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  1. Who is going to "see to it" You are talking to residents here. You need to try all the fixes mentioned in the thread. Start by turning off your modem/router and PC for a few minutes. then open the viewer, go to Help - About and copy and paste all the details and maybe one of the residents can see something that will help.
  2. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/pdsn17076ky2
  3. Try turning off your router/modem and PC then let it sit for 10 minutes before turning it back on again. Then open the viewer without logging in and go to HELP - ABOUT in the viewer and paste all the details here. It might help us diagnose your issue (which is not a ban but more likely a connection issue)
  4. She might be talking about https://my.secondlife.com/[name] where you can follow someone too
  5. Are you trying to use a fancy font. Lots of those get thrown out by the viewer.
  6. I accidentally paid my friends partner 30K L$ once when I was supposed to be sending it to my alt 🙄 I didn't even notice where it went as I was distracted. Luckily he noticed an hour or so later when he logged in and sent it straight back. After that I never sent L$ anywhere when I was juggling 3 things at once
  7. What message do you get when you try to log in the other account?
  8. You most likely can't. If you were banned in error be prepared to provide Linden Lab with lots of evidence and hope they change their mind. Unlikely though, they rarely ban people without investigating fully.
  9. I just came in from my garden RL. I would love a collection of mole garden statues to place around out there
  10. It would have been a cute idea if we could have gifted them to SL friends in RL wiithout having to disclose RL information and LL handled all that. I could have sent @Alwin Alcott his water bottle
  11. You know you want express delivery!
  12. Instead of replying individually and upping your post count you could multiquote and make your replies count as one post only. Or use the thanks reaction
  13. Never heard of it before but the forums did have a revamp this week. It is possible as you are a newbie its something they put in to stop the spammers and once you stick around and post more in other threads you won't get that message again.
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