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  1. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    World's a blur - are we there yet? Textures

    Chic, just to try and eliminate one of the many unknowns, I have both a Windows 10 and a Windows 7 machine, and the texture issue is the same on both of them. Unless I had an identical windows update on both the 7 and the 10 machine I can;t see that it's a windows issue
  2. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Is LL putting more sims on fewer servers?

    I started looking at this late last week when I noticed the steam engine and carriage in our parcel was crawling along at half the usual speed. Scripts run was around 38%. I've been used to seeing 15%. However, as this is a private island where we rent a parcel, I'm not sure if it's going to be subject to the same policies as mainland?
  3. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Timer question in texture swap HUD

    Randall - Two things: 1) In state_entry, there is no llSetTimerEvent(0.0) 2) I think 5 seconds is just not long enough for the texture to appear visible, sometimes it can take 20 seconds for a texture to change from grey to clear , so during testing, I would extend the display period to perhaps 60 seconds, and even more, and establish a minimum time I suggest adding a line in the timer function to say "timer entry" in local chat, then run the script and observe the behaviour, particularly how long it takes for the texture to properly appear, and from that observation, determine how many seconds you want to put in the call to llSetTimerEvent() Steph's suggestion is properly indented and will probably work, but it might be less obvious to you why her script would work and yours would not. She is also trying to show you that global assignments of things like emoji UUIDs should be made at the head of the script, not within an individual state. However, I think her script differs from yours in too many areas for you to be able to see why yours is failing, so I have amended your script to illustrate what I mean. Because the formatting and indentation wasn't standard I can't see precisely if I have got the braces matching, so do not assume you can simply copy and paste this into SL and have it working straight away. Get your script working first, then take Steph's suggestion as a template and shift things like the texture assignments up to the global area. default { state_entry() { llListen(-1356,"","",""); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); // make sure nothing is scheduled until we want it to run } on_rez(integer message) { llResetScript(); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message){ if(llGetOwnerKey(id)==llGetOwner()) { //if the uuid of the object that sent the message is the same as the uuid of the owner of the object containing this script ////TO FIND A UUID OF A TEXTURE SELECT IT WHILE ITS ON A PRIM AND HIT CTRL-ALT-V then HIT CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-T this will return the textures UUID and put it here to control it on any prim without having to add textures. key tex1 = "6c92d507-7480-574c-f538-a081343906b5";////// CHANGE THIS UUID key tex2 = "44265cd9-4e17-20f7-91b9-d803d16275f8";////// CHANGE THIS UUID key tex3 = "0c0bdbe7-ca2b-0201-10c8-ddf69ef2108a";////// CHANGE THIS UUID key tex4 = "0c0bdbe7-ca2b-0201-10c8-ddf69ef2108a";////// CHANGE THIS UUID key tex5 = "0c0bdbe7-ca2b-0201-10c8-ddf69ef2108a";////// CHANGE THIS UUID key tex6 = "0c0bdbe7-ca2b-0201-10c8-ddf69ef2108a";////// CHANGE THIS UUID key tex7 = "0c0bdbe7-ca2b-0201-10c8-ddf69ef2108a";////// CHANGE THIS UUID key tex8 = "3ab7e2fa-9572-ef36-1a30-d855dbea4f92";////// CHANGE THIS UUID if(message=="1") { llSetTexture(tex1,4); } else if(message=="2") { llSetTexture(tex2,4); } else if(message=="3") { llSetTexture(tex3,4); } else if(message=="4") { llSetTexture(tex4,4); } else if(message=="5") { llSetTexture(tex5,4); } else if(message=="6") { llSetTexture(tex6,4); } else if(message=="7") { llSetTexture(tex7,4); } else if(message=="8") { llSetTexture(tex8,4); } llSetTimerEvent(60.0); // now specifiy how long in seconds the texture is to persist } // END OF test for speaker == owner } timer() { llWhisper(0, "Timer entry"); // only during testing and devel;opment llSetTimerEvent(0.0); // stop any further triggers llSetTexture(tex8,4); // tex8 is the default, or change to whatever the desired default texture is to be } }
  4. Makes me think of an incontinent somehow.
  5. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    World's a blur - are we there yet? Textures

    I am also puzzled about the cache question, I don;t know if there is a trade-off between time to search the cache versus just downloading it anyway, but I am still puzzled over the initial greyness when I log in again at my parcel. Without seeing any viewer code I can only make stabs in the dark, such as textures being buffered for the graphics card when you first log in or change sims. From previous experiments the cache does help, so the point of delay has to be where the client is given the list of textures by the server. If those textures have to be fetched from another server I could understand the wait, but when they're already on the hard disk waiting to be thrown at the graphics card I find the delay very puzzling. Beq's answer suggests that the actual delivery of the textures isn't the main culprit, but all I can think of trying is to put the cache on ram-disk (as I tried back in 2010) to see if it speeds up texturing.
  6. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Timer question in texture swap HUD

    So this isn't about how to add a timer to a script? I feel cheated now. /me sticks a sulking emoji up on a 15-minute timer
  7. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    World's a blur - are we there yet? Textures

