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  1. I'm sure they would be GLAD to let us leave... If we took that "Trident" stuff off the warehouse shelves and tested it on a suitably disposable target, such as... Paris... But enough with the derail... Back to the topic... Maybe we could test Trident on that Mandatory Super-MegaLag-InfoHub thing of Bree's to show her that our response to her suggestion is more than... ... Unlikely, even they are not QUITE that clueless about SL's userbase... Are you confessing to spiking the staff eggnog with illegal, experimental "CIA brainwashing Test Camp" drugs?
  2. Heh, I've spent more than 4 decades denouncing the fact that traitors in my country pledged our servitude to the Franco-German Euro-Federalist Empire, and eagerly look forward to the failure of Brexit negotiations, and the inevitable open warfare in which we will meet the Euro-Federalist Anti-Britishness squads on the beaches with heavy machinegun emplacements! Depends when the painkillers wear off...
  3. Secondwave Lastnamer Entitlement Syndrome... "Hi Clueless Doublenamer here, rez date 2007, and I just did my quarterly 5 min login to collect my FREE MONEY, and there wasn't as much as I feel entitled to, the Lab MUST FIX THIS NOW! I think SL is DYING! So I propose a CRUSADE to Save SecondLife, which I will lead! Lets get the discussion of gratuitous examples of the unlicenced possession of illegal quantities of WEAPONS GRADE STUPIDITY started before it's TOO LATE!"
  4. Playing "poke the cave bear" almost certainly contributed to the human evolutionary process... Odds are you are NOT decended from a "bear poker"
  5. Apparently you are unable to differentiate between... "Pull your head out of your rectum you whining butthole" and... "U cant b callin meh a whinin buthol on da interwebs cos it r a Fedral Crym of Siber Terrism, whot R aginst the LAW! I r callin da Ef-Be-Ei on u fur cryms aginst Murica! Eet meh u euro-commies!" ... Please feel free to reevaluate your post in light of this obvious difference, now it's been brought to your attention.
  6. Yes, you might even have already heard of it... It's called "Don't log in to Project Stupid"... Hope that helps!
  7. Klytyna

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    Not for at least seven years... Maybe much longer...
  8. I've spent more than 2 decades listening to clueless tech-illiterate buttholes saying that 3D modeling should be EASY, and claiming that "surely they can make it easy for us clueless tech-illiterate buttholes because FUTURENESS!" You mention Gurgle Screwup... That is exactly the sort of 3D app the world does not need. Years ago, I was invited to join a games modding team, and like a bloody idiot I said yes... There were TWO actual games modders, my self and the official team leader, and 18 wastes of human skin, 17 worthless zero skills quasi-illiterate millennial RP trash, and the unofficial team leader, who was a "self taught 3D modeler" with TWO WHOLE MONTHS of experience in... Gurgle Screwup. This dingbat would crank out a 60,000 poly mesh in two hours in Screwup using only the extrude tool... Then he'd send it to us, and constantly whine about how it was taking us too long to convert his latest "masterpiece" into a usable game asset. Typically, each of his "2 Hour Meshes" needed more than TWENTY hours of file format conversion, dismantling, sectioning into material zones, uv mapping, reassembling, rigging, hardpointing, and basic texturing, and then xml scripting to make it into something you could actually test in the game, all done by people who had spent YEARS learning how to do these things. One of the biggest problems with SL's current content, is that a lot of it was made by peole who THINK 3D should be or worse, already IS "easy" and that all you have to do is pick a name, suggest a basic design and then click the "make 3d digital art and upload to the SL MP" button in Blunder-3D. Yeah heard that crap for more than 20 years too, install the FREE 30 day demo of "Crap-3D" on the cover disk ofthis months edition of "Digital Artist Wannabe" magazine and then folliw the EASY 4 page center spread tutorial with the FREE assets included on the disc, and YOU TOO CAN BE A LEAD 3D MODELER AT PIXAR! No they couldn't... They need ALL their funding to pay the staff, provide shareholder dividends, and prop up the obsolete before it's finished, Vom-Cam based, white elephant money pit failure that is Project Stupid. So far the main ideas thrown out on this thread have been... A Moron Friendly EASY-3D "Make digital Art" button in the viewer. A MANDATORY "Walk of Laggy Hate" through a SUPER-InfoHub lag pit everytime you log in to drive everyone not called "Bree" off the grid. A return to the 2003 edition of Noob Island! A prim tax for people not called "Greek"... ... These ideas really do need to be thrown out... Seriously, I really hope LL are NOT listening... They come up with enough bloody awful anti-ideas all by themselves without help like this thread.
