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  1. Separate post here, tackling something a bit more directly. How some use a particular term when talking about their hardware and settings is quite irrelevant - each term has a specific meaning. They have these meanings for a reason. If you misuse these terms you will (rightly) be given more than a bit of "side-eye" while those doing so likely laugh (at least internally) at you. Changing your power settings within your Operating System is ... changing your power settings from within your Operating System. That's it. What does this mean? It means that - and bear with me in ca
  2. You can say the exact same thing, countless times over and it won't be true - at all. You can try to move the goalposts even further, it won't make your assertions true either.
  3. Plenty of methods, depending on exactly what you are attempting to do. Flickr is nothing more than an Image Hosting service and is not a part of Second Life nor affiliated with Linden Lab, so an outage or issues with Flickr .... has little to do with Second Life.
  4. That's a question you're going to have to answer on your own. The reiteration was to combat the completely mistaken notion that telling your Operating System how to manage GPU performance/power settings when a specific program is launched is not in any way whatsoever Overclocking it. ETA: The reason why you'll have to answer it on your own is simple enough: Each person's reasons for Overclocking will be different - similar but still their own. As a personal example: A few months after being gifted the PC I currently have, I went into my BIOS and changed the Clock Speed of my RAM from
  5. I'm going to reiterate something I posted upthread, just so that anyone reading this fully understands and I am going to do so in the most attention catching way possible: Overclocking your hardware is done at the BIOS level - that is before your Operating System even begins to start. There now, hopefully those capable of listening, actually will.
  6. Oh for - would you quit trying to pretend you know better, for once? You don't - deal with it. Until you actually listen, you're nothing more than a Mark for Best Buy's sales staff to exploit for a nice little bonus.
  7. Sadly, I've seen this sort of attitude before. Trolling or not - it needs to go.
  8. Not a problem! It's not something most would run into in the Pre-BoM/Post Mesh Body days so rather understandable that ya wouldn't know which icon to look for!
  9. Those're tattoos. Skin icon looks like a person, arms/legs in an X formation.
  10. Second Life is not meant for the twitchy, needing to be entertained by everyone else every five seconds crowd.
  11. There are no changes happening "at Second Life in the personnel area" - Second Life is the software, Linden Lab is the company. The rest has been adequately covered by others.
  12. I'll generally use whatever my RP partner happens to be comfortable with. Some like First Person, some like Third. Meh!
  13. BoM has made it a bit easier to manage the varied Anthropomorphic forms I use - the majority of my most recent ones only have a handful of parts that are form/coloration specific. The rest just requires my Mesh Body and my Feety Peets.
  14. Maybe it has something to do with just how over the top your OP is .... There was nothing "simple" about it nor was a "request" being made.
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