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  1. Fionalein

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    Aren't those theese instant karma helicopters? They don't fly well in lag and must produce a lot of lag themsleves with all those scripts.
  2. Fionalein

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    I begin to wonder who else uses the wishlist as "stuff I would not waste Lindens on but would not mind if someone bought it for me" list. I also found out that stalking other folks wishlist is a great shopping guide.
  3. Fionalein

    About the LAQ Christmas "gift"

    Did someone test the head with the Happy Dispatch face HUD? It only costs 600 and contains a head AO. You can temp attach a demo of it in the inworld store - might be worth a try if someone looks for a cheap alternative- still won't let you customize your head features like brows and so on but you can at least get blinks and lip movement on typing with it.
  4. Fionalein

    About the LAQ Christmas "gift"

    Last Christmas if I remember well.
  5. Fionalein

    An 'honest' view of SL

    More adboards and adult stuff all over the grid... you know the stuff you can AR now and on the 10th AR or so it actually gets removed.
  6. Fionalein

    An 'honest' view of SL

    It is an experiment in anarchy. From what I read the veterans had much more insanity before governance was established.
  7. Fionalein

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    And there is, some stores like a famous vehicle store sell copy enabled special vehicles as limited quantity. No idea if the MP allows this though.
  8. Fionalein

    Reporting abuse - is there a point?

    Sounds like a Linden sandbox 😄
  9. Fionalein

    Just Ignore and let this one die

    I think it just removes the redeem script, if you can take it out without the script... ignore it.
  10. Fionalein

    Just Ignore and let this one die

    PRIZE! it is an Epiphany item, you can redeem it for 1 point 3 points for a rare... special Epiphany rewards cost 25 points ... you do the math PS: I accidentally deleted one and have a permanent Epiphany point as reminder for my folly
  11. Fionalein

    Hey everyone LAQ Bento head 300L$

    You might not be able to clean layers without the HUD, in this case build an omega applier using Alexandria Linden's fully transparent texture.
  12. Fionalein

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    Time for science: put an item you were going to buy anyways into the wishlist and buy it yourself, see if it gets removed from wishlist too. I must hold back or I would have done it myself. Animeshs is about to emerge for Linux so I need to sit on my stash to buy whatever strikes my fancy once I see it.
  13. Fionalein

    Looking to turn your sl world into an MMORPG?

    You cannot detect what users wear in a HUD. Vampire detection rings worked because the vampires of old had to wear "fangs". I successfully altered a free vampire detection ring that was based on some old RLV community scipts to scan for more than bloodlines (mine also scans for Hunger and Progeny - but I have no proof scanning for hunger spampires works - I successfully identified Progeny ones though). My problems with this game are: It offers no opt in (Bloodlines does with the bite invite, I can refuse it). It offers no opt out (Bloodlines had the garlic necklace). My login name is stored on an external server without my consent. Residents get objectified. I wonder if the following FAQ passage is enough to AR the A&D system: WILL SECOND LIFE SAFE HUBS KEEP ME SAFE? No, only safezones and the A&D Sim will keep you safe from attacks within the system.
  14. Fionalein

    Accidentally left my own group...

    I have no idea what you can do now, but for the future: create an alt and make that alt co-owner. That way you always have a backup.
  15. Fionalein

    What Are the Best Bento Head Poses/Animations for Photos?

    Lelutka sells some that might work on your head (forget the HUD there is always boxed the animation pack included) GA.EG also sells addons (not sure if you can just get the animations or have to extract them from the HUD) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/de-DE/stores/35845 Chrysanthemum specialices in facial AOs. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/de-DE/stores/196357 SEmotion has several head poses (even fullperm) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/de-DE/stores/16608 Kokolores started dabbling in bento faces https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KoKoLoReS-Subtle-expressions-BENTO/11657262 translating furniture animations those two sets are expression HUDs that on top trigger fitting bento expressions for furniture triggered face morphs: Happy Dispatch does this one https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HD-bento-Facial-expression-HUD-BENTO-poseao/11027732,with add ons to the HUD available inworld - he also does one for hands Sweet Animations did this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BENTO-EXPRESSION-HUD-V13/11827184 free HUDs and finallys those two huds are free: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Starlust-Subtle-Bento-Expressions-HUD/11354536 (Starlust also does some payed HUDs) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bento-Enhanced-Head/15768633 (also includes an example head to play around with)