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  1. Is this new?

    Easily replaced, even unskilled labour can figure out the manufacturing process, no special equipment required...
  2. I'm always amused when people say stuff like... "Oh my pc is ancient, its over a YEAR old, it's only a 128 bit Inhell-inside i13, 16 core running at 10 ghz, with a mere half terrabyte of mainboard ram, and a pathetic 64 gb video card... not like yours... " Seriously if I told you the specs on my machine, your first reaction would be to call me a liar and claim nothing that old can log into SL at all, then demand to know how I manage to run with ALM turned on for the last 3 years, and all I'd be able to say in reply is "Pure Professional PC Configuration Tech Skill" And yeah I've had conversations like that. Back in 2013 some cretin claimed his PC couldn't run a mesh capable viewer because it was too old, and when quizzed on the specs, announced he only had twice as many cores, running 50% faster, with four times the ram. Which was why HE ran a non mesh viewer, Frankenviewer. And yes I then proceeded to verbally kick the crap out him for being guilty of unlicenced posession of illegal quantities of weapons grade stupidity, and for publicly lecturing me for wearing 'mesh thigh boots' that offended him by not rendering on his screen, ruining his SL with my shameless lack of legs, as I happened to walk past the cretin minding my own business The blather about animesh, or sailing in the blake, or nascar is just that, blather. El Kapitano, went on abouty how lag is all 'reusing small textures, as if thats the only factor. But seriously... for regular combat junkies, who pew pew every day, the damn textures are in their cache, and as long as they dont add up to the point where texture thrashing becomes an issue, are NOT a major source of lag once initially loaded. What IS a major lag source is... physical prims... every bullet, grenade, missile, explosion prim, vehicle, rezzed follower scripted energy shield, all that stuff, jacks the sims physics time through the roof, the server attempts to maintain the 22 ms 'frame time ' by cutting back on script time, but eventually, it hits a wall, and frame time increases. The Moron tech lag-meters display the sim fps/phys fps/dilation showing the fps rates dropping from 44.9 to 40 or 35, and your sim is in deep brown... neck deep and rising, and it has bugger all to do with how lean your prims are, or how well you tile your 64x64 textures that all your regulars wont be streaming because they are already in cache anyway. As for lod disaster rip-cars... Odds are her sim crossing problems probably had more to do with inventory size and ping times than the quality of the lods on her ripped GTA-V Shopping-Assault-Vehicle. Don't get carried away with 'optimised content eliminates all lag', thats almost as daft as the oldies who claim that "anything over 1000 m up causes no lag", and even 'optimised' textures can lag your gpu if theres too much alpha blend or even worse, system shine (that old low/med/high stuff) & glow which have horrendous render weight multipliers.
  3. In RL, I've never had hetro males walk into a lesbian bar, walk up to me while I'm there snogging another lesbian, wearing my leather jacket with the lesbian badges on the lapel, and TELL me I MUST be a guy really, because EVERYONE knows real women don't snog other women except in porno vids, and the woman I'm snogging must also be a guy so we're both guys with "teh gay" In RL I've never had a guy try to grab my crotch from 100 m away, while I'm clothes shopping, as their arms just ain't that long, and their girlfriends/wives will beat the crap out of them if they try, just before the police arrive to drag them to jail. And so on... No, Female in SL is remarkably unlike Female in RL
  4. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Competition... The great rallying cry of the Free Market Fallacy believers. Beginning of this century, here in the UK, we supposedly had 'competition' in the ISP game... OffCom, the Govt. funded official 'watchdog/regulator', disagreed. Technically, we had all these new isp's all over the place, cable tv companies, mobile phone companies etc., but the reality was that who ever you signed up with, sooner or later your internet traveled along BT copper or BT glass. British Telecom, a privatised monopoly, were the Gatekeepers, they owned all the damn cable and controlled all the access, and THEY set all the prices. They set the charges for isp's to use their cable so high that there was hardly any damn profit, so you *could* pay for Smallville Interweb Ltd, say 40.99 a month for throttled "fair use policy" bandwidth, or pay BT 39.99 a month for unlimited bandwidth. Offcom officially stated that BT's pricing policies were stifling growth of internet usage and e-commerce in this country. Situations improved a bit since then but realistically BT still largely set bandwidth prices in the UK. All that waffle earlier in the trhread of what the internet is "data vs hardware" is bs... What the internet really is, is CABLES, running from point a to point b. A multi node auto re-routing network, designed to bypass lost nodes. It was created by the US Govt. as a backup civil defence coms system, that a) was based on civilian hardware and cable in non nuke-target areas, and which b) could reroute around nuked nodes, so the Buttburg Militia could meet up with the National Guard Remnant to oppose Commie ground troup, when they emerged from their tunnel under the North Pole and invaded John Wayne's house... However, now a small number of big firms control most of that cable, and the chances for small firms to 'compete' in a free market simply does not exist. That's why we have... Regulation of markets by outside agencies like governments, to STOP Engulf & Devour Inc owning the whole damn shebang. Anti-Trust, Anti Monopoly, and Anti-Cartel regulations are commonplace in our modern world. The dream of the Free Market Fallacy died with the "South Seas Bubble" a long time ago. The Buttburg Interweb Co, Inc, cannot compete with Engulf & Devour Web Inc, because they can't AFFORD to lay their own glass across the entire damn continent side by side with Engulf & Devours. As I said in response to a similarly foolish post elsewhere... It's like expecting Billy-Bob Nomates, a minimum wage trainee car mechanic from Des Moines, to open a huge factory, and produce an innovative range of new cars in large enough numbers to put Ford & GM out of business. And trust me, Billy-Bob's innovative idea of using SQUARE WHEELS, won't help him win.
  5. Millennials & Land Costs?

