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  1. omg @Marigold Devin I know the pain of part of the story but the rest of it made me seriously LOL. Thats why you got the reaction You really do have my sense of humour. Are you sure you aren't a scouser?
  2. Every time I have to go, same story... "I will be in a wheelchair. I need an appointment with a doctor on the ground floor" Big 3 story house. Her: "yes yes I have noted that" I arrive, name called on bleeping screen so everyone knows who it is making a fuss... Dr on 2nd floor will see you now... /me starts stressing about having to draw attention to myself by going back to reception and calling them out on it... Then either I end up waiting longer or theres another moment of drawing attention to myself when a doctor has to come downstairs and direct me to an empty treatment room... Then says to ME you should have made it clear to the receptionist. That is when I start to rant and force the doctor to check my notes on his screen where it says WHEELCHAIR USER. GROUNDFLOOR APPOINTMENT Then I get an apology but the damage is done
  3. I am quite happy with them asking security questions but also the questions you were asking them aren't really questions you need to bother support with. The answers are easy to find on the forums or knowledge base
  4. Nice idea but I doubt anyone but me would be interested in me waffling on about that lol and I have 11 years of chat logs, texts and messages if I want to read it.
  5. Disclaimer.. I am not technical at all but try this right click on your desktop choose Nvidia Control panel this should open as the pic below choose Programme settings and firestorm from the drop down and then Add see if that helps
  6. Difficult morning already. Up before 5 am to welcome home a very tired child who went straight to bed with mumblings of "need pizza when I wake up" I could have gone back to bed but supermarket food delivery due at 9 am and I wanted to clean the fridge before filling it again. Then on to the difficult stuff. Contacting our opensim grid hosting company and letting go the region we have held since 2010. Then posting messages on our social media pages updating customers and followers. Then I unlisted all the marketplace store since I don't have access to Ki's account all the sales money will just sit there forever. I know for a fact he hasnt cashed out since November so there will be a lot of money in his account right now. I have had quite a few offlines overnight from customers wishing me well, expressing their disappointment that there will be nothing more from Ki and praising the stuff they had from him. OMG he would have got such a kick from hearing the nice things people said about the content he provided. Repeat customers gave him such a buzz, knowing they liked what he did enough to come back for more. I did have one unpleasant customer who, even after hearing the news, kicked off about the fact there was no way I could make a change to a bed for her on Ki's behalf. I couldn't be arsed arguing the point so refunded her and logged off after waiting 10 minutes for a thanks or any response at all. In the coming days I will clear out the stores leaving just the redelivery terminal until tier runs out at the end of March then *shrugs* no idea what is next for me in SL. I met Ki at the end of my first month in SL (11 years next week). His first day in SL and I was the first person he spoke to and that was that. So I am going to be a little lost. I have a few commitments to keep with regard to a home and garden events team I am part of. My SL sisters and I are going to group together our premium land allowances and buy a plot so we can all continue to live together when I have to give up the store region.
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