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How does your avatar look today ?


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Speaking of blonde hair, @Saskia Rieko was kind enough to do a small photo shoot of my Chloe today. :)  She's truly wonderful, and very helpful! So, for the occasion, I needed to switch things up a bit, so I gave Chloe blonde hair, this time (extremely light pink, actually). Trust me, it works. 😊 Might as well show her in her new incarnation. I call it "Angels Are Among Us."

N.B. Couldn't resist, this time, and added the obligatory LiS butterfly. 🤩



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5 hours ago, InventedSuicide said:

Trying out the black hair.. thanks for the feedback guys! @JenniexKim let’s see how long this lasts.. ha



The new hair looks lovely, and really becomes you. ❤️ And you can tell your friend @JenniexKim she sill looks her adorable self too. :) The two of you look happy  here. I hope you had a fun time making this! 🤩

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9 hours ago, TDD123 said:




Amazing how you can find something appropriate to wear for all occasions in Second Life - the tee shirt in top photo! Very good. 

And I do especially like how the water on your home sim shimmers with the reflection of the sun (was it sunset or sunrise?).  Very atmospheric photos. 

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