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  1. Convex hull was never "magic", it simply told SL to use the physics shape of the original untortured prim, so setting convex on a hollow box as a way to make a low prim room, never worked, as the physics ignored the hollows and slices. Best you could realistically hopew for was a 50% decrease in Land Impact, it never "reduced prims" the count of prims in the linkset remained constant, only the land impact fell, and how much it fell depended on factors such as what shape prims you were using, had you tortured them, did they have scripts in etc. Boxes worked best, a torus with a script in, didn't work nearly as well. Convex hulling parts of a linkset was always a "pro prim pusher" trick used by the more tech savy builders, but magic it wasn't, it had and still has certain limitations, it's not a sure fire way to halve land impact on everything. I once built an object with 15 stretched cubes (a wooden animal stall), convexed it came in at 8 LI (7.5 LI rounded up), but adding a torus with a leash holder script in, pushed LI up to 11 for a 16 prim object.
  2. More than 6 years, with a couple of breaks while in hospital undergoing and recovering from surgery (hard to lug my desktop into ICU...).
  3. How to individualize your avatar.. according to me.

    So, you're saying the way to "Individualise" ones avatar is to... Wear the same "Faddidas-Crike Clown-Max Inflatable Designer Running Shoes (tm)" and "Mugger-Thug Hoodie" and Jeans that everyone else wears... Right... Experience teaches that some of the WORST skins in SL, have, historically, been some of the most expensive, clueless idiots buying "exclusive designer" skins and clothes from "upscale designers" where the only thing that's upscale are the egos and the prices.
  4. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    No Shopping, no content to rez on land, no need to rent/buy land, no land revenue... QED. Premi-[REDACTED] Madlander Bigotry : 0 Reality: 1 So, again, no shopping means no demand for the L$ that the stores uses to pay their parcel rent to the landlords who pay US$ to LL. Premi-[REDACTED] Madlander Bigotry: 0 Reality: 2 Remind us all again where those landlords are getting the L$, that they convert to US$ to pay tier on their land... Oh that's right, all those non premi-[REDACTED] who rent and shop, and tip in clubs etc. Premi-[REDACTED] Madlander Bigotry: 0 Reality : 3 THREE STRIKES and you're OUT!
  5. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    "When you understand the nature of a thing, you know what it is capable of" "When you understand the nature of a thing, you know what it is capable of" Please remember that you are arguing with a man who has clearly demonstrated over and over that the Argument is far more important to his pseudo-intellectual esteem than the thing being argued ABOUT. Somebody who has publicly claimed that he USED to cash out $4000 a month from his retail business in SL during the 2nd Wave Goldrush, 11 years ago, but who has also publicly claimed that shopping isn't economically important. Somebody who simply doesn't know very much about SL at all, who has spent the last 11 years standing in the semi-abandoned ruins of his store, with his thumb up his ass pretending the rest of the grid doesn't exist. He's made suggestions for punishing non-premiums (including PIOF's), then denied making those suggestions while claiming he wouldn't disagree with the suggestions he didn't make, because they have "no downside", then disagreeing with the obvious downsides when pointed out to him, while re-claiming that he didn't make the suggestions he made but supports them, oh and has some enhancements to suggest, except he didn't, obviously... "When you understand the nature of a thing, you know what it is capable of" In his case, not a lot, ignore him, it's not worth the effort.
  6. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    That's who I was referring to... Mr. Big, ceo of megaprim estates, doesn't provide the revenue... If rentals stop, he lets his sims close to reduce his costs, and eventually closes shop and leaves SL for some other system where he can profit by acting as a middleman. The revenue comes from the renters, Those NON Party members living out in the islands, or running inworld stores, or clubs out in the Islands because not being party members, they are too "untermenche" to be allowed to be on the Madlands... That's why those party members who scream about how non-members don't "Pay Tier" and thus "dont contribute" really really annoy me. The idea that if you don't pay your rent directly to LL in USD, that makes you a "leecher" is just fugging insulting, especially bearing in mind that those "leechers" generally are paying more per sqm than the Madlanders, and they are collectively paying it on two to three times as many sqm.
  7. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    "Dear NON-Premi-[REDACTED] thank you for paying L$5000 a week into the SL economy to rent a 1/4 sim parcel in the Islands, however, due to LL thinking self entitled Premi-[REDACTED]'s are the only people that matter, they have implemented one of those insane 'kill off sl' ideas from the weekly Lick-A-Linden meetings. As a result, you are not allowed to visit the sim on which your home lies. You are confined to the University of Stupid, and the LL Infohubs. Have a nice SL" And 99.999% of them are examples of weapons grade stupidity. And this years award for chronic understatement goes to... But WHICH population, the ones who provide the majority of their revenue stream or... the Premi-[REDACTED] Party...
  8. How we perceive colors

