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  1. Yes, but we are also known for all talking like that American actor who played the cheerful fake cockney in the "Mary Poppins" movie... Doesn't mean it's universally true, or that we're polite to EVERYONE all the time, even when they don't deserve it. For a long time the French used to call us "Les Goddams"...
  2. Klytyna

    Is Second Life only about sex?

    If you thought the look on the Pope's face was going to be bad, when you tell him that Cheesus must have been a girl, imagine how he'll react when you tell him Cheesus was also a frog... Maybe you'd have better luck sticking to trying to prove Cheesus even existed, than proving his mother had a "virgin birth", which at the time technically meant nothing more than "has not had a kid before", because the Hebrews were pathologically afraid of nudity, and had NO concept of basic reproductive medicine what so ever. Popes tend to be old, the shock of discovering he and his buddies have spent 2000 years worshiping a trans-sexual amphibian might be more than his ticker can take...
  3. Oh I smile a lot... I also once won an award on one community where I was a Mod for "Person most likely to swear during a debate". But then, I'm English, and we have a reputation as the most foul mouthed race in Europe, dating back to the 14th century, and I was in a branch of the Navy, way back when and salty language is a fine old tradition of the Senior Service. I could walk into a dockside bar in "Pompey" and 5 mins later, sailors would come running out with their hands over their ears because some "bootneck" put his hands on my ass... You haven't seen me being rude, yet. Nobody has on THIS forum. I also once won an award for being the Mod with the best "Ban messages". Host Klytyna has banned [insert offenders name] : Reason : "You have been ejected from the gene pool for urinating in the shallow end..." ... It's nice to be appreciated for your self...
  4. "Look out! There are Llamas!"
  5. Practice makes perfect... *coughs*
  6. When I'm in world, I typically get "Hi, how are you today... nice avi... *pause*" Im's at least once aday, often more. 90% of them tend to bugger off when I stop responding after the obligatory "nice avi / Thanks" exchange. 10% of them try to continue with some worthless annoying crap of one sort or another after a lengthy pause. Do I want to hire a profile photographer with piss poor photo editing skills, no. Do I want to pose ball with them, no. Do I voice/cam/skype/nude selfies by e-mail, no Do I ignore them because they are from self proclaimed special snowflake group X, no. I ignore these people because they are annoying. There is no "karma", it's some made up religious claptrap. There is just Probability. Spam enough IM boxes with unwanted crap and eventually, somebody will tell you to fornicate off BEFORE they mute you. If people are not spamming you on a regular basis, you should a) be grateful, or b) ask your self why they don't, if you actually want that kind of IM spam.
  7. Exactly... Is Entitlement Club worth it? Depends on how you plan to pay, and how much Madlands you plan to own. It can be worth it, but it's not "automatic savings", you have to work out the cost vs the benefits to you (if any) on a case-by-case basis for your self.
  8. Actually, conversations in random IM spam do happen along those lines... I've had that whole "*ping* Hi... How are you... I like your avi... *pause* [stupid and annoying comments]... [Irrational demands]... [Inults cut off by the mute button]..." conversation many, many times. One fine example was somebody who after the obligatory "hi how are you *pause*" exchange, then proceeded to lecture me about how avi's with red hair, should NEVER use RLV, because redheads are Domme's, and because people who use RLV always meed bad people, and because [ long list of clueless RP trash reasons (tm) ]. When I told her to mind her own business, and leave me alone, she claimed to know "the sim owner" (who wasn't) and threatened to have me banned from an RLV sim for using RLV and being a redhead. She then attempted to grief me via RLV, but failed because... She was a MORON! I told her to go and "fornicate her self rectally with a chainsaw, sideways, without lube", but I used much shorter words. I didn't get banned from the RLV sim for using RLV and having Red hair by the Not-Owner... Go figure... ... Some people seem to think they have this Automatic Right, to spam your IM box with pointless and formulaic conversation starters, then proceed to bother you with whatever pretentious head-up-their-own-rectum micro-issue obsesses their day. ... You have a distorted idea of what constitutes "bullying". Here's something else you might like to consider... I used to be a Moderator on a number of Atheist Chat Rooms & their associated forums. As such, we'd regularly get Funless-Mental Evade-Genital followers of their Lardy Flavour, Cheesus Toaat, coming into our community JUST to scream religious abuse at us... One of the West Coast mods, decided we should be more *respectful* and not auto-ban the hate mongering spammers on sight, because it was "bullying" . Funless-Mentalist Cheesian-Hate-Monger traffic figures went DOWN when we stopped banning them. Why? Because they only came to our communities to be "persecuted for their FAITH". Martyr Syndrome. THEY want to be persecuted, they WANT to be RIGHT about everyone hating them, they WANT their threads locked and their accounts booted for "being devoutly [ whatever ] in a world full of [ not-whatever ].