  9. At one time, any woman openly disagreeing with a man was considered to be "ab-normal" and suffering from "hysteria". The STANDARD treatment for such women was to be committed to a mental hospital, and subjected to repeated sexual assault with a mains powered vibrator as a "medical treatment", usually by a male doctor, to "cure" her hysteria... "Normal" certainly isn't an argument a sane mind uses to justify any draconian crackdown.
  10. Kind of a contradiction in terms really... Roman soldiers tended to be lean, forced marches, poor rations, low wages etc. Roman Gladiators tended, by modern standards, to be slightly fat... Their diet was deliberately chosen to produce a generous layer of body fat over their muscles, as this was thought to slow bleeding from minor wounds and thus prolong the "entertainment" of the gladiatorial match...
  11. YOUR definition of "normal", that is a fascist standpoint, assuming YOU are normal and anyone not like you must be dealt with.
  12. You are of course, free to leave at any time... Or stay and complain, your choice... Your decision to shut up and leave, or stay and complain doesn't threaten me in the slightest... So, you searched for sims that "would probably offend you", picked one that sounded pretty offensive, and WENT THERE, and yup, got offended. They assumed you liked that stuff because... And this is a subtle hint here... YOU WENT TO THEIR SIM OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL! Being attacked in RL wasn't your fault. Being offended by the offensive sim you chose to visit BECAUSE you thought it would offend you, however, IS. You claim that you cannot have adult settings on in SL without seeing RAPE everywhere you go. I have adult settings in SL, and in the last SEVEN years, I have hardly EVER been forced to put up with RAPE bs everywhere, because unlike YOU, I avoid those places, and do NOT deliberately seek them out to deliberately be offended so I can deliberately demand that something be done about all the deliberate offense I have taken as a result of deliberately seeking out what offends me. No, I'm using it VERY accurately. People who try to ENFORCE their own views on EVERYONE else by the use of Authority. You don't like obscure and repellent fetish A, so EVERYONE into it MUST BE STOPPED AND PUNISHED, and if innocent and uninvolved bystanders get caught in the crossfire of your Crusade, TO HELL WITH THEM for not choosing to be on your side. That's pretty fascist as ideologies go. And now your self indulgent "I'm a victim - OBEY ME" fascist rant crossed a Forum ToS line... If I was the angry, threatened, aggressive, pro rape bully, you and the other fascists keep trying to present me as, I'd report your damn ass for it, but, I don't think you are worth the trouble of clicking the report button. So I wont. You have a NICE day deliberately hunting for more deliberate offense, so you can play the "eternal victim" card, and demand obedience to your whims.
  13. You have clearly demonstrated a fascist attitude to the opinions of others several times in this thread, stating that your demands are fascist, is nt an assumption, nor is it sterotyping. You foolishly assume I'm trying to get a point across to YOU... I'm not. You have already stated earlier in the thread that like most proponents of fascism you are not here to listen to opposing opinions. So, why would I WASTE my time trying to get a point across to YOU, when it's more productive demonstrating just how much of a potentially dangerous fascist you are, to OTHERS so they won't support your ill-advised "Moral Crusade". Oh look! The CLASSIC Stereotypical "You DARE to disagree with my crap therefore you must be ANGRY and can be ignored" BS. Quite apart from the assumption that anything said by an angry person has no value, which is utterly fallacious by the way, you are the one making allegations and assumptions here. You don't rate high enough to make me angry... I've been made angry by PROFESSIONAL Crap Talking BS Merchants. If you dislike being talked down to by me, STOP talking out of your arse.
