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  1. Windows 10 is often doing a lot more behind the scenes that Windows 7 didn't. I've switched from Windows 10 to Linux and also seen much better stability and performance in SL. Going back to your earlier observations that Firestorm seemed to crash after a couple of hours, and then that Singularity seemed much more reliable, I've posted elsewhere my observations that Firestorm seems to hold onto memory after leaving a busy region. This was Firestorm 64-bits on Linux. I wsn't able to compare this to Firestorm 32-bits because there isn't such a release for Linux, but why not try Firestorm 32 yourself and see if it' any improvement?
  2. They'll want you to have two phones next...
  3. ^^^ This. Thrice. Ok, so, a minor could in theory borrow a credit card, or borrow an id document, and get themselves verified, which is to some extent adult behaviour anyway.. I'm probably going to raise an Ire-storm for what I'm going to say next, but if somebody is capable of passing themselves off as an adult to the extent that they pass all the "normal" checks and those in their vicinity don't raise an eyebrow or three, why not treat them as an adult and let them ogle tights and oars? I think the craze for verification is getting out of hand, my library started off with a bar-coded library card, now they insist I have to enter a pin in order to be able to use that card... wheres it going to end? Emo Phillips - "I went into a library in the Bronx and the Librarian said I had to prove I came from the neighborhood - so I shot her"
  4. It's most likely the GT730. Mine was bought as a supposed 730, announced as a 710 n the Bios, and crashed to black or to desktop randomly when visiting mesh-heavy regions or meeting people with mesh bodies. The same PC with a different card (GT520) runs reliably.
  5. I've had this before when I've muted the parcel media and still hear music, and found it's avatars with music gestures or with their voice channel doing the playing.
  6. What happened was I got results that seemed a partial mirror-image of what I was expecting in quadrants 1 and 2, quadrants 3 and 4 were even more absurd. It was only after I'd written a version of Atan2 from scratch and got the expected results that I looked back and saw what I had done, llAtan2(coords.x, coords.y) It's just habit, I suppose, always thinking in terms of X and Y Actually, I think it's due to the holiday I took a few years back. I thought I was going to Eritrea but somehow ended up in Geriatria
  7. integer ii = 0; do { llSay(0,"I must not transpose the arguments to llAtan2() and expect a sensible result"); } while (++ii < 50);
  8. I read profiles a lot, they are the best substitute for the (possible incorrect) reactions you have when you see/hear a person in RL, you can make some rapid assessments of them by what you see and hear. Similarly, what they put about themselves on their profiles gives you that same ability to make a quick assessment, Granted it might be wrong, but it's better to have something than nothing. An empty profile is similar to seeing somebody in a coma in RL, you cannot make any judgement about them.
  9. No Payment method already does this to an extent, I don't want any more hoops, I went through more than enough with my credit card, then paypal after my credit card company decided SecondLife was a fraudulent activity and removed it from the list of things I was allowed to purchase, then Skill after Paypal suddenly decided I had to resubmit all my documents again, then my other paypal account after the Skrill site demanded I used a webcam photo ID but refused to find any cameras on any of the three PCs we tried.
  10. If you know Blender well enough, search this forum for Blender animation help, otherwise have a look at Qavimator. There are posts for both those systems. Qavimator is easiest for beginners but will not do the extra Bento bones that Blender does.
  11. I ran a GT710 for a few months and experienced similar graphics crashes. As others have said here, a few mesh buildings, a mesh avatar with earrings that have 5 1024x1024 textures, all these are enough to tip your system over the edge. As a workaround, use the third tab in Firestorm's graphics settings to limit textures to 512 pixels. You've already done the sensible thing with the draw distance and turning off ALM, so there's not much else you can do except be careful which places you visit. I ended up with a few places I could go to with no problems, and a bigger list of ones to avoid. An old Nvidia GT520 will actually perform better than the 710/720/730 range, if you can find a reliable secondhand source for them. Beware new GT1050 cards at low prices or "refurbished" ones, they are often much lower spec cards, lower even than a GT710, with the bios faked to claim it's something like a GT 1050 . The fakers usually don't bother making their refurbished cards pretend to be GT520s, they're after bigger fish. GTX460 is another reliable performer rarely faked although it needs the pair of 6-pin leads which not all low-power PSUs can provide.
  12. I've had this with several places recently, the advice seems to be "clear cookies for that site" and it does seem to work. The other gotcha I'm still trying to comprehend is that some sites are not https enabled, but a lot of browsers by default attempt to establish an https connection and consequently fail. Chopping off the trailing s in the address bar is the only way to convince the browser that you really do know better than it this time.
  13. On Linux they are in keywords.ini which is in the app-setting folder, but Windows will either have them in a similar folder in the Program Files level, or hide them in the appData roaming or local folders for the user..
  14. The wiki in question was not on the LSL Portal, I can't remember the URL or who hosted it, and I don't want to stamp on anybody's feet with claims about it being better/nicer, let's just say it had less white-space and consequently the pages were more densely-packed. And it did have a two-way table which I found extremely useful Yes. One would be quite a nice addition to the portal..
