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  1. If you do not care then stop mentioning it/acting as if your personal interpretation of it supersedes the facts/reality. Further do not even attempt to paint those who question you as the ones going around acting like the sky is falling. Here's the part I care about: Not riling up the absolutely gullible masses. Beginning and end.
  2. Ah yes, as the 'kids' these days describe it: A Nothingburger. Go read the ToS for PayPal or any other, similar service. You will see similar, boiler-plate language. It does not mean what you believe it to mean. Now that that has been put into the open and cleared up ... Time to drop the misinformation/sky-is-falling schtick.
  3. Or it could just further propagate it. I'll be as blunt as possible: Unless said thread contains what has been asked for (a verifiable, trustworthy information source) then it is not worth much whatsoever. I would not be at all surprised to learn that this all stemmed from some OP/ED piece wherein someone utterly misinterpreted existing/future laws and/or existing cases/court decisions.
  4. Let's see here ... DuckDuckGo (so no Google Analytics or similar skewing) search for Congress Right to Privacy and for Congress Right to Privacy Curbed shows .... Nothing whatsoever suggesting anything you have thus far asserted. Quite the opposite in fact. So again: Citation Needed. No, not some thread or a link to a thread - the actual, verifiable, trustworthy information source.
  5. That's nice. The 18+ is a holdover/relic from when they outsourced their "Age Verification" - a system that *le gasp!* could most certainly be tricked. We had a dual rating system before Adult was created and funnily enough some places were quite .... disorganized to be polite about it. I may not personally like how they just tossed everything that fir the new rating onto a new continent but removing the median rating at this pint would be a grave mistake. Not an opinion either, simple reality. You seeing a need for it or not means diddly squat. As for your assertions regarding Congress and having no right to privacy ... Citation Needed.
  6. @Maryanne Solo: Yes, AMD CPUs can multithread.
  7. It was never on topic to begin with. The very first post was a rant concerning a topic that has/had been trod repeatedly over the years with no shortage of threads/posts where this could have been dumped or which could have been used to clue the OP in. It ought to be noted that the content of the initial post is also something anyone at all should know where the Internet in general and age restricted content especially is concerned. Nowhere is safe, no method whatsoever exists to enforce such restrictions. People can deal with it or just get off the Internet as a whole.
  8. It is exactly as it says on the tin. The region you were on was restarting. You did not leave before the restart so you were knocked offlline. You can log back into Second Life at any point however the region itself will take a short bit to come back up. Hope you have a landmark if you logged in. You can use that plus hitting "show on Map" to check if the region is still offline or not. Do that on occasion. once it is showing on the map as being online (it won't show "Offline" on the map tile anymore) you can then teleport back.
  9. Unless something has changes they're likely to tell you to try and reproduce this using the Official (Linden Lab made) Viewer Just attempted a reproduction - couldn't.
  10. Requiring a credit card means nothing whatsoever where age verification is concerned.
  11. How cute ... Someone got bent out of shape over a peeve being aired.
  12. Oh for ... This "argument" ought to have been dropped several posts ago or taken elsewhere. Want to go back and forth over the effectiveness of the varied ban methods? Make. A. New. Thread. For. It.
  13. That is - partly anyway - why I just roll my eyes when anyone gripes about civility or politeness here.
  14. For those of us that know rather well what that poster's MO is .... Those "defenses" were already devoid of meaning and good intent.
  15. Frankly, as someone with my own disabilities/issues ... I do not care one whit if the way others have reacted thus far is seen as heavy handed, abusive or any other absolute tripe. Problems with language? Everyone's got them - some worse than others. it is not an excuse for what has been said at least twice now. It. Is. Not. An. Excuse. After the push back from the first time, that should have been the end of it ... and i do not for one second buy the line that she did not know about the ability to have a Signature in the forum either - plenty of users have a signature line and it is right in the Account Settings page for the forum. Could I be rather wrong in my reading of her? Sure - as of right now however, that is one Hades of an uphill battle to try and prove.
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