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  1. Let's not... And say we did...
  2. It's usually one of two things, either a) some redneck "y'all be invadin mah privacy, i's be fetchin mah .30-06, stranger..." or b) "I'm special and unique, there can be only ONE! I must be the ONLY [insert fairly standard generic avatar type here]", ironically most of the type b suspects are about as non-unique as it gets. Just check back and see how many noob furries come on the forums asking for somebody to hand craft them a one off exclusive furry avatar in mesh based off their crayon drawing that they posted on their Arsebook page, and offering to pay you a WHOLE TWO DOLLARS if you devote 20 or 30 hours to this task.
  3. Generally, things that offer couples animations, be it an opencollar or a dance ball etc, will have some kind of setup, in a notecard for example to specify the two halves of the couple, for example dance47a-fem and dance47a-guy, and to specify the distance between the dancers etc... If you are adding new dances to something, singles will often just drop in, but couples needto be edited into the setup somehow, poke about in the contents of the hud, or if all else fails, READ the Instructions Notecard that came with the product,
  4. If all you want is some whale shaped prim to add to your linkset for the orrery, go to alley arcadia, they are on mp, and theres an archive inworld, loads of old full perm sculpties, one of these, part of the steam fair collection is a 'whale ride', thing, like a bull ride but with a sculpted 'white whale' a few feet long, it can be resized., I've seen it used as a pool float toy and a club sign, so as long as sculpts are ok for you, and you dont mind it being a mini Moby Dick, it's all good.
  5. So... No chance of getting you to volunteer to be sacrificed to the Dark Gods of the Grid, on Welcome Island, using the midnight windlight setting I assume? Ho-hum...
  6. you can try a linkset message, script a sends a linkset message ands script b runs the 'secret function' when it gets the message, thats a fairly common way of passing data from one script to another or initiating functions in another.
  7. Ah... well... 3d for beginners, you will need... an empty cardboard cereal box, 4 drawing pins and a pair of scissors... Using the scissors, cut out a triangle from the side of the cereal box, push one drawing pin through the cardboard from the grey side to the printed coloured side, in the middle of the triangle, push the other three drawing pins through the cardboard at the corners in the same way. Vertex/Vertices (verts) - the corners of the triangle Polygon (poly) - the triangle Winding Order - the order in which you connect the "verts" to make "polys" Normal/Surface Normal - the drawing pin in the middle that points directly out of the "Face" and indicates which side of the triangle is the "Face" and which is the "Backface" Face - The side of the triangle with the textures on Backface - the untextured and usually invisible side of the triangle Vertex Normal - the drawing pins through the corners, used in some 3d apps to make bendy polygons. Diffuse Texture - the pretty pictures and colours on the "Face" Normal Map - an image used to alter the direction of the "Normal" (central drawing pin) on a pixel by pixel basis, to simulate "not-flat" surfaces that are too small to practically model Specular Map - An image used to create fake highlights on a "poly" in conjunction with the "Normal Map" to enhance the "not-flat" appearance of the triangles Congratulations you can now speak 3d like a skilled hobbyist, or a less skilled architectual previs artist, or most content makers in SL...
  8. It's generally seemed to me that most 'roleplayers' are lazy and ignorant, and dont give a rats behind about stupid things like 'history stuff' and 'science stuff' and 'facts stuff' because those are not part of scifi/fantasy/whatever (delete as applicable) and because as one RP-Trash once said to me "the answers will be found in rp". Little details like a gorean warrior rp person describing their charachter as having "a bastard sword in one hand a hand -and-a-half sword in the other and a claymorfe across their back", and then getting all upset when it's pointed out to them that all 3 terms refer to exatly the same type of weapon, the only noticable difference being in the angle of the crossguards on the claymore... Idiots who think that 'platemail' is a real term and that it must be heavier then 'chainmail' because its sheet metal not a collection of holes, that japanese swords are made of some magical metal that can cut through a machine gun barrel without chipping, because "they heard on a web forum that some guy did that". Then there's the godmodding powergamerz (tm) school of RP. I ran across a case of a games mod team, which consisted of 1 active modder, 1 trainee model maker, and 18 talentless RP-Trash who had been assigned as Lore Writers, one of these wrote a piece of "Lore" for the mod that basically said that HIS planned game character was the supreme grand admiral of faction x navy, in personal command of the USS Asskicker, which was an indestructible super mega capital ship with the biggest gun in space, AND he was supreme leader of a secret organisation of heroic freedom fighters because he applied by email just before they all got wiped out by the bad guys, so he never got a rejection reply, AND had a girlfriend, who was a hot ninja babe who could kill anyone with poison (in RP). No I didnt make that up he really did write that as 'Lore' for a proposed "Enforced RP" game server mod... Needless to say here we are many years later and the mod in question has still not been made Busty tanned blond Amazons in leopard print bikinis, sure because some easten european lady shotputter type with a moustache in a scale corslet, on a scruffy looking pony, galloping about on the shores of the black sea, isn't as attractive. Don't expect 'roleplayers' to stick strictly to a theme unless you police them with a heavy hand, only yhe most fanatical types will willingly limit their options, take God for example, theres a whole splinter sect, the New Gor Evolved thing, which breaks down to guys who like the 'gorean lifestyle' but who won't wear a tunic because "...it looks like a skirt dude, i aint wearing that, i catch teh gay..." So instead they wear biker jeans, and gang colours, no bows, they carry AK74's, but still wear the 'broadswords' and expect a naked slave girl on the pillion seat of their Harley. Don't expect any kind of logic or historical accuracy from most roleplayers, most wouldn't know historical if you wrapped it around a 200lb rock, loaded it into a trebuchet, and dropped it on their warriors hut...
