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  1. I dont know if it's been mention but Pink Fuel makes cute Asian skins as well.
  2. I didn't like the way the hud was made though to be fair, I dont like the hud from Catwa either. I love my animation addons and the ones I have, doesn't work on the Genus head. Lastly, the skins I tried from the skin creators I like the most, didn't look good with the shape I made. I might try the head again later but for now, I love Lelutka and Catwa more.
  3. Thanks! I actually have a Genus head on this account and don't like it. I ended up buying Lelutka Chloe 7 days ago and yesterday bought Catwa Uma.
  4. I recently made an alt a few days ago and when I was trying out heads, I went and grabbed a few heads from LAQ, Lelutka and Catwa. Once I was ready to try the LAQ heads, I forgot to grab the demo hud from the store and that's one of the many reasons I didn't choose one of her heads. I always try makeup, eyebrows, and lashes when I demo heads, and since my computer is a piece of junk, I didn't want to bother with the loading time just to grab a stupid demo hud for something I wouldn't have actually liked in the end.
  5. My new alternative account which I am online on more often than this account.
  6. Thank you everyone for replying or contacting me. I found the designer.
  7. Trying Advanced Lighting Model for the first time.
  8. Hello! I just opened my store and I am looking for an artist to design my logo, my unpack hud texture and maybe an applier hud texture. Please send me a tell inworld for more information. I also created a new alt and contact me on AshleyxGraves. You can also contact WhisperxGraves, hes my CSR and Boyfriend. Thank you!
  9. Those options would be nice and I was thinking about the same thing as well. I hope we can decorate outside and add things.
  10. Thats what I am afraid too as well. I hope we can change things around.
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