    One of the big problems with studies like that is that they are often undertaken by people with the historical knowledge of a concussed haddock... I've heard pseudo intellectual asshats state that "the colour medieval people called red is what we today call orange, they didnt have real red...". Then you grab the idiot by the sc ruff of the neck, drag them kicking and screaming into an Art Gallery and slam their face into the armoured glass over a 20 ft x 15 ft painting dated 1487, so they can clearly see the red doublet, in a classic 1480's Italian style on one of the mercenaries in the crowd scene, and you say "They didn't have red? So what fugging colour is that doublet academia boy?" Black dye didn't really exist in much of the world until the mid 19th C, when German chemical firms like BASF and AGFA started making synthetic dyes based on coal tar derivatives. Prior to that, 'black' usually meant "very dark blue" or "very dark red" or "very dark blue AND very dark red", a double dye process. Vegetable based dyes such as indigo, woad, madder, etc., which were not that colour fast, and tended to fade rapidly. I used to own a pair of sunglasses, goth ones, with dark black looking lenses. Due to the way the lenses had been tinted, I noticed that I could peer over the top of them at Goths around me and see wall to wall black clothing, but seen through the shades, they were dark red, dark blue, dark brown, and almost NEVER "Black" Vikings calling stuff blue? Quite normal, blue was the only black dye they had for most things.
  9. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    Worse... There are some who think an SL where 90% of the current population had been driven off, all the private islands closed and switched off, where it was JUST Premi-[REDACTED] Party members living on the Madlands in genteel isolation, would somehow make SL "better"... At least until they found there were no customers in their Madlands Mainstores, and no music lovers tipping in their Madlands Clubs, and nobody to talk to at their Madlands social venues, and nobody renting their over priced Madlands Slumlord microparcels, and LL started turning off empty Madlands sims, and talking about closing the grid because there wasn't enough cash coming in to pay the electricity bill... People who actually think that 9 % of the population paying a $1 a month for a free prim hovel in a Premi-[REDACTED] housing ghetto is what pays to keep SL open. People who have claimed, right here on the forum that shopping in world doesn't contribute much to the SL economy, becausze they choose to overlook the fact that shopping pays the tier on the stores parcel, that allows the sim to make enough money for it to remain online. That's a level of weapons grade stupidity, that seriously disappoints me, but which, based off 6 years of listening to 2nd Wave Lastnamer Entitlement Syndrome suffering Premi-[REDACTED] Madlanders, doesn't surprise me. ... "Make the Madlands great again... And make the Islander peasants pay for it! Punish the peasants who pay to keep SL open, stop them using the things they buy from us! SL is doomed unless my 1024 can be sold INSTANTLY for 50 L$ a sqm!" ... It's the same mentality that claimed that America would fail unless Boss Cowkicker could sell stringy tough murican-meat for subsidised pro rancher prices... Because having to compete against better meat from elsewhere might threaten Boss Cowkicker's 19th C Cattle Baron Lifestyle, and to hell with the 99% of the American population who didn't live on a 500,000 acre patch of semi-dessert scrubland, and who wanted a steak you didn't have to beat with a 20lb sledge hammer for an hour before trying to chew it...
  10. How did you make your SL million?

