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How does your avatar look today ?


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5 minutes ago, Saravendi said:

Using this shot for my profile picture. I love the background color! •.¸¸.*゚・ (◕‿◕) ♥ - s

Nice shot - though profile pictures for most viewers come in 4:3, so you might want to crop it to avoid stretching. 

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11 minutes ago, Jessica Pyara said:

    Again with the rain, stop making me jealous *stares out her window at the horrific sunny day*


Rain? What rain? Rain gone.

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I´ve been busy/not too well tummywise (still not...meh)/lazy for ever buuuuuuuuuut...come new month come the monehs and the shopping...

So I grabbed another House and a lovely bar along with some GG´s and other stuff that´s been stashed in my marketplace cart and shopping list ^^

I rezzed the house next  to my used one for the pics and the bar´s in my backyard now^^ (I´d be able to host a breakfast now but I´d need to find the time and check back with the neighbours and landlady, or maybe a party... idk^^)



plus I´ve adjusted my shape a bit - I broadened the shoulders and lengthened the arms a bit at least now Kasha´s able to wipe her butt properly^^



I´ll be quite busy in may though, I´ll try to peak up every now and then

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