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  1. I guess you are talking about Frank's Elite not Frants or Franz since you have complained about it in previous threads. Maybe it is consiidered a roleplay place to some. You get to roleplay dressing up and going for a dance. Did you ask someone for a dance and get turned down? Is that why you keep complaining about it there?
  2. Perhaps just directing people to the knowledge base.
  3. I actually love that idea. My theory is that venue owners don't post their real events because they feel its pointless when lost among all the adult clubs. rentals, and other crap, advertising non events that completely consume the whole events calendar. Some of the absolute rubbish posted these days makes it completely useless. 10$ for a real event lasting 1 hour is something I would have happily paid back in my club owner days if it meant weeding out the rubbish. Being able to easily flag these thinly disguised non events would be great too.
  4. Sorry I missed that bit. I was checking the grid status to see if there was any MP issues reported. Hopefully someone will be along shortly who has seen this error message before
  5. I presume you are buying something on the marketplace? 1. Do you have enough L$ for the purchase? 2. Are you trying to buy an adult item and don't have the right preferences set for this? (That is just a guess)
  6. This is the general discussion forum. You need the employment or wanted forums for you advert
  7. Try these threads. I know when I had this problem restarting my router and laptop fixed it
  8. I am with Beth here. An explicit IM is just sport to me. If I am in the mood I like to try to educate them in my own way as to why it was not appropriate If I am not in the mood to educate then I just ignore. If the grammar wasn't there in the initial IM, I just don't respond to it at all. Mostly its laughable, eye rolling, desperate and worthy of my sometimes acid tongue. 😇
  9. Someone help me out (brain fuzz) Was it less Elite 10 years ago there? I seem to remember somewhere in my early days that was great fun and not ballroom but did have a lot of stores selling ball gowns on the way in. I have a memory of being there the day Michael Jackson died and a spontaneous line of people all dressed as him breaking out into the Thriller dance.
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