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  1. LL's "Featured destinations" is famous for being larglely useless, due to a tendency of the selection committee to only approve "highbrow" places, like experimental conceptual art installations, conceptual experimental art installations, installations of experimental conceptual art... Fun has no place in their thinking. They do include a couple or three horrific newbie pits infested by people asking for poseball sex and screaming at each other in voice chat about calling the Feds on each other for saying 'ass' on the internet. Busy enjoying the art... Or possibly they have died of boredom, and are afk until their utility company shuts the power off at their RL house for non payment of bills, say 3 months. Yeah well thats what people do in little towns, live in their homes and keep the curtains closed so the neighbors won't see them doing kinky stuff and have them "Shunned" at the grocery store. Actually this is one of the worst ways to go, once you confine your 'interaction' to 2-4 people in one small plot of land someplace (or worse a skybox), then you never interact with anyone again... There's a club on Zindra, that now has 'apartment rentals' to encourage people to be on the parcel, problem is, the people are in pairs, 500 m apart at high altitude, and the club is a tomb...
  2. WOW! Dress complexity

    I was going though the hair folder a few months back, and found a hair from a brand that these days boasts of it's low rci hairs, so I tried it on, it was a reasonably modern mesh hair, unrigged, short style, and it's rci was... 350,000.
  3. before graphic setting

    Just a wild stab in the dark, but... theres a snapshot setting to freeze frame the whole screen wien the snapshot window is open, you hit refresh and click, whole screen freezes on the new pic not just the snap preview... Could be easy for a newbie to think their viewer had 'stopped'.
  4. Somewhere out there on the grid, is a cabal of Virtual Terrorists, sleeper agents from some now defunct rival to SL of 2005, spreading this tale of 'clear cache it fixes everything'. We need to find these people and cram Drone fired missiles up their avatar roots till they stop. Does NOTHING to fix any kind of network based lag, quite the opposite, as now, yoiu are redownloading all the damn textures, on your net bandwidth as well as trying to play SL.
  5. wiki user page creation

    Yes, well that was always the epic fail in the wiki concept... Anyone could create a page, and anyone could edit it, and anyone could reedit it etc... There's a page on wikipedia, that strongly suggests that a term properly associated with hydraulic engineering is a 'forearms only word' then mis quotes various sources in predjudicial ways, and suggests that you can buy 'magic bullets' designed using 'special science' to let people who can't shoot worth a damn guarantee to go home with a 10 point buck on the hood of their pickup. The entire page is written by... A man and his wife who run a mail order selling 'magic bullets'...
  6. The ability to change your personal default animations came in a couple of years ago, together with the script c ommands for it, it was discussed in the opencollar r&d group for example. the PROBLEM was that most people just WEAR an AO, and the few people who MAKE ao's either use oracul or zhao 2 script sets, and the makers of those never updated the damn things to use the newer lighter system. Nobody felt like remaking from scratch, their entire product line., especially with all the cries of "firestormers... rip the anims and use the clientside ao instead".
  7. Hentai\anime why so ugly?

    Ah Blade & Soul, that was the other one I couldn't remember the name of. Tera has a similar class if I recall, check out the "Walkthrough" vidio series on Tera by "Enayla" on youtube, she made a new char, and basically did a couple of dozen vids of her playing the game, complete with costume changes etc.
  8. Hentai\anime why so ugly?

    You could always try something like "Tera Online" for that cgi Anime look, a free to play MMORPG.
  9. In-world store traffic - what can I do?

