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  1. Feeling a bit wishy washy about this one. WATER PUN!
  2. UGH! My favorite game has to be patching RIGHT NOW and i'm just bored! So heres my messing with the lighting while laying on the dirty ground.
  3. We tried that as well as trying to log her in via my computer. now my chrome won't even let me log her out of the forums so i have to use firefox now!
  4. A friend of mine joined recently and i walked her through the basics. She put together an avatar and was going to show it here but It says she doesn't have access every time she tries to get on the forums or anywhere on the community area of the site. kinda weird because her account is only 6 days old. she hasn't even had time to break any rules! as far as i know anyway. Anyway, I thought i'd show bother of our avatars. Mine is the redhead. The lighting made hers look nice, but it made my normie head look terrifying! oh well if it scares the weirdos away i'll take it.
  5. Skell was partially right, But this is called Artifacting. It can happen when your graphics card is old, But it more commonly happens if its been damaged. Either way, It looks like you may need a new one soon.
  6. Trying to find an avatar that won't attract people to me for the wrong reasons. annoying as ***** because one mans ugly is another mans freya. though i'm having better luck with fat avatars.
  7. I'm mostly at adult sandboxes. putting avatars together and completely avoiding everyone.
  8. I preferred physique over hourglass honestly. i can't find a shape i like with hourglass, and why are the nips looking at the sky!? so weird! but i guess people like the big butt on hourglass due to the whole "booty" craze. personally i'd rather by thick in all areas, not just the butt. getting kinda tired of maitreya to since it looks i dunno.... flat? freya is one i definitely like, minus the breasts but i don't really think any of the popular bodies get breasts right. oh well.
  9. Ayo, its ya girl, mag, back at it again with the weeb treads. Head and body: Uti m4 head, kemono + fitted torso (petite) Hair: Ayashi Uma Outfit: Vinyl Neo meddy mask, Glutz Punk ***** fishnet arms, GLutz pins and needles legs, Glutz wrapped up (legs delinked), LMF Kemono Shoulderless crop top (petite), starbright Kemono pencil skirt, Wretch kemono panties, RB Kemono scarf, Kakarenbo Ninja Headband V2, Glutz domme belt, JSH vexx ring set Skin: HIME*DREAM Nagisa
  10. Decided to get the ga.eg jennifer head for a bit of a different look. chose a darker skin because my ears matched better with it. bow i can choose to wear hair thats tucked behind the ears and not worry people will think i'm a dumbass.
  11. Trying to summon Code: Vein. . _. so far unsuccessful.
  12. Piggu's male chubby avatar is called Johnathan.
  13. Spent even more time on my ears, but decided to just hide them (mostly) anyway. Head: Catwa Uma Body: Maitreya Outfit: Anais Silks from Caverna Obsecura Location: I don't know send a rescue team
  14. I understand that, but sometimes i feel i wouldn't mind it being blurry as long as it didn't look like a shopped off someone elses ears and glued them to my head. I really want it to look nice, but when i look at it enough it bothers more and more. I would get a skin that matches up with some ears, but most of them just arn't my style.
  15. I want to make a cute elf i really do. but i Want to use a skin i already have and THE EARS. NEVER. MATCH. one angle of that looks fine but next angle well ***** thats 50 shades lighter. all the skins that come with ear appliers always have gaudy facial shading or make me look like a vampire whos been sworn off blood for the past 5000 years. I wish someone would make omega ears that texture themselves off of the ear section of the head skin. i can dream i guess. So i'm just here today bored and very angry.
  16. Current mood: Wondering if i left anything in the space oven...
  17. How to not get banned from a group: 1: don't be an ***** 2: thats it end of steps go home. Also court in sl would be ridiculous. Next thing we know guys are taking girls to court for not sleeping with them and then blocking them when they don't understand no.
  18. Speaking as an avid gamer and one whos been playing mmos since mmos existed as well as many "free to play" games: NO THANKS! The secondary ingame only currency is, as "jim *****ing sterling son" would put it, "The bull***** free currency". you barely have anything to use it on and even then after a certain point it becomes useless. mostly its there to make you feel like you're making progress. Warframe deals with this probably the best, making credits essential to crafting and upgrading, but in most free to play games you can just buy "gold" or "credits" or "bones" or whatever with real money anyway. Especially grevious is this in Vindictus and games like it, where the best geared players arn't the ones working hard, they're the ones that buy gold. Now SL doesn't operate like a typical mmo, at least not unless someone sets something like that up, so it would work like other social worlds that have the bull***** free currency. in many of these places the free currency can only be used on very few items, and most of these items arn't really things you'd want anyway. I could work hard at something or complete tasks and earn "bits", but whats the point if all of the clothing i can get with them is something a sane person would never be caught burying a dead body in. "better then nothing" falls on deaf ears when you'd literally rather wear nothing. It would just be something thats sorta there. Nobody would really use it nor have a reason to use it. Personally i like the current system. its alot like roblox. You buy currency or make something and earn it through sales. If theres a secondary currency i'd rather it stick to the little minigames and not be an official thing.
  19. MaggiJin

    Tan my skin

    Theres some tattoos on the market that look like bikini tan lines and such.
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