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  1. Race Play

    Your last few replies have been nothing more than reiterating the same thing while seemingly refusing to grasp/understand what has been presented to you while the most recent prior to the one I a responding to really does read as the sort of response one who is simply trolling would give. The information presented was in a form that really is not all that hard to parse, assuming that you're actually trying to parse it. So if you aren't trolling then tell me which part of what has been presented to you, you find so difficult to parse? Which concept are you having trouble with? I have no issue whatsoever with thoughtful debate or with answering honest questions.
  2. Race Play

    It is not at all difficult to understand exactly what has been written and rewritten in response to you thus far nor are any of the concepts that have been presented to you since you began this side show that difficult to comprehend. The only explanation at this point is that you are now trolling and quite frankly I am not in the mood to indulge you any further.
  3. Race Play

    There is where you are quite wrong and as long as you contend such, will continue to be wrong. Read the many definitions of race play presented to you through the thread: Any use of a derogatory term for the race of your partner during the course of sex does indeed fall under race play. That it is what said partner gets off on does not invalidate this nor does the appropriation and alteration of such language outside of sexual situations change this either. You could argue that using such language during sex is both race play and denigration play and also be quite correct.
  4. Race Play

    Rappers use both versions and in the contexts mentioned in the above side note - one is derogatory and one is not, simple as that. Individual people may see such differently and that is good for them but it does not change how such terms are seen and used by society as a whole, for better or for worse and like it or not.
  5. Race Play

    By nearly every definition out there for race play, yes.
  6. Race Play

    Here's what a kink listing/Adult RP character listing site has listed as their entry for race play (note they simply list it as racism): It does not matter one whit if the person on the other end is one of the rather rare types that finds "empowerment" in the use of such language - by nearly every definition out there the term you've used as an example is deemed derogatory and thus would fit into race play. On a side note: I have only ever seen/heard the term used by POC when describing someone of their own race who is either insanely ignorant or whose actions fit/bolster the negative stereotypes that exist. Further the term most often used in a "positive" light removes the 'er' at the end to replace it with a singular 'a'.
  7. Race Play

    Good luck with that.
  8. Outside of Klytina's response no one here made anything even close to a personal attack during the course of this thread. If you perceived such tings here then I have some bad news for you: The majority of online communities simply aren't for you.
  9. Race Play

    Actually I don't have to ask myself anything of the sort as quite frankly it is none of my business nor is it truly any of yours. Billi asked a question and got several answers. Your opinion is that she pretended to not know what race play is/entails and that it shall remain - your opinion. You stated your point and your opinion on the matter very early on and from there did nothing more than go round and round with several users over something that pretty much no one disagreed with. There's no point in engaging with you any further on this: The entire point went right over your head and you seem rather driven to be offended on the behalf of others (or some equally off putting nonsense, really I don't care).
  10. Race Play

    Throughout this thread you have consistently seen justification where none was present and consistently used but a single example of race play as your go to when showing just how offended you are by it. Stereotypes exist for many reasons and some are reinforced by various media - these two short statements are simple, hard fact. The reasons given the most weight as well as the media responsible for the most reinforcement of any particular stereotype is a bit more fluid. Race play is not limited to a specific ethnicity nor for that matter is it limited solely to negative stereotypes or even to stereotypes concerning humans in general (though it could be argued that fictional races cannot be stereotyped/do not qualify due to their very nature). It is not my cup of tea but I at least took the time to do a bit more research and thinking than a simple Google search and hitting a few links. The fact of the matter is that in an environment like SL, you're not nearly as limited as some couple engaging in any particular form of consensual play would be in real life. Further complicating matters is part of the very nature of Second Life and online environments in general: Outside of social media sites where the use of factual information about the user is strictly enforced, you really have no idea whatsoever who is actually behind the words/visual representations on the screen in front of you. You have their word and whatever weight you decide to place on such to go by ... and that is all.
  11. There are plenty of image hosting alternatives out there to choose from.
  12. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    A bit more understandable, perhaps next time preface that what you're quoting is a springboard or thought train fuel?
  13. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    It was only a matter of time before another strongly worded and over the top response was made ....
  14. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    I agree with the majority of this, Phil. I do not agree however that the simple act of playing out an act (be it role play, a video game or similar) is a glorification or normalization of said act. As far as "evil" goes there are plenty of things that occur within SL that I find personally objectionable and yes the type of play mentioned by the OP is among them. I'll avoid places that cater to such things like the plague.
  15. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    Your quoted response here aside Bitsy about the only things I have actually taken issue with in this thread are the OPs comments regarding glorification and the OPs belief that the majority of responses given thus far have been anything even remotely resembling brutal or even simply unkind/not nice. The former of those I take issue with expressly because of the prevalence of such a mindset in those that seek to censor games, books and other media as well as the prevalence of that mindset in those who equate any form of role play at all with the actual act being depicted.