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  1. I know, but you're much better at explaining it than I am ETA, I also thought, back in that thread, we established there was no need to change the sit target when avatars piled on?
  2. OK, so if this object is smaller than the combined bounding boxes of two avatars, it could be occluded by them and so any further clicks are meeting the avatars, not the object? Check the rendering info displays
  3. Ah, so just as was suggested at the head of this post, you're running into a bounding box/physics problem, the avatar clicks are meeting something else other than the object containing the script. Turn on physics shapes and/or bounding boxes in the rendering info and take a good look at what's happening. ETA was going to explain on more detail but I think/hope Wulfie's beaten me to it
  4. You're not going to like this, but I have also experienced assets taking a while to load --- On my own locally-hosted standalone. It's not bandwidth, it's not the cloud, it's simply the amount of time it takes the server to access lists of objects in the region and the amount of time your viewer takes to go through the cache and texture those it already knows about. In my case, the problem has worsened recently after I pretty much doubled the number of objects in the region. When I took some of the newer builds back to inventory, emptied trash, and cleared cache then spun around re-c
  5. So are you saying that it won't work for the third or fourth avatar, or that it's getting complicated to implement it? ETA MollyMews has posted an example of a single-script multi-sitter in the LSL Library forum, it might be worth your playing around with that to see if it replicates or else solves whatever problem you think you have encountered.
  6. No, I don't, I have no other way of accessing past postings than the search. However, you could try searching for "projector" or "texture", since the item in question is the texture that can be assigned to the light on the particular build tab. Try This thread
  7. @Creative Starfall: Just to clarify what has been said by others, multi-sitting several avatars usually refers to the trick of sitting 2,3 4, (not sure what the record is, 255 - number of prims in the set?) avatars on a single prim, it involves some juggling with local positions and rotations, but it doesn't actually require any modification to the sit target. Your requirement is slightly different in that you have a multi-prim object on which you wish to seat several avatars, all apparently on the same prim. What you are going to have to do is work out where each new avatar sh
  8. We all of us do that at some time or other. Sometimes reading a rant you think you see a way out and post a reply, rather than just ignore somebody venting. Sometimes a rant from one person triggers a rant from another... This is one of the most irritating SL-eras I've known, and it's starting to show in forum posts. For what it's worth, I'd advise people to sleep on their replies to posts or at least sit on their hands for a few minutes until the itch has subsided and the red mist faded. Ooops, sorry, red mist is what the trouble was all about wasn't it? At least, for Firestorm us
  9. Took some digging, sadly few threads get tagged with "sit", "unsit" so the search failed to find "no suitable spot to sit" and no tagged items popped up. This is the first time in ages I've actually tried searching the forums and I suddenly appreciate how very unfriendly it is Try this thread - and look for Wulfie's posts ETA try "multi-sit" in your search and a a veritable Alexandrian library of articles pops up.
  10. No, it was mentioned here a few weeks ago as to why there was no way to set it other than the build floater.
  11. Short answer: a physics shape from the prim in question or a nearby prim is enclosing your prim and preventing anything other than a single scripted sit on the sitPos. Look back through some of the older threads in this forum, it's a physics issue that ha been explained by quite a few people, Wulfie in particular gave an exposition of the physics shapes and how they tend to stop a second sit. I also recall this topic in the building thread, it crops up from time to time.
  12. If it happens once in a while it's fine, but supposing you start adding an extension wing to house an ex-president who won't move out or digging a cellar to bury the bodies? You either have to go through the existing linkset to find and disable all door scripts, or put up with scripts thrashing away each time you add or remove a prim. If you disable them, which is the easiest, you then have to painstakingly go through all the child prims resetting them. With my approach, the worst that can happen is that you inadvertently name a new child door prim with an already existing name and end up with
  13. In such a situation I'd set certain parcels to group-access only, it saves all the tedium of ban-lists. It would of course mean house-owners would have to get visitors into the group but that seems preferable to the situation you've described. ETA, suddenly thought I'm not sure you can control access to parcels by group, only rezzing, scripts and object-entry? Not in-world to check right now.
  14. I've had this issue and tried putting a changed_link section in the changed event in but it's tedious. The simplest solution is to name the doors such that they are unique but when double, paired, ie name a pair of doors "library door L" and "library door R". When touched, the door sends a message to the linkset of the form myName + " open" or " close" . Other doors listening to link messages are given names to action, so when "Library Door R" hears "Library door L" announce a position it goes to the same position. The door being told what to do must not in turn announce it's position but simp
  15. This is nothing new nor unique to SL. I have a friend in RL who is shorter than usual but worked for years with others similar as models for yachts. Because they are small, the photos of people clustered on the yacht show more headroom and more space than would be the case if you got normal (oops, did I just call my friend abnormal) models for the photo-shoots.
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