  15. I think the question was referring to the older wiki (non-SL) which had a list of library functions, then another list of areas of activity with the corresponding library function against it. The intention seemed to be "I want to do A,B & C to JKM", "Oh right, you want llDoABCtoJKM" The particular wiki has been gone for ages now but as I recall it only listed user-written library functions, not the Linden ones.
  16. Use Ctrl-Shift-1 and look at the stats, see if the physics memory figure is up around the 900Mb mark. This seems to be the most common condition that causes the error. You'll have to raise a support ticket to get the region restarted, or else wait until the next tranche of rolling restarts.
  17. Reading some of the older bits of coding reminds me of the biblical passage "In those days there were giants in the land" Something we ought not to forget, many of these elegant hacks came about because they accepted the limitations of the system and found ways to cope, instead of lobbying for more memory (cough-cough) I was also impressed with the simplicity of how warpos did it, instead of calculating each intermediate 10m spot and moving to it, it just repetitively said "take me to x.y.z" knowing that if it said it enough times, it would get there. Even the method of calculating "enough times" is a work of art, using a binary doubling method.
  18. With the rather quirky while( (count = count << 1) <= jumps) rules = (rules = []) + rules + rules; // should tighten memory usage I suspect this was necessary for LSL but not for mono?
  19. This does depend on the size of the surface to be textured and how much of the viewer screen it is likely to spread out over. For a clock ace using the 16 subdivisions you'd be putting 128x128 textures on the surface, which should be adequate since only a ery strange person is going to zoom in until the screen shows nothing but a pair of slowly changing digits. For a picture or cinema screen or notice board with writing on it, you will need a bigger texture since it is likely to be zoomed in until it's taking up quite a few pixels. I found the four subdivisions of a 1024x1024 still looked clear when I zoomed the screen so that the 512x512 was taking up probably 800x800 pixels. A smaller sized texture gave fuzzy edges to many of the lines and details. I was testing on a 1980x1080 HDMI TV and a 1280x1024 mnitor. I have no idea what people with these 4K monitors see.
  20. You can use llSetRegionPos with coordinates that are up to +- 10 metres outside the region area, so if you can get them to sit/stand on a disk, you llSetRegionPos to get them 5 metres across the border, then a second llSetRegionPos to take them the remaining distance, and then unsit them, and llSetRegionPos back to 5 metres outside the current region, then back to the starting Point. The trick to making it seem like a TP is in two parts. The prim forming the TP disk is set to CLICK_ACTION_SIT, and when they sit on it, cancel the "sit" animation and play a "stand" one.
  21. Two options: for one script per button When a button is available, set the prim it's in to CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH When a button has been pressed, set it to CLICK_ACTION_NONE and start the timer. When the timer occurs, set it back to CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH For child buttons but a single script in the root, have a window prim that moves to cover the button just pressed. It can have a grey surface to indicate the button is not yet available, and a nifty idea would be to have hovertext on it with a "Available again in nn seconds" and show the countodwn from the timer.
  22. It's a method I use quite a lot, because it's more efficient in term of upload costs and display usage to have a single texture rather than 16 smaller ones. Let's assume you want to make a visible counter with your texture to display numbers from 0 to 99. That's two faces, and 10 individual digits. One 1024x1024 subdivides into 16 areas of 256x256 10 individual 256x256 textures don't require quite so much space in terms of bytes, but they require more resoruces on the server to store, entries, indexes, perms, uuids, etc. In terms of usage, the real gains come with the effecitve preloading you get by using a single large texture with varying offsets , the unseen digits are already loaded and when you flip from a 1 to a 2 on a face, there is no need to load a new texture, it's not just cached on disk, but already in the GPU. The cinema slideshows I used had four 512x5112 screens on a 1024x1024 texture and worked very wel, the individual sections were perfectly readable and didn't blur hen zoomed into.
  23. Out of our control. Also out of our control. In fairness to the Lindens I have previously criticised for this attitude, they may well be under constraints of limited budgets, resources, or de-prioritised for reasons we are unaware of. This is something I think we should be doing ourselves, creating newbie-friendly places and steering newcomers to them. We can make our own mentor group with volunteers and get that activity going again. One thing though we have to get right is to make sure the destinations we select are usually populated. There's nothing worse for a hopeful newcomer than to arrive at a recommendation to find it empty. This means we are going to have to get people from a selection of timezones involved. I don't see that as a problem, I see that as a challenge. Also out of our control Also out of our control while the server code is proprietary. So there's two areas we can do something about. I'd suggest people get working on the Newcomer activity Plan and the implementing required systems ideas. It's something we can do and probably get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of, but griping about the areas we have no control over is a path to misery.
  24. OK, surely though it's the directory block(s) that have such information rather than the areas containing the file data and they're going to be frequently updated this way anyway? Would there be any benefit to splitting up the cache so that the textures (and other fast-frequent access files such as animations) could be stored in Ram disk rather than the whle cache?
  25. On reflection, looking at the past additions to SL such as Bento, Animesh, BoM, EEP, these are signs of incremental improvements. That's a good sign. The one thing I would absolutely hate would be SL rewritten to try and look like something else. It's unique, and it should stay that way. Similarly, I would hate for somebody like FB to buy SL and "turn it into the soclal platform you've always dreamed of". Sansar was an experiment to try and build a new SL from scratch, let's not go into why it failed, but the way ahead must therefore be incremental improvements of what we already have.
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