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  1. Well I could have pasted thew actual comment from the Spanish scientist about some southern Europeans gaining the pale skin genes later than othrs, but Ms Afro-Pretentious, the one who denies the existence of non black Creoles and all that, doesn't like 'quotes' from linked sites, presumably because she can never find the ones that say what she wants.
  2. I said exactly nothing about the article in Science magazine as that website wouldnt load a readable page in my browser. I have NEVER denied the Vitamin D hypothesis, or evolutionary theory, EVER, in fact I was for many years a Moderator on a number of anti Creationist forums and chatrooms, where I regularly slapped down the forc es of science hating bigotry. You assumed I didn't accept the rift valley in Africa as the cradle of humanity, because YOU were too lazy to actually READ a post before spouting crap at it. Lets deal with your links http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2015/04/how-europeans-evolved-white-skin No Comment, article not readable on my browser. https://www.livescience.com/7863-people-white.html This ones fun, it mentions the very common Vit-D hypothesis, but makes this comment. “In our opinion the vitamin D hypothesis is one of the most likely hypotheses responsible for skin lightening, although there still is no consensus about it,” Maybe you should TRY reading the pages you link before claiming they support you. It also mentions 'sexual attrraction' and my personal favorite, the 'eating cereals' hypothesis, which is funny as more northerly climates and lower crop yeails meant more reliance on meat and fish, which would counter the idea. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/how-europeans-evolved-to-have-white-skin-starting-from-around-8000-years-ago-10160120.html Now this is... ODD. It's just a short piece in a newspaper, designed to rouse interest without actually boring it's readers with too much technical detail. The article names the two Harvard scientists apparently responsible for the discovery, based on 7,500 year old bodies from Sweden, thus claiming a figure lower than yours. However, checking the publication history of the two scientists on their official Harvard webpages, one appears not to have published anything on this topic at all and the other, worked on a paper that suggests an older date for 'white people', at least reading the preview of the paper. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_skin_color This, this has a number of different ages for 'whites' from 40,000, to 20,000, to 18,000, to 8,000 to 6,000, including what are apparently references to the first linked article, the one that wouldn't load for me. This page certainly does NOT whole heartedly support your 'no whites before 8,000' claim . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_skin The only reference to the 'age of white people' on this page is a reference to a 7000 year old body from Spain, having dark skin, and that some Southern Europeans may have joined the white club a little latter than others. And then the bulk of the '8k whites' websites, the crazy Afro-pretentious ones that talk about 'albinos' stealing the Original Black European's Historical Heritage So, next time you try to prove a point with a handful of weblinks, do TRY and ensure that they at least agree with each other as well as with you.. When practically every link claims different conclusions, or no conclusions at all, it makes your claim look, well, weak. Especially when the only sites that consistently agree with you are the ones you didn't link, the ones that are pure tinfoil hjat wearing anti white racist propaganda. Oh. PS, Somebody resprayed their boyfriend black, if it wasn't you I apologise for THAT mistaken attribution.
  3. In point of fact, no, I looked at the two links posted on 'origins of white people', one wouldn't display on my browser, so i made no comment about it what so ever, the other seemed to have very little to say of a conclusive nature, since it simply mentions several ideas, and that each has its proponents and detractors, so i did a quick search on 'origin of white people, and found a whole cesspit of Afro-Pretentious racist propaganda websites, of the 2 I looked at, I chose the least offensive to quote to display the sterile and unscientific nature of this brand of racist claptrap. I gave some examples of the kind of un-scientific garbage that flows from the Afro-Pretentious movement, including their dismissal of the 'vitamin D skin whitening idea' by fraudulently citing Rickets (a vitamin C related illness) as Proof of 'white lies'. So far, YOU have suggested that I should 'align my self' with anti-white racists, because 'white people deserve it', and attempted some very lame and ineffectual amateur psychoanalysis, and mistakenly assumed I am a 'republican' which in fact is 100 % wrong. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Easily PROVEN... I told yopu the name of the two American laws in question, the one that ended angrlo-american cooperation in the field of nuclear weapons reseaech, and the one that reinstated it (which is renewed every 10 years). Follow yolur own advice, google the names of the acts, read up on them, learn that the 'special relationship' hasnt always been that special, and take a breather while you figure your factual errors.
