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  1. Cindy Evanier

    Account Hacked

    How did you get hacked? Curious
  2. Cindy Evanier

    Account Hacked

    Contact support immediately https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new How did you log into the forums if your password is gone?
  3. Cindy Evanier

    Did SL just go down again?

    about that reaction we were talking about LittleMe?
  4. Cindy Evanier

    BDSM Furniture

    I might know somewhere since you asked directly I believe I am allowed to point at my signature below 👇 👇
  5. Cindy Evanier

    New emoji needed for reactions

    Tame compared to my wish
  6. Cindy Evanier

    Can't log in

    Have you tried logging into a different location? Type Pooley into your viewer start location and see if that helps first.
  7. Cindy Evanier


    I need some squee too
  8. Cindy Evanier

    About Land > Access (Help)

    I think some bots can still get in, those measuring regions active for the grid list (not sure of the technical term) Do your visitors stay long? Mine arrive at 1000m in the air and disappear immediately, about 3 times a day as far as I can tell.
  9. Cindy Evanier

    New emoji needed for reactions

    That would be really nice (if Ethan hasn't ignored me and can see I agree with his suggestion )
  10. Cindy Evanier

    Marketplace Llistings OH SO WRONG :D

    I can confirm best selling on our MP bears absolutely no resemblance at all to what actually is known to be best selling. It's all much older stuff, a couple of those on the first page of that filter have never sold on the MP at all. I don't think this is a new thing, at least not for us, its always been that way. I think using relevance seems to show best selling for us.
  11. Cindy Evanier

    IF I buy my own sim - what settings should I use?

    Pretty sure more than once a linden has pointed out to us in the forums we should use the term Region and not Sim. I know this because I was guilty of using the wrong term.
  12. Cindy Evanier

    Show me your butch side

  13. Cindy Evanier

    our email address revealed to players?

    That does sound very odd to me. Hopefully someone else will come along soon with a suggestion or you could contact support and tell them https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  14. Cindy Evanier

    Needing help

    Contact support. You might be asked to provide proof of your date of birth. https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  15. Cindy Evanier

    our email address revealed to players?

    Are you sure they directly emailed you or did they just send an offline IM which, if you have it enabled in your preferences, will come to your email and will be via Linden Lab not the person who messaged you