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  1. Fionalein

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    I'll just leave this here:
  2. Fionalein

    Help ! What's offensive ?

    You know? Swearing could be moderate, @Arduenn Schwartzman ... those candies on a stick also use that term - they even used it for that before Nabakov - and I think that ***** was only forbidden in sexual context... or we would have to kick all those kiddo avis out of SL I am pretty sure you found disgusting not innocent examples but I bet most were harmless and within TOS.
  3. Fionalein

    Bloggers & Merchants

    My appproach would be to read blogs... if you stumble upon an entertaining one ask the blogger if they would be comfortable with receiving free review items for their blogs. Be chaotic - be random! IMHO the organized approach has a good chance of being only effective on the bloggosphere. So you will only reach blogs read by other bloggers, not the really interesting ones. If you demand your blggers to do "at least" two blog posts a month it will be two blog posts only each month.
  4. Fionalein

    Animesh and LI sky rocketing

    Take a look at the secret wall passage at "World of Magic" event... pretty unique and interesting case of animesh use.
  5. Fionalein

    HELP! Maitreya body and Lelutka head

    The Lelukta Chloe head (beginning with version 3) now has the new Glam Affair skins - Maitreya still has the old ones... look inside your Chloe box: there will be an object called: [Glam Affair] Applier-Chloe (older skin line)[Glam Affair] Applier-Chloe (older skin line) Those will fit your Maitreya body and will look seamless without fiddling with the windlight as so many other mesh combinations need to. Personally I use the Glam Affair Sia Logo applier instead which IMHO looks a bit better but costs 500L.
  6. Fionalein

    Idle thoughts for idle builders

    Minecraft, like the Open Grid stuff runs on private servers - they often get shut down and people loose all the energy they once invested. Some of my friends migrated servers two times ... their projects got smaller each time.
  7. Fionalein

    Groups In SL

    The problems with payed groups is: they were never intended as store advertisment platforms. It is what they became, but if we would limit ourselves to social and administrative groups ... 42 would be enough...
  8. Fionalein

    Voice Morph

    Tell your lawyer, tell LL, don't tell us.
  9. Fionalein

    Puppy Play, or Kitty Play?

    Too much information...
  10. Fionalein

    Crashed in no-script zone. Now my items are broken

    get a redelivery if posssible
  11. Fionalein

    Puppy Play, or Kitty Play?

    Just take a neko, they usually dislay enough puppy-like behaviour to be a disgrace to all cat-kind...
  12. Fionalein

    Where are all the 90 babies at?

    The 90s are a different decade as no one is sure wether they belong to the Millenials and Postmillenials... Maybe they are there and just do not want to admit being Millenials. But as Orwar says, age should not matter in a digital world...
  13. I just set everything I want to examine fullbright... mod enabled bodies come in handy when designing stuff to match certain skins.
  14. How so? It's running fine for me (Ubuntu 18 with Mate Desktop).
  15. it is shaded, try looking at fullbright objects