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  1. Contrary to popular opinion amongst clueless "leet gamer noobs", most of the Madlands "fossil tech prim-waste" areas are in fact NOT run by LL, but by the people who "bought" that land to use as they see fit, and LL won't be replacing other peoples houses and shops with anything, least of all expensive custom made meshs... I love the way you define "active" as only being people who move around, chat and use voice-spam. Many people in SL spend time not moving around, or chatting because... They are cammed half a sim away shopping the low lag way, or editing the sim build to put in nice new mesh, or deep in their inventories sorting stuff, or writing scripts, or in 7 different IM conversations and 3 group chats, and because they only have ONE pair of hands with which to operate their keyboard. Again... When I'm logged into SL, it's MY time, and my dime... Not yours. You have NO RIGHT to expect or demand that I talk to you, instead of doing whatever it is I'm doing. I've actually had this sort of crap from people inworld. I was on a pose stand, editing some attachments I'd just boought from the vendor board by the pose stand (which the merchant thoughtfully provided for their customers), when one of the "active is moving and voicing" morons wandered past. The moron accused me via IM of being a bot, because I wasn't moving around, or voicing. I told the moron that... I wasn't a bot. I wasn't moving around or chatting because I was editing my appearance, and until he wandered by I was the only person in the store, and I NEVER use voice-spam. to fornicate off and fornicate himself to death rectally with a chainsaw, sideways, andleave me alone as I was busy. If you want to make demands on MY time, pay me for it, I'll talk to you for an hourly fee. Otherwise I'll CHOOSE who Iwant to speak to, thanks all the same. Actually, no you're not... A griefer griefs, gets reported, gets banned and makes a NEW ACCOUNT... Any "names" you publicise will be out of datew before you have finished typing them, so it helps NOBODY in-world, all you are doing is showing where to find the videos on SpewTube, thus increasing their hits and encouraging them to make more.
  2. Klytyna

    most advance viewer for sl ?

    It's called "CHUI" (CHat User Interdface" and it came in some years back, viewers like Catznip and Firestorm, were sparing in how much of CHUI they incorporated as, basically, it was as you pointed out, a pile of crap. Basically, somebody decided that the target audience for using the chat system in SL, was a quadraplegic, logging in from their 1940's style iron lung machine, using an eyeball movement "blink to click" controlled mouse pointer, who didn't want to TYPE in a chat window or two, but instead wanted a nice easy to blink-at button to... "Switch annoying buggy voice-spam to this conversation window" It's the ancestor of the chat UI in Project Stupid, in that it's based on the idea that nobody can type and everyone just shouts into a mic to make themselves heard over their roomies, kids, dogs, farting, and so on... If you want a stable viewer, without Firestorms "feature bloat" induced resource usage, that doesn't go down the Inferiority Viewer's CHUI road, try Catznip. Dingbat Linden Wrote: "Hey guys, hows it going with the code merge on SL IV 6.9.362336.A? Not finished merging it yet? Oh dear, well hurry up because Braindead Linden just finished the latest version of the [worthless micro feature nobody wanted and which wont work anyway] project viewer, and it's had the customary 5 WHOLE minutes of RC testing on an empty region on the beta grid, in the middle of the night, by the guy who wrote it and thinks it's wonderful, and good news! It passed final testing, so tomorrow we'll send you copies of the SL IV 6.9.362436.B merge code, and you need to get it incorporated fast because we have 17 other micro-feature project viewers on the go, and they will be coming up for thewir final 5 min beta grid RC tests real soon..."
  3. Klytyna

    Second Life on Steam?

    LL have said a lot of things over the years, that never happened... Or happened and were quickly reversed soon afterwards... One of the reasons is expectations... Back then somebody at LL ACTUALLY thought that being in mouselook while a lurching sculpty statue of a badly decomposed Philip Linden bumped it's way towards you through the Pathfinding induced lag, would be SO attractive to First Person Shooter fans, that MILLIONS would flock in from Steam, and pay $72 each for the right to use Premium Zombie Hunt sims, in preference to playing the RE series, or GTA, or other modern titles. They were wrong... That's the concurrency figure, its 25-50k ONLINE NOW... It's not the total number of active users, remember, people log into SL from all around the world, so at any given time, many will be offline, at work, or asleep, or out in RL with family and friends, or shopping for soda and junkfood to eat while logged in, or whatever. When I arrived nearly 7 years ago, there were about 32,000,000 registered accounts, today its more than 57,000,000. A million active users does not mean a million people all logged in at once, current semi-official claims on active users seem to vary between 600,000 and 900,000 depending on who you ask. You didn't do your research very well ? I'll award you 1/10 as a rating on your SL Homework, because I'm feeling generous...
  4. Klytyna

    most advance viewer for sl ?