    You Beta Grid Tax Exile 1% people, with your untraceable off-grid bank accounts... *rolls eyes*
  11. Number of items in inventory

    The region simulator yo0u are on periodically updates the data held on the ASSET servers, about the current state of your inventory. If for example you attach a prim cube to your hand, then edit it's colour, and then trigger a fake viewer crash to desktop, before the simulator gets round to updating the ASSET server, when you log back in, the cube will have reverted to it's old colour... This is or should be well known, many many people have found that something they were editing on their avatar will have reverted on relog after a crash. This is why some updatable items, come with instructions to wear the item for 30 seconds after the update, then detach, wait 30 seconds and re-attach to make sure the 'update' takes. When you teleport or make a sim crossing, the current state of every item in your inventory is sent to the ASSET servers, a simulator doesn't keep track of which items you have rezzed, edited and taken back while on that sim, or which scripted items you used the menus on, and just send a list of the changed items, so it sends the total current state of EVERYTHING. When you arrive on the destination sim... It pulls down current inventory data, attaches what needs to be attached, wears what needs to be worn, and starts firing up scripts with the latest stored memory states from the ASSET servers. Scripts are run by the sim servers, and their memory states are held on the sim server while the script runs, but when you change sims, the script is halted, its memory state is sent to the ASSET server, and the destination sim downloads the memory state from the ASSET server in order to restart the script in the same state that it left the source sim. The more stuff you have, the longer it can take to update the asset server, and the longer it takes to download that updated data at the other end. It's not a question of the target sim needing to know what you have but needing to know the current state of those items it is expected to rez, attach to your avatar, and run scripts for. If this state isn't sent from the source sim to the asset server, and from the asset server to the destination sim, then every script you wear would reset to default factory values every time you changed sims. If you edited your hair and changed its colour, walking across the sim border would revert it to its factory default state. The TP system is set up to ensure that inventory status is updated on the asset servers just before departure from Sim A, to ensure you arrive on Sim B in the same state that you left Sim A.
  12. Shadow Griefing ?

    You know you can edit your own windlight so as to have a non standard sun motion direction that would make sure the shadow didn't fall across YOUR parcel, right? Oh and no, it's not griefing, anymore than if he built an 80 m high apartment building, or a life sized replica of the statue of liberty, thats the "joy" of living in the Madlands... No Rules!
  13. SL a California based virtual world

    Warning! Rated PG-European... May contain traces of Satan's Fun Buttons! Unsuitable for residents of the Confederacy. May cause apoplexy, heart failure, retinal melting and ETERNAL DAMNATION... To me SL feels very "Californicatian", that whole aura of... "Welcome to our strictly PG-Murican world *cough* Large adult section in the back... HOT Ladyboy on Goat action! see everything *cough Yeah we don't allow none of that filthy euro-smut stuff here, no siree!" For example, a couple of Lindens telling the owners of an Adult rated private estate region dedicated to kink, that if they wanted to be included in the Adult section of the destination guide, then they had to pass a sim bylaw forbidding any non pg activity including partial female nudity (topless) within 20m of the landing point... SL is VERY "Murican Double Standards"
  14. Yes, I know, thats why I said "theoretically" the same, especially as I remember having an argument with an FS dev some years back when I pointed out that FSA had at that time, fubared their rlv command buffer, so there was a 1 in 8 chance of it flushing all rlv commands at login, that's why I felt it important to figure if this is an rlva bug or just another "FS bug of the week build" problem.
  15. Old account? Fond of shopping, Huge inventory? Flat inventory structure with every single folder for everything you ever bought in the inventory root ? Attempting to TP with a huge flat architecture inv can often result in that good old "darn it to heck, you seem to have been logged out, maybe the regions is having trouble" message, especially of the target sim or destination sim are busy... It ends up taking so long for the sim you are on to bundle up your inv and squirt it to the asset servers, and then download it onto the sim at the other end that SL gives up and assumes you simply are not there...