  14. MY "awareness" says the three of you are talking pretentious "Moral Crusader" Drama-Llama BS, pushing a FASCIST ideology, where YOU, the the SELF APPOINTED members of the SELF CREATED "Committee for the Moral Improvement of SL", the "Concerned Citizens" want the Authorities to "share" your "concerns" with draconian enforcement that WILL blow back and affect a whole bunch of us who have NOTHING to do with THIS WEEKS pet hate of the Committee members. We've seen this sort of thing so many times over the decades, in RL as well as online, jumped up self appointed "street hitlers" in Neighbourhood Snitch Committees warning everyone to "shun" that couple at no.57 because they painted their front door the wrong colour, and most people pretending to do so for fear of the wrath of the self appointed street hitler. Mary Whitehouse and her "National Viewers & Listeners Association" who tried repeatedly to basically BAN 75% of television here in the UK before the out of touch old fascist died. The govt. here once tried setting up a "hotline" where "concerned citizens" could "share their awareness" about evil websites that people shouldn't have access to. The scheme got dropped when it was discovered that the No.1 "must be banned website" reported by the "Concerned Citizens" was "The Terrence Higgins Trust", a registered charity that provides care for people dying of HIV/AIDS. Oh trust me when I say many of us here know ALL about "Concerned Citizens Sharing Their Awareness of Issues That Surely We All Agree On". Fascist little bigots grinding their own axes with NO thought for the rest of society, and NO awareness of the bigger picture, and worst of all, NO concern for the blowback side effects of their ill-considered plans to enforce their own personal HATE speech. And if you consider disagreeing with you to be a "personal attack", meh, that's a problem with YOUR ego, not our disagreement.
  15. Ahhh... That old old chestnut of an argument... "I am a REAL female in SL, and any female in SL who doesn't automatically agree with my poorly conceived, poorly educated rant is OBVIOUSLY NOT a REAL female, but a MALE in disguise because ALL REAL FEMALES will ALWAYS agree with ME..." Yeah... all I can say is you have obviously never been to a large RL Fetish Club..., There are REAL females around who fantasise about being kidnapped and raped. You might find that repellent, I find it repellent, but they exist, in small numbers. It's a recognised minority fetish. But... You are one of those fascist types who refuses to accept that not every woman in the world is like you or agrees with you. This is your SL educational opportunity... There are real women in SL who think that you and a couple of others here, talk out of your ass, and that what you are saying is fascist ideology, and dangerous. This IS a grown up discussion... Some of the Grownups think you talk crap, and don't agree with it. If you WANTED a discussion where everyone agreed with you and told you how wonderful you were for saying what you said, you should have bought a toy puppet theater, and learned to throw your voice. You didn't, so sorry to disappoint you by not being your mindless sycophantic clone.
  16. "We" the "Civilsed western Nations" have spent a crapton of blood, sweat, tears and dollars, removing an "oppressive regime of hate" from power in Afganistan... We've helped them set up a new "fair and decent democratic regime". Then we patted ourselves on the back for having done "A Good Thing"... But, most of us never noticed that, for example, the NEW Good Regime, has enacted laws that are just as evil as the ones the Taliban made, laws that we would not tolerate for a second here. A year or two back, Afganistan made a couple of new laws. One legalised rape within marriage, you can't "rape" your wife because you "own her", the other was even worse, Afgani husbands are legally allowed to lock their wives in a room and STARVE them until they agree to have sex. ... Yeah... We did a "Good Thing" in Afganistan, right? We made the world a better place for Women... ... "Moral Crusaders" need to be kept in check until they learn to realise the possible negative consequences of their proposed crusades for a "Better World" will NOT all be "Better"
  17. Depends on exactly who's definition of "racist" you are using... For example, there are many people who think it's OK to be racist, as long as the targets have "coloniser skin tones", and that racist hate speech against "white people" doesn't count as Hate speech because "they deserve it for not exhibiting enough White Guilt..." Thats a thread thats happened right here on this very forum... And the Racist in question was outraged to be called a racist by a "coloniser skintoned" person. This was after they demanded that steps should be taken to stop "colonisers" making coloniser avatars" because there were "too many in SL", including preventing skin makers from making "coloniser skins". If your hypothetical toy firm refused to make "white dolls", that would certainly be something many would have a problem with. .... All free speech is problematic, because the problem with free speech is... Everyone is free to do it. Not just the people who agree with you and hate what you hate. Witness one of THIS threads more blatant fascists repeatedly claiming that anyone who disagrees with them shouldn't reply to the thread, that their opinions were not asked for, and that disagreeing with them makes those people "trolls" who engage in "personal attacks against those people on topic", and thus that not agreeing with their fascist views is "off topic".
