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  1. Solar Legion

    permission issues

    Last I knew some of those permissions require the group itself to actually own the parcel though this could have changed.
  2. Solar Legion

    Firestorm Viewer Wont Open

    No, it isn't. This is General Discussion, under the far more general section of the forum. Answers is a different section and it is also a place where general users can and will respond. The same for the Technology section you've also posted in. You want help with a Viewer that Linden Lab did not make. They will not help you.
  3. Solar Legion

    Firestorm Viewer Wont Open

    Firestorm is a Third Party Viewer - you will get no help from Linden Lab for it nor is this the proper channel for ANY Support team.
  4. And for a time after that case - they still did. Bragg abused a system that had somewhat inadequate security in place and pitched a fit when caught. A Judge took exception to the arbitration clause (rightly) and the entire case was settled out of court. Linden Lab could not take the risk that the Judge (or any Judge really) would not take one look at the rest of the case and (rightfully) throw it out of the court. Bragg got away with cheating the existing system and getting to keep a good chunk of his assets - some of which were gained through said cheating. Story. End of. Have a pleasant existence.
  5. Oh, that old chestnut case that honestly should have been thrown out of the system before ever even making it to a docket, let alone gone far enough to be settled anywhere. User finds a way to directly access Auctions before they're actually listed, abuses method, gets caught, has account held/suspended while the Lab takes a look at things then terminated when what he did was discovered .... User pitches a fit, sues and settles out of court. The only good thing to come of it? Challenging the arbitration clause in the Terms of Service at the time. Said user should have gotten nothing out of it outside of a bill for legal fees.
  6. Solar Legion

    Secondlife declining player base

    Well then, have a big, fuzzy, nine-tailed hug!
  7. Solar Legion

    Secondlife declining player base

    I'd offer a hug but I am unsure if you'd try to bite.
  8. Solar Legion

    Secondlife declining player base

    Point Blank: Want a hard limit on ARC? How about a mandatory system level avatar update/upgrade? You do? Go make your own grid and systems then.
  9. What are now called OpenSpaces were once called Void sims or similar and what are now called Homesteads were indeed once called OpenSpaces ....... Losing a good chunk of change to try to help someone keep a light duty club running on one (before some of the present limitations were put into place) and then essentially being told after turning over the last of it that they'd decided to close down days before said sum was loaned out, without telling anyone at the time will tend to cement such things in one's mind .....
  10. Solar Legion

    premium membership is it worth it?

    The fact remains that your response was not at all phrased as though you were speaking only for yourself. You framed and phrased it in such a manner as to suggest there is some intrinsic value to the Linden Dollar. Like many that do as you do with regard to storing them up, you phrased your description of the practice as though it was something done on a regular basis by most Premium users. Yes, the question was "Is Premium worth it" and the answer is - It Depends. You can list why it is to you and what you do with it that makes it worth it to you but you simply cannot treat that information as if it is the norm or as if all bits of it are true for each and every user. You save up your tokens and use the system that Linden Lab put into place and allows to continue to exist to subsidize/supplement your Premium. Lovely! Some will, most won't. doesn't really change much in the end.
  11. Solar Legion

    premium membership is it worth it?

    Just like clockwork ... Lindens are worthless anywhere outside of Second Life and if Linden Lab ever closes down the service/goes out of business/they decide to stop "selling" them or "buying" them back. They are valueless tokens that Linden Lab allows the users to convert back to cash at a rate of their choosing. Argue that they have value all you (general) want - you're wrong and the varied reasons why have been covered to death in the varied threads where this has come up in the past.
  12. Solar Legion

    premium membership is it worth it?

    Another of these topics with some of the usual users airing their usual opinions on the matter - some good, others so negative as to better be used as the heart of a black hole. Oh and some of the usual faulty math that pretends "potential" gains are an automatic savings ... How quaint! The only math that matters: Cost of each Premium Level, per year with any applicable taxes factored in as well as any other costs from anything outside of Second Life - that last bit being why I chose to stay at Monthly. It's easier for me to manage 9.50 a month alongside other expenses and potential emergencies than it would be to be down by an additional 60 plus for a month.
  13. Solar Legion

    SL slow

    Start with more RAM and work from there. Your OS is going to tend to reserve a bit of that for itself and honestly (from personal experience) Windows tends to be a bit unkind when it comes to fully releasing RAM when a program closes. If you can afford to do so and if your motherboard supports it, see if you can get a slightly newer CPU - believe it or not your CPU can be a bottleneck even if the rest of your system is using new/recently produced hardware. That's actually one of the reasons this machine isn't using a 10 series nVidia GPU - the CPU would bottleneck it. That and some of the earlier models and driver combinations had ... issues.