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  1. Unless you have written the scripts yourself I would not try to do anything, all you could do with other scripts would be to remove them, which would probably break the items in question. (But see below) The first and most important question is "do you actually have lag?" 1. Do you rubber-band as you try to move around the region? (connection-issue, all you can do is try to improve your own network) 2. Do things seem to take ages to rezz, or the textures stay blurry for a long while? (texture issue or LI counts, try to get objects with smaller sized textures, or builds with fewer toroids) 3. Do items that have a touch-driven menu take a long time to give the dialog box or seem to ignore your touches? (Scripts are taking too long, this is a known issue LL are working on) 4. Does chat typed into local take a long time to appear in your conversation floater? (Connection issue as above, though Oz Linden recently stated that text itself is also pixels to be rendered therefore any extra workload on the server will give this) There are other types of lag but I don't have enough personal experience of them to comment. Some of what people call lag is subjective, if you are in a rush you will find small delays feel like massive ones, if you are mellow and un-hurried the time for textures to load when you turn through 180 degrees is less irksome. Getting an objective measure of how your region is performing day by day is important. Get to know the figures your statistics bar throws up, things such as simulator time, frame time, physics time, ping sim, packet loss... These will all point to areas where your region is suffering, or else will show you that everything is OK, it's just you that's impatient for things to happen. Once you know what your own region measures, visit other regions and compare both their stats and their subjective feel against your own. A final thought about scripts. It is only worth spending time looking at those objects where you are allowed to view and possibly modify both the object contents and more importantly the scripts in them. In older content you often find a script that generates the particles given out, or sets the sit position. Since these are both prim properties, of the scripts do nothing else after initialising them, you can remove the scripts from that object, the particles will continue or the sit position remain. Keep them handy in case you want to pop them back in and revise what the prim does.
  2. Temporary fix would be to put up your own 4-prim wall to obscure your neighbour's one whilst negotiating with them? Call it a respite wall perhaps.
  3. Inside the sensor event you will have 0 to num_found -1 detected agents, so step through the loop using an index >= 0 && < num_found, and ignore llDetectedKey(index) == owner. (Assume you have already set owner by llGetOwner to save repeated calls in the loop) I'd post more but a cat is biting my leg to show he's starving.
  4. If you give Scott and Virgil Tracy a call they might be available...
  5. The ability to mute some people.
  6. Have you asked somebody else with a different viewer to repeat your test and see if they see the same effect? Are you using non-standard depth-of-field settings in your viewer? (First thought that springs to mind).
  7. Oh yes, indeed! Although I suspect people running clubs will see just as much. After four years I was quite relieved to step down and take a break. I never had any age limits in place, just as much information up as possible, and several other enthusiastic helpers who tried a meet-and-greet to try and deal with those who didn't read or just skimmed. That in itself threw up a whole new insight into why people go round looking: some of them do not want to be given any personal attention, they're on a solitary quest and just want to be able to view in silence. So in short, it's purely down to the temperament of the region admins. Age-limits and PoF works well enough of the short-handed, but I'm favouring the mentor approach.
  8. Yes. Men would have to prove they could put clothes on and remove their appendage when dressed, Ladies should demonstrate emoting a giggle without that infuriating gesture with the cackling baby sound? Just kidding. I'm siding more with those above arguing to let the newbies in because they suspect the joining spot isn't appealing enough to ensure joinup retention, but then it's coming down to a few things: Mentors (already a thread about this, I'm all for it) Staging areas at RP sims or clubs where newcomers can read advice and information on texture screens (Notecards don't really work as they get lost in all the other stuff welcome mats throw at arrivals) Minimum age restrictions for sims reluctant to let brand new person in with a set of texture boards explaining why.
  9. Lag might not just be due to textures. Use the viewer stats (Ctrl-Shift 1) and look at the figures for packets, frame time, simulator and physics time. Loss of script run time is a known issue at the moment and if you see your figure under 50% this may well be the cause of the lag. If you are seeing rubber-banding when you try to move around this is often a network connection problem where the server is not tracking the client actions, and there's not much you can do except check your own router and network, or try connecting again several times until you get a better one. Textures are best kept to 512 x 512 max but you might not be able to reduce 1024 textures if the items you bought are no-mod. Firestorm viewer offers a VRAM examination (I think in the developer tab) which allows you to look for items with high texture memory usage and possibly do something about it. You'll find a lot more information about this in the building sub-forum under content and creation. Whirly Fizzle is the best person to ask for more detail on this.
  10. An even simpler solution is to download the latest LL viewer which fixes the issue and seems to also fix any TPV viewer that you might be using, since they access some of the LL exe anyway. (I think, certainly downloading the Rainbow LL viewer then cured the two TPVs which were giving me this problem)
  11. As described in the Avatar sub-forum, creating and wearing the four default bodyparts will fix this, eyes, hair, shape and skin need to be created and worn, after which you will appear, and then can replace those four parts with your choices.
  12. Slow movements can be achieved by using llSetPos() with the proviso that there will be a momentary delay between each change in position. timer() { vector myPos = llGetPos(); myPos += <0.0, 0.0, -0.02>; // alternate the sign to change direction of vertical movement llSetPos(myPos); }
  13. As a safety net, I'd recommend you download the official LL 32-bit viewer so you can at least access your money and check all your inventory.
  14. Probably better to put the inidividual parts in a list, and then each time you need a part, get the sound using llList2String list song_parts = ["part1", "part2", "part3"]; integer numSongs; integer thisSong; string soundToPlay; default{ state_entry() { numSongs = llGetListLength(song_parts); thisSong = 0; soundToPlay = llList2String(song_parts, thisSong); and so on You work through the parts by increasing thisSong until it is one less than numSongs (if there are four parts, list length will be 4 but as they are ordered 0 to 3 you stop at 3).
  15. Ah right, thank you for that information. I hope this isn't going to spawn a rash of "we're doomed" threads
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