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  1. Cindy Evanier

    How can I get 1500 linden free ?

    Everyone? I didn't
  2. Cindy Evanier

    Captured on secondlife

    Try this https://github.com/OpenCollarTeam/OpenCollar/wiki/OpenCollar-Quick-User-Guide
  3. Cindy Evanier

    Captured on secondlife

    I think in the OP's defense she clicked to agree to being captured initially without realising the consequences. Of course read the manual etc is easy in hindsight but no harm done and lesson learned. RLV and collars are difficult to know all the consequences of every situation, as I know from experience documented on the forums in the past. I thought my collar was set up pretty tight and never had any issues with being captured until a noob captured me in my store on my own furniture. A result I hadn't factored in to my restrictions.
  4. Cindy Evanier

    Proper Destinations ~~ Please help me out. ~~

    You mean like the favorite destinations forum? https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/295-favorite-destinations/
  5. Cindy Evanier

    What makes you block someone?

    The only people on my block list are people who add me to their unsolicited spam mail and the object they send it from.
  6. Cindy Evanier

    Captured on secondlife

    try typing RED in local chat. I think that is the safeword if you haven't set your own. Turning off RLV in the viewer, relogging and removing the collar might be possible. I don't know if your collar has been locked by you or another. Then maybe best to research collar commands and how to set up owners and restrictions so you can't get locked and left again unless that is how you want it to act
  7. Cindy Evanier

    Captured on secondlife

    Log out. Log in on the SL viewer. Remove the collar. Or use your safeword
  8. Cindy Evanier

    Lesbians Anyone????

    You say that but.... 👼
  9. Cindy Evanier

    naming threads with avatar name

    *gasps* any dirty forum socks must be reported immediately to @Ethan Paslong
  10. Cindy Evanier

    Who is Governor Linden?

    I'm too tired to care I might have nightmares
  11. Cindy Evanier

    Who is Governor Linden?

    Read his profile? https://my.secondlife.com/governor.linden
  12. Cindy Evanier

    More Prims for linden homes

    Imagine what it was like before last years raise. We used to get 117 prims (someone correct me if that isn't the exact number) The new linden homes will be coming some time this year (soon“™”) with a 1024 parcel and so likely double the amount you get now.
  13. Cindy Evanier

    naming threads with avatar name

    It would have been more fun if you had called this thread Ethan Paslong