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  1. You could swap the maps in a sculpt under script control to get a changing volume, but since there are both texture-loading and update issues it is a good idea to have a small nearby sculpt-previewer showing all the sculpt maps and their surface textures in very small form so that they will have been preloaded by the time any transform takes place.
  2. Assuming the OP is on Windows, this is an annoyance, and I've found lately it's getting even stranger. I usually have the task manager open so I can keep an eye on RAM use, and when I start a viewer by clicking on the icon, I get the opposite to the OP's complaint, the task manager refuses to give the focus to the application I've just started. The only workaround I've come up with is to minimise everything to the taskbar and bring up things as I want them. In case it helps the OP, I've noticed the chats and IMs coming in will give focus to the viewer when there are several windows open at once, so perhaps this is a cause?
  3. Clicking on the icon should bring up the script warnings in a floater.
  4. I've tried but been unable to get any search results to give more detail on this. My own practice has been to work on scripts in an attachment and for trivial changes, copy the script and any amended notecards back into my inventory but leave the attachment still worn. For signifficant changes I'll detach it, then copy it in inventory, and attach the fresh copy and get to work on that. When you detach something it does not create a new version of the object in your inventory, simply updates it with what changes you have made, so for any form of change control you have to create new versions of the object yourself and do things like put version numbers in the object description so you can scan them in the inventory lists to look for differing versions.
  5. Worn objects need to be detached to save changes in contents, it's somewhere in the wiki describing exactly what is preserved.
  6. Don't know if it's just my sense of the absurd, but this post reminds me of a Harry Enfield character who did nowt but shout "No!" at this person or that.
  7. I thought it was chinese. Hopefully it isn't somebody trying to leak the news that Covid-9 has been seen crossing the monitor-brain barrier.
  8. My 'overcraft is full of eels?
  9. I have seen similar, I still have Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs and they show better performance under Windows 7 and dual-booting into Linux as well. Turn off cortana, turn off all the typing and inking monitoring options, stop as many background apps from accessing things like location, turn off file and folder indexing. In particular, add folder exclusions to where your caches are and also where your chatlogs and system logging goes. Windows 10 seems to fire up the antimalware processes whenever programs start up and whenever they start writing data to disk. ETA One final area where Windows 10 is worse than Windows 7 is the startup process of checking for updates, checking all your other programs and looking for Windows 10 compatibility options, and firing the summaries back to Microsoft. My laptop that has no restriction on Windows 10 updates can take 25 minutes before all the scanning has completed. My Dell tower PC with Windows 10 but with group policy enable to only check for and accept windows updates when I say so starts up and is ready for my use within 10 minutes. I tell it when I want my disks defragmented and when I want it to check for updates, which is usually after I've done all the things I bought the PC for, but with the laptop I have to wait while Microsoft uses it for it's own purposes.
  10. You will have to use a script in the root prim to first detect which child has been touched, and secondly, when opening or closing the lid, to use local position and rotation of the child prim, not the linkset. Look at Prim_pos_local and Prim_rot_local in the list of items to be detected by llGetLinkPrimitiveParams, and also look at the llDetectedLinkNumber for working out what has been touched and where it is, then llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast used with the link number and local positions and rotations will do what you want.
  11. I have HD3000 and WIndows 10, (free upgrade) and I can get the SL 32-bit viewer and the Firestorm 32-bit viewer to install, and run with appropriately realistic graphics settings. (No, not wireframe
  12. I have tried and failed several times to get Singularity to install on my HP laptop with Intel 3000 integrated graphics. SecondLife official viewer 32 bit works fine, as does Firestorm 32-bit, but Singularity gave the same installation failure message for each version, 64-bit and 32-bit, "Get a better machine, you pauper"
  13. You can also try various smooth or blur functions that programs like Gimp or paint.net offer, they use algorithms such as Gaussian blur to level out the colours across an area to avoid sharp changes over too short/sharp a boundary. You can specify things like radius of action, fall-off in effect, and although it's quite a tedious process, half an hour should get you some altered images that might look better.
  14. My advice is to adjust your preferences to run SL in a window, and resize this window so that you can see the task monitor at the same time as you are logging into secondlife. Pay particular attention to the memory figure, log in, watch the memory usage and see if it is reaching the upper bounds in the seconds preceding the crash. Also keep an eye on the CPU usage and memory usage of any of the Windows antimalware processes. If your cache has not been excluded from scanning they may be reacting to the repeated changes being made to it as textures and inventory and objects stream in across the net and get written to disk. Finally, track down where your viewer is keeping the logs, and after such a crash, open the log and work backwards through it trying to make sense out of the rather scary amount of information in there.
  15. The closest I can think of is the LSLeditor which will run scripts though obviously not move things or get events, I thought it had a wiki page as well but that was ages ago.
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