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  1. I'm certain that Wanderton at least is available to non-premium members, possible some of the others are.
  2. Flash will never die... Come on girls, show us your wits
  3. The other major benefit to the wiki is it shows small and concise examples. The biggest problem I see new scripters encountering is a large script that they are struggling to understand or debug, and few of them know how to take a small area from a script and build it into a test harness to investigate it easily. The wiki snippets are a perfect example of how to investigate a function in a manageable chunk.
  4. When I went looking for it all I could find was a statement on page 2 (October 2019) referring to the inability to offer the previous build for Opensim. All I can assume is I interpreted "We will continue to host Firestorm on our downloads page in the Opensim section until we are able to remedy the major issues. The SL version of this update will install separately, so you can use the 6.3.2 update for SL and continue to run 6.0.2 for Opensim. " as meaning the two versions would install and use sub-components separately. My apologies for casting any slurs upon the good people at PhoenixFirestorm.
  5. Ah, now that's interesting, I've also got the second FS for a standalone, but I noticed that despite what they claimed on their web page (@WhirlyFizzle), the folder you choose for the cache is not different between the two versions. If I make a cache folder Firestorm_SL, and set that in Secondlife, then make another one Firestorm_OS and set that as the current one when I log into the OS version, when I then come back and choose the SL version, the cache folder is still set to Firestorm_OS (suggesting the two different installs are sharing a common set of files in the appdata local/roaming areas). I have to do a lot of renaming folders so that I have a single FireStorm folder which is either the SL or OS one, and a third folder Firestorm_now_SL or OS to remind me which is which. But I don't think the crashing is to do with that, I think it's to do with throwing too many large textures at the graphics card at once. I've tried reducing bandwidth to see if that allows me to throttle things but it doesn't seem to affect it. Turning off ALM to reduce the amount of textures to be thrown at the card by 60% does help considerably, until I turn it back on for safe places and then forget and go hopping around again.
  6. The closest I can get to what you have been experiencing is on a machine of mine that I have recently discovered has a Chinese fake GTX1050, not a real one. If I visit places with large mesh structures I can get anything from a black screen for a few seconds to a full Crash to Desktop followed by an NVidia driver restart popup. My only workaround for this is to use the 32-bit viewers that Singularity, Firestorm, and Catznip offer. But for how much longer?
  7. Time offline is losing time inworld. I can sort of understand why they prefer people to bang the prims together. Got to say that the builds that amazed me were all prims, the places I first stumbled into back in 2009 were entrancing. The mesh buildings I see now are more precise, more clinical, more detailed, but somehow they just don't grab my attention and awaken the urge to explore like the older builds. Portmerion, for example.
  8. An orchestra? On a more serious note, what attracted me to SL is the same thing that has made me back away from Blender, SL has a nice simple building method and wandering around the object as I build it feels natural and intuitive, whereas looking into the viewport of Blender/3D Crafter/GMax has always felt like being in a nightmare where you know what you want to do but nothing seems to quite happen as you expect it to. Is there way to build a bridge from the inworld prim-to-mesh creation tools to get to the position you say we should try and work from, because I for one would make the effort if I could start from where I know what I'm doing and feel comfortable with it.
  9. Should be Ok, because the position you're giving is actually a delta from the current position. What I'm not sure is giving it a delta of say <0,0,10> but then specifying a mode KFM_REVERSE as a initial setting would move it in the opposite direction to specifiying <0,0,-10> with KFM_FORWARDS
  10. Interestingly, when I put a moving end event in Que's original script it was never triggered, you're getting it triggered by making discrete steps between his start and end position, and he's also saying a sleep is helping, it suggests that there needs to be enough time pause to actually detect the end of movement?
  11. I just can't stop thinking of Kenneth Williams "Ooh matron!" after reading that line.
  12. I've got two spheres side-by side, one with Qie's script, one with an amendment to use alternately KFM_FORWARD and KFM_REVERSE at each moving_end, but I can't see any different behaviour to a touch on the altered script. I'm getting slightly sea-sick just watching them, is that what the aim of the script is? ETA There is a difference between the two methods, using KFM_LOOP the sphere is gradually losing height and sinking to the ground, using moving end, it isn't. It suggests there's some drift in positions when using KFM_LOOP, since I am not adjusting the positions at all in the moving_end state. The moving_end version is stable, the sphere goes up and down within the same extremes, but with KFM_LOOP there are some quite wild excursions up to the original rezzed position and then down to the gradually sinking position.
  13. I just played around and moving_end isn't triggered at either end of the movement, so that's not an option.
  14. Ah, possibly not. The thing I have that is close(ish) to your problem is a pub sign swinging to and fro. I discovered with KFM looped rotations some error crept in and after a while the sign would start cranking round by a few degrees so that in the end it would be pointing vertically upwards and waving to and fro. My solution was to not loop the KFM but make a single rotation, then at moving_end, check where the sign was supposed to have got to and move it there if it wasn't right. Then reverse the KFM rotation, check again at moving_end and so on. Stopping KFM before the end of a (single) translation movement is also something I do with a pair of funicular cars, again using moving_end but additionally with a timer. If the car gets 30 seconds overdue at where it should be then I stop KFM and force the car to where it should have been by RegionSetPos(). This is necessary because of (you guessed it) the % scripts run issue, KFM seemed to get hit first of all when the figures went bad, then touch-menus, ...
  15. /me agrees with Sabrina, I think you need to wait until you have a moving_end event.
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