    As has been mentioned, update the profile pics, many people cannot be bothered to click your profile, check picks, tp to an empty sim, then click your Farcebook link then surf your farcebookpage for the link to sl maps that takes their browser to your store, if they are using the right browser... Total pain in the butt, update your profile picks. Affilliate with one of the large shopping and bargain groups, which ever is most appropriate to your product range, a brand x mesh body offers group, or a bargains group etc., and offer a GIFT for members of THAT group. SL Free & Offers for example, you see their group logo all over the grid, if you have an SLFO gift in your store you get listed in their regular notecards to members of their 90k plus shopper list. That's the kind of thing that brings in visitors. Change gifts regularly, so they have a reason to come back, put out a lucky chair maybe, or perhaps better, a regularly updated midnight mania. It's about reaching a lot of people in a place where they can easily follow up on the info, no point telling people how cool your store is on Farcebook, when they are not logged into SL, as they will forget before they log in. Tell them IN WORLD, so they can click that lm there and then and come get the cool promos, and see your store... Shoppers are fickle and have short memories, we all TRY and remember that Brand X 'only 5 products' store, that we heard about someplace yesterday that sounded kind of cool but... Oh look free shoes at Brand Y, theres the slurl taxi *clicky clicky* Hey girls, only 27 more slaps on the mania at Brand Z for really nice mesh outfit, heres your taxi *clicky clicky*...
  10. 30 day restrictions and newbies.

    Some years back, I was standing at a sim border, waiting for the reset on the sim next door to finish, so I could visit the store there... The account I was using was 3 weeks old... Then the store owner came and stood next to me, also waiting for his sim to come back up, and said HI, as he'd spotted that I had made my avi with clothes, skin, shoes, and jewelery from his recent store hunt, on a shape I'd made my self that matched the kind of style he used in his promo images, and done a good job. He TOLD me to apply for a job as one of his store models, and when I pointed out I didnt make the 30 day requirement he just said "I own the store... apply" and gave me 3 free outfits. So I went off and contacted his 'model wrangler' who told me that I was too young and inexperienced in SL (I was an obvious alt), and didn't match the stores brand image (dressed head to toe in clothes given to me by the store owner and there at his request). The models hired by the wrangler, were ALL lastnamers, and most didn't match the store style at all, patronage and favor, and predudice against 'residents'. So I didn't get a job as a model, instead I was on the owners friends list, worked as a host there earning more than the models, and was the one who got the wrangler fired for abusing their position... Most 'under 30 day' people are not that lucky, and suffer for the same reasons, with no 'revenge'. Welcome to SL
  11. Hentai\anime why so ugly?

    If 'Black Dragon' made it look uglier, I can only think of two explanations. 1. the Avatars you were looking at were really really old, or... 2. You have the settings set to 'looks like crap' and it's not the avatars, it's your pc and the viewer settings you are using
  12. They've made us reactionaries!

    It's ugly, laggy, and the forum code now keeps logging me out and sending me to the community homepage when I try to do weird stuff like see the second page in a thread... Change for the JUST sake of trying to be 'hella-kewl' is not a good thing, if it ain't broke don't fubar it trying to fix it. -327/10 for effort...
  13. Heh, this reminds me of a thread earlierthis year where some guy demanded that LL "change their policies" because it was "unfair" that officers in land groups could ban him from the region for spending several weeks chatting their girlfriends up. And then he complained that after going to a titty-bar and trying to chat up an escort, and her telling him she charged by the hour, he complained publicly that she was charging, and got banned by the bouncer. There seems to be this idea that if you CHOOSE to buy something for a female avatar, that then you OWN the female. Buy a mesh body for a sl-hooker, you OWN the hooker, and you don't get charged and she can't have other customers, never mind that her profile says 'escort'. /me shrugs...
  14. Weird ingame glitch

    Just out of curiosity, in world, do the 'non mapped tiled' faces have the texturing set to 'default' or 'planar'?

    Yeah, well, DEAD places in the destination guide, that's not because "SL is so last Decade" it's because the destination guide follows the official corporate line that "computers are for art and education and intellectual high-brow-ism, not FUN" and insists on filling the guide with conceptual art spaces, quirky photo opportunities, and learning experiences. I can't remember for sure, but the official sim for the IRS , back when they maintained one in SL, might have once been in the destination guide. The guide is filled with 'dead' places because LL have no idea, and appear to have never had any idea, what kind of places SecondLifers actually want to visit. This complete failure to comprehend their customers, is why they created Project Stupid, and why that is such a damn bust, even before it gets out of it's misnamed "open beta" alpha release...