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  1. ftfy&m Thing is Sansar was not ready for prime time when LL opened it to the public. The same mistake LL made in 2003 with SL. SL never made it out of the beta stage, neither will Sansar.
  2. This is just the kind of overblown kneejerk, judgemental reaction that makes me hate humans. Deliberately taking things out of context and then twisting them to mean the complete opposite. To hell with people. I'm sick of the stupid bs they are always pulling just to hurt others deliberately because they don't bother to actually get to know the people they hurt. They'd much rather carry on with their narrow minded view because they already got theirs and don't give a flying flip about any one else. No wonder there will never be world peace or space travel. Just look at how they treat others! Like heaping, steaming piles of manure! No, I'm not going through this crap yet again. It's not worth it.
  3. You had me up until squid. I don't eat anything that has suckers. *squick*
  4. Hello, Shark Eating Woman. Meet Gator Eating Woman.
  5. All. of. this. Every bit of it. That's how I've always been in SL. I'm not going to change who (and how) I am just to suit someone who thinks I'm "doing it wrong". This is part of who I am. Like it or not. Deal with it or not. Sadly, most choose not. That's the part that never makes sense.
  6. Hey what? What hey! What? What? What? Friggin light bulbs. 💡
  7. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to turn the lights on and light the candles. I hope everyone had a good time. Maybe we can do it again around Christmas and things in RL will be more settled for me by then. Oh... and if I disappear for a few days it's because we are changing providers (again) but I should be back online by Friday evening. Not that anyone other than Par would notice.
  8. Sounds like Frank's Elite. If you aren't part of the clique, you're ignored.
  9. Sorry, no. You'll have to settle for the Murray Street Bridge... somewhere on the bottom of the Red River in Louisiana.
  10. I"m pretty sure you know that isn't what I meant. It is nice to have people on my list and hear from them once in a while. It's really hard being a shoulder for decades and not have a shoulder of your own. ...basks in the double warmth of Maddy's Lurve.
  11. One thing my time on the forum and this thread has taught me. I'll just have to accept I won't ever be "good" enough for everyone/anyone else which means what I've always suspected. Having friends is never going to happen for me. C'est la vie.
  12. If this is in any way in reference to my posts, you've got me all wrong. I've never said they were all or must all be adult in nature. That's putting words into my mouth I never said, implied or meant. What part of "I am not in SL for sex of any way, shape or form," is so hard to understand and if you IM me wanting said sex I will shut you down in a heartbeat and likely won't be anything other than quite blunt about it so they will go away and leave me the ef alone. ffs
  13. Would "daily basis" do for you? Because I go through that every day. Just not for the same reason you do.
  14. Delusions of grandeur. I don't even own a cardigan.
  15. But it isn't a competition. When I find myself having to shout to be heard (competing) that is when the conversation ceases to exist and the shouting match occurs. That's not the sort of conversation I look for in others. I get what you are saying though. In a room full of people you say something and no one even notices you spoke. So you repeat it a little bit louder. Still no response. Eventually you raise your voice to a level that can be clearly heard across the room and then everyone turns around and stares at you as if you had committed murder. Then you slink away to a dark corner somewhere and wait for a time when you can slip out the door unnoticed. Or just grab your hat and coat and out the door you go.
  16. They usually do if an owner or mod happens to be on. I've never seen a case where they weren't.
  17. My Nigerian prince keeps promising me millions of dollars. And then there are the "cops" and "lawyers" and "investigators" who try to claim they are going to put me in jail for debts owed. Debts I never owed to begin with, on top of the fact that in the US you can't be jailed for debt without being first sentenced to serve time by a court judge in a courtroom. I wish they would make up my mind so I'd know if I'm filthy rich or dirt poor.
  18. Those are my words and they were not hostile in the least. You chose to take it as being hostile by reading far more into it than what is actually there. All too often people read other's posts using their own "voice" and giving emphasis and emotions to the words of another that simply do not exist.
  19. No, I don't "hang out in places like that" and I still get those out of the blue IMs that 999 out of 1000 are some random guy looking for pixel bumping. Standing on my own parcel in a private region and no one else is on the region. Nor do I belong to any of the "pixel sex" groups that exist. I never have. I'm not in SL for sex. Never have been and never will be. Point being it doesn't matter where you hang out or what your groups are, there are still those who think it's ok to IM someone out of the blue when it really is not ok by any stretch of the imagination. Don't even get me started on the ones who go through a store group's membership list and IM all the female avatars just to proposition them.
  20. It's not surprising really when you consider how often a woman is raped in the US alone (one every 2 minutes or so). And there is more: https://www.rainn.org/statistics/victims-sexual-violence Yes, it sucks that the younger male generations have to deal with the fallout from privileged white males ruling society but think of how much more it sucks for those of us who have to live with it on a daily basis because we are not male or white or privileged. Does it make me fighting mad? You're damn right it does. Livid, white hot anger that would destroy the world if it were to ever be released.
  21. All of the above. The bolded part is what sets off the red flags. That is exactly what it feels like when someone I don't know IMs me out of the blue. There aren't any advantages that I can see but plenty of disadvantages. I know etiquette changes over the decades but that doesn't excuse the rudeness of people cold IMing someone they don't know. Does it never occur to anyone that the polite (correct) thing to do is ask the person in open chat if it is ok to IM them? I'm not talking about PC here. I'm talking about good old fashioned manners that parents are supposed to teach their children but apparently no longer bother to do so. If you can't be bothered to use good manners, I can't be bothered to deal with you, much less want to be your friend.
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