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  1. While I personally no longer have the patience to rejoin them if the Mentor program came back, I am all for its return. Yes, there were some bad apples/users who abused the program - and? Short of not having the program at all, the best you can do is attempt to mitigate/prevent it.
  2. Yes, and Qie's opinion - unless the quoted post was in jest - is that those who signed ought to be boycotted. By at least Qie. People have the right to an opinion. They do not have the right to be free of consequence.
  3. Sheesh ... There are no Island based rentals out there (reputable and "full featured" anyway) that offer a 4096 at 400 a week. None, period. You might be able to find such an offer on a Mainland, shared bubble plot or a Homestead .... But you're short changing yourself on those options. No, repeating your "data" with an eye bleeding highlight (seriously, that came out as black text on a bright white background - there's a reason I use the forum Dark Mode) does not make it any more "true" or "correct" - deal with it.
  4. That might be because you were thinking logically instead of The Quick and Dirty Way.
  5. Alternately you can use the three search fields on your order history page to find any item or set of items you'd like to have redelivered.
  6. Oh for ... Seriously? Grow up and move on.
  7. The packages required by SLVoice are mostly outdated, sadly. Firestorm has a lovely troubleshooting page that lists the dependencies needed - best to do the search and install through the Terminal as at least one package is no longer available through the Synaptic Package Manager.
  8. Oh for cripe sake animats ... Go. Build. It. Yourself. No seriously, if you hold such a narrow minded view (and it is narrow minded) then go build your own Grid. Gads .... ETA: Oh yes, and before you mouth off, do try giving this post from this very thread a read, you might find that your overall attitude is quite covered by at least one entry there. Also, the only reason I bothered to respond to you this time is because Selene partially quoted your drek, spurring my curiosity to see just what you'd said.
  9. The System Requirements page is woefuly out of date - which should be fairly obvious to even those who blindly buy their computers pre-assembled from Dell, Walmart and such ...
  10. It can also be linked back to text RP and the IC/OOC dividing line. Though no matter which way you slice it, it (and variations) essentially boil down to keping some barrier between Online and Offline social (and other) circles.
  11. Land prices are not set by Linden Lab, Tier prices are and with the increase of Tier allowance on Premium accounts, they have effectively reduced that cost by a small amount.
  12. Except that the bit quoted further up states otherwise - a bit Theresa quoted while going round and round, pretending not to understand what was being said. Either these policies are part of the ToS - in any form - or they aren't. If they are not, the quoted bit is meaningless and without any truly official weight outside of how the Lindens have chosen to proceed. Now to that end, neither is wholly right and neither is wholly wrong. Why do I say this? The Terms of Service actually links back to the various Policies without directly incorporating them verbatim and does list them as being for Mainland. So: The policies are indeed only for Mainland but are also part of the Terms of Service, separated categorically. So I partially retract my earlier statements and apologize only for dragging that out as long as it was. The fact remains that the new continent is more a revamp of the Linden Homes project than it is a part of the Mainland. The fact remains that it has a Covenant specifically to outline the further restrictions Linden Lab has placed upon it. The fact remains that said Covenant should not be incorporated into the ToS, CS or any similar document. You can see exactly what I was getting at, above with animats more recent posts. ETA: And with that, honestly I'm done - with more than just the "argument".
  13. Speak of the devil and he shall appear....
  14. "The Mainland Policies are incorporated into Second Life’s Terms of Service. A violation of these Mainland Policies, therefore, is a violation of our Terms of Service, which may lead to termination of your account without further obligation on our part. " If such is the case then the policies are global. Period. Anyone care to go through the Terms of Service to see if said Policies are framed in the Terms of Service as applying only to Mainland? If such is the case there, then I'll retract my statements.
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