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  1. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    If I recall, you need to ask the parcel owner's permission if you take pictures on their land and intend to publish them, I think the definition of publish means outside of SL. But I also think sending a snapshot of somebody to another person in SL without getting the agreement of the subjects in the snapshot might be coming close to the invasion of privacy that sharing IM's constitutes? Things might have changed since I last had an island, though. Way back in the days when I first joined SL I got involved trying to help a friend who was being stalked by somebody, who used alts or others to cam in and snapshot her. It caused her a lot of distress, but she managed to ride it out without AR-ing them, mainly by belittling their efforts at first and then subsequently ignoring them. But it wasn't a pleasant experience even for her friends, and I think the tone of the thread in the last few posts is moving to a similar place.
  2. Profaitchikenz Haiku


    Use the magic wand select tool to grab areas of similar colour, though sometimes it grabs too much. One trick in that instance is to add some lines of the right colour to constrain the area being grabbed by cutting off the gap that leads through to unwanted areas. It isn't easy, but it's doable. Gimp is much better than paint.net for this action, in my experience. But I do have to say, you shouldn't be doing this with copyright pictures.
  3. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Animated light texture

    I played around with it and was impressed, it projects whatever the texture is onto other surfaces. If LL do get round to making it accessible to scripting it will be most useful. The best workaround to achieve the OP's requirement has been posted by Qie in the scripting forum.
  4. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    I don't understand this game

    And the way to win it is to ---- ignore the posts
  5. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Animate light texture - ADVANCED LIGHTING

    I seem to have been trying to answer this question in the build section. As mentioned above, nothing in the right-hand section of the features tab for lighting is available as a prim parameter. I'm guessing that because the effects are not shown on the prim but on whatever faces the projected light strikes it falls outside of the range of things on/in a prim you can script?
  6. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Animated light texture

    Interestingly, there is no way to specify the texture, FOV, Focus or Ambience other than by using the edit floater. Nothing on the right hand side of the point light section appears in the list of prim params that can be set by script. GIF's aren't going to help here because SL doesn't support them. Animated Gifs have to be converted outside of SL into a single image comprising sections that a script then animates. I think you might have to raise a Jira on this and ask Linden if there are plans to make these elements of the features tab available to scripting.
  7. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Animated light texture

    You can manipulate the PRIM_GLOW value easily enough using llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast with the link number of what happens to be the bulb or light-emitting surface to simulate flickering, and most of the other items accessed on the features tab can also be set in this way. Play around on the features tab with different values until you know what you want to do with the values, then have a look at the function I described in the LSL Portal page of the wiki.
  8. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    I don't understand this game

    Whoever gets to own all the for-sale mainland wins?
  9. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    door/key script

    There might be a simpler way to do this, which doesn't need sensors, only whispers and listens. A key is created which is an object with a specific name, such as "front door key", or "master key". The key is scripted so that when it is attached it whispers it's name on a specific channel. If rezzed but not attached it stays silent. The door is scripted to listen on that channel. It is programmed to respond to the key name by allowing the door to be opened only when it is hearing the particular name on that channel, so it might allow both "front door key" and "master key" but it would not allow "back door key". Assuming the channel is chosen so that it is a large negative number the chances of a snooper eavesdropping and learning the door key names are small, so there is some security. Whispering will limit the range to 10 metres.
  10. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Open Collar Scripts?

    I've seen this same issue grow over time on the train-simulator sites I used to frequent. It got to the point where the content creators began to identify a certain class of user as "Gimme-pigs". My view though is that, when you do something for free, this is only to be expected because people who have got something for nothing do not have any value associated with it in their minds, unlike their PC or their OS.
  11. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Learning more about encryption

    Read Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, there's a section in it where a perl script is used to crypt and decrypt messages. Although it's a novel and not a textbook on encryptionm it does have some interesting bits about using machines to code, decode and break messages. It would be fun in SL to try implementing an enigma machine using LSL
  12. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Easy way to find unlinked parts in a house

    Edit the house, make sure you haven't selected "edit linked", and raise the linkset by adding 10 or 20 metres to the Z figure. This will raise the linked parts by a known amount, leaving all the unlinked parts behind. One by one, edit each of the low parts, link it to the house above, then choose "edit linked" and click on the newly-linked prim, add the same figure to the Z position as was earlier added to the house. This will pop the piece back up into the proper position. Once each prim has been re-linked and raised, lower the house back to the start position by subtracting the required amount from the Z position.
  13. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Complete 360 panoramic view texture?

    I like to think outside the box. A sphere might be harder to make the initial texture for, but it will look better inside. However, if your skybox only had windows so the person inside is always going to be looking through what is effectively a viewport, you can simplify things a bit by working out what is going to be occluded from the viewport. For example, they are not going to be able to see down beneath their feet or up over their head because of the floor and ceiling, so you ,might get away with a texture on the inside of a hollow cylinder.
  14. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    Complete 360 panoramic view texture?

    So are you asking how to put a large sphere prim all around a skybox and texture the inside of it with a panoramic view of a city so that inside the skybox whichever way you turn you see a part of the city, ground, or sky? (A box will be much easier to texture but harder to actually hide the seams where the sides meet). The easy part will be making the large hollow sphere, but the texturing is going to be complicated, because you are going to have to stitch together three separate panoramic views obtained as described by previous responders, ground, city, sky, and then get them onto the inside of a sphere. My suggestion is you get one of the many texture grids available and put it on the inside of a large hollow sphere, then work out from there the divisions into which you are going to paste the panoramas for the ground, city and sky. You will need an image processing program such as Gimp, paint,net or Photoshop that can handle layers. The base later is the grid you have put into the inside of the sphere, and on three separate layers you add the ground, city and sky, using whatever distort transformations your graphics program supplies to get each panoramic view aligned with the areas on the grid that correspond to the right places on the inside of the sphere. Some pf these programs do not allow you to distort an individual layer (paint.net for example, where I usually end up copying the layer to s separate image, distorting it, then copying it back into a fresh layer and turning off the original layer).
  15. Profaitchikenz Haiku

    0 is greater than 0? Why?

    Oh! I'd always thought it was the Linden Moles burrowing and causing subsidence.