    What VR jump... The whole failure of Vomit Cam, every time it's tried is people don't want to jump to it, at least not for very long... Back to Billy-Bob Nomates and his plan to shut down Ford & GM... By selling cars with SQUARE WHEELS!
  6. Phoenix firestorm

    Hmmm educated guess, I'd say you have windont auto-f***up-dates enabled, turn them off. Windont 7 32 bit... the updates tend to try to install 64 bit versions of dotnet, including stomping on the OpenGL drivers installed by your 3rd party driver install for your graphics card, and SL runs on OpenGL. Wiondont does this as part of an old hate-campaign by Microbloat against OpenGL, because it's a multi OS system, and they wanted to force everyone to use DirectX back when you couldn't run DX on anything except a Windont PC. I haven't seen that since 2014, but then I disabled the auto-fubar, I manually install the updates I *need*. Typical symptoms can be black screen crashes, or weird glitchy luridly coloured 'static lines' across the screen, or psychedelic shader failures etc. Disable windont-auto-fubar, reinstall your cards drivers, try again, see if that fixes it.
  7. When the only people allowed to vote are Madland Landowners, that's not a 'Democracy', that's an 'Oligarchy', or possibly a 'Junta', if their aim is to criminalise 75% of the population for being different, and drive them out of SL, shut down 2/3rds of the grid and kill off SL
  8. What to do in 2017.?

    I couldn't be bothered magnifying my screen, so I didn't bother reading the ant tracks across the empty post.
  9. Your computer... Not mine, not some random passing crowd of 39 people, yours... Kapitan Klueless claimed that 40 fps for 40 people on "outdated hardware" was a guarantee... And to add idiocy to insult, then implies that his definition of 40 fps is the Sim Fps/Physics Fps/dilation figure of 35-40, NOT clients running at 40 fps... the SERVER running at 35-40, and if a sim server is running at below 40 fps, thats a sick sim. And you're not even testing in SL but on an OS grid! Fantastic...
  10. Vote for Net Neutrality