    Veni, Vidi, Discombobulati I logged in at my usual place, everything finally rezzed nicely, so I took a trip to TextureTest2. I arrived with my Draw Distance still at 128,. and cranked it up to 512 so I could see the farthest boards. It took perhaps 60 seconds for everything to come clear or finish popping up, because I got the impression there was an intentional slow sequence of filling up the boards. I dropped the draw distance back to 128 and returned to my usual spot. Everything was grey, and I mean Everything. Even the terrain. My avatar was the only coloured object within visible range. The terrain returned in patches first, the nearest bits to me went green, but further away the sides of the valley were still grey. The building in front of me took over 60 seconds to go fuzzy, and almost two minutes to go clear. The steam engine and carriage that runs to and fro was grey for a long time, although the sculpts were fine, as were the sculpted railings. It took close to three minutes until the scene around me. all of which had to have been in cache, became properly textured. I still think this is something to do with the server-client communications: "here's a list of texture UUID's these objects require, go look them up and ask me for any you don't have in your cache" Ok Guv, I'll get right on it? OOh gosh crikey mate, that's an elluva list, gonna 'ave ter fink abaht it
  8. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    World's a blur - are we there yet? Textures

    I spent some time this weekend going around to different sims, some of which I hadn't been to for many months. I got varying results, and when I came back to where I spend most of my time I still had the grey-to-blurred-to-sharp display issue. The thing I noticed is that different sims had this issue in varying degrees, some took ages to load, some flashed up immediately, and in one place everything slowed to a crawl. It seems impossible to get any objective testing of this, however. I tried timing how long it took for everything visible in front of the avatar to fully rezz, then how long again after a 180-degree turn, but on three repeat visits to the same place I got three differing sets of figures. All I can conclude is that there are network and server response components to this issue that produce delays even when the textures are cached and no longer need to be transmitted, and this can only be when the texture UUIDs are sent to the client coupled with the cache-check to see if the texture then needs to be requested. Should we perhaps be raising a petition to the Lab asking them to address this issue?
  9. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Clickable script not dispalying toucher name in text

    Also, in the listen event, you are trying to dialog "toucher", when you should be using "id", because "toucher" is only known to the touch event.
  10. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Start animation after HUD answer, wrong function?

    Stop the timer as soon as you enter the listen event code, but do not remove the listen until you've processed the message.
  11. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    llDialog error when button uses non-standard font

    I use this (numbered buttons corresponding to a list of numbers and names) for animations names too, as some animations need quite lengthy descriptions.
  12. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    World's a blur - are we there yet? Textures

    I can't try the white-listing approach because I don't have realtime AV running, but I thought I could at least see if wired was any better then wireless, so I stuck the LAN lead in and did a TP away to a site I haven't visited in many months. The textures there rezzed rapidly and quickly. I then TP-ed back home, and had not only the blurred textures slow to rezz, but large chunks of the buildings around me weren't even textured at all. I could see right through them, but when I tried to move through the spaces the prims were there, blocking me. I right-clicked on an area where I knew there was a wall intending to do a texture reload, and had an instant re-rezz of all the missing textures. I'm using a Hybrid SSD on the desktop, but of course I have no control over what gets put into the fast-memory, I suspect Windows grabs all of that. The laptop is a pair of SATA's. Both machines have regular disk cleanup and defrag sessions. One machine runs Windows 7, the other Windows 10, so that rules out a specific OS issue. Any thoughts on the merits of having a small (1G) cache and loading it to/from a RamDisk?
  13. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    World's a blur - are we there yet? Textures

    I don't have AV running continuously, just a once-a-day scan, that won't be the cause of it. What I see is what Chic describes, at login or return from the nearby sim where I pay the tier, grey or blurred textures in a place I spend all my time at and therefore should have all the textures cached. I could understand it if on restart days all the textures had to be re-downloaded, but it's each time I log in. There's no sign of disk-thrashing (and the caches and chat logs are on a different disk to the exes, not just a different partition.) When the textures in front of me have finally become sharp, if I turn around I find the same problem, grey or blurred textures. However, this is a problem I have seen for several weeks now and have grown accustomed to, it's only when I see a post from somebody I get reminded it wasn't always like this. I don't know but assume there is some communication between the server and the the client which goess something like "texture UUID is size blah or date blah or checksum blah in the cache", server agrees - show what you've got, server disagrees, download new texture, but it's out of my ability to experiment with that, apart from playing with the bandwidth setting, which so far has made no difference.
  14. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    World's a blur - are we there yet? Textures

    That's interesting, is it perhaps having too large a cache causes delays searching through for textures? I'll try cutting mine back and see if there's any change. I am also on the main server channel, BTW. I can't say for certain that I saw any significant change after the weekend.
  15. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    World's a blur - are we there yet? Textures

    This isn't new, I posted on this subject a few weeks ago. At the time, I was using Singularity and was thinking the 2048 cache limit just wasn't enough for the mesh-heavier region I was going to and coming back from, but I have noticed this on the official LL viewer as well recently. ETA Posted December 14, 2018 (edited) I have been observing something like this over the past few weeks; when I first log in, rezzing is quite slow, well over 30 seconds and sometimes over 60 seconds, even though everything such as textures is in my cache. I think the time taken for the texture details to arrive from the server might be the delay. (I am on the opposite side of the big pond to where the servers are). I get the idea that each texture to be loaded is first queried with the LL server(s) to see if the cached version is now outdated? What I do not know is if the server sends a checksum or date which can be compared against the texture stored in my cache. I would hope that this is so, because other wise the whole texture is being sent and then compared against the cache, in which case I can't see the point of actually having the cache, (unless this checking is an essential startup condition). I suppose the test here is to time the login to full textures, then clear cache, login and time again. I will try this later and report back. So, the results of experimenting, unsurprisingly, is that the cache does significantly reduce rezz time when first logging in, and also that I can't honestly say SL seemed annoyingly slow.