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  1. Why do you play second life

    If it's a game, what is the prize?
  2. Have a look here Years ago when I had similar issues, the old router had to be replaced.
  3. need advice on somthing wierd

    I hope this isn't that girl who was inviting you to her club in your recent post but anyway, don't do it
  4. Skell gave you a method of making money in SL. It just takes a little effort
  5. More original than the - "I have to pay rent and need 100 L$ I will pay you back tomorrow"
  6. Longest SL Romance

    8 years 7 months. Sounds a life time when I see it written, especially in SL. It works because we fit in many ways and I don't mind Blender being "the other woman" It's a joke between us. It also works because our time zones match, even if we still stay up way too late talking every night. Even after all this time, I still get a belly flip and smile when I see the notification that he logged in.
  7. Searching for this skin

    I don't understand. Its an advert for a eyes from that store. The creator of the eyes will know what skin she used to model the picture
  8. Searching for this skin

    I can't see it on the amias marketplace. It might be from an event. You could contact the creator or whatever support system they use
  9. i am being threatened on sl

    Check this out. All depends what sort of thing is happening but mute/block/ignore is your first step
  10. Your SL Memories

    Meeting my partner over 8 years ago on his first day in SL. I had been in SL a month... I knew everything The U'Bar. Awesome people who I went on to meet in RL and I had the honour of hosting then becoming the manager before RL stole the owner. A beach for adults where we met. We used to go back there for the first 2 anniversaries of us meeting, then it just wasn't there . We now go to Inspire Space and jump off which is what we did the day we partnered. You hit things on the way down now so its not quite the same.
  11. Looking for a partner

    Ain't that the truth!
  12. Person donates money, and request ban.

    I wasn't buddy.
  13. Do people make clothes for non-mesh bodies...?

    Creating sizes for multiple bodies plus 5 standard mesh sizes has to be a lot of work I am guessing. I can understand why creators decided to cut down and go for creating for the most popular bodies. I changed my body to maitreya because basically everything I seemed to like was exclusively for that body. I dont like to shop and demo and sighs... there's much more exciting stuff to do so I just changed to free up my time. I would never suggest you change to something you don't like but if you really do want to shop then at least demo some of the bodies.. your shape and skin can alter how it looks
  14. Avatar Height Restrictions on Adult Sims.

    weird isn't it. 8 years ago my 6 ft height was questioned everywhere and people bought me "not short I'm fun sized" t-shirts. I haven't changed her height but these days she is considered tall against the majority of my friends.
  15. Cannot Purchase L$

    Your paypal needs to be verified . This changed a while back depending on how long you have been gone but you should be able to get more information here: