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  1. I'm sure they would be GLAD to let us leave... If we took that "Trident" stuff off the warehouse shelves and tested it on a suitably disposable target, such as... Paris... But enough with the derail... Back to the topic... Maybe we could test Trident on that Mandatory Super-MegaLag-InfoHub thing of Bree's to show her that our response to her suggestion is more than... ... Unlikely, even they are not QUITE that clueless about SL's userbase... Are you confessing to spiking the staff eggnog with illegal, experimental "CIA brainwashing Test Camp" drugs?
  2. Heh, I've spent more than 4 decades denouncing the fact that traitors in my country pledged our servitude to the Franco-German Euro-Federalist Empire, and eagerly look forward to the failure of Brexit negotiations, and the inevitable open warfare in which we will meet the Euro-Federalist Anti-Britishness squads on the beaches with heavy machinegun emplacements! Depends when the painkillers wear off...
  3. Secondwave Lastnamer Entitlement Syndrome... "Hi Clueless Doublenamer here, rez date 2007, and I just did my quarterly 5 min login to collect my FREE MONEY, and there wasn't as much as I feel entitled to, the Lab MUST FIX THIS NOW! I think SL is DYING! So I propose a CRUSADE to Save SecondLife, which I will lead! Lets get the discussion of gratuitous examples of the unlicenced possession of illegal quantities of WEAPONS GRADE STUPIDITY started before it's TOO LATE!"
  4. Playing "poke the cave bear" almost certainly contributed to the human evolutionary process... Odds are you are NOT decended from a "bear poker"
  5. Apparently you are unable to differentiate between... "Pull your head out of your rectum you whining butthole" and... "U cant b callin meh a whinin buthol on da interwebs cos it r a Fedral Crym of Siber Terrism, whot R aginst the LAW! I r callin da Ef-Be-Ei on u fur cryms aginst Murica! Eet meh u euro-commies!" ... Please feel free to reevaluate your post in light of this obvious difference, now it's been brought to your attention.
  6. Klytyna

    Adult Content

    Not for at least seven years... Maybe much longer...
  7. I've spent more than 2 decades listening to clueless tech-illiterate buttholes saying that 3D modeling should be EASY, and claiming that "surely they can make it easy for us clueless tech-illiterate buttholes because FUTURENESS!" You mention Gurgle Screwup... That is exactly the sort of 3D app the world does not need. Years ago, I was invited to join a games modding team, and like a bloody idiot I said yes... There were TWO actual games modders, my self and the official team leader, and 18 wastes of human skin, 17 worthless zero skills quasi-illiterate millennial RP trash, and the unofficial team leader, who was a "self taught 3D modeler" with TWO WHOLE MONTHS of experience in... Gurgle Screwup. This dingbat would crank out a 60,000 poly mesh in two hours in Screwup using only the extrude tool... Then he'd send it to us, and constantly whine about how it was taking us too long to convert his latest "masterpiece" into a usable game asset. Typically, each of his "2 Hour Meshes" needed more than TWENTY hours of file format conversion, dismantling, sectioning into material zones, uv mapping, reassembling, rigging, hardpointing, and basic texturing, and then xml scripting to make it into something you could actually test in the game, all done by people who had spent YEARS learning how to do these things. One of the biggest problems with SL's current content, is that a lot of it was made by peole who THINK 3D should be or worse, already IS "easy" and that all you have to do is pick a name, suggest a basic design and then click the "make 3d digital art and upload to the SL MP" button in Blunder-3D. Yeah heard that crap for more than 20 years too, install the FREE 30 day demo of "Crap-3D" on the cover disk ofthis months edition of "Digital Artist Wannabe" magazine and then folliw the EASY 4 page center spread tutorial with the FREE assets included on the disc, and YOU TOO CAN BE A LEAD 3D MODELER AT PIXAR! No they couldn't... They need ALL their funding to pay the staff, provide shareholder dividends, and prop up the obsolete before it's finished, Vom-Cam based, white elephant money pit failure that is Project Stupid. So far the main ideas thrown out on this thread have been... A Moron Friendly EASY-3D "Make digital Art" button in the viewer. A MANDATORY "Walk of Laggy Hate" through a SUPER-InfoHub lag pit everytime you log in to drive everyone not called "Bree" off the grid. A return to the 2003 edition of Noob Island! A prim tax for people not called "Greek"... ... These ideas really do need to be thrown out... Seriously, I really hope LL are NOT listening... They come up with enough bloody awful anti-ideas all by themselves without help like this thread.
  8. Kind of a contradiction in terms really... Roman soldiers tended to be lean, forced marches, poor rations, low wages etc. Roman Gladiators tended, by modern standards, to be slightly fat... Their diet was deliberately chosen to produce a generous layer of body fat over their muscles, as this was thought to slow bleeding from minor wounds and thus prolong the "entertainment" of the gladiatorial match...
  9. The Extremely Reverend Doctor Neamiah B. Scudder of the 3rd Southern Batbit Funless-Mental Evade-Genital Crutch of Cheesus Toast will loudly state... ""A-Bumination unto the Lard! Think of the Kiddies! Ban them ALL NOW!"
