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  1. Looking for a ring collar/choker

    Red Mint do some nice collar, stuff like this for example https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/rM-Leather-Studded-Collar-02/2409219 Or these's this from Livia https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Livia-Naamah-Collar-OpenCollar/11431041 Might also be easier depending on what search terms you used in the MP. try 'neko collar' perhaps, or 'opencollar' rather than just browsing 20 pages of bdsm accessories in no specific order
  2. Materials enabled vs. has materials

    Usually because they have absolutely NO freaking idea what materials is all about... There are a great many 'creators' out there who simply greyscale the diffuse texture, darken it down till it has an AVERAGE rgb value of 64-96, and slap that in as a spec map, with the default materials parameters 'spec-tightness 51' 'env-reflection 0', and think that is ALL that's required for 'materials' to mysteriously work and make the product look wow fab groovy for the 'tiny minority who use that ALM stuff'.
  3. Wanted: Adult Mainland

    Go to Zindra, the Adult rated Madlands continent, there's tons of parcels available, I know of one sim that's divided into 1024 and 2048 parcels, thats at less than 50% occupancy. Downside is, A Rated Madlands parcels come at Insane Madlander Land Baron prices, easy to find empty parcels, that have been on sale for 6-12 months, but are still priced at 16,000 L$ for a 1024 sqm plot...
  4. Here we go again

    At this rate, wearable Shrek ears simply won't be enough, we'll have to look into genetically engineering them into the DNA of Linden clan members...
  5. Avatar Height Restrictions on Adult Sims.

    Many "Adult" rated parcels/regions, have minimum height requirements for entry. This isn't a ToS thing, it's a "they who pay the tier set the rules" thing. The reasoning is really simple... Too many people with Kreepy-kid-Paedo-Bait avatars, trying to enter A rated areas, simply because the ToS allows them to, while ignoring the fact that the ToS also states that they may NOT participate in any A rated activities. I've held "Sim Staff Boot/Ban" powers on A rated sims in the past, and had to deal with this sort of thing... Somebody in what is very obviously a naked chile avatar, on an adult sim, demanding that they be allowed to stay and play because the "ToS says I can be here"... Me: Sim rules no kid avis, please leave or change into an an adult avi Kreepy Kid: ToS say I R hav rite to b here Me: You have... 60... seconds to reach... minimum... safe... distance... Kreepy: I r not kid, see i haz foot wigs, I R adult Hobbit! Me: You have... 50... seconds to reach... minimum... safe... distance... Kreepy: Avrage hite of wimmins r 5 fut 3 u kno, i r normul sized, u all r giants! Me: You have... 40... seconds to reach... minimum... safe... distance... Kreepy: I r alowd cos i r anime! Me: You have... 30... Ahhhh hell with it... Please enjoy your complimentary "Thighboot of Banjection Suppository" *puntkick* Kreepy: Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... *splash* Me: NEXT! .. Typically, about 70% will whine for 55 seconds, then put on a grown up avi, 15% will whine for 55 seconds and leave, and 15% will while for the full 60 seconds and get dropkicked into the Beyond, still screaming about their "rights" under the ToS as they go. Many A rated locations install scripted height checkers/kickers simply because losing the occasional short adult it less of a problem than having their sim investigated and possibly closed because there wasn't a sim-staff member on hand to ban a problem kid avi doing things they shouldn't have been doing. Presumably they know "sim staff" that is the parcel/region owner or their appointed officers in a land group, who are FULLY entitled to boot you off the parcel for violations of the parcel rules set by the parcel owner.
  6. For "Persistence of Vision", that is, the illusion of movement rather than a series of still images, the Mk I Human Eyeball (tm) needs an fps of about 25. Early CRT based analogue TV's aimed for either 25 or 30 fps, however, limitations in the electron beam/phosphor coating technology meant that to produce 30 fps they used a 60 fps interlaced system, even numbered scan lines, then odd numbered scan lines, the result was an ACTUAL fps of 30, but that 60 number stuck in peoples heads. Games consoles boasted of 60 fps, later generations of gamers assumed this was the minimum number needed for NON-interlaced screens that came later as technology improved. The whole "Tech-Illiterate Cyber-Geek Wannabe" culture took over, the demand for "moar fps 4 mah leet gamerz pc", and so we climb in multiples of 30, magic-90 for the vomit cam scene, people boasting that they get 120 fps, 0r 180 fps or more, I've seen people claiming they get over 220 fps... Of course, these numbers are entirely imaginary. The highest FPS you can get on any computer monitor is determined by the MONITORS refresh rate, that Hertz number listed along side the screen resolution when you set the thing up. That's why most 'games' these days come with a 'VSYNC' setting, it limits the softwares fps output to the maximum that can be displayed by the monitor, so as not to waste CPU/GPU grunt generating frames that simply wont be displayed, while overheating your chips. Simple rule : The MAXIMUM FPS you can display is the Hertz number / refresh rate for your monitors current screen resolution. People claiming they get 200+fps while using a monitor with a 60-90 herts refresh are basically melting their GPU for nothing...
  7. Racist 'Bots' Impersonating Me

