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  1. Hey there, I'm an owner at a new Adult Lounge where we have events throughout the week, we're looking for a Live Performer to Hire. I'm trying to find someone who is comfortable around an Adult Themed SIM (although the event itself may not be adult themed) and available for a Saturday 6p slt - 8p slt if you're interested, want more information, or discuss rates and requirements, please send me a message here!
  2. Today's theme for Cat, Kore and I's challenge on flickr was Demon, hope you guys enjoy!
  3. Today is our Angel Theme, and I took a slightly different approach on my flickr
  4. So Catrie, Kore and I have been doing this photo challenge on our flickr for the month of October, each day is a different theme and today was Kawaii!
  5. Been a long time since I've posted again but figured I'd post my latest pics from my flickr
  6. Today I asked the lovely Catrie what I should wear, and after her advice and some inventory searching that involved me trying to find something not black, red or purple and lot's of "What is this" I came up with this dress, add the hair, lighten the makeup and take a shot that I actually am very happy with and I have to say... Cat has a great eye the entire look was great! I keep this updated more with random antics as of late, but I'm trying to remember to post here as well https://flic.kr/ps/3mrNjS
  7. Today I did a very very impromptu photo with my dearest friend Catrie, and after some playing around in photoshop I came up with this!! I'm no professional but I love how this turned out. I've got more antics here https://flic.kr/ps/3mrNjS
  8. It's been awhile since I've post a picture here, but I'd thought I'd come back with something a little.. simple
  9. Enjoying my new skybox on a monday morning, I even had a couple visitors... the first one didn't turn out so well. The second one was much more pleasant! Thank you @Orwar for not minding the body on the floor.
  10. After a long journey I've finally moved into my new home, and my new wardrobe colors!
  11. I know!!! AO's are a whole other ball game, there are some that are so crazy, like there is someone in the community I'm in that his arms just flail around like he's having one really serious conversation and scolding someone... but only from the elbow down because.... why does the whole arm need to move, they're basically stuck at his side
  12. I know at the very start I went through a phase where my arms were a little too short and hands a bit too small, but those are things when you start taking pictures (I did modeling to earn L$ in the beginning) those are things you notice look a little off and you adjust accordingly.
  13. *laughs* I think my background in human anatomy helped when making my Avi, because honestly... I thought most of this was common sense until' I started seeing the armies of pin headed t-rex's running around
  14. OMG!!! I know the weather is crazy where I am, we're going from cold to hot, to muggy and raining.
  15. I don't understand how people think it looks good! Like ... maybe I'm pretentious or something, but I take pride in my avi. Like I don't understand how do people think the pin heads, look good. Even when I didn't have RL $ to spend I earned my L$ to buy clothes, skins, hair AO's ect...
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