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  1. The privacy settings in the web profiles are only for the web based profles - they work as long as the profile being viewed is a web profile. Firestorm and other TPVs allow for (and often use by default) the "classic" profile systems - which do not alow you to set any level of privacy for your Picks (or any other section of your profile) and because the two systems are cross linked (meaning you can fill your profile out in the web system and it will still appear in the older system) you're honestly taking a gamble when using those "privacy" settings. There is no "problem" whatsoever - not as you've described at any rate. The "problem" was with the nit who banned you over the location your pick was taken in - beginning and end of that story, nothing more needs to be said nor any explanation needed.
  2. Honestly things ike that I just file under one, much larger scale peeve: General idiocy where the software functions are concerned. The guy would have to add you, assign the Owner role and then click through a locely little warning box telling him that if he proceeds he is giving you the exact same powers he has and that he cannot undo that action. In general these are the same sort of people who - offline - would ignore rather clear safety warnings or lack enough "common sense" to require new ones be printed.
  3. Read their entire post: They're saying there is no reason for you to have to justify blocking another person - not that there is never a reason which justifies a block.
  4. As many others have already said ... Banned based on something as trivial as a Profile Pick? So what, move on - they're not worth the time. On the side discussion surrounding BDSM and the fine line between it and abuse: There's a reason that I - a Bi Switch - am rather overly selective about where, when and around whom I allow myself to be submissive around ...
  5. Oh for... Their post history on this and similar topics speaks for itself to say nothing of their general attitude. You're a bit late to the party halebore.
  6. That's nice kiddo - now can you try comparing apples to apples? No need to bother - you're a one trick pony.
  7. Oh for the love of ... The argument over what Second Life is has been done to absolute death over the years .. Seriously, agree to disagree and move on. As for the post that sparked this oh so lovely round? You're a known quantity here in the forum Haselden - we get it, you're here for the fighty fighty, shooty shooty and little else and you honestly believe the load you're trying to sell to everyone else. The reasons for the current state of Second Life and the engine behind it are rather wlel known to most at this point and frankly the users that come into the forum to demand that Linden Lab do something about it/cater almost exclusively to your demands and vision for the platform as a whole ... It's getting very old, very quickly. As are the posts by users who conflate their personal segment of Second Life seemingly on a decline with some greater decline or "death" of the entire platform ... Go and build yourselves a new platform. Seriously - just go and do it. Don't want to? Then perhaps it is time to open your eyes, understand and respect the fact that you're not the only set of people who use Second Life. Honestly, the same goes for the rather vocal vehicle user crowd too. Now if you'll pardon me, I've got to see if the wood from these various soap boxes - yours included - can be salvaged and repurposed into someting that is actually useful.
  8. Well said Tari, well said and honestly something that should have been rather apparent to some responding here as well as something that really should not have even needed to be so blatantly/bluntly laid out. I know I tried to lead a few to such a realization ...
  9. I suppose and if being honest I'd say far more than "slight" defensiveness. Meh, hopefully this was a learning experience for all involved, though I am not holding my breath as I have a rather dim view of Humanity and of Human Nature.
  10. Quoting in the hopes that the above sinks in - that is the end result of how some have been responding here can and will be taken.
  11. Ah yes, a documentary concerning a failed adaptation of Frank Herbert's work .... That's nice and quite irrelevant. This is a public forum and the only criteria you get to set concerning interaction here consists of the tools the software gives you and your own willpower. I find far more artistry within the written word or music than within static images and as Fiona noted above ... film (and other) adaptations are something one must be very careful with, one of the reasons that I - personally - do not consider movies and such to be "works of art" - not on the same level as the written word. I have never been moved to any emotional response by paintings (and other imagery) with the exception of a rare few movies. I cannot say the same of the written word and of music. Blather on all you want about your own opinion of "art" and whose opinion you give weight to - it does not change a single thing whatsoever and if you've truly "had enough" then use the forum tools available to you to ignore further posts.
  12. Ah yes - because we do not agree with your rather narrow viewpoint .... How about you strive to understand how the real world works first, hmm?
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