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  1. Yeah blue is not doing the job Red and flashing might
  2. Gawd no. Theres already enough drama when someone doesn't use the correct reaction in someone elses opinion.
  3. If they hide their online status inworld, they disappear from the dashboard
  4. Sounds like half your post should be in the employment or wanted forums and the final line in the make friends forum.
  5. I guess you could do some investigating to see if the website allows uploading to SL. Lots don't. If it doesn't you could report the use in SL to the original creator and leave it with them to see if they want to take it further. It won't get you your money back but might make you feel better. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Sounds like you need to talk to your wife.
  7. Contact support. They will help guide you through steps to prove the account its yours. Link to support is at the bottom of this page and every forum page
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