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  1. Your mod uses Aolpha Blend textures... Which is almpst always a bad idea on head or body... One of you is using uptodate Advanced lighting Model, one of you has their viewer set to fossil tech un-advanced lighting. Remove the alpha channel from the skin textures used on the head/body, the problem will go away.
  2. Destination Guide and how it works?

    Nobody can explain the destination guide... It SEEMS to opperate on blind luck, nepotism, patronage, favour, backhanders, and sheer bloody-mindedness. You'll have a better chance of getting into it if you label your club as a "Experimental Conceptual Interactive Art Exibition Emphasing the Aristitalian Unity of Girls in Lingerie on Dance Poles with Regard to Freudian Asshatism..." or something equally pretentious and likely to drive off potential viewers... Just pretend the guide is only for 'High Brow Art" and ignore it like everyone else.
  3. Sansar

    Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy... In SL... If you have rezzing rights... You can MAKE something to do In Project Stupid... It will be nothing to do until they close it down in say, oh, 18-24 months.
  4. Using RLV/RLVa for this is essentially stupid... many of SL's inhabitants do not use either, and many do not use a viewer that supports either. SMART thing would be to use EXPERIENCE code, which can sit an avatar without RLV, even in the Official SL Inferiority Viewer. However... Why the hell are you using llShout? You should be using llRegionSayTo, which isn't range limited, and runs fractionally faster too ( no range checks to execute). Actually, a prim vehicle entering a parcel is considered to be "object entry" regardless of it having an avatar sat on it, it's a common cause of vehicle failure, you are flying along, you cross a parcel boundry, but your vehicle can't get in and you go through the windscreen or over the handlebars... Hehehe... Another reason NOT to use RLV, the need for an extra attachment. And let's not even start on the fact that some people will ALREADY be wearing a relay and there will be conflicts. Like HAVING to use an RLVa enabled viewer? Many people don't, and even amongst those that do, many won't enable it. So, Experience Keys, and llRegionSayTo...
  5. So I'm making videos...

    Leave out the "Just do it" intro scream, the whole "angry shouting yank nerds online" thing is way over done, also try leaving out the gorean stuff, and the PvP stuff, and make it 11 mins shorter...
  6. Happy Chocolate Day!

    The world needs more 4 oz. Bacon bars, marinated in spiced rum and lovingly coated in a thick layer of dark (80% cocoa solids) plantation chocolate...
  7. Today I learned ...

    TIL... That people don't ACTUALLY read the wikipedia pages they refer to, for example claiming 'sackcloth' was originally a loincloth, when that's mentioned as the OPINION of ONE 19th century german academic, based on the use of the word 'gird'. Ohf course since most middle eastern clothing of the period, tunics etc., would have been 'girded' with a belt or sash or a piece of rope, this doesn't actually mean very much, but that's 19th C. academics for you... However... Medieval clothing features a 'cod piece' because 'cod' was a medieval term for your 'bag' or 'sack'...
  8. Why do people hide who they are?

    Ho hum... We're not. We don't give a rats backside if you are straight or not, however, we do care that you keep going on about how being straight is something to be proud of, thus implying that not being straight is something NOT to be proud of. That's HOMOPHOBIA. That's what we are bashing... Only the mouthy ones who try to put down not-straight people with every damn post they make. You kn ow, the HOMOPHOBIC bigots who endlessly boast of how proud they are to be straight, and "normal" and who join neo-nazi homophobic hate groups. Does any of that ring any bells? Hint - Read this thread again from the beginning... See if you can spot anyone who matches the above description and thus might incur our dislike...
  9. Why do people hide who they are?

    He asked people for RL information, they refused to give it, he came on here and complained... Demand... He feels ENTITLED to people s RL information, and complains when they refuse to give it to him. You need to practice your basic English comprehension... Depends HOW you ask, and what you do when you don't get the answers you want. Ever heard of 'headphones' ? No microphone included. Not an 'excuse' but a statement of fact, I see no reason to waste money buying something for which I have NO use. Not only do I not voice-spam, I don't even listen to others voice-spam. I turned voice-spam off 6 years ago, about 15 mins after coming to SL, because it was, basically, repellent to listen to (that's info-hubs for you). Oh I don't mind sharing RL info, to a degree, old lesbian, worked in IT for over 25 years, ex military, hates modern trendy "lets call cam and voice" types, type-with-your-thumbs iSpend dumbphone users, and console peasants. There, I shared... Happy ? Good, this conversation is over...
  10. Why do people hide who they are?

