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  1. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    I keep telling myself the lab items are disgned like that on purpose: not to compete with the market.
  2. SL usage statistics

    Yeah the key to growing is not getting more people to sign up , (people will always try new things,there is a constant supply) the trick is keeping them staying around...
  3. Loot boxes now illegal in Belgium

    I keep hearing that argument... and I wonder where people left their brains (in the slot machine I guess). The problem is: You can resell the yield for different prices, as soon as there is a rare it is kinda gambling and judges might percieve it as such. PS: But in any case. my suggestion: Move gachas to something like skill gaming regions and all might be fine again.
  4. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    I don't get that one, was that before the open source SLRR scripts?
  5. girls who need work as a club

    Due to lack of grammar I'm not even sure what section this might belong to... but "your avatar" ? Nope!
  6. Isles of Ice Grid Hunt

    Ahhh, apparently it's a premium perk to go there
  7. Viewer 2 windlight

    And freezing roads I want freezing roads and an open vehicle scripting interface for the weather to make my cars go wooooshhh on ice (and of course an autmated working snowplow that removes the bad road conditions)
  8. And I got myself a VTOL for that very reason
  9. Notecards -- making a table

    Forget what I said about tabulators... they don't work in NCs. As NC isn't even using monospaced fonts you can not use even spacing either... It's futile, there is no way to do a table in SL. well there is.. scripts use monopsaced fonts you can hide a monospace table in a script comment,.. but urghhhh try telling anyone how to look at those...
  10. blocking

    Yeah, that and area search by owner works like a charm. I once blacklisted a whole texture heavy shop to speed up a game I was playing on the neighbouring parcel...
  11. A mainland Island ?? Today's bargain buy !!

    How is that even related to your "island"?
  12. blocking

    I have seen those... more than one, who rents those places? I like to build screens that fit my theme... Back at the club I managed I raised two urban housefront screens to block two or our neighbour's sunshine palm beach screens.
  13. Mont Saint Michel

    No idea about tides, all I know it is one of the old private builds the Lindens rescued from falling to oblivion (like the SS Galaxy),... thank you Lindens