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  1. Just a little rant about marketplace slurls

    That only happened once to me, and only for buying - no inworld vendours, but the animation demo was of course in the inworld place
  2. Rules for BVH animations changed ?

    Those rules seem true, when I did some dabbling in Petite and RooU Animtions I found 1 and 4 effective, no idea how they were before I only started working on animations recently ... AFAIK you can also now also prune away part of the xml tree you do not want to animate (I think it was any child nodes that remain unmoved).
  3. Furry femboy help

    hey you're lucky I was just shopping and ran into an add for the SOMETHINGEXTRA event which will start tomorrow and is targeted at: tada *drumroll* femboys (no link as the event website is not PG rated please use your own google fu to locate it) I guess you might see some gender-queer fashion stores there and if you find some outfits you like you will be ablet to base your decissions on avatar shopping on that info.
  4. Unsharp Images

    Compressed pictures load faster but might take more time processing... (not sure if this has a negligible effect or not on lag, any GPU gurus around who can tell us more on that one?)
  5. the huds are all broken !!!

    Na it's wise, it saves you from a lot of anger after your scripted gacha toys got broken and no one fixes them ...
  6. SL15B Inworld Shopping Event

    Got into one yesterday, I will wait until it clams down for the rest...
  7. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    a shame, you should have on monday - for that best Newb look competition - who knows you could have won it.
  8. Connect the Continents

    Wait Zindrans cannot use truck trailers? Why would someone want to drive there?
  9. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    I recently added AVSitter couple furniture to my yacht... I now know how to do it - took me a week ... (especially without disrupting the seats reserved for sailing) my first tries ended me up in the kitchen or bedrooms each time I tried to sail it ...
  10. In-world stores who sell lingerie?

    sent you a personal message with a truckload of shops
  11. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    it gets problematic when you link two multiperson sitters with swap option, single sitters work fine ...
  12. Outfit Question for SL15B Crystal Ball Contest

    btw 2017 was a previous year - so bento is OK
  13. In-world stores who sell lingerie?

    Appliers or mesh and if the latter for what body?
  14. Attaching Furniture to Homes

    Not to forget linking two AVsitter scripted furniture items is a really bad idea unless you fluently speak AVsitter ...
  15. ChouChou's Cinematic Hud? Is this still around?

    Yes I think it is 24 hours, but the LL will react evenually (they will be busy due to SL15B now I guess)