  18. It doesn't. It does point out the inadvisability of launching a campaign to get the company to outlaw what YOU don't like, because while YOU can campaign to have misogynistic hate groups banned for "hating women", the Religious Zealots can campaign to have "Friendly Atheist Chat" banned for "hating Our Lardy Flavour Cheesus Toast". It means Machotard Testosterobigot (rez date 2006) can have Lesbian social groups banned for "hating alpha males"... It means that "The Association Of Decent People Against Queer Marriage" can demand that SL's LGBT groups are removed for "hating normal relationships". Somebody's many times great grandfather was savaged by a Huron squaw in 1756? They are "triggered" by the presence of "Native Americans" in SL and demand the banning of a Native only "Hate" group who run a living history RP sim... "But but... They have a dispenser prim that gives out tomahawks and scalping knives! They talk about killing double tongued palefaces and using their hair to decorate lodgepoles! They have a statue of Tecumsah! Obviously a bannable hate group, ban them Daddy Linden Ban them!" And so on. That's what self appointed moral crusaders ALWAYS forget, that EVERYBODY is on somebody's hate list, and everybody HAS a hate list. If it's cool to officially enforce ONE Hate list, then it's ok to enforce them ALL, and soon there's nobody left to pick on, because EVERYONE & EVERYTHING is banned. LL generally follow a "Let Well Alone" policy, they investigate Ar's, but that doesn't mean they WILL act, if they don't think the AR merits action. You need to think very carefully before handing fascists a stick to beat you with. And saying it's obviously a "good thing" to allow fascists to instigate bans against the FIRST item on THEIR Hate List, is exactly such a stick.
  19. I don't... See, there are plenty of groups, and activities, that *I* personally, would be OVERJOYED to see banned... There really are, and many of them are misogynistic in the extreme. BUT, I'm old enough, and cynical enough to KNOW what would happen if I tried to GET them banned with some campaign. The term is "Blowback". Let's take a REAL example, from the United Rebel Colonies of Murica. Once upon a time, in Murica, some CLUELESS FUGGING SELF RIGHTIOUS MORONS, decided that the laws proscribing the making and distribution of kiddie porn in Murica were simply not good enough, and they proposed a NEW law. Bill 2257. Any politician who DARED to speak out against 2257's many and obvious flaws was demonised for "supporting kiddie porn". So what did the bill essentially demand? 1. All performers real names and adresses to be kept on file with proof of age for inspection by Federal Investigators. 2. The Site owners real name and contact details displayed on the site 3. All "live video" footage to be permanently archived on hard disk for possible review by Federal investigators. Thats the meat of it. The legal commercial porn companies in Murica, already did all these things anyway, because it's good business. The Illegal kiddie porn makers outside Murica, didn't care because Murican laws couldn't touch them. So who caught the "Blowback" off 2257? Initially, low skills single mothers working from home as self employed webcam strippers, because they had no idea how to do the cam footage archiving for the most part, and couldnt afford the needed storage, and because they had to put THEIR real name and adress on their webcam site, making them EASY targets for stalkers, rapists and serial killers. Every Murican politician who voted for 2257 is by definition, guilty of conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder. That was just the START... Murican Law is largely based off courtroom precedent. That is, the ACTUAL law is whatever you can convince a judge to say it is. The ink was barely dry on 2257, before the Moron Minority Test Case Litigation spam commenced. Trying to get 2257 extended by 'precedent' to cover digital artworks (is that mid twenties digital woman mesh over 18? Does she have ID?), classical art (that chick in the famous painting, who has been dead for 350 years, was she over 18 when she took her blouse off for a famous dead painter?). You name it, the Funless-Mental Crusaders tried getting 2257 to cover it and ban it. About the only people who NEVER suffered under 2257, were the kiddie porn makers and distributors the bill was claimed to be targeted at. ... Much as I'd love to see a whole bunch of misogyny banned from the web, never mind SL, I'm not foolish enough to ask some legislative body to do it. There is an old old saying... "The Cure is WORSE than the Disease" I'd rather suffer the existence of a misogynistic SL group than actively enlist the assistance of Arrogant Fascists, who can be relied upon to target minorities like my self NEXT if given any power or excuse...
