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  1. How does my avatar look today? She looks possessed!
  2. Not sure if you are still looking but there are 2 free Bento bodies at Altamura right now for the Women Only Hunt and the Men Only Hunts. They are not Omega ready but are quite nice for the 0L price.
  3. Went exploring at Devin's Eye. Amazing sim! I got a little too adventurous, umm... could someone help me down???
  4. When you want to be a biker but you are much safer on a 3 wheeled, pink scooter.
  5. Still working on my male avatar. Good news, there is a big sale at Kauna, all the clothes are free. Bad news, I have discovered my inner walrus.
  6. I'm working on a male avatar for a project. Umm, this is not exactly what I had envisioned. He sure is colorful though lol! Back to the drawing board.
  7. I was doing some unpacking in a sandbox and this little guy came up to me. I had to give him some loving
  8. Found this hair last night and it reminded me of the singer, Pink.
  9. Playing with the head from Adam & Eve. I am using the Jenny Altamura body from the WOH. Pretty face, very soft looking.
  10. Perhaps you could send the creator a message and ask where they got the hair. Some creators add style cards with their products so you can recreate the look from their advertisement. Worth a shot! Good luck I hope you find it!
  11. Thanks for the heads up! Hmm that was a horrible play on words lol
  12. Won these amazing boots. I may have to go shopping to find more outfits for them!
  13. Feeling kinda Steampunky ( is that a word?) and found a friend.
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