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  1. Someone asking for my password??

    I think you have answered your own question. If you feel they are asking for malicious or fraudulent reasons then you must report. If it is ignorance of the TOS then you should explain to the person and tell them to look at the TOS they signed again.
  2. Won't let me add things to group owned property

    Although it does sound like a group settings issue, I just thought I might ask Are you rezzing a piece of mesh furniture inside a mesh house? If you try to rez it outside the building, does this work?
  3. rental perks

    I am not saying its a scam but having been caught once by a too good to be true deal I would suggest searching as much as you can about the company before taking up a deal. Include names of owners, group bot accounts, officers, partners and anyone else you can think of in your search. If I had done this I would have discovered previous complaints about what is a long standing and still going company. It wasn't a fortune lost but it was enough to teach me a lesson
  4. Negative L$ balance

    Is it possible you are in some groups that pass on the land show in search fees to members?
  5. Is this fraud?

    Sounds like a resident - resident issue to me. LL won't get involved
  6. Today I learned ...

    Today I learned the joy of a brand new laptop and the sadness of semi retiring my trusty old friend of 6 years
  7. Avsitter

    There are lots of tutorials still available on code violets site and migrated to the new site. Just search AVsitter. There is also a very helpful inworld group. It's really very easy to learn from the online tutorials though I started with the bought version and glad I did because I found the enclosed example set ups useful as a guide
  8. Today I learned ...

    TIL what TIL stands for because I had to google it
  9. Looking for a female partner! :3

    There is history with the OP and his alt(s) in the forums. Maybe if you dig a little deeper you will see what happened and why people felt deceived after they reach out to befriend inworld
  10. A Derail Thread

    /me shines halo.. wasn't me... *points over there*
  11. Why do people hide who they are?

    we can if you stop posting your drivel
  12. Why do people hide who they are?

    Makes it easier to kiss his ass
  13. Online friends not displaying correctly

  14. Today I learned ...

    Thought this was going to be a <need to pay rent. Lend me your stipend and I will pay you back tomorrow> 😇
  15. Marketplace Duplicate Delivery

    You need to contact the merchant you bought from and ask them if they refund for double purchases.