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  1. I'm sure they would be GLAD to let us leave... If we took that "Trident" stuff off the warehouse shelves and tested it on a suitably disposable target, such as... Paris... But enough with the derail... Back to the topic... Maybe we could test Trident on that Mandatory Super-MegaLag-InfoHub thing of Bree's to show her that our response to her suggestion is more than... ... Unlikely, even they are not QUITE that clueless about SL's userbase... Are you confessing to spiking the staff eggnog with illegal, experimental "CIA brainwashing Test Camp" drugs
  2. Heh, I've spent more than 4 decades denouncing the fact that traitors in my country pledged our servitude to the Franco-German Euro-Federalist Empire, and eagerly look forward to the failure of Brexit negotiations, and the inevitable open warfare in which we will meet the Euro-Federalist Anti-Britishness squads on the beaches with heavy machinegun emplacements! Depends when the painkillers wear off...
  3. Secondwave Lastnamer Entitlement Syndrome... "Hi Clueless Doublenamer here, rez date 2007, and I just did my quarterly 5 min login to collect my FREE MONEY, and there wasn't as much as I feel entitled to, the Lab MUST FIX THIS NOW! I think SL is DYING! So I propose a CRUSADE to Save SecondLife, which I will lead! Lets get the discussion of gratuitous examples of the unlicenced possession of illegal quantities of WEAPONS GRADE STUPIDITY started before it's TOO LATE!"
  4. Playing "poke the cave bear" almost certainly contributed to the human evolutionary process... Odds are you are NOT decended from a "bear poker"
  5. Apparently you are unable to differentiate between... "Pull your head out of your rectum you whining butthole" and... "U cant b callin meh a whinin buthol on da interwebs cos it r a Fedral Crym of Siber Terrism, whot R aginst the LAW! I r callin da Ef-Be-Ei on u fur cryms aginst Murica! Eet meh u euro-commies!" ... Please feel free to reevaluate your post in light of this obvious difference, now it's been brought to your attention.
  6. Klytyna

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    Not for at least seven years... Maybe much longer...
  7. I've spent more than 2 decades listening to clueless tech-illiterate buttholes saying that 3D modeling should be EASY, and claiming that "surely they can make it easy for us clueless tech-illiterate buttholes because FUTURENESS!" You mention Gurgle Screwup... That is exactly the sort of 3D app the world does not need. Years ago, I was invited to join a games modding team, and like a bloody idiot I said yes... There were TWO actual games modders, my self and the official team leader, and 18 wastes of human skin, 17 worthless zero skills quasi-illiterate millennial RP trash, and t
  8. At one time, any woman openly disagreeing with a man was considered to be "ab-normal" and suffering from "hysteria". The STANDARD treatment for such women was to be committed to a mental hospital, and subjected to repeated sexual assault with a mains powered vibrator as a "medical treatment", usually by a male doctor, to "cure" her hysteria... "Normal" certainly isn't an argument a sane mind uses to justify any draconian crackdown.
  9. Kind of a contradiction in terms really... Roman soldiers tended to be lean, forced marches, poor rations, low wages etc. Roman Gladiators tended, by modern standards, to be slightly fat... Their diet was deliberately chosen to produce a generous layer of body fat over their muscles, as this was thought to slow bleeding from minor wounds and thus prolong the "entertainment" of the gladiatorial match...
  10. YOUR definition of "normal", that is a fascist standpoint, assuming YOU are normal and anyone not like you must be dealt with.
  11. You are of course, free to leave at any time... Or stay and complain, your choice... Your decision to shut up and leave, or stay and complain doesn't threaten me in the slightest... So, you searched for sims that "would probably offend you", picked one that sounded pretty offensive, and WENT THERE, and yup, got offended. They assumed you liked that stuff because... And this is a subtle hint here... YOU WENT TO THEIR SIM OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL! Being attacked in RL wasn't your fault. Being offended by the offensive sim you chose to visit BECAUSE you th
  12. You have clearly demonstrated a fascist attitude to the opinions of others several times in this thread, stating that your demands are fascist, is nt an assumption, nor is it sterotyping. You foolishly assume I'm trying to get a point across to YOU... I'm not. You have already stated earlier in the thread that like most proponents of fascism you are not here to listen to opposing opinions. So, why would I WASTE my time trying to get a point across to YOU, when it's more productive demonstrating just how much of a potentially dangerous fascist you are, to OTHERS so they w
  13. MY "awareness" says the three of you are talking pretentious "Moral Crusader" Drama-Llama BS, pushing a FASCIST ideology, where YOU, the the SELF APPOINTED members of the SELF CREATED "Committee for the Moral Improvement of SL", the "Concerned Citizens" want the Authorities to "share" your "concerns" with draconian enforcement that WILL blow back and affect a whole bunch of us who have NOTHING to do with THIS WEEKS pet hate of the Committee members. We've seen this sort of thing so many times over the decades, in RL as well as online, jumped up self appointed "street hitlers" in Neighbou
  14. Ahhh... That old old chestnut of an argument... "I am a REAL female in SL, and any female in SL who doesn't automatically agree with my poorly conceived, poorly educated rant is OBVIOUSLY NOT a REAL female, but a MALE in disguise because ALL REAL FEMALES will ALWAYS agree with ME..." Yeah... all I can say is you have obviously never been to a large RL Fetish Club..., There are REAL females around who fantasise about being kidnapped and raped. You might find that repellent, I find it repellent, but they exist, in small numbers. It's a recognised minority fetish. But... You are on
  15. "We" the "Civilsed western Nations" have spent a crapton of blood, sweat, tears and dollars, removing an "oppressive regime of hate" from power in Afganistan... We've helped them set up a new "fair and decent democratic regime". Then we patted ourselves on the back for having done "A Good Thing"... But, most of us never noticed that, for example, the NEW Good Regime, has enacted laws that are just as evil as the ones the Taliban made, laws that we would not tolerate for a second here. A year or two back, Afganistan made a couple of new laws. One legalised rape within marriage
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