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  1. Fionalein

    Anyway to get the week 8 SL gift?

    That actually would be a good idea...
  2. Fionalein

    The secondlife Music Video Premiere

    Shhh, it also is machinima art and music (another fine art) - so yes it could be posted over there, but no I see nothing wrong in posting here either... sometimes posts fit more than one category and you have to decide what aspect your focus is on.
  3. Fionalein

    Secondlife declining player base

    IMHO You cannot force it ... how would you force it? That is what will make BOM DOA already, folks will just continue wearing their applier tattoos, you cannot force them to stop - Now if you penalize it by making avatar complexity orbs more common (and redo the function to grab that info) - that might work (or not as the few complexity orbs so far show)
  4. Fionalein

    Paraphilia in SL

    This list almost has comedy value. Wikipedians delight in collecting all kinds of information and sometimes I get the idea the kinkier the better... This site says nowhere how widespread those kinks realy are, so we are left to wonder if they are common... I guess most of them are not.
  5. Fionalein

    Secondlife declining player base

    Klytyna will hate my answer, but that is part of the fun, right? There is a thing called Project Ruth 2.0. It is a low poly full bento avatar and open source, I guess it should not be too hard to script a BOM applier for it... But of course folks won't wear such a simple design and stay with their high resolution mesh bodies if for the sole reason their swimwear and kinky BDSM outfits won't fit any other but "The One" mainstream body.
  6. Fionalein

    Searching the "Received Folder"?

    At least Firestorm has the option of showing "Received Items" as a regular system folder in the inventory. It is searchable if this option is ticked. Look in advanced viewwer settings, in FS it is in Preferences > User Interface > Interface Windows > Inventory Options. No idea about other viewers though.
  7. Fionalein

    Hair Un-rigged for a Furry?

    Unrigged mesh comes with the same problems flexi has, with that in mind you could as well stay flexi... So I see the reason few designers make it.
  8. Fionalein

    Non Physical Vehicle Script Tips

    Most boaties are made up of mesh. Mesh objects can be designed without physical layers. Many boats also have nonphysical masts so you can sail them below low bridges and won't topple over when an aircraft hits them. I only saw "nonphysical" options in flying vehicles so far. Most vehicles are turned physical as soon as one avatar sits and are turned nonphysical upon the last avatar exiting. Just locate the turn physical part of the vehicle script and disable it, but maybe ground interactions need physics (you might be able to emulate them with push actions though)
  9. Fionalein

    Anyway to get the week 8 SL gift?

    I think this has become more prevalent in RL as well "if you don't buy this Kickstarter option now you will miss out half of the product" - I hate that kind of marketing. I came to SL to decelerate not to be chased by hunts...
  10. Fionalein

    Food serving items.

    Daebaucheri and Frangipani Garden come to my mind, but I fear the first one is on a hiatus right now (but MP store is still there). Frangipani is located in Kiyomizu mall in Nepessing sim, mabye you will find more Asian food by other desigers there as well ... (Frangipani makes more exotic and sweet stuff)
  11. I love the smell of roasted cookies in the morning...
  12. Fionalein

    Hair Un-rigged for a Furry?

    Wasibi Pills once had some, not sure if they are still selling them though.
  13. Fionalein

    No Copy clothes? Give me a break!

    Well gacha won't work without "no copy" but some gacha creators offer to exchange them into copy versions upon request... usually I stock to those and voucher gachas.
  14. Fionalein

    Linden Home not Responding

    Hi Furn, well yes, the Lindens can help. This however is a community forum, where users help users, so most of us cannot do much. Sometimes a Linden peeks in to see if we still behave well and if they actually notice a problem they might help, but do not count on that. Live Chat or Customer Support tickets are your best bet for help.