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  1. It has nothing whatsoever to do with giving up and everything to do with the technical limitations of the software itself. Second Life was not built with VR in mind whatsoever, each update up to a certain point came in before VR was even a proper thing and by the time VR became The Next Big Fad (and a fad it is) ... it was far, far too late to alter the code base to allow for such functionality to be anythig more than a headache or gimmick. That's the reality and history of the failed Second Life VR attaempts. Oh yes and who the heck cares what a subsection of teenagers view as a Big Thing? They're flighty and easily manipulated by manufactured trends and such.
  2. Want VR in Second Life that badly? Go build your own client/viewer then. While you're doing so, do pay very close attention and perhaps you'll see why it was abandoned. "Attacks" - seriously? How about truth/reality?
  3. If the machine itself was a laptop.... MAC ban is still on the table.
  4. To use Second Life requires a client program of some sort - no exceptions Second Life does not have an actual government Governor Linden is a special case Linden account, shared between some Linden Lab employees, not an actual governor.
  5. Ah yes, a way to ensure that no one bothers with your wares - now or in the future.
  6. The bit you quoted there, Silent, is what is known as spin. No system of the CDS or RedZone type should be on the Grid - period. Networked with the ability to copy the lists of other users? Sure. Client/Viewer detection of any kind? Hard no, same with a backend database managed by the creator.
  7. I'm still wanting to nab the Daniel CATWA head for the poor Sidhe form I have but ... Bought this outfit from a friend and couldn't pass up the photo opportunity elsewhere on the region. Heh, Dance Magic, Dance!
  8. Alyona's comment was in reference to the OP itself and everyone that had fallen for the bait.
  9. My take is a combination of observation and personal experience where the OP is concerned, Lindal. Valid concerns can be raised, certainly. An actual discussion could evolve or be had between some of those responding, yes. My description was limited/focused in on a particular pattern - one that shows up in nearly every topic the OP has made to date. I do not often point it out but when I do it is to warn newer posters or to set the record straight on motive.
  10. Hmm, lets see here .... Sweeping, hyperbolic title? Check. An initial post that lays out exactly what the OP (this specific OP at that) has concluded, based on nothing more than circumstantial "evidence" and their own internal monologue? Check. Moving goalposts? Check. Outright dismissal of any response that doesn't line up with their initial premise? Check. That checklist goes on and on but boils down to the following: The OP is never interested in an actual discussion, ever - they're just looking for a bunch of people to simply nod their heads in "agreement" while praising them for being so "insightful" .... Heaven forbid you disagree too strongly either. It's October, folks. There's always been a downward turn this close to the end of the year. Honestly ... For selling Linden Dollars you want the value of the Linden Dollar to be low - the less you have to sell to get a single dollar the better. On the other end, if you're buying Linden Dollars you want that value higher - the more Linden Dollars it takes to equal a single real world Dollar, the better. Worry if the Buy side hits a hundred and fifty Linden Dollars to the Dollar and worry if the sell side ever hits three hundred to the dollar.
  11. There is nothing in that quoted description that suggests there are no user based black and whitelists. Nothing. What it does suggest/state is that the end user cannot access or alter the detection system and the database associated with it. You add a user to either of your personal lists and it may or may not then share that addition through its network. Now it ought to be noted that being able to share these lists is not what some take issue with, it is the "automated detection" capability and the fact that the system uses this to add users to the internal database without the owner of a node doing a single thing or having a say in the matter.
  12. Unless the description explicitly states that the personal black and white lists cannot be altered in any way, nothing is contrary there.
  13. You will get random or trolling responses whether you like it or not. Welcome to public forums All of these systems are prone to false positives - no exceptions Any location that uses this or similar systems is not worth your time - no exceptions, no excuses That about covers it. Welcome back to Second Life and have a lovely evening.
  14. Read what I said - repeatedly. Read it until you properly understand what was said. For that matter, read the entire thread again. Your response is for a post and meaning that does not exist. At all.
  15. It is possible, considering that Av the time I had a fair number of groups sending me notices. It does not help that such notices count against that cap.
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