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  1. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    A point that often goes right over the heads of the bitter, die hard types - among many other points even. With very few exceptions I just leave them to their fantasies.
  2. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    Sweety, I pay a monthly Premium and have for a few years now. I've also seen you voice this same, misguided drivel before and was one of the ones to confront you over it in the last iteration of these forums. You showed your colors then too. Keep on screaming into that void while reality leaves you behind.
  3. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    You've been down this road many times before and had the faults in your "logic" pointed out to you many times before. It has been nearly twelve years since Linden Lab made the (wise) choice to allow basic accounts in for no extra charge. In that time some of us eventually sought a Premium account for our own varied reasons. The time for Linden Lab to have enacted restrictions to basic accounts or to go back to a one time fee is long past at this point - either downsize to what you can afford or leave but stop pretending that those who pay for a Premium account are in any way, shape or form any better than those who do not. Stop pretending that the money a basic account pays into purchasing virtual goods, land (rent) and other such things simply goes nowhere at all. Scroungers and freeloaders ... What an ever loving crock .... We get it, you're bitter and have an inflated sense of importance. Enjoy screaming into the void.
  4. It would appear that the OP is indeed either a troll or simply someone who is far too fragile (to be as polite as possible) for online interactions. Who you are offline is something we can only know if you choose to share that information and being brutally honest, not a single person here has any reason to believe anyone when they disclose this "information" about themselves - most especially when it either comes out of the blue or when one attempts to use this "information" as a weapon to silence others. The OP came in swinging and made very few positive posts within this thread. The PMs sent out have been nothing but vitriolic and seem to be based solely on whatever they can scrape up. Dovetailing off of that: @Ashlyn Voir I am many things within Second Life, my profile simply reflects a facet that the majority of my friends are used to seeing. You have made it very clear that you do not care one whit about finding nice people and that you yourself are the very reason you have found rude, petty people. Grow up.
  5. Are you attracted to avi’s who look a certain way.

    What I personally look for/pay more attention to simply doesn't show up externally - not for anything beyond extremely casual "interaction" anyway. That said I'm usually the wallflower in the corner though there are rare exceptions.
  6. Just Joined

    While I can't say I'm always the most chatty one around if yer ever looking for idle chatter or just a fuzzy blanket, feel free to poke.
  7. Why no confirmation on "report post"

    I've browsed the forum on my older tablet several times ... If you accidentally hit Report Post, tap anywhere else on the screen - when the report dialog pops up the rest of the page darkens, hitting that darkened area cancels the report dialog.
  8. You responded to a post by bringing up System Administrator accounts - a post which was not at all talking about Administrator level access. Your point in regard to the post you'd responded to is moot and utterly misses the point that was being made. ETA: Yes, I'm splitting hairs here.
  9. My kingdom for a "groan" button ....
  10. How to STOP your eye's from moving all over!

    Not a problem Bingo. Do remember though that you may need to relog after setting that option as doing so locks the eyes to whatever position they were in prior. On log in your eyes are "zeroed" - set to look directly forward.
  11. It did not end well the last time, so you'd be quite right.
  12. Can we please not go down that rabbit hole?
  13. Which is neither here nor there. The Linden Surname is essentially analogous to Administrator and carries the associated privileges.
  14. Outside of Second Life, examine your local laws or consult a lawyer. Inside Second Life/on their servers, consult the Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and other Linden Lab documents that may be applicable. Enforcement of any part of these is up to the discretion of whichever Linden happens to view the report/complaint or stumble across your content. We can debate ethics/morality until the cows come home but so far as the situation within Second Life is concerned ... That's all there is to know.
  15. It has nothing whatsoever to do with restraints of any sort - Political Correctness or otherwise. Race Play of the sort that fits the definition you found can often go hand in hand with Historical Role Play, Historical era and area depending. The wider version can often go hand in hand with some Fantasy settings, especially if the setting is within a pre-existing world/mythos wherein stereotyping of any race/species occurs. Examples of this latter include the unintelligent Orc, snobbish Elves/Fae and certain stereotypes regarding Anthropomorphic species in general and certain specific types. Believe it or not the former is practiced by members of just about every human racial segment though not openly and frankly not mentioned by those who do. Not openly most of the time anyway. All of that said this was covered to death in another thread though not sure if said thread is still around.