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  1. Klytyna

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Nice attempted "smear" attack there... A certain someone... Certainly wasn't me... they remain in Jpeg2000 format on the asset servers, in the CDN delivery system, and essentially in the disk cache, it's true, but... GPU's don't understand jpeg2000 asa rule, they deal in video-memory dump format, aka, Bitmaps. Literally, a dump of the memory, with a header to specify the pixel resolution and colour bit depth. The operative words there being "handle" and "store"... We know, in fact that was kind of my point... GPU's do not deal in file formats, they deal in bitmap image data, passed to them by the software running on the CPU... Again the operative word there is "file size" when dealing with non bitmap file formats. I'd really like you to show us a 1024 x 1024 24-bit RGB BITMAP that wasn't 3mb... Really, See if you can find one... No cheating and using 8 bit or anything, 24 bit 1024 x 1024 bitmap image. Oh and FYI... the "size" there is the actual size, to eof marker, of the image file, compared to the size on disk, which is the theoretical amount of space available in the number of blocks of hard disk capacity used to store the file. It has NOTHING at all to do , directly with memory size of the image when it's being used or displayed on your screen by your gfx card. For some self proclaimed "Tech-Guru" you are using some poor image diagnostic tools. Note here that the "current memory size" for a png file is the amount of memory it uses when unpacked for display on a screen by your GPU... /me coughs... Take your own advice... ... If we want to know if the $2500 GeekTech 9000 series GFX card is 0.000257 % faster on direct-draw calls than the $2250 CyberFool 8670 series... We'll call you... That's the sort of tech talk you're good at...
  2. Klytyna

    Texture zoom :: llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast

    Basically, you want the width and height of the texture, to be slightly greater than the diagonal corner to corner distance on the plane, with in that the circular design can be done so as to almost touch the sids of the plane when the texture is rotated 45 degrees... So you can in fact use more of your texture for the compass rose than you have... size the rose to fit inside a diagonal square inside the square texture...
  3. Klytyna

    What is your opinion about the Roman Empire?

    Generally it would be more accurate to say you could be born a [whatever] and become LIKE a Roman... Ways to actually become a "Roman" were rather limited... You could... 1. Serve for 20 years in an auxilliary Cohort, and receive your "Roman Green Card" with your discharge papers, a bronze plate with your citizenship stamped into it, worn around the neck on a cord. 2. Perform some service for somebody really important, say, an emperor, who would then GRANT you citizenship. That's how the captured Jewish Rebel, Joseph ben Mathias became the Roman citizen Flavius Josephus. 3. You could be a citizen of a non-Roman city to which the Roman franchise was extended by decree of the Senate, this is how most of the allied Italian cities became "Romans". 4. You could BUY a green card, originally this was illegal (see the conversation between St Saul the Liar of Tarsus and the Peoples Tribune, in jail, in the New Testament of the Holey Buybull) but later it was legalised, but it wasn't cheap. ... Never make the modern mistake of assuming that people born in and living in the roman empire were "roman citizens" because the vast majority of them were not and never would be... This also goes for people living in the Hellenistic cities prior to Imperial takovers. Jews for example, were generally considered "Resident Aliens" in most Hellenistic cities. Alexandria made an exception for some Jews, because they had ancestors who formed their own Volunteer Defence Battalion during a siege of the City, in return for which citizenship was awarded to them and their families. Most places NEVER did this.
  4. Klytyna

    Texture zoom :: llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast

    You need to add a properly made texture, that has enough blank space around it on ALL four sides so that it can be rotated without the edge of the texture being inside the "square plane"... Or... Throw away the square planes and replace them with circular ones... ... This is a texture/build error not a script error. You basically cannot fix this with scripting.
  5. Klytyna

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    File formats for images (compressed or un-compressed) are ONLY relevant for STORAGE of images, say on a hard disk, or for transmission of images. When textures are loaded into memory for display in an image viewing app, or used in a render engine, they get UNCOMPRESSED into BITMAPS, so a 1024 x 1024 rgba image would be 4 mb, REGARDLESS of what the image actually is or how complicated it might be. Like the people who assume that gfx cards GPUs are hardwired to understand the thousands of different image file formats out there, instead of leaving that to software to decode and dump on them in a bitmapped format?
  6. How big is "big"? X m by Y m ? Meaningless question... We could tell you that Asshat Industries does an AMAZING 100m x 100m Tropical Beach Palace, in Old School Prim style, with a land impact of ONLY 2873, and that it can be yours for less than 125,000 L$... Doesn't help you much if you are looking for a mesh house that will fit on a 1024 sqm parcel, and costs under 3k, does it? ... So, how big is your parcel, how many prims/LI do you want to burn on the house before adding furniture and landscaping/gardens, and how much are you willing to spend, that's basically essential info before people can tell you what they think will suit you.
  7. Klytyna

