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  1. Connect the Continents

    We're not discussing abandoned land, but EMPTY land... MegaFlip Properties, buys a 1024 for $4 US, then they do the whole Marketing Sith "Price Inflation for the Gullible" thing, like so... Land Cost $4.00 Griefer Access Strip multiplier 1.5 = $6.00 View of Limbo Ocean multiplier 1.5 = $9.00 Not G-Rated multiplier 1.5 = $13.50 Not M-Rated multiplier 1.5 = $20.25 A-Rated Surcharge multiplier 1.5 = £30.38 "3 Sims by Griefer Access Strip from the abandoned ruins of the Phil Linden Memorial Sports Arena" = $45.57 Profits! = $68.35 Allowance for Lindex Fees, Cashout charges, and mystery sundries = $80.00 So they put the 1024 on the market for sale at $80 US, and then pay $1 US a month tier for it for THREE YEARS, before finally finding some gullible dingbat who's willing to pay that much for a 1024 on Zindra, because they fell for that horse manure about "Land not near water of roads is useless". $4 to buy, $36 for tier, costs $40, sale price $80, profit margin? 100 %! There's a reason large parts of the Madlands are owned but empty. The reason is most people do not want to live there, and the current system allows MegaFlip Properties to make money off keeping empty land for years waiting for some fool to allow them selves to be scalped for "non-useless land", based off FirstLife land logic, not SecondLife land logic. A mountain side plot in RL, with no road is useless because you can't get to it nor can you get materials and labour to it to build on it. The same plot in SL, is only a TP away from everything you need to make it a perfect home. It's this RL Logic in an SL environment, that lies at the core of some of the worst ideas in this and other threads, such as building strip mall "communities, with 5-10 over crowded housing by a shipping canal "Flooded Badlands Mesa Ghetto Housing" sims in a row, with a pair of "Mini Kama City Abandoned Urban Ruins" commercial sims, and a couple or three open water sims, to separate each ghetto strip mall from the next. Read my earlier post where I pointed out how such a layout with "lots of water and lots of roads" would look on an inter-continental connection strip 1 sim wide and 100 long, to see just how bloody awful that idea is. ... You want to connect the continents, fine, but do it the normal way, a strip of empty landscaping sims, with the occasional small "landscaping feature" island on them, like the ones in the Blake, where you can stop at a dock, and rest, or re-rez your boat when you want to travel again.
  2. Connect the Continents

    I recall one attack, took place in the wee small hours of a Sunday morning SL-Time, when there were hardly any Lindens on duty, and those were probably reading paperbacks or napping (3 am in the morning at the weekend and your supervisor's at home in bed...). I checked the SLoogle Earth SLattelite Map, to see if the destination I was heading to was crowded or not, and... The Map appeared to have this sort of bright red cancer growth sprawled across it, following the lines of the road network, across about 20 odd Madlands sims. Some asshat had rezzed a physical self replicator in a "rez your car here" hardstanding by the Griefer Prim Access Strip, and they had multiplied and tumbled out of the rezzing area, and along the access strips, until they found more rezzable, enterable areas, where they would establish secondary breeding nests, and so on. By the time a sleepy Linden noticed there was a problem, the sims were un-usable, and un-enterable, even for a Linden, and the only fix was a hard reset/rollback of each region to a state before the griefer prims invaded...
  3. In-world stores who sell lingerie?

    Maai Le Castle No Cabide ... That's 3 inworld stores that sell Lara-Fit lingerie in world, off the top of my head.
  4. Connect the Continents

    Really? Kama City has roads all over the damn place, every region is bounded by 4, plus internal side streets in places, and it's bursting with empty parcels that nobody wants... And again, you assume that the ONLY reason for having a home is as a base for driving and sailing, most people, simply, don't, they use their homes for crazy off the wall stuff like living in, receiving guests, entertaining, enjoying some privacy while working on their outfits, etc. Personally, I wouldn't WANT to live near a Madlands road, but then, I normally think of Madlands roads as "LL Protected Griefer Prim Access Strips"...
  5. Seven year Necro-post on Aisle 4, all Mockery Staff please report to Aisle 4...

    Did you do one of those "clean installs" of the viewer where you delete the files that store the password for the "remember me" option? If you did that (why would you?) then since you deleted the file storing the password, it wont remember the password and you HAVE TO ENTER IT MANUALLY again before clicking the login button... Your screenshots appear to show the password field as EMPTY, rather than a row of "********" for a stored password...
  7. Samurai mesh head - any MP support?

