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  1. Up until last week it was pretty much every day for 11 years (apart from a 4 day break when in hospital) but last week I felt the need to take a week away from SL, responding to social media and the forums. I did reply to a customer's offline message via email and sorted all that out but apart from that nothing but a quick scan. (mark forum read happened a lot) Now its Monday morning, I feel refreshed and strong and will be logging back in to SL later hopefully for another 11 year stint šŸ˜œ
  2. /me slips into her baywatch bikini and runs slowly towards the water.. Well hello there
  3. Oh yes I remember. That one is definitely a perfect spot. Apart from the drowning guy
  4. I am not tired of my Victorian yet but I do miss my camper. It was cozy and cute and I am a more outdoors kind of girl. If you find your perfect camper go for it. It's not weird to me
  5. American version? Hmm not sure I should watch that and ruin the original for me. The people look too clean
  6. I just watched the first 5 mins of that. I wish I hadn't before dinner šŸ˜®
  7. I hope it's better than The Irishman. That one was too long
  8. So were the days between Christmas and New Year
  9. Just remembered Messiah. That one was fascinating. (I think I have had far too much time on my hands recently)
  10. Well Jason has been too quiet. I have to fill the time somehow but he has no need to worry. I might binge on GoT again and maybe Breaking Bad again because umm Aaron Paul šŸ˜
  11. I loved it. They moved location and lots of new people. Perhaps you can find it somewhere else (ummm around the net) without paying for netflix. Netflix is included with my cable subscription as an almost freebie. One of those take netflix and a phone sim and your internet is cheaper deals. The phone sim is still in its package, I just had to take it . *shrugs and pockets the Ā£7 reduction on the bill*
  12. In the past few weeks I binge watched on Netflix You 5 stars Don't F*ck With Cats 4 stars Making A Murderer 4 stars currently only How To Get Away With Murder 5 stars
  13. According to the grid status there are no current problems. Have you tried logging into a different region. You can change the log in location in the viewer. Try typing in Furman. You dont say what message you get when trying to log in and it failing.
  14. Cindy Evanier


    Maybe it is different country to country. I changed my bank account days before Christmas and when I changed the details on paypal this last week I got a text and a code to put into paypal from the Ā£0.01 they took from the bank. Now the new account is verified. UK here.
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