    Hmmm, NO. Don't assume a viewer is "more advanced" because it has a non standard setting fir vram throttling that allows you to break your system's performance. Yes, I read your other thread... No, not really... The SL Inferiority Viewer isn't the most popular for damn good reasons... Reasons you are apparently aware of, haha... Dr. Singularity's FrankenViewer, the badly reanimated rotting corpse of Viewer 1.23, is not "decent on older machines", as older machines tend to be 32 but, and the 32 bit version of FrankenViewer HAS NO BENTO SUPPORT. FrankenViewer also should be remembered as the LAST SL Viewer to update to support features such as... Mesh, Materials, ALM... For years they only updated when things reached a stage where it was "add the new feature or be kicked off the list". If you HAVE to use a reanimated V123 zombie, use CoolViewer, it's better. Good for Photography... Nirans is OBSESSIVE about improving shaders, rendering etc. That would qualify it as the most "technically advanced" in some areas, but that comes at a price... Any day could bring a new forced auto-update version with an experimental "improvement" that goes horribly wrong, and forces you to swap to an "inferior viewer" for a few hours/days/weeks till a fixed version is released. ... You also missed out Catznip, which is less resource heavy than FS, more upto date than FrankenViewer, and certainly scores well on the stability front. ... Many of those issues are based on problems in the LL viewer, or problems with the grid it's self and its content, and thus to an extent in ALL viewers, others are a result of all the bloatware "hella kewl bonus features" added to FS... Rebuilding the viewer from scratch wouldn't really solve very much, unless by some miracle they found a way to eliminate ALL LL merge code forever, AND removed most of the "hella kewl features". Meh, Project Stupid's client is of exactly NO DAMN USE to anyone in SL, for anything...
  5. Klytyna

    How do I use my Premium Bonus on land I bought?

    It's usually automatic... Amount of Madlands you own, minus the 1024, is checked against the tier bands and they set a price... However... Just guessing here... Do you have a LL Home as well as the 2080 on the Madlands? 2080 +512 -1024, is certainly over the 1024 Tier band...
  6. That was kind of my point... You spoke about not dealing in TPV only features, pies are TPV only, and while FS is the most popular viewer, most of its users don't use the V-1.23 look-a-like mode. And, as I pointed out... You talk of pie menus not out of habit, but because they are what YOU use, and you just assume everyone uses them because FS right? If you think pointing out the obvious contradictions is "mocking you", you need to grow thicker skin. You've already derailed the thread you started once with a foot-stamping rant about people giving advice that wasn't upbeat enough for you. Now you are stamping your foot again because "Lets remember that not everyone uses a TPV, and most don't use pie menus".
  7. Klytyna

    Bebe, it's cold outside . . .

    Silly... He's an old lastnamer, and certainly old enough to know that some "chicks" circle of friends can't get him banned from an entire Madlands continent simply for being addicted to Alpha-Male Superiority BS... He's just started this thread to try and stir up a row with "feminazi-sjws who deny the superiority of the Alpha Male" over that 1940's song. Posting history is so important when understanding the purpose of "oddball threads".
  8. Klytyna

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    ... Tech illiterate corporate execs *believed* the Pro-Vomit-Cam Crapaganda Lies, the ones that claimed that nausea could be cured by having "magic 90" fps, and thus, that the cure for vomit-cam nausea was simply to spend MOAR money on your vomit cam hardware from Brand X... So, you have directives from on high that Project Stupid will use Brand X Vom-Goggles, and run at Magic-90 or else... Then it goes out to the pre-selected invitation only content creators, who set the ball rolling, uploading "experiences" that were NOT made in a vom-cam setting, and then failing to test them post upload for vom-goggle syndrome, or worse, ignoring the effects of their builds once seen in vom-vision, because of hubris. I hear people who drink the Project Stupid Koolaid raving about its "wonderful rendering" but all the screen shots I've seen posted here in the SL forums, all look bloody awful, too much contrast, it's not so much that they are too dark, but that theres too much contrast, the bands of retiinal burn bright and bat-blind dark don't help the experience at all... And if you turn and the light and dark bands flash past you...
  9. Klytyna

    How do you look without your Bento Head?

