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  1. Solar Legion

    How do you get to someone's MarketPlace wishlist?

    Someone wants to try and stalk or pass judgement over what a person has in their wish list? There's a block and mute function that can be used. Accept the item, rez it in a sandbox to examine it, block/mute the sender if they try anything funky later (repeat said action if they try and circumvent using an alternate account) and move on with your Second Life. Someone takes exception to what you have in your wish list? See above, starting at blocking.
  2. Solar Legion

    Profile 'About Me' is Broken

    If it is shut off, it shouldn't be able to be filled out. As far as usage is concerned ... I cannot speak for anyone other than myself: I've used it to make my sig line a bit more clear while adding a tiny blurb. Personally I find it far more useful than knowing who visited a given profile or who a user is friends with.
  3. Solar Legion

    I Am Not Your Manic Pixel Dream Girl

    I'll go back and read this whole thread through properly but to answer the OP .... For the most part the way I type or speak is heavily situational and mood determined - even when In Character for Role Play purposes (the character I use often determined by said factors actually) but for the most part can easily be summed up by simply looking at the image I have chosen to use as my forum avatar: A rather ancient (Nine Tailed/Thousand plus year old) Kitsune. Part of the reason for this has to do with my personality actually. Adding in: It also shows in how I react to certain people, venue depending. I have very little tolerance for certain - often very negative - traits or for (needless/destructive) deception. Doing it (being deceptive in general) for a good reason? Fine.
  4. Solar Legion

    Forum Self-Censorship from Criticism

    And the moon shows more of their normal tactics ...... Including publicly announcing who they have on Ignore, while directing that announcement to those being ignored ..... As far as the (seemingly brief) segue between that one and you, Love - PMs/DMs exist for a reason. Use them.
  5. Sorry, wrong on all counts, period. No discussion. Linden Dollars are defined as play tokens - the ability to convert them is meaningless and can be ceased at any time, with no legal recourse. The second stage tokens from Linden Realms? They don't have to do a bloody thing - period. Nothing was stolen from you - nothing at all. Deal with it.
  6. Solar Legion

    Linden Clarification Please

    Then use the tools given to you to ignore them. It's not all that difficult and unlike here, it doesn't get threads locked. Nothing has been "exhausted" - at all.
  7. Solar Legion

    Linden Clarification Please

    There are outside fora where one can discuss far broader topics - many started when Linden Lab decided (at various times) to no longer allow discussion unrelated to Second Life. Use them. And be sure to grow a real "skin" if you do.
  8. Solar Legion

    Animesh in Firestorm - how soon?

    And? Has Animesh exited its final beta phase yet? If not - guess what? No reason for TPVs to put it in a main release client/viewer. None. ETA: And unless someone forgot to update the wiki again, Version 6.0.0 (518949) is still the current version. That means it's still not a proper released feature.
  9. Solar Legion

    Forum becoming more negative?

    Here we go again .....
  10. Solar Legion

    Forum becoming more negative?

    Rya it is painfully obvious that fora in general simply aren't for you. Not meant to be a dig, not at all. Some are quite simply too sensitive to be exposed to the general populace.
  11. Solar Legion

    Forum becoming more negative?

    This a thousand times over. Some of the most vocal here concerning their experiences on other fora ..... Suffice to say most were eaten alive because they had an unreasonable expectation of how a forum in general functions.
  12. Solar Legion

    Forum becoming more negative?

    I honestly have very little patience for certain types of people.
  13. Solar Legion

    Forum becoming more negative?

    More of the same old tactics it seems .... Some just never grow up.
  14. Solar Legion

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    Only bit here I'll comment on: The original Particle Cloud layer (and that is exactly what it bloody was) could cause a wee bit of lag at the altitudes it encompassed. While on the one hand it is saddening to have had it pulled out I wholly understand and support the reason for its removal - improving performance.
  15. Solar Legion

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Probably because they're able to discern what constitutes actual advertising.