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  1. Unfortunately, the RC channel servers are the test bed. Well, secondary test bed. The Second Life Beta Grid - Aditi - is a fair bit too small for the sort of testing that is needed. Most server code is rolled there first before it even hits any of the RC servers on Agni (the main grid). Because of the much smaller scale, testing on Aditi only shows the absolute worst of the bugs. Testing on the Agni RC servers catches more of them but rarely catches them all. How we view these different channels really does amount to nothing: They are marked and treated as test beds and at one time you could find each of these channels running variations on their server code before full release. Fun tidbit: These channels exist and function partly thanks to the heterogeneous nature of the current Second Life Grid and partly due to not having enough information/a large enough sample size during testing of new server side code. Put another way, they didn't have enough users or regions on Aditi to even come close to properly testing these roll outs. Nor do they have the resources to make a full scale duplicate of Agni for internal or beta testing. There really isn't an easy answer or simple way for them to do it.
  2. Heh, I know you're aware of the difference - it's quite clear in how you've responded thus far, even before being mentioned. ETA: I do agree with you, just wanted the above stated.
  3. That's nice. So none of your responses were made in good faith and held the sole intention of leading/feeding your personal conclusion. Good to know. Have fun wasting your day.
  4. Ah yes, because the only valid opinion is that of a user who tosses their time into diagnosing a problem ... While that is not what you are directly saying, that is how it comes across. Word things a bit more carefully. Sorry, not retracting my statement as there is nothing at all factually wrong with it: The user was basing their opinion on a bias (be it personal or otherwise) and conjecture. No substance was given, no reasoning behind their statement made. I raised hardware as a variable specifically due to no two users having the same hardware. If you thought there was some other meaning there, it's on your own end. Stop reading things into a user's posts that are not explicitly stated. Test all you'd like. Meanwhile I'll be going about my day - on and off of Second Life - as I've done since the day I first logged in. Get hit with TP or Region Crossing issues? I'll log back in - after checking Grid Status - and try again. Problems persist? I'll try again tomorrow. It's called patience, something I have for most technical issues and something I lack when dealing with people. And yes, I'm quite fine with that. Now then, do you always have such a hard time stowing your attitude and remaining objective? No need to answer that, your current responses are answer enough. Have fun and have a good Second Life.
  5. So you're testing on something that Linden Lab isn't even - according to the Status Page anyway - working on? That's nice. And yes, the claim that all the clients have the "same" problem is quite accurate: The difference is in the degree. Any client with a longer internal timeout margin is going to see said problem quite a bit less. This does not mean they do not have the problem as in order to not have said problem - on the client end - you'd have to either disable that internal timer if possible or have it be an absurd length of time. Your system hardware being the same for all tests is irrelevant. Your hardware is not the same as my hardware or that of Alyona or Whirly or Qie or ... Get the point on that? It's a variable. Hand off channels - which protocol is being used/ports being used (the latter of these should be universal between client variants) and would be, client side anyway, transferring very little actual information. I should have tossed that as server side. Server crossings have always been a bit flaky - hence part of why I do not bother walking or using vehicles. Now, pop quiz: What was the point I was making with my earlier post?
  6. The difference between clients as described by both Fluf and Alyona is a difference that has several variables which include but are not limited to: Network speeds, internal timeout margins, hand off channels used, some system hardware .... Fun one for both: With very few exceptions, I haven't had many issues. TP disconnects? Only happened sometime last week and even then at the "peak" of all of this. Sim crossing? I don't (and generally never have) bothered walking between regions/sims or taking a vehicular trip. No, I've had a few seemingly random disconnects and am one of the Premium users that can no longer acquire Voice Morphs. That's really about it. Funnily enough, I use Firestorm. Also funnily enough the computer being used runs Linux (up to date kernel, X Ubuntu, 18 series) ... ETA: Before anyone chimes in with "But Solar, why list the OS? It doesn't matter!" - It's a variable.
  7. As you've already stated: Linden Lab has stated that all client programs are affected. Your friend is showing bias, based on their own experience and conjecture. Put another way: In the past they have not made similar statements easily or lightly. As for system release testing - what do you think the Release Candidate (RC) regions are for?
  8. To general users: Gonna use Ignore? Use it. Move on. Announcing you've used it is nothing more than the act of a potential drama monger. @Wulfie Reanimator & @MBeatrix - Avatar ghosting on crash isn't exactly a new thing, it's happened before though to the best of my knowledge it happening on Region crossing crashes was minimal. It used to happen on Teleport related crashes or certain types of 'normal' crash. At the time the only way to fix it was to log in elsewhere and travel to where the ghost was. This forced the system to recognize it had a data ghost and "log off" said ghost.
  9. There's nothing to explain. At. All. Are you a part of the team working on the problem? No - you're an end user, just like me. Report what is wrong, give what information you can, update when you have new information, keep calm and let the techs work. That's all there is to it. Believe what you will, nothing changes the above short of absolute catastrophe. Heaven forbid the system goes completely down for a week.... Oh wait, it did once. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Read a book, watch a few shows, do what you can, supply any factual information you can, update existing information you've supplied... Not that hard. Panic and speculation help no one. But hey, I guess if it's not coming from a Linen or a TPV dev, it's not worth listening to, right?
  10. The point: It's been far worse before and took time to fix. Harping won't fix anything and speculation by the general user base is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.
  11. Looking back at the early days of Second Life, considering there was an entire week where the entire Grid was down thanks to a botched roll out (back when they took the whole thing offline for the day to update the server code)? That just being the tip of the iceberg? Sit down, buckle up and read a book.
  12. To an extent anyway. Premium, Monthly. For the life of me I cannot justify the cost of Yearly at present - unlike the ones here on the forum that'll sing the praises of Yearly/Annual I actually use my Stipend, something that is a fair bit more common than they'd like to believe. I've only ever had to use Support a grand total of twice: Both for a billing issue caused by my bloody bank.
  13. Oh for... Once, just once... Leave the bloody agenda at the door.
  14. Security orbs and similar systems are not 'ban lines'... The lines that are visible when a user restricts parcel access using the same system level tools that cause the teleport pop up you describe are 'ban lines'. Security orbs exist in part to offer more granular access permissions and in part because some users believe ban lines are 'ugly'.
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