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  1. Callum Meriman

    What are you listening right know.

    J-Metal today, 「Akatsuki」 (instrumental only version) Trying to decide if I go and see them live in December, tickets are US$150 each O_O
  2. Callum Meriman

    Need ideas for drugs

    1. Name: Forum OP 2. Injestion: Random position in region 3. UI: Screen goes red and throbs/pulses angrilly 4. Other Effects: Inject swear words randomly / locked in ALL CAPS / remove the effect of <enter> so everthing becomes one wall of text
  3. Callum Meriman

    How much did your Homestead cost you to set up?

    The price is fixed. US$ 149.00 which includes the first month's teir. After that it's US$109 a month on the anniversary date. You can't buy a homestead from the Lab unless you have and keep a full region first.
  4. Callum Meriman

    How do I report a land or person for animal intercourse?

    Hopefully not yet, When OP is so rude to delete their OP... seems fair game to have a thread to discuss random minutia. Bonus points when the OP's original premise was a bit silly. Edit: keeps the discussion in one place and it's super easy for the Lab to nuke the thread out of existance. Without the OP, nothing of value is lost.
  5. Callum Meriman


    For those unaware
  6. Callum Meriman

    Why buy a private region?

    It's how people attach estates like the blake sea-ish USS regions to mainland. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Land_Partnership_Program
  7. Callum Meriman

    Detect Gender?

    Interesting or not, it's really inadvisable. The number of males using female system bodies, alpha'd and meshed over, is surprisingly high. To the eye they look 100% male, but the female body has historically been smaller and more slender, so it's used a lot in male anime avatars. V-Tech's boi chest also adds another huge chunk of Male avatars who are in a female shape. Some Furries and Ferals and a fair slab of non-human avatars complete the mix.
  8. Callum Meriman

    Abuse Reports - What is the Word on them?

    I want to see Jagix's avatar now 'cause Kristin's is a bit scary! /me imagines some timid griefer laying out some sim crashers and all of a sudden is a loud thump and metalic voice; "Freeze punk" as Kristin's avatar towers over them. <fade to black with terrified screams>
  9. Callum Meriman

    How do I report a land or person for animal intercourse?

    Whats up with you today Mr Grumpy? 2 attacks in 10 minutes? And have I said that? I dont recall telling a person without fur they were not allowed to be a furry? Point me at a post and I will appologise for it. People have the right to say they are furry, even if they have smooth skin, just as i have the right to say I am not a furry despite having a tail.
  10. Callum Meriman

    Forum becoming more negative?

    Yay for bunks! We can take turns asking the third person if they want top or b... ummm Yeah sure, I hear what you are saying Ethan, but this is a pretty hurt-filled thread. A lot of people get on the defensive, and a lot of hurt feelings to boot. Especially mine I'll go back to the "How do you report a land for..." thread and the ongoing discussion about nekos vs furries vs tribbles and leave this for the people who can do it better then me
  11. Callum Meriman

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Yep, group-think. I went in to protect kids very early on, it wasn't pretty.
  12. Callum Meriman

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Same story. It's a very harsh forum.
  13. Callum Meriman

    Forum becoming more negative?

    A few nice posts to break tension are always good Trick is not to derail too much, I dont think those few do. ❤️
  14. Callum Meriman

    Forum becoming more negative?

    I completely agree on buying the strawberries! Those farmers have lost so much and it's great to see ordinary people pulling together and helping them, same with the drought. Humanity as a whole does have a good heart and does care. I think that's a given.
  15. Callum Meriman

    How do I report a land or person for animal intercourse?

    That's not a neko silly lion! That's an Ushi, a cow. Note the horns and cowbell! XD