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  1. Cindy Evanier

    Forum becoming more negative?

    It was just a little light heartedness in a thread that has become quite heavy.
  2. Cindy Evanier


    It's not really hard but LL have to protect themselves from fraud, money laundering, people with no money in their account
  3. Cindy Evanier

    Is there Anyone

    Depending on what it is you could always contact support with a ticket ticket https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  4. Cindy Evanier


    If it is a debit or prepaid card it probably won't work as these are not accepted by LL. Your best way is to link your bank account to paypal and credit a balance in there
  5. Cindy Evanier

    Forum becoming more negative?

    Like I am brave enough to call the 3rd bed member naughty!
  6. Cindy Evanier

    Forum becoming more negative?

    I am still watching you two naughty boys 🙄
  7. Cindy Evanier

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    /me wonders if the lock will be today
  8. Cindy Evanier

    SL family question.

    I have 2 sl sisters and 1 sl brother. My brother has always lived on my land somewhere high up and out the way because he isn't in SL a lot anymore and doesn't have a lot to spend on SL. I have always just looked after him if I can do. He sticks to his skybox and all is fine. One of my sisters recently had some rl issues and similar thing, not much to spare for SL. She used a small platform just to log in and out of on my sim too until I parceled off a little corner plot for her on the ground. Nobody intrudes on each other. I am sure when their circumstances change they might move out but while I have the space to spare they are most welcome to use it. I wouldn't say its a family thing, I would do the same for any of my good friends if I am able. I say give it a go. Make sure you set your own rules as well as any they might have. If its not for you, you can always bail.
  9. Cindy Evanier

    Take your fee and shove it

    Now I need a shaking my head in despair reaction
  10. So if you live on that sim are you a....
  11. Cindy Evanier

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    @vvvRavenvvv Thank you for stating your views in a reasoned post rather than the previous ones. I do agree with you copy items are better. I also think the best way to change peoples minds is sensible discussion rather than ranting because views differ. I still stand by it is a merchants right to set whatever perms they want and it is a customers right to walk on by and find something that has the perms they require.
  12. Cindy Evanier

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    I don't see it as a fact while the permissions system allows for things to be no copy. For the record our stuff is copy but that doesn't change the FACT that while people CAN sell no copy then they should be allowed to if they believe it right for them.
  13. Cindy Evanier

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    Then walk on by. Phil has every right to state his personal opinion on a GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM. He has every right to sell his products with whatever perms he wishes. The only reason this thread is going on is because people keep trying to tell him he is wrong. How can he be wrong? You might prefer other perms that's fine. Just because you don't agree you start name calling. If you don't want NO COPY don't buy NO COPY. That doesn't change the fact that a merchant can sell it if they want.