  10. Run a hardware check on your RAM... If some of the RAM has failed, and the OS has thus, as a "safety feature" reduced the amount available to the viewer, that could easily tank your FPS, amongst other things.
  11. The only "sense of community" you'd ever get from something like that is... "The Committee of Right Thinking Concerned Citizens into Activity A, for the Banning of un-citizens into Activity B who strut though the Nexus like they are real People entitled to Rights!" A whole bunch of unpleasant protest groups, plotting and scheming to try and get all the other groups banned from the Nexus and SL. Dark Gods of the Grid give me strength... ...That you want banned from SL for not being... Just... Like... You... Think how the Funless-Mental Evade-Genital Cheesus Toast Worshiping Puritan Folk will react to seeing Furry D/s folk walking past in bondage gear... "A-Bumination! Think of the Kiddies! Ban them ALL NOW!" Your ill-considered, ill-thought out, ill-advised proposal is the very LAST thing SL needs. In short, your suggestion is a classic example of the unlicenced possession of illegal quantities of WEAPONS GRADE STUPIDITY!
  12. "Thank you for visiting Clueless Ashats Retail Fashions, your demo has been sent to you..." Ok... folder received, now can I try it here, no, tp somewhere else... *woooosh* Right, strip off... Now add the bikini... Where's the damn hud! Ah there it is... Add that... Argh, rez you sod, rez... "Your demo has expired, thank you for choosing Clueless Asshats Retail Fashions..." ... Needless to say I did NOT buy a copy of that swimsuit...
  13. A large percentage of the current generation of "online gamers who might try Sl" do not in fact, appear to HAVE any "imagination", which is probably why they don't stay... Nobody is telling them what the "Background Lore for this RP" is with a cool FMV intro, there's no briefings, no missions, no assigned role, they have to "imagine" stuff for themselves, and they can't. So they sod off again to play "Italian Plumbers vs the Croco-turtles of Doom Episode 27" on their SonTendSoft PlayCubeOne, while screaming "Yeah, mama mia, I R Leet Combat Plumber from Mama Italy... Mom? Can I order takeout pizza please? I'm roleplaying being Italian today and need Italian food!"
  14. You're right... Mentoring can help a lot, I can second your experience... But... Mentoring programs in SL, like RL have always failed... And for the same reasons, SL as RL. The problem is MOST volunteers for "mentoring programs" are only interested in being a "mentor" if they get a badge to wear, they crave the social kudos of being OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL Mentors (tm). Mostly they are middle class social worker wannabes, who's determination to "help those poor people" evaporates when it gets annoying or messy. I remember a member of the failed and discredited "Adult Grid Mentors", let's call her... Jerkabell Dugout, who "used to be a Duchess at the famous Thelvet Vorn FemDom Sim", as she liked to remind people about 20 times a day. She was very proud of being a volunteer Mentor, and "helping poor noobs", but, realistically, she only helped about 1 in 40 of those she saw. Being FemDomme, she tended to ignore female avatars unless they were very noticable out of the ordinary and possibly domme or switch, so unless you'd already helped your self to the point where Jerkabell's friends accused you of being a "filthy alt" on day 1, she wouldn't take any notice of you. And as for male avatars, any that looked like "masta-wannabes" she ignored, and general noob guys, ignored, it was only a small percentage that caught her eye, some noticable effort to improve your avi on day 1, like getting an AO, or finding a free "non PG with painted underwear" skin, etc. Now, once she'd found a sub guy noob with enough brains to shop the MP for freebies BEFORE logging in for the first time, and smart enough to figure how to unpack, and dress... Well then she'd LEAP into Mentoring Action, and take them away for 2-4 hours of intense mentoring/power shopping, even contributing a few L$ (under 50 say" for certain essentials, before sending them off to visit "Thelvet Vorn FemDom, where she USED to be a Duchess!" ... Jerkabell wasn't the ONLY "Adult Grid Mentor" I've met, another was... Pestos Craptos... A 2nd wave lastnamer Mentor, who was so bloody dim, that I once had to tp halfway across the Feedumb Incontinent's 20 sim island to help him get out of a house he was showing to a prospective tenant, because the prim door was locked, and despite 5 years plus in SL, the dumb sod didn't understand how to cam past the door and double click tp on the prim sidewalk outside... Mentors... Me? I've had my share of Padawan in SL, but not because I've been part of any "program". I bump into somebody new who reminds me of me... And I take them as a Padawan Learner, and teach them useful stuff, like advanced object editing, some basic scripting, how to read the unwritten in peoples profiles, dealing with entitled macho asshats, etc., so when I'm gone there will still be others like me, with the same skills, and similar attitudes, in SL. ... Mentoring can work... Mentoring Programs do not...
  15. Two giants, taller than the clouds, walking along on a cloudy day... Giant #1: "Where the hell are we?" Giant #2: "Hold on I'll check..." He reaches down through the clouds, and fumbles around for a minute... Giant #2:" Paris, I can feel the Tower" They wander on and... Giant #1: "where are we now then?" Giant #2: "London... Big Ben" They wander onwards... Giant #1: "where now?" Giant #2: "Hmmm, Liverpool..." Giant #1: "What building is that then?" Giant #2 : "None... Some thieving Scouser's had it away with my watch..."
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