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  1. I will retain control of my camera and everything else I already have control of in SL, thank you.
  2. Sorry but it is always true. You're not getting what I'm saying. I didn't say anyone was those things on any level. I said they are a part of you. A part of what makes you who you are. A part of the real you. Something you can not completely divorce yourself from. It's always there because it is you. Yes, you can immerse yourself and deeply to the point of almost removing yourself from reality. There is a point there where, if you go beyond it, you have crossed the line into an unhealthy state of mind. Most people have this little "voice" that tells them when they are getting too close to that line and are able to avoid crossing it. That "voice" is a part of you that you can never completely shut yourself away from. That "voice" is you.
  3. Who you wish to be is a part of you. Who you wish to be is part of who you are. If it weren't already a part of you, you wouldn't wish to be.
  4. That's how it usually goes. lol You can start poking Jessi any time as far as I'm concerned.
  5. @Kitty Barnett Will this be only in Catznip or will all TPVs have it at some point? Please note that I am not mentioning the clunker LL viewer.
  6. The answer is really quite simple. You can not separate you from you. https://www.locationrebel.com/the-online-world-is-the-real-world/ https://arstechnica.com/staff/2016/12/stop-pretending-theres-a-difference-between-online-and-real-life/ https://www.wired.com/2015/10/the-idea-that-online-life-isnt-real-is-trite-and-harmful/
  7. 🦇💩😵 I wouldn't mind there being a few basic smilies. Yes, I mean smilies, not emojis.
  8. You're both wrong. The SL vs RL debate has been raging since 2003/4.
  9. Ah so it looks and feels just like real life then.
  10. First they came for our modesty, Then they came for our privacy, Then they came for our freedom, Then there was no one left in Second Life.
  11. On the other hand, when you live near the coast (but not on it!) you don't normally see seagulls unless there is a storm heading your way off the ocean.
  12. I am so glad that pic is still around.
  13. Better catch it before it gets away! You might need it later.
  14. We really need to stop meeting like this. It's getting a bit messy in my head.
  15. @Whirly Fizzle *points at the post above* I'm not gonna say a word. Not a word. . . . . .
  16. All of which I have done. For 14 years. The account I am on currently is not my first nor my main. Seriously, I am sorry others are having such a hard time while some of us aren't really affected. These things take time to troubleshoot and sometimes it can weeks or even months. Patience is a virtue that is hard to come by.
  17. Nah. I save those to gnaw the marrow out of.
  18. In your particular case, LL is most likely correct. If you think I am defending LL, you are wrong. I have plenty of my own bones to pick with them.
  19. Incorrect. Once upon a time the only land available was mainland. Private regions did not exist. Mainland was designed for everyone. Homesteads weren't introduced until 2009. I don't remember exactly what year private regions were introduced but it was only a couple or three years before homesteads.
  20. Notre Dame Catherdral is burning. There's nothing left but the framework.
  21. Yep. Doom and gloom is really going to help things. You seem to be expecting perfection where perfection does not exist. If LL didn't keep the servers up to date, SL would have ceased to exist 10 years ago. When it comes to expansion, that is Sansar. No, everyone is not "itching to strap on a pair of googles". That sort of virtual reality is even more of a niche market than virtual worlds like SL are. Not to mention there are those of us who can't use the VR goggles due to TMI. A not so small niche group of people. There are times when it is better to engage the brain before putting the mouth (or fingers) into gear.
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