  20. And you apparently didn't read my post at all, I didn't say "virtual disgrace, makers of peanut no 9" I said... "Who used to sell capture kidnap and rape" equipment", as in back in the pre oc 4.0 days when you had that pokey little skybox store selling ugly prim-build CARP gear. In addition, before stating that you "make no money" off VD, perhaps you should go and remove all the not-free VD products from your store on the MP, it would make the "make no money" claim more believable. You make money of activities some people would like banned from SL for being "sick immoral deviancy", and yet you apparently support the removal of "sick immoral deviancy", just not YOURS... In this regard you are JUST like the "digital artist" over at Renderotica, who was happy to see "BDSM" banned from the galleries, because he had two teen daughters he didn't want raped by fetish art fans, but who was quite happy depicting "morally ok hetro vanilla 3-some action with two hot babes who LOOK a little bit 'just 15 barely illegal' but who obviously are not because that would make him a hypocrite", because that's "Normal" and NO threat to his two teen daughters... So, you make money of one persons banlist activity while complaining that your banlist activities haven't been banned.
  21. Wait... You are the owner of an SL business called "Virtual Disgrace" who used to sell RLV scripted "capture, kidnap and rape" equipment? You are the person who added a "Capture" button for CARP activities to the menus of 4.x, 6.x, 7.x and No.9 Opencollars. So you'd like certain "redlines activities" banned, just not the ones YOU personally make money off? LMAO...
  22. The Extremely Reverend Doctor Neamiah B. Scudder of the 3rd Southern Batbit Funless-Mental Evade-Genital Crutch of Cheesus Toast will loudly state... ""A-Bumination unto the Lard! Think of the Kiddies! Ban them ALL NOW!"
  23. Run a hardware check on your RAM... If some of the RAM has failed, and the OS has thus, as a "safety feature" reduced the amount available to the viewer, that could easily tank your FPS, amongst other things.
  24. The only "sense of community" you'd ever get from something like that is... "The Committee of Right Thinking Concerned Citizens into Activity A, for the Banning of un-citizens into Activity B who strut though the Nexus like they are real People entitled to Rights!" A whole bunch of unpleasant protest groups, plotting and scheming to try and get all the other groups banned from the Nexus and SL. Dark Gods of the Grid give me strength... ...That you want banned from SL for not being... Just... Like... You... Think how the Funless-Mental Evade-Genital Cheesus Toast Worshiping Puritan Folk will react to seeing Furry D/s folk walking past in bondage gear... "A-Bumination! Think of the Kiddies! Ban them ALL NOW!" Your ill-considered, ill-thought out, ill-advised proposal is the very LAST thing SL needs. In short, your suggestion is a classic example of the unlicenced possession of illegal quantities of WEAPONS GRADE STUPIDITY!
  25. YOU didn't have to, empirical evidence shows that the "Clueless Vanilla authorities" you are demanding action from will make that connection ALL BY THEM SELVES. Yeah... there's an old quote from an Admiral that relates to this... "Full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes" No, you didn't, your sort never do ask other peoples opinions... You have an assumed "Moral High Ground", a "Higher Purpose" and you are going to cure all wrongs, regardless of smarter people telling you how dangerous what you are doing is for everyone else. However, this is a public forum, so you are getting opinions regardless, the fact tyhat you complain about other people giving a CONSIDERED opinion proves that you are the one who... Then get off the forum and stay off, because that's what we do here, we state our opinions and try to change each others minds. Especially when we reply to people who are so obviously bloody wrong, and so obviously bloody blind to the potential consequences of their ill-advised actions. If you want no opinion but your own, start a bloody blogsite and disable visitor comments. This conversation is over. Goodday.
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