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  1. Unfair ban from a region

    OP was removed for arguing with those in power, AKA the officers of the region... although in my picks I call those officious sim officers another name. In a similar light our esteemed overlord asks similar of us. Normally if an officer of the land/sim... whatever (goes for Gods of the world also) asks for your assistance in upholding the rules you doff your hat and with a gracious bow from the neck say "Yes ma'am, I will detach my L$1 huggsie boy-bits and follow the sim rules." (until they look the other way) but we don't poke them. Poking hornet's nests gits ye stung.
  2. Thanks UK!

    I am enjoying the Google Images search on "Idiot"
  3. Future: In three years someone will necro this thread with a single word reply.
  4. Using Translators

    Firestorm has the ability to route though the google/bing APIs if you purchase a key, those cost USD$20 per 1,000,000 characters. A huge disadvantage is over-users of "i love this DJ" gestures cost you real money.
  5. I made mine for a challenge. Your first response was funny and taken in good humour, it's exactly the sort of tongue-in-cheek comment people make to the many elementary school level, localhost jokes.
  6. It's not hard to make these things... // Who shall we watch? string sMonitor = "Callumn.Meriman"; // How often (seconds) shall we check if they are online? float UPDATE_INTERVAL = 5.0; // ==================================================================== // Don't change anything below here unless you know what you are doing // key UUID; key nameQuery; key onlineQuery; integer toggle; updateStatus(string s) { if(s == "1") { if (!toggle) { toggle = 1; llPlaySound("fc372181-20ea-8180-28b8-bc84c36df065", 1); llOwnerSay(sMonitor+" is now online"); llSetColor(<0,1,0>,ALL_SIDES); llSetAlpha(1,ALL_SIDES); } } else { if (toggle) { toggle = 0; llOwnerSay(sMonitor+" is now offline"); llSetColor(<1,0,0>,ALL_SIDES); llSetAlpha(.2,ALL_SIDES); } } } default { state_entry() { nameQuery = llRequestUserKey(sMonitor); } on_rez(integer n) { llResetScript(); } changed(integer change) { if (change & (CHANGED_OWNER | CHANGED_INVENTORY)) { llResetScript(); } } dataserver(key req, string data) { if (req == nameQuery) { UUID = (key)data; llOwnerSay("Now monitoring "+sMonitor+"'s online status"); llSetTimerEvent(UPDATE_INTERVAL); return; } if (req == onlineQuery) { updateStatus(data); } } timer() { onlineQuery = llRequestAgentData(UUID,DATA_ONLINE); } }
  7. That's pretty much how I'd describe Findom. And to stay on topic.... Good luck CutieGurlxD, hope you do find someone and are both happy together.
  8. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    Sadly, they exist. What also exists, are subs who have been hurt by bad dominants. Those hurt subs pop up on the forums every now and again.
  9. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    I will accept you didn't mean it as I read it. My appologies to you for thinking you were dissing all the decent and good subs there are in SL, and there are some real gems. It's always my nature, and it always will be, to jump in protectively for these sort of statements.
  10. When you say "banned" do you mean kicked by an age orb? It's quite common for those to destroy your HUDs and stop them being touchable. If this sounds like it is true, try to detach the broken HUDs and wear a new copy. That might need you to get a redelivery.
  11. RP question about demon/vampire impregnating slaves...

    Will the ball warmers actually come in Geralt sizes, or just marked as suitable for Signature and Belleza?
  12. RP question about demon/vampire impregnating slaves...

    Nothing in the TOS, and nothing wrong in my eyes for dæmons to eat kids either. Krampus comes to mind.
  13. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    Also my issue. As a completionist I hate daily token grinding in MMOs. I would abhor this game to also end up as a token grind.
  14. Thanks UK!

    You must trust us, we are not your foes. You don't will enjoy being a Russian citizen, Herr Donald. Really.