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    Sailing Kitten

    As long as you want the last word, it isn't.
  2. Crashing of Sims (A description of SL in verse)

    Friendship brings us back Despite the crashes and Lab Trying to screw us
  3. Being harassed and stalked please help

    Great to hear! (I added the emphasis to something that can never be said enough)
  4. Tinies and Tiny Communities?

    Likely height orbs. Connover's is a right royal pain in the hiney.
  5. 200,000L really????

    Note to any budding-billionaires : if you suffer from this form of depression seek me out. I will alleviate your depressive symptoms in just a few easy steps.
  6. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    Not even counting that these are just pixels, and one can't rape pixels.... How can it be rape if you have the power to Teleport out, or even log out? If you don't teleport away, or mute and stand up, then it's clear YOU LIKE THE RAPE and wish to see it through. You do need to grow a thicker skill fuzzypanda, because in this world your avatar is empowered in ways that are not possible in the real world.

    That makes a lot more sense, when one reads her replies! Thanks
  8. How can I find out the IP-address of another AV?

    Yay redzone.
  9. For the authentic 2007 feeling: butt attached hair and shoes will be provided free of charge to everyone who can make it.
  10. 200,000L really????

    Dawww, they must have removed it already then as Mediterranean Splendor is the only 200K sim design on MP. The other 200K item is The Arcade Carousel small limited series very rare. Top item right now is L$1,000,000,000
  11. 200,000L really????

    This one yeah? . Personally I wouldn't buy it. Not just the xstreet bit but
  12. Blender 2.79 - Tread Carefully :D

    gulp - off topic but a bit important. CCleaner Hack Affects Millions Cisco Talos says anyone who was running CCleaner version 5.33 was susceptible to the hack. And given the billions of downloads the app has secured, and the millions that it attracts each week, it’s likely that millions of users were infected. time to make sure you are updated to 5.34 of ccleaner.

    <blank stare>
  14. These numbers have got to be wrong

    To be truely distracted one needs a laser!
  15. That is so awesome. I've always truely admired the way airmen and sailors would decorate their vehicles. It's something I've wanted to do in SL with my collection of various vehicles, including war planes, by painting a sexy neko on the nose, me being a kitten and all. But somehow I doubt the sight of a sexy stick figure cat, with pointy triangle ears, long lines for whiskers, and 5 splayed lines as fingers would inspire much admiration, or fear in the enemy.