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  1. ~*~ Happy Sunday Everyone ~*~ Today its time to get started on Christmas cards, and oh yes i'm celebrating my new Keurig coffee maker, ( the old one finally gave it up ). Hope you are all having a great day and enjoying time with friends and family : ) Kind Regards, Josephine
  2. *waving* hello to everyone and hoping you all had a good weekend : ) Best Regards, Josephine
  3. Skell, I don't know i can think of a "black tie" outfit that you would for sure rock : ) seriously i hope you change your mind and attend. Kind Regards, Josephine
  4. i decided to change to another laq head and see how it looks.....its better i think
  5. Happy Weekend one and all.....its been officially fall for a couple of weeks here.....thought i would drop by with some treats for everyone : ) Warm Regards, Josephine
  6. Greetings Kathy, I still have all of this ladies stuff, bought alot of it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/3152 http://icingsl.blogspot.com/ vintage and nice things : ) Kind Regards, Josephine
  7. Hello Lentissimo, There are only a few hairs here but plenty of head decorations that are totally fantasy that you may like : ) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/9483 Kind Regards, Josephine
  8. Eve, No I was just thinking that he may be able to help you about the feet thing. He has alot of information there. Kindest Regards, Josephine
  9. Hello Eve, you may want to check with our very own Skell : ) http://www.virtualbloke.com/ Have a great day! Josephine
  10. Hi Lara, here is one : ) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ARGRACE-HARUKAII-Blondes/16285332 Kind Regards, Josephine
  11. Greetings Everyone, I am just wondering about something; Why do merchants advertise their wonderful products on sites and blogs and not have them available in their MP store ? reason; So many times i see something awesome and i'm not able to be in world so i rush right to the MP store and search for the mentioned product and no luck : ( i try to remember when events are over or to remember which blog i see something i like in, (maybe they could do a update or reminder). Thank you for your time, Josephine
  12. Good Day Everyone, We are finally getting some much needed rain here. https://jazzgroove.org hoping you all have a safe and happy weekend Josephine
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