    What do I look like without a bento mesh head?
  10. Klytyna

    Tier linked to stipend

    You seem to have failed basic math... That's more stipend than the tier needed to "earn" it, your claim that it wouldn't offset tier payments is fraudulent. ... No, it really doesn't, you are asking for a bigger discount. That means less money for LL, that means that Madlands becomes cheaper, and Islands sales drop, which means LL make less money. They make less money because... They are giving you back MORE of the money you pay them. The extra land sales generated by cheaper Madlands, means LESS sales of Islands which EARN THEM MORE MONEY, meaning a cut in their earnings. It makes NO sense at all, from LL's perspective, for them to give you MORE FREE MONEY, because you are part of the MINORITY who live in the Madlands, especially when they have commited to a financial strategy of moving AWAY from Madlands based revenues, towards other fees that will reach a larger section of the SL population.
  11. Stuff like "Dead Viewer Backwards Compatability Mode Inefficiency Menus" for example? Ahhh... So you use proper rectangular menus, but just refer to them as "pie menus" out of habit, and apparently click the non-existent "more" button on your rectangular menus as if they were pies... Just out of habit... You're right, I didn't think anyone would habitually click buttons their menus don't have, because they haven't finished mourning the corpse of Viewer 1.23 yet. Shouldn't a thread with "advice from the veterans for noobs" concentrate on stuff the noobs have or will be subject to? Not stuff you had 12 years ago, or things that don't happen any more. So, no tips about how to use "voting stations" to boost their parcels appeal, right? Or TPV only "Living Fossils of SL" pie menus...
  12. Klytyna

    Tier linked to stipend

    A common problem amongst Madlanders blinded by Entitlement issues... No, I'mstating that A) you don't have to join the $72 a year Madlands Entitlement Club and get stipend to own a Private Region, and B) that the monthly fees payable on a private region are NOT "tier" but are Maintenance" and you can't apply your "free Madlander Entitlement Club land allowance" towards it for example. Because they might NOT be Entltlement Club members... Might not receive stipend at all, and they don't pay tier... Is that too hard for you to decipher? Not the same thing... Entitlement Club Membership is $72 a year. You get about $60-$62 back a year in stipend, depending on the exchange rate. That means you are paying about $1 a month for the FREE 1024 parcel, and getting 300 L$ a week. As has been pointed out, if the stipend was linear with land ownership... ...then owning a $175/month tier Madlands region, would generate enough stipend to RENT a private region, from an estate owner paying a $249/month maintenance, AND the estate owners profit margin, and STILL have enough L$ let over to buy a NEW mesh body EVERY WEEK! So, basically you are asking for a "buy one Madlands region, get an Island region FREE" deal, with a mesh body throws in every week as a sweetener. You are asking for more cash back than you pay in. You are suggesting that LL pay you more than $325 per month in stipend because you pay them $175 a month in tier? Entitled much? You seem to have trouble deciphering common sense, and the idea that people might react badly to your mathamatically inept concept of what's beneficial to a business like LL.
  13. /me bats the pies into the crowd with a rectangular piece of prim-plywood...
  14. Hmmm, handy tips... Let's see... DON'T click on things inworld when under griefer attack... An old griefer trick is the sit scripted invisible follower, a large phantom sphere, that surrounds your avatar, so any attempt to click on your self will result in you clicking on the griefer prim which then tries to do it's evil... If you want a fast no-click ground sit, press Alt-Shift-S... NEVER assume anyone else in SL, let alone "noobs needing help" uses those bloody awful pie menu things, most new people will be using proper rectangular menus that don't HAVE a "More" button...
  15. Klytyna

    Tier linked to stipend

    But 2/3rds of the grids land is "private estates" where the "estate owner" doesn't even have to be an Entitlement Club member, and tus wouldn't get stipend at all, and where they earn the money to pay their monthly "maintenance fee" (not tier), by renting to the many people in SL who are NOT Entitlement Club members. So in point of fact, most of the "land based revenue" doesn't come from tier payers at all, or from stipend receivers... ... So, despite Madlands plots being 33 % cheaper than Islands plots to maintain, and gettinga 10% price cut this earlier year, and more free land... YOU feel ENTITLED to more handouts and subsidies, payed for by the non Madlanders non Entitlement Club members. Actually, they would make more money if they nuked your Madlands holdings and forced you to rent from an estate owner who pays more ($250/ month instead of $175/month per region), and who'd pass that price increase along to you with a markup... That's why 2/3rds of the grid isn't Madlands...