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  1. Have you shopped around other landlords for a better deal?
  2. Pet peeve. I ate far too many strawberries and cream this afternoon and something is giving me indigestion.
  3. I am sure there must be better forums for you to use for that advice.
  4. These are the SL forums. Second life. An SL kid is someone roleplaying a child in second life
  5. Well my opinion is based on a rl mother who is currently educating their child. Mornings we do school set work which I oversee making sure he gets a proper spread of subjects. Afternoons we educate in many ways some examples planting seeds and looking after them, cooking, some minor DIY, he built a bird box and currently this week is doing a coding course I paid for him to do run by the Minecraft people. (It is technically a school holiday week if they were in school at the moment.) He is absolutely loving it. How I interact is pretty simple. We talk. We offer each other ideas on what he is or might be interested in. Communication. Be prepared to change your plan depending on how your child is feeling in these times. We had a whole afternoon just chatting, a cuddle and lots of icecream in the garden because he was getting lockdown crazy.
  6. I'm not a father in either life so I guess I don't have any experience to give an answer
  7. Somebody probably told me how to do it a long time ago. I have no clue 😊
  8. oh weirdness. it was already translated for me. I must have previously clicked something
  9. Inworld employment https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/
  10. You would have more luck in the employment section of the forums. This section is for issues with the second life viewer
  11. My alt is shady. She tries to hide her stipend from me every week.
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