    Check the other threads... Apparently we 'techie types' are all pro-griefer 'commies' who are completely incapable of seeing 'common sense'...
  8. Check the render settings on the developer menu, see if you have "object to object occlusion " enabled, THAT does stomp on fps quite badly. One aquaintance of mine was getting what they thought was an ALM induced fps drop of 50%, turned out it was the "O2O O".
  9. It signifies that they are... 1. Using a female avatar at the time. 2. Own a collar. 3. Happened to be wearing it when you saw them. That's about it really. Any other 'meanings' are entirely personal and subjective, and WILL vary depending on who you ask. Somebody who is actually into the BDSM Scene will give you a radically different answer to the one you'll get from those "50 Shades of Clueless Vanilla Wannabes" faux-dom/mes who blather about 'slaves' , or 'collaring ceremonies' being universally required to wear a collar, and other myths. You make a number of ill informed assumptions, in your initial post. 'owned slaves' or 'unowned submissives' and the idea that ONLY females wear collars, and thus presumably that only males leash them, and that BDSM is all about sex. Judging by the groups in your profile, I can see where you get your strange ideas from...
  10. Is SLMP trying to destroy itself?

    Perhaps it's worth remembering that the 'markets' you are referring to areor were (been a while since I used either of them much) in fact "brokerage sites". Daz for example generally limited content sales to official 'brokered artists', some of whome used to be good friends. Typically, the brokerage agreement was a 50/50 split, and specified that if the market site decided to host a 'sale promotion' the sale discount came out of the artists end of the deal. So, when you saw a $10 item reduced to $8 in a sale, that meant $5 for the site and $3 for the artist. It's also worth pointing out that the market for poser content used to be considerably smaller than the market for SL content, the best estimate of the number of poser/daz studio users when Smith Micro bought the rights for Poser, was about 500,000 users world wide, not all of whom were content purchasers, thats why Smith Micro were able to snap up the rights for a comparatively small sum. Could the SL MP be subjected to the same kind of regulation as poser content brokerage sites? Sure, but expect to see a massive increase in the 'cut' that LL would take from merchants, to pay for the extra work.
  11. You're coming at the problem from the wrong direction... Many people seem to think that the 'secret' to making 'great textures' is what application they buy, which one has the best "make art" button. There is no "make art" button, what makes for great textures is... SKILL & TALENT. One can be learned with patience, the other can't. Neither can be purchased in a damn box.
  12. RLV problems

    Just a couple of guesses but... A. Get your Domme to check she didn't set a 'no stand' restriction via the collar. B. Maybe OC broke their relays again in a new update, use a relay hud instead of the relay in the collar.
  13. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    Ahhh... So you can't provide any of that 'evidence' you claimed existed, either, what a surprise, when will you theists learn... If you can't present your evidence, it isn't evidence.. Always the "same old same old", you have 'evidence' but, it's inside your head! It happened while you were asleep or drunk or whacked out of your skull on sacred toadstools, or [insert excuse here]. No facts, no evidence, means it's NOT 'truth', 'subjective' is just another excuse to hide behind.
  14. I've had ALM enabled ever since they announced that we could use 'materials' some years back, despite having a crappy old steam powered stone age pc.
  15. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    I've spent almost my entire life, listening to theists and thir 'agnostic' whipping dogs, claiming there is 'evidence' for the bearded sky daddies... Unsurprisingly, they have still failed to actually show any of this so called evidence to anyone, and evidence thats never seen... isn't evidence.