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  1. I knew that would get you all bright and shiny.
  2. Maddy wins the thread! ...waits for the beam
  3. I know what biscuits, cookies, crips and chips are in the UK and what they are in the US. They are either the opposite (biscuits and cookies) or completely different. Hot dogs are not a sausage. You really don't want to know what is in them. Pants? I don't think I wanna know...
  4. Nerp. Hot dogs wrapped in a flakey pastry and baked are Pigs in a Blanket. Minis are good for snacking.
  5. Oh you mean blood boudin? That's good stuff. Too bad all you can get any more is just plain old boudin. Too many people made it wrong and made themselves deathly ill so they outlawed it.
  6. Dang. Is this a record? The thread went south on the first page.
  7. Excellent idea. Just one question. Would that be before or after one has posted the link(s) to the relevant information? Some of us don't always read all the responses before posting our own response. Makes me cringe when I do that only to discover the person who asked for help has, for lack of a more polite way to put it at the moment, gone rabid. Otherwise, I always do my part to help keep the forums from becoming a flame board, except when I'm a newbie. I lay low until I get the lay of the land.
  8. Well, if you're drowning your steak with the sauce, you don't deserve the steak. The sauce is supposed to compliment, not overwhelm the steak. A little dab'll do ya. Or put a little on your plate and dip the bites. Again, a little dab'll do ya. While I will put a little dab'll do ya of ketchup on my hash browns, I don't care what anyone says, ketchup does not belong on eggs! Those hash browns with the dabs of ketchup? That's a breakfast for dinner kind of thing. I prefer my hash browns plain for breakfast. Better yet, some grits with a pat or two or even three of real butter.
  9. I think it was more a case of the blind leading the blind. Or more likely, they simply listened to the wrong group of residents. Being the loudest doesn't make them right, just loud enough to do whatever it takes to shut them up.
  10. *yells at Moe about processing fees, region crossings, missing inventory, rip offs, she stole my boyfriend, coffeepotting gleefurs, and it smelling to coffee up in here Feel better now? I know I do. I'm teasing, don't kill me!
  11. Just an old phorum phreak who has owned/admined a few of her own bboards over the past 2 decades. I read the forums pretty much every day I have internet. I may not always post but I usually try to read daily.
  12. Dis da best. If you want a good recipe for it: https://spicysouthernkitchen.com/fried-okra/
  13. Welp... you know what you just did? Yep. Made an ass of yourself. /me runs I spent the first 40 years of my life in the Deep South.
  14. And people think my venison and wild rice stew is weird.
  15. Yeah most forget to "shake it" first sometimes too.
  16. I use both terms. That way I can annoy everyone equally.
  17. Not going to argue semantics. I've been in SL since 2004 and they were called sims back then by everyone including the Lindens. Old habits die hard, if they die at all.
  18. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I must have ketchup for my fries!
  19. I had the same problem with okra n tomato. Luckily my mom finally realized I wasn't faking the gagging. I could eat the tomatoes but the okra? No effing way. I love fried okra though, just can not eat the slimy okra. I will toss my cookies as soon as it hits my stomach. Same with Pepto Bismol. You know, instead of chicken for dinner tonight maybe I'll do breakfast for dinner instead. But the ketchup stays in the fridge.
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