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  1. Big Store using alts for 5 star reviews

    I have seen this happen because a creator releases something with an incentive to their in world group.. buy in next 48 hours and leave a MP review and get a discount/giftcard/some inventive. As far as I know this is allowed as long as that incentive to review involves ANY review - 5 star or not but lets face it, who is going to leave a 1 star and risk losing the incentive to review?
  2. Password not being remembered for SL Dashboard

    Oddly this morning when I turned the laptop on it didn't happen and I was still signed in. The only difference to a normal day is my internet went down for a few hours yesterday Nobody is allowed within 3 feet of my laptop even the dog. If it happens again tomorrow, I will make sure to clean cache etc again
  3. Password not being remembered for SL Dashboard

    Yeah it's been happening to me too. I figure with all the other stuff LL are having to work on at the moment, I can type my password in each day
  4. Description: CSR Move Linden Dollars

    I have always found this very unfair. The person who lost them in the first place has often (not always) been careless in clicking a dodgy link or accepting something that took their L$ whereas the poor merchant gets caught up in it through no fault of their own
  5. Description: CSR Move Linden Dollars

    We are just residents here like you, so we would only be guessing why LL removed your linden dollars. You should really contact support
  6. Problem accessing home

    Actually I had this or similar problem during the week. Overnight the sim had dropped offline randomly. I contacted the landlord and she couldn't tp there but said she was contacting LL. I filed a support ticket with LL too and as soon as support was open (5 am slt on a weekday) I got an email to say they had sorted it. As Alwin said, your first contact point is report it to your landlord. My sim was showing on the map too as if it was all there but it wasn't. Do you get a message when trying to tp. The message I got was Teleport failed. Failed to grant teleport capabilities
  7. Don't Accidentally Delete Your SkyBox.

    I think we have all done that at some time maybe once *coughs* or 10 times. I have learnt over time to make a note of coordinates when I rez a skybox or home for just these little errors which are NEVER MY FAULT
  8. Order History gone?

    Two different issues. One issue had been an ongoing thing for 2 week where a lot of merchant's had found their listings delisted, if you read that status from its start on 22nd November and was only identified yesterday. The current issue is billing and affecting the marketplace in a different way
  9. Order History gone?

    Unscheduled Billing maintenance affecting the marketplace
  10. Marketplace Order History - Not Found

    They are currently performing maintenance. Check again once they are finished and give the all clear
  11. Anyone else having MarketPlace trouble?

    Yep because they are doing maintenance
  12. Yeah you might be right. I would wait for the grid status all clear and if the L$ don't appear, submit a support ticket
  13. Great Inventory Cleanout! Join me?

    So do I
  14. Suddenly Unassociated products

    Finally! Now to do support tickets instead of sitting patiently for almost 2 weeks.
  15. Great Inventory Cleanout! Join me?

    Just going to leave this here because I am proud of her. My alt is almost 8 years old and I kept her invent perfectly from the start and normally under 6k. Unlike my main who is only half as organised and after my recent purge is at 31K down from 52K but that includes business stuff too