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  1. don't ask me technical stuffs 😲 I just know loading a full avsitter menu on our homestead can take me 30 mins but if i go over to the mainland parcel it takes less than 10 now distracting the technical stuff with a Jason
  2. Funny you should say that. Some of the posts around these forums in the last month are making me think they should have named the new continent Winterfell
  3. Correct me if I am wrong (I'm not) but nowhere does it say premiums are entitled to a particuar linden home, on a particular continent, new or old. Just you can have a home of which there are plenty. Nobody has to be homeless
  4. the important part was "when I get time" When currently working on 5 bed menu's is not any time soon
  5. I think in used in certain context and usually when you are disagreeing with someone, it comes across as condescending.
  6. There are numerous social areas to be social. your home doesn't have to be that if you don't want
  7. No thanks, I dont want to have to remember to turn it on and off every time I want to get naked to put together an outfit. I don't want to see my neighbours who leave it turned on when they do the same. Open your map, look at the dots. I dont leave my RL front door unlocked nor do I expect to see random people wander into my garden. First we got the security orb changes, now you want to take away more privacy?
  8. Oh I am going to be loud and proud when i get time to decorate properly and put all my creepy stuff in full view.
  9. 100% agree. I have posted similar in the past after a frustrating day of tping into places I am not wanted looking for something I want to demo before purchase
  10. Blush is creating content specifically, I believe for different homes... so that is why she is decorating them differently. It's not just all about cushions and chairs. I am sure she will correct me if I assume incorrectly
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