    Some people need NO help to look stupid... They manage fine all by themselves... We're taking jabs at him not for wanting to know an RL gender, but for feeling he is ENTITLED to know RL details about everyone he speakes to, you don't (or shouldn't) do this in RL, why do it in SL, it's just fugging rude. "Hey you, name, address, telephone number & ID verification... NOW!" Who do these people think they are? Cops? Sharing information... So, if they won't tell somebody their real name, address, and telephone number, that's a bad sign in SL? Get a life. As for "not liking voice chat", I know this may come as a shock to you but... Many desktop PC's do NOT come fitted as standard with webcams and microphones, and many desktop PC users can't be arsed wasting money on adding them JUST to satisfy the demands from self-entitled online stalkers. Except when the way you "enjoy" SL directly spoils the enjoyment of others around you, such as walking up to people and DEMANDING that they comply with your internet-cop interrogation act, or else! Your question has been answered... Move on...
  11. Why do people hide who they are?

    And what exactly do you have to be proud of? You demand that people give you RL information. Would you do that in RL? "Yo *****! I like your boobs, tell me your real name, address and telephone number now, and you better have ID to prove you are who you say you are!" Don't be surprised that the reaction to questions like that in SL is EXACTLY the same you'd get in RL. You demand to know if the woman you are chatting up in SL is an RL female, then claim you have ways of knowing. Somehow I doubt that. You claim to be proud of being straight. Well done, have a cookie, but what exactly about being straight, means you HAVE to be an intolerant jerkwad to those who are not? So you join a group founded by somebody in a Nazi uniform. Then when somebody points this out to you, announce that you "don't want to be part of a Nazi". What part of a Nazi did you think being a group member makes you? An arm, a nose, a kneecap, or an arse? Oh look! Crossposting... No, a homophobe. Well that's kind of the point isn't it, Lesbians do not "have men in them". And you have NO idea how glad we are about that...
  12. Behaviour of vendors after a negative review of their product.

    Just for the record... PNG is NOT a lossy compression format like JPEG, it is a LOSSLESS format, also TGA's have the option of being compressed or not. The only real differences between the two vis a vis quality is... PNG is designed for online use, and doesn't work too well with CMYK colour space used in commercial printing, supports a wider range of bit-depths ( I've seen 48 bit rgb's and 64 bit rgba's for example), and... Many years ago, Adumby Photosnob had a very poor implementation for PNG's alpha channels. Can't say if that's been fixed or not, as I don't use that particular image editor. There is NO reason not to use PNG for online work, except malicious rumours from old old Photosnob users...
  13. Breedables and lag

    There's a couple more... Does it detect and move towards passing avatars to be petted or beg for food/treats for example, as that's going to be a lot of little critters using llSensor to detect and track targets. A 1/4 sim filled with little critters all trying to rub against your leg and beg for pet treats, can lag like hell. Does it's food/water/nests s[am positional data on hidden channels so the critters can FIND the stuff, which means loads of listeners, and what channels did the creator use, if it's a commonly uses channel then the listeners are going to work overtime on 'false triggers'. Breedables can be nothing more than laggy scripted pretty griefer objects, though the latter tend to be uglier, but more efficiently scripted, and generate lag by 'breeding' thousands not dozens.
  14. Laggy sim distressed real estate

    Madlander Max, the Prim Warrior wrote: "Madlands! No Rulez! No Rulez! Witness! *sprays silver paint on his mouth as he mashes the Nitrous Oxide button on the dashboard of his V8 Primterceptor and screams off down the LL Protected Road to cash out the 3 months rent you paid him*"
  15. Wanna Live Where You Shop And Play?

    Thermonuclear Sim Demolition Charges... That's because they are boring and generally useless. That's not 'urban' that's 'suburban', hence the use of the word 'suburbia'... Did I mention boring and useless? Why should it be? Attach your school RP sim to "Butthurt Fails - A Themed Urban RP Community (tm)!" and all you get is a tiny subset of Butthurt Failure Citizens... Do it stand alone and the grid is your RP oyster, make your own rules not conform to the asshats running "Butthurt Fails". OH HELL NO! That's been tried... it's called Horizons. Building boring, useless cityscapes on continents is how you end up with Land-Baron-Wannabe infested gratuitous server-waste like... Kama City