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  1. New to mainland

    If you are going to rent, you're better off renting an Island parcel - assuming you're not looking for a community. You can stop pretending to have Special Secret Knowledge, Glass Ego. You know quite literally nothing, end of story.
  2. New to mainland

    That one always believes someone else is at fault.
  3. New to mainland

    Oh for... You couldn't be more transparent if you tried... Not everyone wants your rentals. Deal with it.
  4. Secondlife 15th anniversary and CEO's letter

    Not far enough for that particular user's liking.
  5. While it is certainly a good idea to have a somewhat detailed profile, if a person is going to decide on interacting with you based solely on what it contains ... They really were not the sort you'd want to interact with anyway. To be perfectly clear i am talking about the sort that will examine a user's profile before so much as saying a simple hello.
  6. Broken Sims frustrate Pilots

    The software/servers/simulators you connect to using a client program are collectively called Second Life. The company that owns Second Life is called Linden Lab. Just in case you manage to make this common mistake as well: That is Lab, not Labs. Flying, sailing and driving may be fun activities within Second Life but they are not the only activities. Linden Lab will get to enhancing/fixing issues that affect these activities when they get to them. It may have gotten more and more unpleasant for you but that does not mean such is true across the board. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to any "unpleasantness" you experience - some of them Linden Lab can fix, some of them you can fix and some of them are simply beyond the control of either the Lab or yourself. You are not the first person to try and hold a potential Premium account upgrade over their heads and you certainly will not be the last.
  7. New to mainland

    Nope. Again, read the posts above mine for context. Particularly those made by this particular user. My initial response here was a direct counter to that bloviating, conspiracy favoring user. Furthermore, my statement was regarding the difference between renting Mainland (where the user has very little control) and owning a Mainland Parcel/Renting an Island Parcel/Renting an Island Sim/Owning either a Mainland or Island Sim.
  8. Not a problem. It's one of the things that used to be covered by new user orientation, sadly they stopped doing so a year or so after I joined.
  9. New to mainland

    Hope you made sure to read the posts above mine for context.
  10. New to mainland

    Oh look, the holder of The One Universal Truth has come to... Nope, can't even finish typing that out with a straight face.... Renting on Mainland is absolutely ridiculous when you can rent parcels (and whole Sims) often for market value (sometimes slightly cheaper) AND have the same amount of control over it that you would if you'd bought the same size directly from Linden Lab. The above is something that cannot be disputed - renting a Mainland parcel is inferior to Island rental and to outright owning Mainland. I speak from direct experience, without bias.
  11. From here. Try it some time instead of purely keyboard related camera controls.
  12. Infohubs - no way out

    Need some help with that chip on your shoulder or are you good lugging around a mountain of angst?
  13. Loot boxes now illegal in Belgium

    I don't have to - it's been explained to you over and over again in this very thread. Right back at you on the quip - just because you say apples and iron oxide are identical does not make it so.
  14. Loot boxes now illegal in Belgium

    Oh for ... It's been laid out for you, repeatedly. You can stop trying to find an angle wherein Loot Boxes and what amounts to a glorified gumball machine are somehow equal. They're not. Again, have a nice day.
  15. Offline, yet online (?)

    It's a glitch. When a user logs out of Second Life, a process is initiated which tells each of the varied server systems they have logged out. The first one to get this message is the server that handles Online Status for the Friend's List. Unfortunately it can get confused if an IM is sent to a user while the servers are in the middle of processing the log out and mistakenly show them as online even after the message has been sent to you that they've logged out.