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  1. in the wrong forum. No advertising
  2. We can't tell you. we are just residents like you. You need to contact support directly billing support - or if you are premium, use live chat first
  3. How can I delete my username 4 ever ?

    You are still here? Self control mate, if you dislike sl then this is the wrong place for your trolling. Your question has been answered.
  4. How can I delete my username 4 ever ?

    Everything LittleMe said is correct but it does stay open for a few weeks/months in case people change their mind and come back LIKE YOU JUST DID BY LOGGING INTO THE FORUMS. Delete your account, clear your cache, remove the viewer and all files completely from your pc and have some self control and forget SL. If you decide to come back next week it would be easier to get your account back. If you decide in 6 months, not so easy and involves a fee. It's on YOU to stop logging in and forget sl.
  5. what is the LL currency exchange fee per exchange transaction

    4 year old post. There are MUCH more recent threads discussing transaction fees and why they have risen
  6. history topic

    No, only if they want to tell you. Imagine the drama that one would bring
  7. Has anyone succussfully found a Sugar Daddy here?

    Is it a Sugar daddy when i take all his money and spend it? On sim payments Advertising A new dress (though that was for my alt for MP pictures) Event fees /me goes back to filling in this months account spreadsheet
  8. Role option

    I am not getting into the whole child avatar thing. We all know where those thread end.
  9. own stories

    I have a huge history. 9 years worth of chat logs with 1 partner.
  10. I dont mean a screen shot of that. I mean the message that appears to tell you you are banned
  11. The part that confuses me is the alt has no issues according to the OP only the main account
  12. So many issues going on. I am going to start by suggesting you turn off RLV and relog then remove your collar to make sure there are no restrictions been set and do not put it back on until you know how to use it properly. It is possible if your settings aren't locked down that someone may have restricted you from doing some things. Once you have turned it off and removed the collar try to tp to one of the regions you are banned from and take a screen shot of the message that appears on your screen. Then we can eliminate some things and move on to your other issues.
  13. We are all residents like you trying to help. Have you checked both accounts have ADULT checked in preferences. Could you take a screen shot of the message you get so we can see if its a security orb or something else.
  14. Rules? Dammit nobody told me we have rules. I'm not playing I HATE this game *kicks board over and stomps off pouting*