edit linked parts" tickbox, then highlight the lid to get a blue outline - putting the script into the lid only. If the whole thing rotates then you have put it in the root, yellow outline. Otherwise, for the sake of completeness if you want a different script; A mesh capable, linked door script should do the job - assuming the top is a seperate part, and linked as a child (blue outline, not yellow) This one works well, but you do need to fiddle a little to find the correct HINGE_POSITION
  7. SL eats my display name

    The biggest problem with display names that use anything other than standard characters is many scripts will fail and display your name as "????????????" Even the non-annoying ones like Mᴏʀɢᴀɴᴀ (which does display over your head) messes up quite a large number of scripts and makes them say stuff like "??????? cries out in the grip of a powerful neko-bite" The Lab really messed this up, terribly, and the abuse it suffers really limits what could be done.
  8. Singularity viewer - avatar complexity

    It's probably in Advanced->Rendering->Info Displays according to the commit I just read, but I wouldn't count on it being the same number as other viewers. But yeah, it is time to consider a better maintained viewer.
  9. storing data

    If the data needs to survive a reset then KVP storage in an experience is certainly the most reliable way, and the way I would also recommend. Other ways that can survive a reset: Storage to an outside server, but that requires that you have a very strong server with good uptime Corrade has a SQL database that you can store things in with IM or RegionSayTo to the bot. Needs good uptime too. Storage to description is popular, but the data is mutable by anyone with mod rights, and it's also limited in the characters you can store A database prim kept somewhere in world is another possibility, although cross region communications can be a pain Notecard that can be read on reset - a pain for users, but simple and reliable
  10. Looking for a mistress

    With a blank profile in world and minimal details here, you may find it beneficial if you tell your prospective Mistress a little about yourself. What is your avatar's gender and sexuality would be a great start, other things like what your time zone is, when are you normally online, which languages you speak - stuff like this also helps. As a friendly tip adding a photo of your avatar to your in-world profile and a few words can really help make friends.
  11. Suggestion - Auto-Translate

    I sometimes need to do that with my partner, although after almost four years of hearing my incessant babble it's a lot rarer now than at the start. 'revanchieren' was a word that tripped us up yesterday. Good idea Theresa One I will adopt.
  12. Avatar attachment broken

    Do other people see the attachments the same way? Because that is quite weird. Which viewer are you using, the LL one or a TPV like Firestorm/Black Dragon/so on? I see they should be the MOR wings... You could try asking in the MOR group for assistance. Edit: It might help if you can please do Help>About and copy/paste the info tab.
  13. Hidden message

    yay, got it.
  14. Suggestion - Auto-Translate