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  1. Oh for ... Sit. Down. The only way it will be "dead" is when such proposed legislation is properly defeated and ceases to ever be introduced again.
  2. The language concerning multiple accounts has been that way for many years now - yes even the now altered wording. It has yet to be enforced.
  3. Same page, just with far less being said in my own explanations.
  4. Paul, I am talking about what is, not about potential laws. That is a wholly different discussion - one which seeks to look ahead at What Could Be/Change.
  5. Erm, to nitpick a bit: The IRS says the end result (USD) of that conversion is taxable which essentially means that there are no conditions under which L$s have a monetary value as far as they are concerned. That conversion within Linden Lab's systems does not impart any sort of value to the tokens - not any meaningful one as far as taxes are concerned. General response below: At this point it is a back and forth over semantics - something which I simply am not interested in. If someone wants to believe L$ have monetary value, that is on them. If people wish to discuss the "valu
  6. That value exists at present solely within the confines of Linden Lab's own servers. No where else. Further that value only exists thanks to the efforts of Linden Lab. No, that "agreed upon value" within their own system does not at all mean that the tokens have any real value. Their "value" begins and ends within Linden Lab's servers. Any legislation attempting to change such ought to be fought tooth and nail as well.
  7. Yes, I am quite sure. Doubly so after reading the linked wiki page which - going by what it directly says - concerns USD amounts resulting from converting L$ to USD, exclusively. This - under the current systems/regulations - makes L$ themselves worth exactly nothing. No one is presently being taxed over some imaginary value for the L$, they are being taxed exclusively on their USD balances. Put another way: You are suggesting that the token itself is taxable - based on your wording. Their documentation makes it rather clear that it is not the token that falls under present regulatio
  8. Unfortunately some region closures are simply inevitable, made worse by marrying a shop or club of some sort to the region in some attempt to recoup the cost of maintaining it. Even in the early days (the ones i was present for - 2006 onward) this was the case. We've lost a large number of creators with very good potential - and products - over the years thanks to all of that. I have little doubt that if there had been a similar system to the MP in place from the very beginning, a fair few more merchants from that era might still be around.
  9. Except that such creators not only manage to remain in business, they tend to grow thanks to the other half of that equation - the ever increasing number of buyers who pay more attention to vapid popularity and such. Which creates a feedback loop. Sadly, such is the way of things.
  10. Thing of it is, Luna, the MP is little more than a purchased and repurposed version of two older, third party marketplaces. One of which had very few actual users/customers. Like it or not, Linden Lab actually made a sound business decision in acquiring them.
  11. Some of my purchases follow a not too dissimilar order of operations - it is how I ended up with a few of the form bases for my RP Character, Atra. Some of those ended up replaced with better ones as time went on as well.
  12. It's ... right there, in text. I'll try to make it a bit clearer though: If you're more concerned with remaining popular at the expense of build quality (among other attributes) then you're the sort I was talking about where Merchants are concerned. Same for the purchaser end - the concern with popularity over actual quality is a cancer (of sorts) as far as my views go.
  13. Which in essence means that your response - and this one - were unneeded as nowhere did i say anything close to what you seem to think i did.
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