    Advice for Avatar - Mythical Creature

    Search in-world again for a store called "Voluptas Virtualis"... They do a whole bunch of raunchy outfits suitable for Succubi, Demonesses, Drow, etc. Rhonda appears to be wearing one of theirs...
  8. Klytyna

    Advice for Avatar - Mythical Creature

    Murder of Ravens... Bento Tails, no question. Also check out Lumae, in-world, for fantasy skins, they are having a sale on their Eirtae fantasy skins (last years range), there's 18 to choose from, and 100 ls each, including all the appliers you might need for whatever mainstream body/head combo you might decide on.
  9. Klytyna

    XD Matt

    Windon't 7 here, and this new iSpend Dumbphone Emoti-Crap compatability stuff, looks like boxes to me. Another CLASSIC Overpaid Undertalented WebMonkey downgrade to a forum for a system mainly used by people with monitors and keyboards, not a damned dumbphone...
  10. Klytyna

    Last names coming back

    At a guess, because at any given time there were more than 3 last names on the list to choose from. Many humans have problems when offered more than 3 choices, their brains sort of stall... This seems also to be tied into why a certain well known political psychological speech trick works... "Not [thing 1] , not [thing 2] , but [thing 3]!" *thunderous applause from the party supporters at the conference* Thatcher used to use this trick, a lot of politicians do, or rather their speech writers do...
  11. Klytyna

    What is your opinion about the Roman Empire?

    To be fair, the typical Dacian response to seeing a Roman was to run at them, screaming, while waving a rather brutal two handed cutting weapon called a Rhomphaia, and chop off the Romans arms, legs, and head... That's why Trajan's Column in Rome has carvings of Legionaries in a different style of armour to the rest of the men, specifically as "Anti Dacian Homicidal Rhomphaia Loony" troops...
  12. Klytyna

    Base-avatar skirts broken with advanced lighting model?

    No... They do not 'behave like an invisiprim'. What they do do is cause alpha-blend sort glitches when you stand in front of, oh for example... So basically, you created a deliberate alpha-blend sort glitch scene to prove that system skirts with alpha blend (and yes, non alpha'd textures used with system skirt length sliders count as alpha blended) in them 'behave like invisiprims'. As for invisiprims not working in ALM, invisiprims are officialy deprecated, and frankly nobody should be using the damn things anymore anyway. As for a fix... There are several, you can... 1. Not stand in front of alpha glitch nightmares like the two blocks thing 2. Stop wearing alpha blended system skirts 3. Turn off ALM and enjoy the great 2008 system avi taste, preferably on the badly reanimated corpse of Viewer 1, aka Dr Singularity's Frankenviewer... Also make sure you NEVER buy anything with the words "mesh" or "bento" or "materials" in the title or description...
  13. Klytyna

    Something should be done about 1L$ items on marketplace.

    So, basically, to sum up your post... A) You are complaining that other MP vendors are allowed to sell things for less than you charge, and that some of those things are more popular than your products. B) That LL have resolutely FAILED to appoint YOU as the Universal MP Price Minimum Setter. C) That you are not making as much FREE money off the MP as you feel you are ENTITLED to. Then, to address these complaints, you demand that LL should "do something", and if your demands are not met, you will stop making the products that people don't buy enough of to meet your Entitlement Issues... ... *sighs and rolls eyes*
  14. Klytyna

    Sketchup vs Blender

    I once was part of a games modding team, whose "3d concept artiste" insisted on using Gurgle Screwup to make their meshes, using nothing but the extrude tool, in about 2 hours... The moron never could understand why it typically took the actual 3d modelers on the team, about 20 hours to take their 2 Hour Screwup meshes apart, uv map them, divide them into material zones, clean up the crap, reassemble the meshes and convert them to an in-game format...
  15. Don't eat babies... They are bland tasting, greasy and high in cholesterol... Do you want to have a heart attack while cruising along draconically at 20,000 feet?