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  1. Spleens, Tonsils was added in later. Female and Male pair if I remember rightly. He simply reuses the same Sims for a while, occasionally changing them out/adding new ones in - no generational play there.
  2. That sounds more like some attachment is controlling camera placement. Save your outfit, then remove everything and slowly add the objects back until the problem occurs again. If it is an object you're wearing, you'll have found the culprit. Barring that, follow the trouble shooting links others have provided.
  3. Forced/artificial "civility" is harmful/causes more problems than it solves.
  4. And right on cue ... Meh - some will be fooled, others won't. The former may well wake up or may be turned on at a later date and wonder what they were thinking.
  5. Count me with Beth and Chaser with regard to politics here with the caveat that I'd personally like to see politics in general banned as a discussion topic within the forum. Sure, post your event .... Take the discussion to a third party forum. There's also quite a few users whom I honestly believe revel in disruption or taking a contrary opinion, not to mention those who seem to revel in coming to the aid of someone they believe is being ganged up on... There's a lot I could list here .... Oh yes, including ARC, Project ArcTan and other things ....
  6. The forum uses an automated filter. Their database does not and quite thankfully so - we've already seen how overly zealous the forum filter system is, it will filter out parts of larger words that match the filtered criteria!
  7. Scylla ... That one is best put on Ignore. They do not budge once they've made up their mind and frankly will go to great lengths to 'prove' their ideas are correct - even going so far as to complain about an interaction on their blog, then demand that you provide them with your Real Life information/identity should you dare to try correcting them in the comments and should you refuse, they dismiss you and pretend you were trying to muddy the waters ... I know from personal experience.
  8. I may not have updated my forum avatar image or forum profile banner in a while but I most certainly am active within Second Life.
  9. As long as it doesn't cause conflicts you shouldn't have an issue doing so. if it does, look up how to symbolic link things together. It should be noted that you won't find that package through the GUI based Add/Remove programs. You'll have to use the terminal.
  10. All that flag does is force the use of the SLVoice plugin through an already set up WINE bottle. All Voice functions should work. Mind, I've never had to use it so I cannot tell you much more. Up until I switched away from Ubuntu/Xubuntu to Manjaro, I got voice working by manually installing a particular library ... libidn11:i386. You could also get around this by Symbolic linking the current libidn's i386 module. A requirement I no longer have to worry over.
  11. Coming back to this after a time: SL Voice works out of the box on Manjaro. The hook mentioned makes use of WINE as a go between and requires you to set a particular Debug flag - FSLinuxEnableWin32VoiceProxy - to function. Ordinarily I'd tell you that it should be treated as a last resort but with the direction Cannonical has taken, you may be forced to use it.
  12. They've stated that the name change covers First and/or Last name .... So yes, you could do that.
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