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  1. No, the point was that there are no children here in the forum. None. Being Autistic does not automatically equate one to being a child - which you should have already known. Now, you might want to put that shovel away.
  2. Quantity aside (lots of Favorites!) I've personally always found the Favorites Bar to be ... irritating to say the least. For the longest time, I used the more vintage looking Firestorm skin, only in the last year or so swapping to the modern look. I still cannot stand that particular piece of continually on screen (when active) clutter. The above is an Interface inclusive snapshot of my normal screen, chat blurred out (though you can still see a bit of the way I color tings at the bottom - that bit of blue is my own text). I do not like the Favorites Bar, the newer Locati
  3. The much older versions of the Forum had a few Otherkin and Therians posting. Might have had a fair few topics too. No idea if that version got backed up or not.
  4. So I finally said heck with it and grabbed a second setup for my Femboy avatars (I like the Freya+V-Tech setup but there's more options for the Lara+V-Tech) and nabbed one of the outfits that had caught my eye and that only came in a version for the new, secondary setup. I rather like the result!
  5. Pictured below are the Places and dedicated Teleport History floaters - it is the former that combines one's favorites with the History. ETA: The present dialog - in FS at least - when you go to add a Landmark shows you the parcel image (if any), parcel information, region information, gives an option to title the Landmark and presently only has two options for where to place it: Landmarks or Favorites. It defaults to Landmarks and has no option to cancel unless you hit the drop down to select either location (meaning that if you hit it accidentally and close out the floater without
  6. There is no "extra step" here. You tell it to add a landmark, it places it in a temporary location that is only finalized once you've hit the OK button. You control where the actual Landmark ends up and can cancel the whole process and have that temporary addition simply vanish.
  7. Hmm, it couldn't possibly be because Second Life simply is not purely social in nature ... Oh no ...
  8. funnily enough, if Firestorm *did* adopt the change .... it wouldn't affect me much. I don't use the Favorites Bar nor do I peruse the Landmarks or Favorites folders in Inventory - I use the Places Floater.
  9. Let's see if you'll understand it a bit better now: What you find to be "polite" has no meaning here. What I find to be "polite" also has no meaning here. Further one can be "polite" while still heaping the harassment or flames onto another - often seen done over a period of time/spread out across varied, unconnected posts - sometimes even done behind the scenes or external to the forum as a whole. At one point in the past, people actually weaponized the reporting system for the forum, going so far as to throw as many posts by someone they disagreed with or simply did not like at the
  10. That's nice. You're also quite wrong in your assessment of both what I "am for" and how moderation is approached. Your definition of what constitutes such is meaningless. The moderation team decides that - a good thing too.
  11. Oh for .... See above regarding the absolute ridiculousness that is the notion of a "scorn laugh" ....
  12. Ah yes, because the entire point of a forum is to only ever respond to things you agree with, find interesting, etc .... Being an adult goes both ways - you'd best be able to handle people responding in ways you do not personally like. The same can be said of the expectation of being polite. Being polite has its place as does being blunt. If you cannot handle the latter, that is on you.
  13. Ah yes, the "scorn laugh" - that thing that people invented as an explanation for when another user finds the entire post itself or the entire premise behind it to be amusing (or when it is used in a manner similar to how Rowan uses the confused reaction). I do not need to know every situation. If you're that hesitant to post because of a simple reaction being selected, if it really bothers you that much ... Fora are not for you, to say little about most online interaction. You are going to run into people who will find that directly responding with an actual post ... simply is not w
  14. Oh for ... If a little reaction image/selection makes you hesitate to post in a forum, online interaction in general is not for you.
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