  9. Ok, the product is mod, but the texture isn't... Hmmm... first thing that occurs to me is that you are editing it while worn? and it's not letting you drag a no mod texture onto it, try retexturing while its rezzed on the ground, 2nd thing that occurs is, is the top scripted with a color change hud or does it come with a bunch of unscripted tops in different colours, if it's scripted the script might be replacing the new texture with the old, so you could try deleting any colour/texture change scripts in thSPARE copy of the top, before adding thew new texture, best I can think of off the top of my head, since i dont own the item and am not personally familier with it
  10. there are loads of 3d modeling apps around ranging from free or almost free, to pro packages that cost thousands... Blender's not so bad if you are new, its free, and since you dont use 3d software already you are approaching it fresh, just plod through the tutorials. I... I find blender a pain because it's completely alien compared to my old copy of cinema 4d... So oddly, you should have less trouble with blender than i do. You didnt say what sort of things you used to make, but when making mesh items (generally not just for 2ndlife) best to stick to what you know, if you've made jewelery make jewelery, modling software works in a similar way to building with prims at the simplest levels, spheres, cubes, tori... etc, its just that you can do so much more to them. Start small, don't try and make a bento rigged 6 limbed fitmesh cyborg avi as your first project, expecially if all you've made before is earings or tables, or garden fences.
  11. 1. Possibly, depending on the item 2. It can be done, depending on your definition of 'low' 3 Not all mesh 'looks like triengles from a distance' depends how it's made 4 There is a product made by the same guy that did 'sculpt generator' ( NN ? ) and working on similar principles, instead of using the console to rez special prims with scripts in that you link so clicking the generate button generates a sculpt map on his website, it generates a mesh version of the linked prims, it's not cheap several thousand, and basically you end up with a copy of a prim build in mesh, without most of the advantages of mesh, and none of the advantages of prims, you can try it if you have cash to burn but for static non rigged items, it would be easier to learn to make original models in blender or some other collada dae file export capable 3d app.
  12. Stockholm & Lima sell good furniture, go check them out.
  13. I took him exatly at his word, he openly admitted going to a popular noob welcome sim, he openly admitted that he im'd more than one girl with offers of a trip so some exotic a rated destination for whatever purpose, he openly admitted that several said no, What I didn't choose to believe was "the sim owner monitors tp requests" because thats horse manure, nor did i believe the stuff about how the girl who said yes was obviously some alt of the sim owner and part of a honey trap, especially as 'honey traps' are designed to get something out of the victim, where as here theres no demand for blackmail money etc. The evidfence is n the posts... Class -2 Loiterer, caught fishing for noobs at a public pg rated hangout by the management and banned for being suspected as a predator... theres the explanation right there, nothing rude about it just the facxts the poster admitted to in their posts... plain logic. As for your points about bible thumpers for example... Personally I consider them serious criminals deserving of jail time... Spiritual Kidnapping: Our invisible friend has your dead relatives, if you want to see them again do as we say... Demanding Money with Menaces: Give me 10% of your earnings or my invisible friend will hurt you
  14. There's this amazing thing SL has, you might not have heard of it, it's called "local chat", and here's how you use it... "Hi girls anyone want to go to Club Shag for some hot adult poseball with me?" "No thanks we're mostly fine here" Clever isn't it, but no, this guy is a Class-2 Loiterer, the Class-2 Loiterer goes to some populated place, stands there, and sends an IM to every female avi that appears, until he finds one who doesn't tell him to commit suicide by shoving an un-lubricated chainsaw up his own rectum. In case you wondered, a Class-1 Loiterer simply stands there, utterly convinced that the macho manliness of his "House of Orange Spraytan Ghetto Bodybuilders" avi will compel "hot chicks" to IM him. Does the action of a Class-2 cause"Harm" no, is it really annoying after you've had an average of 1 idiot every 10 mins all damn day, hell yes. It's a form of harassment, hetro females probably find it slightly less annoying than us non hetro types, but it's still harassment, and at a 'noob friendly' sim, fishing amongst 1 day olds for 'poseball' partners is almost certainly not welcome.
  15. Edit the head, go to the texture tab, set the dropdown that says 'alpha blend' to none. problem fixed