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  1. Tier discount for public non profit parcels

    After using the destinations guide to find somewhere to dance yesterday (I don't usually ), they can't even keep check if the places in there still exist
  2. Tier discount for public non profit parcels

    I don't know if I should laugh or cry
  3. What does this message mean?

    That friends offline thing has been around a long time. Logging into a different location usually/often/sometimes fixes it and maybe a restart of the sim it occurs on. I had the media plug in issue once too and rebooting my modem fixed that but I have no idea if it was coincidence or technical. *flicks blonde hair*
  4. Is it me or the event category is basically a dump?

    Are we talking about events posted on the forums or on I might have misunderstood on the other thread
  5. posting in events is unfair

    We stopped using events because its a waste of time. We only usually have a max of two events a day and only on alternate days but we were just lost in the spam of things. I noticed stores even posting hourly events using a made up name dj but really not an actual event just spam store advertising. Its just a complete mess.
  6. GDPR and off-world databases

    Kim Kardashian?
  7. Is there a limit on blocking?

    After 9 years I have 6 on my block list and these are all merchants that have added me to some info sender that I never chose to join. Nobody else has ever annoyed me that much to care about blocking even after years of managing and owning clubs. ETA I did manage to block my partner once but that was accidental or was it 👼
  8. how to enter londoncity if they block me

    By not opening multiple posts. The answers are all in your original post telling you how!
  9. londoncity blocked me

    Not sure if we can name names but I found out the owner of London City easily, inworld searching London City in groups and then the owner of those groups.
  10. *Winkies*

    Me too as the mum of 3 boys
  11. Rana's Home

    L oh sorry thought this was the add a letter thread
  12. Boys in the girls store

    Me too, its so much quicker this way when making suggesting my other half gets some new stuff. I go, grab a LM, check if there is a demo, grab a screenshot and then make helpful notecards for him. Just get this This would be really nice on you 😇
  13. LL, MP, and Credibility

    ^^ What Ethan says.. Dakota Linden has posted many times about the review process for removing MP reviews. Seek and you shall find her posts the