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  1. This is slightly off topic, but, then again, it's ANZAC themed, and amusing, and old enough many wont remember it, and ther ANZAC's deserve to be remembered... ANZACS in WWI
  2. Slink female bodies do this, so I'd assume slink males will too since they have the same layers and use the same applier system, what you are looking for is "omega advanced" which is the one with materials support, There are a number of body oil appliers on the MP, some of which use materials to add specular shine.
  3. You don't type that 6 digit number at all, you make a gesture... trigger "/load" gesture triggered "/311057 derpbow load arrow blah blah what ever commend the damn thing needs goes here" You could even set them up to use function keys.
  4. 1. Channel 1 was the default for most of these scripted weapons, many years ago, so much so, that some manufacturers announced they were moving to /3 or /5 to "give you less combat lag and help you win with brand x weapons!" 2. Channel 1 is the MAIN numbered channel for almost every damn opencollar scripted "Slave collar" on every gorean tavern slave on every gorean sim in SL, so using channel 1 for dark age warrior weaponrty on gorean sims, was basically an epic fail on their part from the start. 3. The company's definition of "Spam" probably includes EVERYTHING that isn't one of their weapons/huds, and despite being aware ofthe crowded nature of the popular low numbered channels, STILL decided to do their own "Spam" on channel 1. Channel numbers to avoid... /1 (most bdsm collars and a lot of weapons, and anything with a hidden chat access menu made by scripters with little imagination) /2 (ancient freebie prim ***** attachments like the 'On Duty' which spams the channel about twice a second with its presence and location) /3 (bdsm gags and a lot of weapons) /5 ( more bdsm stuff, and even more weapons) /7 (bdsm gear again though not as common) /9 (some announcement systems on some parcels use this) /11 (easy to type so often gets used for accessing menus on stuff, same goes for any repetitive double digit /22 /33 etc.), /66 (more bdsm stuff ) /77 (even more bdsm stuff) /333 (easy to type, loads of people looking for an unused channel might pick this or any other repetitive 3 digit number) /666 (most of the damn titler attachments seem to use this channel) /910 (Seems like an obvious choice for SL's American based emergency services rp gear) /999 (Ditto for UK based first response rp)
  5. Because you or somebody else with access to that Opencollar 6.x, used the 'back' button in the pose submenu, which in OC 6.x is NOT 'back to previous menu' but is a pose called 'back' where you lie on the ground... Yeah, I think it's a stupid name for a pose button in a scripted submenu too...
  6. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Curio-Obscura-Godiva-Deluge-Hairstyle/5142689 Ankle length hair like this works with most things, but I suspect it's not quite what you had in mind...
  7. If it's a mainland parcel, stand on some nearby land you are not banned from and cam ov er and pick up your stuff. If it's a private island, find a friend (or make an alt and friend it) and give the friend edit rights on your stuff, and let the friend port to the land in question and pick up transferable no copy items, and return everything else.
  8. Your problem sounds like you are wearing a "Linden Lab's Medium Rock" on your avatar root, this is becayse your viewer cannot identify what the object (the old lsl bridge) is. This is due to inventory damage, probably caused by a crash or a bad logout (a common problem in Fartstorm). To FIX this, you need to clear your Fartstorm inventory cache (consult Fartstorm Support or an FS user for details on how to do this) then when you've relogged and your inventory has rebuilt itself you can detach and delete the old lsl bridge and create a new one.
  9. The only ankle length rigged mesh hair I've ever seen was a "Lady Godive" style at Curio Obscura, that's basically designed to cover your naked body!
  10. Your machine should run Catznip without any problem, what was the error message, it might be that win-10 "drivers out of date" thing, where you need to reinstall the 3rd party drivers because win-10 stomped on them. Personally, I never downgraded to w10 and don't intend to,
  11. Yeah... People still recommend these old viewer 12 zombies and text apps for "older pc" users, can't imagine why. Firestorm is the "Feature heavy power users" viewer, or as some cal it "laggy gimmick packed bloatware", not a good choice for older machines at all. Dr. Frankenviewer's Singularity, yeah least said the better, the non63-bit alpha builds don't have Bento, but are increasingly packed with clumsily crowbared in "features" to turn a viewer 1 zombie into laggy bloatware. Try Catznip, it's a 32 bit viewer, but if your machine has 'only' 4 gb of ram, the 64bit vs 32 bit thing doesn't matter much anyway. Catznip runs reasonably well on non Firestorm machines and the UI shouldn't be too alien. Assuming the machine running a 64 bit OS can handle more than 4 gb, it's probably worth setting up "virtual ram" on the hard disk. Don't let windows do this for you, it's standard trick with virtual ram is a floating on-demand sort of system where apps can crash while waiting for Windows to allocate more disk as ram, So, set a fixed amount, a permanent virtual ram allocation gives the system more memory to play with (albeit much slower than real ram, but faster than no additional ram) so there will be enough ram, real and virtual to run the os, AND allocate ub to 3.5 gb for the 32 bit viewer..
  12. Prior to the release of Bento, late lsst year, the basic skeletal rig for SL was similar to poser 2 , so no poseable fingers, now Bento has introduced additional bones, including fingers, wings, tails, and extra arms and legs. You need the new Bento rig downloads, I'm not sure if they are available for poser yet, they are certainly available for Blender. You can probably find links to the available downloads from the Bento page on the SL Wiki, and as suggested above, check the Bento threads in the Animation Forum here. Be advised - Bento-only bone animations, fingers wings etc., do not affect non bento mesh avatars, or 'classic' system avatars, which are still limited to those poser 2 style rigging.
  13. Stay away from discussion groups, training classes, guidance committees, etc. Theres is, in RL and SL, a group of about 10% of the "BDSM Scene" who *THINK* they are the 90%, they appoint them selves to committees and formulate rules and guidelines and dictat and dogma. "The Officially Official Members of the Officially Official Committee to Officially Promulgate the Officially Official Guidelines on How to Officially do Officially Official BDSM Officially!" And of course, the other 90% of BDSM people don't count as BDSM people because they are automatically excluded by the Rules passed by the 10%ers. The kind of "Protocol Whores" who'll tell you that you are not REAL BDSM people if you don't know the official meanings of the official colours of the official Ying/Yang/Yong symbol they invented for their official website, regardless of the fact that you might have been involved in the Scene RL when they were still playing with alphabet blocks... Som wander around the various places in SL, that you can find on search, watch the 90%, ask questions, talk to people.
  14. Go to Lumae, they have a 1 ls group join, and 2 group gifts out that work with omega /maitreya/ belleza etc, and they are having a sale on a whole bunch of 2015 skins, 100 per pack, some packs are duos, 2 skins, some are fatpacks with 7 or 8 makeups. All come wirh a selection of appliers, and even elf ears to match.