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  1. No, it should not tell you when someone blocks you nor does anyone have a 'right' to know they've been blocked. That is the sort of thing Facebook drama mongers/drama mongers in general worry about and abuse. Someone on your friend list vanishes? Send an IM at most, if they never respond then move on. If it was a mistake, the system malfunctioning (as has happened before) or they went invisible then it'll eventually be sorted out.
  2. Hey not a problem. We're using the XFCE variant of Manjaro as well and yeah it does have its quirks. A lot of stuff has been changed in recent months ... Heck near the start of the month enough updates came in that it almost looked like a total redesign/refactoring, very little wasn't touched. Trade-offs, eh?
  3. Honestly the solution I and one of my roomies came up with has worked rather well enough (until the bloody Intel chip degraded too much to do more than stream movies and such without causing a reboot anyway) - we abandoned Ubuntu for Manjaro, thanks mostly to the absolute BS Cannonical has pulled over the last year. Missing a library? Manjaro's system will grab it for you and so far the AUR version of the Second Life client we use (Firestorm) has had no issues past a certain point (one of the libraries it asks for got an update that includes certain older versions/specific namings of it, negating the need for a symbolic link). I know you likely weren't looking for what amounts to "change your distro" as an answer but .... Many of our issues - not just with Second Life - vanished when we did.
  4. Oh for ... The system is the way it is for some of the very reasons already speculated on within this very thread, no official statement is required and your expectations are irrelevant (as is which region of the world you're from). All it takes is a simple glance through these fora (and others) to see that there really are users who would forget when their tier was due, forget to pick up their things and several other "issues" and then come to complain when they were charged or something went wrong. Rather than field those questions/"concerns" Linden Lab went with the present system. Land tier aside, when you choose to downgrade you retain all other benefits a Premium account has and guess what? You could still go out and rent from a Mainland Land Baron or a parcel on an Island! If the land is the only reason you went Premium (land in general, not Mainland) then go do that. If the Linden Home/Mainland Tier holding isn't why you went Premium then what the heck is the issue? The excuses given thus far - and they are excuses - hold no water whatsoever.
  5. I've gotten quite tired of seeing people complaining about newer "viewer" versions performing worse than prior versions while on hardware that is newer than what I use (at least one part in need of replacement). What, your machine that has parts from a year or so ago cannot perform better than a machine with some parts manufactured in 2014? Seriously? On a semi-different note: After seeing several of the replies in this thread I have to note that I half-heartedly wish I had people approaching me and looking to pay me for my time, be it just to cuddle or other things! Being male (mostly obviously so and only occasionally a fair bit less obvious) it just doesn't seem to happen.
  6. If you've removed each and every file from your computer that was Second Life related and still have not recovered any additional space then you might want to look elsewhere to see what could be taking it up.
  7. It has nothing whatsoever to do with giving up and everything to do with the technical limitations of the software itself. Second Life was not built with VR in mind whatsoever, each update up to a certain point came in before VR was even a proper thing and by the time VR became The Next Big Fad (and a fad it is) ... it was far, far too late to alter the code base to allow for such functionality to be anythig more than a headache or gimmick. That's the reality and history of the failed Second Life VR attaempts. Oh yes and who the heck cares what a subsection of teenagers view as a Big Thing? They're flighty and easily manipulated by manufactured trends and such.
  8. Want VR in Second Life that badly? Go build your own client/viewer then. While you're doing so, do pay very close attention and perhaps you'll see why it was abandoned. "Attacks" - seriously? How about truth/reality?
  9. If the machine itself was a laptop.... MAC ban is still on the table.
  10. To use Second Life requires a client program of some sort - no exceptions Second Life does not have an actual government Governor Linden is a special case Linden account, shared between some Linden Lab employees, not an actual governor.
  11. Ah yes, a way to ensure that no one bothers with your wares - now or in the future.
  12. The bit you quoted there, Silent, is what is known as spin. No system of the CDS or RedZone type should be on the Grid - period. Networked with the ability to copy the lists of other users? Sure. Client/Viewer detection of any kind? Hard no, same with a backend database managed by the creator.
  13. I'm still wanting to nab the Daniel CATWA head for the poor Sidhe form I have but ... Bought this outfit from a friend and couldn't pass up the photo opportunity elsewhere on the region. Heh, Dance Magic, Dance!
  14. Alyona's comment was in reference to the OP itself and everyone that had fallen for the bait.
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