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  1. Thanks LittleMe and Alyona, I guess it is not yet clear. I am not planning to intentionally come back to Resident but I am a little concerned if canceling my premium affects the name change. Hopefully not since it is paid separately.
  2. I actually think about that. My first idea was to change Saskia's first name. Even if I like it, there are some I like more. And then change the last name for her and for my other avatar so that they more sisters-like. I don't have totally separate personalities or roles for all my avis so this would work. Can anyone remind me if the change is permanent, meaning if I change the name in the middle of my yearly premium and then I don't prolong the premium, I get Resident back or keep the new name? There are so many topics about that and many are just assumptions.
  3. I got hooked on BD as well. My first try with Poser - practicing something ballet-ish at home
  4. feels like home, except we don't have any snow
  5. Playing with the new lelutka evolution head - Nova - I was so happy to discover that Tres Beau made a skin for it, since the matching applier is my favorite body applier! It still feels like "me" even if it doesn't look like the Genus version of me
  6. I'm still playing with demo, but I may fall in love with Lelutka again! I am very close to buying Nova
  7. although I don't move new items into any folder like that, i often end up with such folders when I want to rearrange my inventory. Sometime ago I discovered a series of nested folders in my Home & Garden main folder: Things to sort / Deco / All unsorted deco / deco to sort / I don't know what is in there / new deco I also like to shop alone, going clockwise. I am never fully satisfied with my land / home / skybox and usually when I am around 90% done with decorating, I remove everything and redecorate or change places. I hate having a tall avatar because it bothers me when my height is not realistic and I hate that I am too small to use most of furniture like a normal person (thankfully, some are mod). I never do events which are hunts, I just don't and I don't know why. And there is probably more.
  8. Counting the days to the weekend, and then starting a four-week holiday break. Coming back to work middle January, couldn't be happier.
  9. So I had to check this NYC sim and yes, it is amazing. It was also a good opportunity to find out if I like brown hair.
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