  5. Allegorythmic made mapzone, they agreed to give away version 2.6 on a cover disk for 3d world magazine many years back, as they had a newer version out. It was worth a try, they might have had an old version still available as a freebie someplace. Digging around I stumbled on this, might be interesting for you blender users. http://www.creativebloq.com/how-to/create-stunning-tileable-textures-in-blender
  6. @Phil Deakins Quote "If I read somewhere on a blatantly racist website that white skinned people devoloped only 8-12 thousand years ago, and if I have no reason to think that it's untrue because I ONLY trust blatantly racist websites, so I believe it, and post it, it does NOT make me a racist unless people check up on the lies and catch me. You seriously DON'T OWE kristen an apology for posting that she's racist. So be grown up and DON'T apologise to the racist. " Unquote. I corrected your post, Amendments in RED. She is repeating racist propaganda, from anti-white racist websites, that claim that Europe was inhabited by BLACK people who invented all civilisation, until 'albinos' spontaneously appeared, and mysteriously conquered the world and 'stole the heritage of people of colour', despite being inferior and outnumbered. She is apparently according to you, doing this without knowledge, innocence by reason of ignorance. You know, her comment about having 'white family and friends' would have sounded more sincere, if one of her earlier posts hadn't mentioned that in SL, she had chosen to have her white boyfriend resprayed in a 'less white' colour.
  7. Oh so it's ok to be a lying ignorant racist if you hate WHITE people, because 'we deserve it', ah, nice to know, thanks for sharing.
  8. That wasn't a 'deflection attack' it was a statement, based on a remark in which you made a racist claim, specifically, that 'white people' didn't exist before 8-12,000 years ago, which I can only assume you obtained from one of the many racist propaganda websites like the one I provided a link to and quotes from. That site supported your racist claim, that 'white people' didn't exist before 8-12k years ago, a belief which goes hand in hand with claims that Cretans, Greeks, Romans and Europeans in general were 'black' before the 'albino' invaders magically appeared out of thin air 8-12,000 years ago . You repeat LIES originating with racists, admit you believe and accept these LIES, but don't want to be labeled as the Racist, you show your self to be by repeating and supporting the racist propaganda. We're done here .
  9. I don't have a 'problem' with black Americans or black people. I DO have a problem with ignorant people calmly spouting fact free racist propaganda, on the assumption that because it's directed at caucasians, it's somehow 'acceptable' and 'justified'. You have spouted BS about the meaning of a French word, claimed non-black people didn't exist before 8000 years ago, and shown a poor grasp of the English language, that appears to be based on you hating the colour of the people who invented it. You openly display racist views, and that is your problem.
  10. It's certainly why I quoted you, when dealing with that 'google the special relationship' nonsense of yours.
  11. You appear to have difficulty comprehending the English Language, I said I did NOT have an issue with Caucasians originating in and migrating from the Rift Valley in Kenya, Africa (in case you didn't know where that was). IO SAID I was amused by certain people, assumingthey can say garbage, and cover it by playing the "your ancestors left Africa 150,000 years before mine" card. Let me spell that out a little plainer for you since you seem to have difficulty. The Afro Pretentious Movement wrote: "Hi I'm special because MY Ancestors left Africa by boat 2-300 years ago, while yours left on foot 150,000 years ago and went a funny washed out colour, so you are forbidden to disagree with me when I spout factually questionable propaganda!" Outstanding example of factually questionable propaganda. doubtless backed by the kind of website that proclaims "Eureka! The Albinos have finally admitted where they come from!" http://www.realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/White_people.htm while claiming that Europe is the Ancestral home of Black people, and then denigrates the idea of paler skin in northern latitudes due to vitamin D by claiming cases of Rickets as proving this a 'lie' when in fact, Humans produce Vit D from sunlight, and its Vit C that's involved in Rickets. Now regardless of your position on the validity of vitamin D as a cause of pale skin in Caucasians, fraudulently claiming Rickets caused by Vitamin D and that SuperBlacks (tm) don't need this vitamin, is moronically stupid racist propaganda. Oh and you know that humans have existed in Central and Northern Europe for MORE than 8,000 years right? Ohof course, those pre 8,000 year Europeans were all BLACK, like the Chinese... Yup another Classic Afro-Pretentious Propaganda Quote coming up. "It is also not known why the Aryans/Arians would hazard a return to lands that they originally found inhospitable because of the intense Sunshine. Perhaps over the tens-of-thousands of years that they spent in Central Asia, they were able to acquire a "Fixed" degree of Melanination through crossbreeding with the Blacks in China and Eastern Europe who surrounded them" How about this fine example of Afro-Pretentious Bull Manure. "The earliest Black European writing, that we know about, is the Linear A script which first appeared in Crete (the Middle Minoan period (1700 - 1550 BC). After the Whites invaded (circa 1,200 B.C.), all writing STOPPED!" Actually, Minoan Art doesn't seem to depict them as 'Black' and their civilisation's major setback in about 1250 was the island of Santorini about 80 miles north, detonating like a colossal bomb, utterly destroying their major naval base there and sending a devastating tsunami crashing against the coast of Crete, but... Hey, what are a few facts between friends when you have the chance to spout fact free Afro-Pretentious racist propaganda against the hated 'Albino Honky Crackers', right?