    If you sort their MP store by date, newest first, you'll see that recent products are appliers for other brands of head, but that head you looked at, doesn't use appliers at all, it's made in a single skin tone, you're supposed to find the version of the head with the tone you want, then somehow match your body to it, presumably either with a system skin that matches, or with a slink applier in the matching "skin tone" , purchased separately. Heads like that, nobody CAN make anything for it, it's a propriatory system, you buy a version of the head in that one chosen shade, and that's it. There really is nothing for that head on the MP.
  8. Just a little rant about marketplace slurls

    Ah, the hookers must all have been out buying pink fur trimmed studded leather bikinis... *nods*
  9. Just a little rant about marketplace slurls

    But did you find any bikinis in the brothel? Leather ones with studs, or trimmed in pink fake-fur etc. ?
  10. Connect the Continents

    Sims can be relocated on the grid... Explore the Madlands, find abandoned Madlands sim, delete abandoned Madlands sim, relocate occupied Entitlement Club ghetto sim to plug the hole, repeat as often as required, TA-DA! Entitlement Club homes connected to the Madlands...
  11. Connect the Continents

    Sim crossings and teleports do not differ that much in terms of hardware requirements, blaming "laggy crossings" on people using "a potato" is technically, a pile of BS. For you... For a lot of people, the "fun" is at their destination, not staggering along through a semi abandoned wilderness of empty urban prim ruins. And before you say anything, YES, I used to sail and fly in SL, regularly, I'm aware of how SMALL the percentage of regular sailors and flyers is compared to those people who prefer to TP between shops and clubs and homes, and social hangouts. Comments like that are why many people would rather TP than listen to vehicle using roleplayers, who arrogantly assume that what THEY enjoy is what EVERYONE should enjoy. It's no different from that ePeener vs ePeener Gore-Bore Unevolved guy who claims everyone should be bullied into giving up "boring" activities like shopping , socialising and roleplay, and forced to learn to enjoy ePeener noob-gank spawn camping...
  12. Connect the Continents

    Quite the contrary... Read his proposal for the Strip-Mall Continent of Animatsland again... "...lots of water AND lots of roads..." So, since the regions are supposed to serve as connectors between continents, there needs to be a main waterway running along the line of the connection, wide enough to be navigable by multiple vessels, even allowing for the need to tack back and forth, you are also guaranteeing all the plots have "waterfront" so, your 24 plots would be 4 rows of 6 plots each. Each row of plots would face the water strips down the middle of the sim and down the parallel edges, each pair of rows would be separated from the neighbours by a road, each strip would be broken into 2 groups of 3 to allow for connecting cross streets between the 2 main roads that run parallel to the main waterway, there would be at least 3 bridges across the main waterway for the 3 cross streets, if the 3 plot subgroups are also separated from each other by additional cross canals, then even more bridges. Remember, Animats thinks with his motorcycle, he's not proposing some private rentals estate sim like the United Sailing sims, where people rent upper class 4k, 8k, and 1/4 sim islands, all very separate from each other, he's proposing a sort of strip-mall style urban marina for lower middle class housing estates, where every plot has 32 m of waterfront at the back and a car port opening onto 32 m of suburban main road at the front. so you can either get in your speedboat and use the canal, or climb on your motorbike and use the road to drive the entire length of the strip-mall. His proposal is NOTHING like those expensive and stylish private islands in the United Sailing Sims area, East of Hollywood Airport.
  13. Most discriminated against group of avatars

    If there was reason to believe that they KNEW you didn't want a hug, such as "I hate hugs" or "huggers... just say oh hell no" in your profile, or making a statement to that effect in an IM or local chat prior to the attack, and they persistently and with malice-a-forethought, offered you many hugs, then, yes, that would be harassment and reportable...
  14. Connect the Continents

    No... That's because, in a world where you can instantly teleport to your favorite shopping area, or beach or park, people are STILL clueless enough to believe the Realtor BS about "...only 3 sims by road from the abandoned ruins of the Philip Linden Memorial Sports Arena, home of the 2006 SLolympics! That alone justifies the 16 L$/sqm sale price, as I'm sure you'll agree..." Well, you could... Live there, when you are not teleporting to your fave shopping sims, beaches, clubs, friends homes, etc... Ahhh, build more under used Entitlement Club housing ghettos... A full sim is 64 1024 lots, so half a sim of houses, leaving half a sim for the "lots of water and roads". Problem with that is it certainly wouldn't be "lifestyle of the rich and famous", but more like a bunch of Swampies living in shacks on a bayou. Then there's the water and roads problem, lots of water AND lots of roads, means LOTS of BRIDGES. You can't "watch the sailboats go by" when they keep crashing into all the bridges, so... Every island plot will basically have to be a cliff sided mesa sticking out of the sea, so the roads, and the road bridges will be high enough off the water for the sailboats to navigate the canyons between the Swampies close packed run down prim hovels... "Lifestyle of the rich and famous..." NOT. You really need to stop thinking with your motorbike... Yeah, as if we didn't know what tends to happen to LL designed "commercial zones". You live in Kama City, take a drive down the roads to Mosh and South Mosh and SEE what you are actually proposing. Connect the continents with fugly strip-mall style housing ghettos, with an "Arizona Badlands after the ice caps melt, post apocalyptic refugee camp" theme with occasional immersive abandoned urban ruins RP areas. Let's not and say we did... How about just using empty water sims so people can sail/fly between the continents, like the routes that ALREADY connect some of them.
  15. Second Life Calendar

    I'm still waiting to hear WHY SL needs it's own "calender", other than the... ...need of some people to force that whole "immersive para rp trash uber alles" thing on people by making them say... "... and remember, our next club event will be from 00:00 to 12:00 SLhours on Clueless-RP-Asshats-Day 7 SLweeks from now (( noon till 2 pm SLT next Saturday for you OCC people )) ..." *rolls eyes*