    End of the Napoleonic Wars, in 1815, brought an end to the very lucrative military procurement contracts, flooded the labour market with demobilised soldiers, and stuffed the economy. In addition there was War-Debt, Britain was spending 60% of its total government budget servicing the Napoleonic War Dept, 45 years AFTER that was ended. This massive recession caused crushing poverty. In the early 1830's an official report, discovered for example, more than 40 people sharing ONE public water tap, located 3 feet above a drain grating that served as the sewage disposal point for the 40 plus people. In the mid 1840's, a European industrialist, Engels Senior, sent his son Engels junior to be a manager at a Mill in Salford, NW England, Engels Junior was horrified by the poverty he saw in the area now occupied by a public park, just behind Manchester Cathedral. Engels sent his writings to another german, a friend of similar age & social class called.. Marx... And Marks, like so many of his social equals, basically took a potentially useful idea, and turned it into an impractical pipe dream that ignored basic humanity. Comrade Potatoe Farmer cant read... So who is going to count the potatoes, and see everyone gets a fair share? Yup, good old Comrade Tax Accountant, who's out of a job now the rich people have been executed... Pretty soon Comrade Tax Accountant, needs a biggr office, and a better house, because all that paperwork is so stressful, and he needs a PA, and some clerks, and Pretty soon he is Commissar Tax Accountant, with a limo and a driver, and a big house in the suburbs. Next thing you know, Tax Accountant Junior is a member of the Polit-Bureau, and a pogrom or two later Premier Tax Accountant is known around the world as an oppressive Commie Tyrant, who has potatoe farmers boiled alive for asking if their kids can keep enough potatoes not to starve in winter. Communism was basically invented by two snobby upper middle class university graduate types, less than 200 yards from Manchester Cathedral. Chinese communism... Yup, university lecturers, university students, the first official meeting of the Chinese Communist Party took place on a rented vacation house boat. "Workers Revolutions" have a distressing tendency to be started and controlled by people who were never 'workers'. People in clean suits telling the man holding a water buffaloe on a bit of string that he's holding the string all wrong, and that his buffaloe is guilty of counter-revolutionary bowel movements, because the Commissar stepped in it...
  11. Forget physics FPS, by the time that numbers dropped to 35, your sim is sick unto death... scroll down the crtl-shift-1 display PAST scripts run, to the 'frame time' section at the bottom... Look at physics time, agent time, script time and spare time, they are far better indicators of server side lag than damned Sim Fps/phys fps/dilation which are the only 3 numbers most "lag meters" tend to show. It's like claiming somebody with terminal cancer is "perfectly healthy" because they have a "normal heart rate" and only begining to wonder ifther's a problem when their heart STOP beating. You made a definition... I stated that your definition is unrealistic in SL. You missed the point... I made the point quite plain. You made a BS claim... I pointed out your error. You make an irrelevant and inaccurate allegation and admit you originally LIED. Hmmm, why do I even bother, You're all Pandas anyway, chew your bamboo, dwindle and pass into memory.
  12. Clueless tech-illiterate bs... YOU might get 40 fps on YOUR pc, on ultra, if you tune your settings via the advanced controls rather than using the idiot friendly "one graphics slider to rule them all", on a carefully stripped down sim, carefully pruned of all large texture maps, alpha blend, etc. But you CANNOT guarantee that 39 other people on "outdated hardware" will match YOUR framerate, and please dont even begin thinking that you can counter this with "our free lag meter post says sim fps 40" as those generally useless simfps/physics fps/dilation numbers are an indicator of "oops too damn late" when they seriously drop. Real nmbers to watch for are stuff like agent time and physics time, the latter by the way is noticably affected by... physicsl prims, such as those fired from LLDS weaponry. That's why a bunch of fools firehosing with ultra high rpm prim miniguns can literally lag a sim to death.
  13. Millennials & Land Costs?

    Nobody is discussing this issue because... It isn't an issue. Now I understand that devout believers in the "free market fallacy" actually think that in a normal world, "forward thinking tycoon wannabes" will constantly start new competition to old firms and "keep them on their toes", but the reality is vastly different. The reason NOBODY is making any serious attempt to create a rival SecondLife style product, to compete with SecondLife is because virtually ALL the potential demand for a SecondLife style product is currently being met by... SecondLife... The infrastructure costs in setting up a serious contender are such that there's basically bugger all chance of making enough of a return on your investment, fast enough to appease your Merchant Bankers, let alone make any damn profit for your self. As for "taking the community here" to some NEW system... LL has spent FOUR years trying to port the SL userbase to Project Stupid, in Glorious Vomit Cam, and with bugger all success. Philip Not-A-Linden has spent a similar time period trying to drag us all to Low Fidelity (a system he originally had to 'crowd fund' because initially, the Bankers would not fund it because of the lack of potential return on their investment in a realistic time frame). What you are basically asking is why Billy-Bob Nomates, a trainee car mechanic from Des Moines, doesn't open a huge factory and produce an innovative range of new cars in numbers large enough to put Ford & GM out of business...
  14. It's an eco friendly government scheme to provide food for Pandas...
  15. You missed the point, which sadly is what the whole ePeen vs ePeen community tend to do. Probably because they start every damn post with "TLDR" then proceed to spout more clueless ePeen vs ePeen crap. This time, TRY ACTUALLY READING STUFF. SL will not give you 40 fps for 40 people on outdated hardware, ever. It's engine is inherently unsuitable for fast paced high numbers PvP, that's why the plan to promote SL on Steam, shortly after the introduction of Pathfinding (which was basically intended to allow better attack pathing for LLDS prim zombies), failed to "save SL" by sucking in 40 million Steam accounts, all paying premium so they could access the new official premium only "enhanced zombie kill" sims. Quite simply, 40 million 'leet gamerz' didn't want to pay the cost of a new "hella kewl FPS game with leet grafix man" to shoot Dr Primensteins clunky LLDS lurching horrors All that happened was that a 'new feature' created almost specifically for fps combat junkies, instead caused months of disruption to the aviation and sailing communities, and produced a feature which, if it's settings were not 'optimised' to take into account all the linksets on the sim caused what LL referred to euphemistically as "performance degradation". Unfortunately the optimisation tools weren't released in a public viewer for several months after Pathfinding was rolled out, leaving disabling it altogether as the only viable option, an option only available on private estates to people with estate powers. Leaving all Madlands sims to lag gently in the afterglow of yet another failed attempt by LL executives with no clue as to who uses SL, what they use it for or why, to "save SL" by mindlessly pandering to some panda-time minority who made a lot of noise...