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  1. Fionalein

    Question about Linden labs and sl?

    The Lindens would never ask for payment - they would just ban you and send you an email with a very vague statement why - payment would never change their mind. Clearly a scam and if what you say is true I bet he won't be in SL much longer (As that has a good chance of getting him banned)
  2. Fionalein

    How do you get to someone's MarketPlace wishlist?

    Too easy. If you get stalked, at least make sure it's done by experts... view everyone's list via https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/$FIRSTNAME$SUFFIX with IF ($LASTNAME != "resident") $SUFFIX = "." + $LASTNAME ELSE $SUFFIX = ""
  3. Fionalein

    Price guidelines for Breedables??

    to the sales spot owners or the breedable game owners... Some breedable shoping sim demannd that you chanre high prizes so the breedables do not drop in value, ... LOL But I guess you got reported to the Lab as I bet the troll thought you found a way to copy the animals... Contact the creator of your gorillaz and ask what you shall do about the troll - maybe someone just wants his insane prices unchallenged and threatens all breeders... (you can even counter AR him for threatening your business - there is only a very small chance the Lab will get involved, but your AR would be much higher than his one to succeed)
  4. Fionalein

    Something should be done about 1L$ items on marketplace.

    I wonder of you see a significant sales boost after ruining the experiment by announcing there's a free tree available ...
  5. Fionalein

    Applier for Catwa head

    So SIink plugins for hands are 199 now (because they also do a body) and for Vista hands 149 (because they also do a head?) .... it is still affordable though. Makes me really appreciate my preinstalled Omega items.
  6. Fionalein

    copyright/dae/blender related noob questions

    And you miss the most important point... most also have licenses attached - many of those licenses are incompatible with the LL TOS or outright forbid use in virtual worlds like SL. Don't use external 3D sources without some research into copyright laws - you can save yourself a lot of trouble that way.
  7. Why did they dig this one up again? [humour] PS: I reccomend physical USB dongles for 2F authentification... That way the Lab can finally get rid of all those Mac users... [/humour]
  8. Fionalein

    Something should be done about 1L$ items on marketplace.

    They used to have that without an extension... just switch profiles... did they drop that?
  9. ROFL that was not the Lab but the community event - run by residents like you and me... So much for serious "approval" ...
  10. What is "best"? Some consider Low LI good, some ignore LOD, some want superdetailed homes, and finally some want much usable space...
  11. I think Magnek means a savepoint because that part apparently is almost impossible to do for some of us (and while the moles claimed to have tested it in various conditions I doubt the moles even have hardware as bad as the average SL user has).
  12. Fionalein

    Applier for Catwa head

    For another 99L you cat get the Omega Kit for Catwa, this would open you a whole new world of no-supermodel skins... I have no idea how good the Catwa UV-mapping is though. I was told at least the male deviates enough from the SL-UV that it can be problematic.
  13. Fionalein

    What is your opinion about the Roman Empire?

    @Phorumities& @Luna Bliss Hey you two! Get a room!
  14. Fionalein

    Lucky Letters/Chairs??

    Shhhh hintie hintie: He's the guy who sells the chairs Forum mods don't like advertising your own business though.
  15. Fionalein

    Which do you prefer Zooby baby or funsie?

    Necrothread with a troll answer? WHY?!?