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  1. I really really doubt they are prims - they might have some linked prims but should be mesh items.
  2. but.... then i would have to box it myself
  3. The history there doesn't by chance stop before/in 2015?
  4. No, happened to me at the Firestorm Gateway several times - but it changed - they don't check wether you are a newb anymore.
  5. And worse: there is nothing you technically can do - if you tell the welcome area crew about the incident you already are breaking LL TOS
  6. Did you restart your computer since? Win 8 and 10 usually do no real power downs anymore - you might have to look that up how to do that if it is some driver induced GPU memory corruption. While I have no idea where firestorm disc cache files actually reside in win - you only need to delete texture cache folder unless object geometry is broken too,.. For tech help on FS try the inworld Firestorm tech support group - they should be able to walk you through the process (log in with another viewer so you are free to delete stuff in FS whole people give you support)
  7. cache corruption If it goes away with a relog iot is the textures stored in your GPU If it stays after a relog your texture cache on the disk got corrupted.
  8. i think he just said something along "who said they all will be 1024s?" but i don't know what he might have said elsewhere... Now those small boating sheds they scattered everywhere in 512s would be a design people might actually grabbed - not so sure about the trailers...
  9. So this is what Patch actually meant when he hinted not all were 1024s? So much for superduper prremium homsies...
  10. Oh come on - as if the usual suspect's reactions to the complaints about the lack of houses were better - some of them are downright insulting.
  11. Yet that is how it is usually done in RL... The pic you posted as better example shows something that would not be done in RL - RL would have many more houses stacked together and their boating piers seperated...
  12. Errrr - when there are enough homes around this will not be neccessarry anymore. But look at the current rate of releases... what makes you think "years from now" is a bad estimate for that point of development? Don't forget "more privacy".
  13. Yup the new TMP is called Legacy while the lecacy TMP is called nothing whatsoever... confusion hurray.
  14. I just hopped there... editing the gifts tells you which have more than one ...
  15. Strange - in my case i have whole wardrobes made only by those "crappy" gifts... I understand not everyone is in a position to hand out tons of gifts but I am much more likely to shop from creators who's quality I know from gifts. From a marketing point those are better viewed as free samples rather than gifts. On those price camp (that concept is not new) or dollarbie items... designers please make me want them or I will stay with the real free ones.
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