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  1. and have your medical bills paid so you can have a C-section. I wouldn't want to push out a head that size if it takes after its father
  2. I am having a hard time deciding which of my many creatures to rez out. Some people are addicted to shoes and hair. For me its animals and landscaping items.
  3. Tell him to check his spam folders. LL will have sent an email. He can always contact support and file a ticket. The link to which is on every forum page,
  4. Yup, I have more friend/group members/contacts/super fans than you (hypothetically) so I get more votes for my region to be subsidised than you do
  5. Which is why I went for the Colorado (turned 180) I have so much outdoor space to play with (still playing) I love it My new hogs love it too
  6. What does that mean? You didn't specify exactly what you want, just stated you made a mess of terraforming so I pointed you at some resources that might help. 🙄
  7. There are lots of live music venues in SL. open searching and navigate to events. I just typed in LIVE (you have to ignore some that shouldn't be in there) I can thoroughly recommend Cafe Musique (tell Laya, the owner, I sent you) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandness/88/210/22 I also have a long time friend who sings. His sets are fun with lots of audience participation. He doesn't take himself too seriously. Here is his calendar. Don't tell him Cindy sent you 😂 (joke) https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=jpeabody63@gmail.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles
  8. I, like you was scornful of discord for SL when there is inworld group chat/notices, until I used it for an event staff group. It helps with time zones because you can leave a message there and everyone can read it no matter what time of day they log in unlike inworld group chat where you can't go back and read IMs that happened when you weren't logged in. Important messages (think group notices) can be pinned so people don't miss them and don't get dropped like inworld group notices do in very large groups.
  9. I even got one the following day after sleeping on a decision to drop my house for a camper. It was likely one thrown back into the pool so @FashionistaBabee they can appear at random times too, not related to releases.
  10. Practice makes perfect. Start with all the terraforming settings on low and you need patience. Do a little at a time. Watch some Terraforming videos It really is about taking it slow and practicing
  11. I had done that when they were looking for the perfect houseboat. Then the perfect home but right now I don't care about either. So 1024 mainland. 2 x 512 campers. 1 homestead region. Sorted! (Unless 1024 campers come along and I have to rethink this strategy again)
  12. Oooo now you gave me an idea. If i donate my other 512 back to my group it releases 512 for my alt to get another Camper somewhere else 🤔
  13. This for sure was a life saver for me when I was trying to divide a region up. I also found it easier to raise my draw distance and position my cam directly above the area to divide. I also had to do Qie's point 2. to get the perfect parcelling. Just took a bit of patience and NO WATER
  14. To be honest, I didn't find girlie offensive at all. I would rather be called girlie than hun, dear, sweetie which I do find condescendingly offensive. My best friend is an Aussie and he has called me some names I cannot repeat on a PG forum 😂
  15. My trailer is completely empty. I am having too much fun perfecting the outdoors and really I don't need a kitchen or bed or table when I can play outside. ☺️
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