  9. Hmmm... ... *Incoming IM Spam alert noise* Them: Hi! Me: Hmm? Oh, hello Them: How are you? Me: Busy and tired Them: I'm sim hopping. What are you doing? Me: Working on something Them, Nice avi Me: Thanks *long pause* Them: I'm Green Martio-Jupeterian in RL, Do you have a problem with that? Me: Not really, no Them: Why is your avi White, and not just Evil Honky Cracker White but like really really untanned "Zer Transylvanian Honkies ov Zer Nacht" pale? Me: Because I'm an Old School English Goth in RL who hasn't gone sunbathing in more years than you've lived, got a problem with that? Them: Why don't you exhibit proper White Guilt when talking to me? Me: Why the hell should I? None of MY ancestors have ever BEEN to Mars, let alone been involved in the export of Green Martians to Jupiter *long silence* Them: Why aren't you talking to me? It's because you are a racist honky cracker, and you hate Green people isn't it? Me: No, it's because I'm... 1. Busy working on a script 2. Tired, because I'm 8 hours ahead of your timezone, and it's stupid o'clock here 3. Bored with a conversation I didn't want or start, in my IM box and... 4. Kinda pissed off at being called a racist by a random "Martian-Pretentious Racist Bigot From Planet Entitled" stranger because my avi is the same colour as I am, who refers to me as a evil honky cracker... *Pause while they read...* Them: You're persecuting me because I'm Gree........ *static hiss as the mute button cuts in followed by the faint scream and distant splash as the intruder is booted off my work platform into the sea...* ... Actually... It probably is...
  10. I recognise those spots... 2014 update of a 2013 Avi with newer hair...
  11. Remind me again which Hypocrisy spewing Madlands Entitlment Club member, has waged a multi-thread multi alt war against Land-Flippers, in a bid to eradicate them? Oh wait... That would be YOU... So, the "best feature" of the Madlands is living alone on an empty sim because the people YOU constantly want to destroy own a lot of empty land around YOUR house, that keeps away the people YOU are constantly trying to encourage to live on the Madlands... Rhetorical Question: Do you "Spew Hypocrisy" much these days?
  12. This is classic... Those hypothetical 4096's are no more crowded than the 512's on an Entitlement Club Housing Ghetto. Madlands sims also have banlines, and privacy screens/boxes. And most estate sims are NOT covered in 100 m high dirt walls. But my favorite bit of your distorted hypocritical BS... Remind me again who started a Madlander Entitlement Club Whiner thread about selling Madlands parcels off for L$1 per parcel to encourage the abandonment of the estates and the resurrection of the Madlands, filling it with people again. Oh, wait, I remember now, that was YOU. So you want all the empty land in the Madlands sold off and used, EXCEPT the empty land surrounding YOUR cheap ass plot... Rhetorical Question: Do you "Spew Hypocrisy" much these days? The buydown fee you could only pay during the buydown sale, a few years back, that's unavailable now, and can't be applied to sims created AFTER the sale ended?
  13. That would be the people who pay rent/maintenance fees on the 2/3 rds of SL that ISN'T Madlands... The "Private Estates". Madlands Entitlement Club is only "worth it" if you plan to have properly on the Madlands. If you don't, well, it's a lot less useful. The fees for club membership, also, are NOT what keeps SL open. Take owning a full sim for example. A Madlander pays their $1 a month, for Club membership (after stipend cashback) and $175 in tier. An Islander pays $249 a month in maintenance. Which is larger, $1 + $175, or $249?
  14. Klytyna

    Shoes not fitting ;(

    Haha... Check the other promos... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ricielli-VELMA-High-Heels-HUD-22-colors/9103104
  15. Klytyna

    Laq head and Eve body

    Eve bodies can use omega skins, if you get the omega kit for them, and Laq is also omega compatible, so basically, almost any skin vendor that does head and body appliers in omega format. Personally I like Lumae (skins are in-world only), but you can go to Wow, or 7 Deadly Skins, or Pink Fuel or Glam Affair or whoever.