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  1. An advertising shot I did for a weapon's maker in exchange for a few daggers. This goes back to mid 2007. This is hardly my first look but it's not far off.
  2. *laughs* I was thinking that too. The accusation was that Lindens are a fiat currency and subject to the problems & restrictions thereof. The same arguments can (and have) been made about the US dollar. The only real difference is that the US has more guns backing up their fiat currency than LL does.
  3. Spent the morning in photoshop working on my skin. I finally have a beach tan I like.
  4. i feel your pain. I've returned after 8 years and frankly, I'm none too impressed with mesh bodies. I've bought a few short skirts because they actually look good. Everything else... not so much. What I've been doing so far is using custom alpha layers to make things work. That, coupled with some careful shopping and judicious use of shape adjustments, does the job for me. I'll start to ponder a mesh body when I feel like taking the time to redraw my skin for the new UVMap AND when the designers get their act together with some sort of standardization.
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