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  1. Breedables - Yea or Nay?

    That's how my small collection started.
  2. Breedables - Yea or Nay?

    The only "breedables" I have are two KittyCatz that I have yet to turn permanent - which would raise the number I have to nine "PermaPets" (unbreedable, no need at all for food).
  3. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Oh for ... So far you are the only one to report this bug. No one else has come forward to state that they see it either and no, it has nothing whatsoever to do with how often any given user edits objects, stop claiming otherwise. These particular forum sections are meant for users to help other users - they are not meant to act as a "proper" bug reporting channel. If you are unable to use the proper channels (and those of us who were there know exactly why your access was revoked, stop trying to rewrite history) then you should be seeing if anyone would be willing to write up the bug report on your behalf. That's it.
  4. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Hm, since you don't seem to understand, let's take a page out of your playbook shall we? During normal operation, the edit box does not reset its position once moved. If it is doing so, you are experiencing a bug and need to take the basic steps to resolve it. If those basic steps do not work, you report it through the proper channels.
  5. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Heh, I was trying to be nice - not that such an attempt ever works out when dealing with that one.
  6. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    And once again The Anointed One demonstrates a startling single mindedness... It has been explained - repeatedly - that the behaviour you are seeing is not normal, you refuse to listen and harp on it as if it is a matter of life and death... Uninstall Second Life, completely. Install a fresh copy. If the issue persists, THEN you've found an actual bug and should get someone who cares enough to aid you to file a JIRA on your behalf. Simple enough now isn't it. Funnily enough though, no one else has come forward to state that they have this issue... And no, you don't speak for anyone but yourself.
  7. 15 hours ago, yes. The work around forces/forced an update to the land holding data for your account though this far past the time that was posted, it's a bit of a mystery as to why it was showing up incorrectly for you. Meh - first place I've always looked for important information for any account, anywhere has always been the Summary page. Enjoy the additional tier.
  8. Why anyone bothered to look in the Land Manager's Land Use Fees section is beyond me ... Your Account Summary page lists your allowed holdings, current holdings and other such information. The only time you'd need to use the Land Manager is to calculate how much it will cost you to purchase additional land above what you have allotted as indicated by your Account Summary.
  9. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    @Theresa Tennyson Don't you know, The Anointed One never makes such mistakes! Oh no, nothing that happens to The Anointed One is ever their fault - it's always those evil Tekkiwikkicommunist Griefers and their legions upon legions of Alts! When it isn't them it's those evil Developers! Or that evil SocialistCommie Santa! No, nothing is ever the fault of The Anointed One! (Now pardon me while I go soak my poor fingers in a mix of Hydrogen Peroxide and Isopropyl Alcohol ....)
  10. Ejection from a group being an owner

    That's just it: The group was not linked to the sim. They shared a name and by the accounts of those in this thread, had several Owners and officers tangentially linked to the sim. The Sim Owner was not the founder of the group. Second Life is not Real Life and the "governance" mechanics are not the same either. There is no "legislation" here as there is no actual Government: There are rules, Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and other such things. Going back to that bolded bit: If a Sim owner is serious about proper land management using a group, they had best make sure that said group is one they have directly created as they otherwise run the risk of being removed from the group. Considering the recent way Linden Lab is handling requests by group founders with regard to removal of Owners, it is safe to state that outside of the Group Founder, all other "Owners" are little more than glorified Administrators. From the start the person directly paying for the Sim should have been the one to create the land management group. Furthermore said group should not have anyone else in the Owner role - create a new role with similar powers and place all Administration level members in that role instead. One final thing here: The Sim owner was not left out in the cold here. The Sim owner still has their sim. The former land holding group? They get to find a new place to call home. The ones "left out in the cold" are those who are still in the original group and have not caught up to what has happened or are unaware that the Sim itself still exists under a new name. There is no "expropriation" here in the sense of property seizure by government as there is no government within Second Life nor in the sense of property dispossession as it was the group founder that decided to cut ties, not the Sim owner. Anyone who had land holdings prior to this could simply contact the sim owner and ask for any land they had to be made open for their use again.
  11. Ejection from a group being an owner

    If the sim owner really wants to maintain a group with the same name as the sim itself, the system will allow another group to be founded with a similar name. So for the above, while the original group is named [Heathens] (assuming the brackets are part of the name) the sim owner could simply make a new group using different symbols around the name. Alternately I think the owner of a sim can choose to name and rename a sim as many times as they wish, so long as the name is unique.
  12. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Just take care not to apply your own meaning while doing so.
  13. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    Considering the tone and posts made in the past ... Is there some wisdom that could be imparted? Certainly. Right now it is coated in far more bile than I have seen in some time - and have dished out, here and elsewhere for that matter. Kudos though for wishing to wade through it.
  14. Ejection from a group being an owner

    Groups cannot have the exact same name - only a similar one. Unless you mean the group in question was named after the sim itself?
  15. What is Your Wish List for SL?

    No, it really isn't. It's an opinion formed from bad experiences - some that were shared by others, some that simply weren't. It has nothing to do with "dealing with" the choice of words - but to each their own.