  12. You still seem to be assuming that the word Creole is some exclusive preserve of your home area and your self identified 'ethnicity', I suggest you look the word up on a non Afro-Pretentious source, there are quote 'creole' cultures that are NOTHING to do with Africa or America. The word is European, derived from a latin root connected with breeding, and usually used to refer to colony bredd citizens, as opposed to 'homeland bred expatriates' This whole thread started because somebody was worried they might get into trouble with the Thought Police ofthe Afro-Pretentious Movement, if they wore an avatar skin that wasn't the same 'ethnicity' as their own, and then degenerated into you, and others, making pretentious and questionable statements. Why was this even a damn issue? What next? Can't wear a demon skin unless you are ethnically infernal in RL, got to show an Underdark Passport to wear a Drow skin. Grow up and get a damn grip.
  13. I don't have an issue with humanity migrating out of the Rift Valley, I am amused that some people think that they have a special right to make weird and frankly questionable claims because THIER ancestors left Africa 150,000 years AFTER mine did...
  14. In the early 1950's America successfully developed it's first H-Bomb, The President of the day passed into Law, a bill making it an offence to share h-bomb research with the British 'Allies'. 1954 Britain began it's own independent research program with NO American assistance, and in the late 1950's this resulted in a weapons test near the research facility on a small island about 100 miles south of Hawaii. America was invited to send a party to view the test, what they saw was a dev team who had successfuly invented a diagnostic measuring devicew that America didn't have and hadn't known you COULD have, an advanced jet powered bomber with a flight envelope that made it significantly better then the b-52, and which was the FIRST of 3 Advanced designs, later collectively known as the V-Force. Last and by no means least, they witnessed a test detonation of an H-Bomb almost 10% more powerful than the American model. Shortly after the American team returned to the US and reported, America repealed the no-sharing law, and cut a deal with Harold Macmillan, under which we agreed NOT to manufacture H-Bombs and to share OUR research with America, in exchange for which America would supply our nukes, together with any customisation needed to mount them in the planes of the V-Force. The previous tests were 'propaganda' but still impressive propaganda, including falsely claiming the worlds most powerful A-Bomb as a test H-Bomb. The last was no fake. These are all readily checkable facts. If you're interested try googling "1958 US–UK Mutual Defence Agreement" before you get too smug about the 'Special Relationship' which on the nuclear front basically ended with the "Atomic Energy Act of 1946".
  15. Yeah... I knew there was something I'd seen you say that was nagging at the back of my mind ringing 'Afro-Pretentious' warning bells. Quote "In the United States, the word "Creole" refers to people of any race or mixture thereof who are descended from settlers in colonial French La Louisiane and colonial Louisiana (New Spain) before it became part of the United States in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase. Some writers from other parts of the country have mistakenly assumed the term to refer only to people of mixed racial descent, but this is not the traditional Louisiana usage. In Louisiana, originally Creole was only used to describe people of French and then Spanish descent who were born in Louisiana and used the term to distinguish themselves from newly arrived immigrants. Later, the terms were differentiated further after the emergence of a newly mixed-race group that began to share the usage of the identity, as well as newly arriving Anglo-Americans lumping whites, mixed and blacks into a general francophone "Creole" cultural group " unquote. Not sure where you get the idea that 'Creole' is exclusively 'Culturally African". You seem to pick your definition of Creole to suit your ideology rather than the facts, The term is NOT exclusively 'African' , there are 'Creole' Cultures that have nothing to do with West Africa, being more connected with Spain, Portugal and France .