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  1. There are many headsets beside the oculus. Pimax,Vive,Index,Oddesy to name a few
  2. You can always find a cool beer at 3am at my house if you are young female and naked
  3. There is a difference between a name and a calling card, I usually reference display name not account name so it is not usable to look them up on search. This is to ensure someone I annoy here by having an opinion they consider wrong doesn't harass them in game
  4. There is, it is called make an alt. @Unickle I would hope you have checked the person is ok with their calling card being on your profile
  5. No but they should send out "Can Kanry have your stuff?" Messages
  6. I didn't say you couldn't I just thought it was one of the minor stream vendors that never really took off
  7. KanryDrago

    Account Hacks.

    Most people you can trace via sl or any other web service its down to their own stupidity. They leave an electronic trail. There sl profile gives you a little info, their flickr profile gives you a little more and now you can pinpoint their deviant art profile, their fb profile, steam profile etc..... soon you have enough info to say hey "Your name" this is your "family names", these are their "Phone numbers" this is "Where you work", this is "where you live". Don't link profiles, use a completely different user name for each service and it makes life a lot harder
  8. LL : Well that would be stupid to do for a business.....congratulations you have been with us 13 years and spent 1.75 million lindens with us You : holy hand grenades I must quit forthwith with that much money I could have a`afforded health care insurance
  9. Hmm renting 3 sims at a cost of 60+60+70 = 190k l$ You do know for a mere 130k l$ you could pay tier on 3 sims and even with the land purchase price you would be in profit within a few months
  10. That is not land lag its the server running your sim being rebooted it happens most weeks else they tend to get choked up. Usually 10 minutes max for a reboot
  11. I would suggest logging in with the lab viewer and contacting the firestorm support group. If you find that crashes as well however it would suggest a problem on your account rather than a firestorm issue. You will likely get quicker and better support talking in world
  12. shrugs only stating the truth sorry if it hurt
  13. I thought this was the whole point of the other thread, the woke in sl one dont culturally appropriate I am merely getting with the program don't claim to be what you aren't. I said be proud of being american....why should the rest of us think of it as a good thing when so many of you spend all your time to try and avoid being it.....we take your cue from you if you want to claim to be irish based on an ancestor from 300 years ago rather than want to be american you insult not only the irish because you are not irish but all the americans of which you are one by implying being american is not good enough
  14. No I think Beth knows you well petal, enjoy being the forum joke we all enjoy you being it
  15. Its certainly full of you so I guess Beth is right
  16. Norwegian was an example and not my nationality
  17. You can claim to be any nationality you like i guess but we will always realise you are merely american
  18. No what we see is the problem with allowing americans because they are the root cause of all the crap
  19. I dont feel terribly complimented when they tell me how my nation is and how my nationality thinks and then others gets the impression of them that I am the same as them. They should be proud of being what they are which is american.
  20. If your mother or father are norwegian and you know something about the culture speak the language a little, have lived there then no problem. If it was well 200 years ago my family come from norway, never been there know nothing about it and dont speak the language but I claim to be norwegian do you not see why norwegians would have a problem with you trying to claim to be norwegian because you patently are not
  21. I get the feeling you are like one of those that claims to be irish american because your great great great grandmother on your sisters side came from Dublin and the genuine Irish call you a plastic paddy . Substitute the correct nationlities.....really you are just an american with no claim
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