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  1. I had the same message several times and I suspect it is not about today but last 24 hrs. I might be wrong but it looked this way for me. Anyway when I switched computers, it worked again so either 24hrs were over or it was indeed an error on page / my account.
  2. Yeah, I was also pretty surprised to see Legacy in LeLutka's booth at Skin Fair. Does the default skin come from GA, as for Maitreya? Anyway, after demoing both Legacy bodies, I think it is not for me. Default shapes are weird, after some modification they are ok but when wearing the same dress on Maitreya and on Legacy I don't see any difference, so definitely wouldn't spend 5k. Maybe 2-2,5k but not 5.
  3. that would be my dream house but as always I am too late. Lovely place!
  4. thank you for the warning! I decided to take a break and moved to the garden
  5. I'm a little addicted to spending my time on beaches
  6. Thank you all for info. Apparently I remember a page which doesn't exist anymore but now I know where to find more details
  7. Two days ago I caught a nice spot in Kirbee. It is not my dream location but it is good enough and gave me some ideas to do something nice there. So I am out of hunting for now. But a question - there was a webpage with a list of all Bellisseria places open for everyone and run by Residents like cafés, spa, hangouts etc. Does it still exist? It seems I can't find it.
  8. An alt is just an account which belongs to you but it is not your main account. Your partner's account is not your alt because it is not your account.
  9. I'd say the advantage of hunting with an alt, except more chances, is that even if the alt catches the house of your dreams, it is still yours. If you catch that with someone's else account, even someone you trust, it is still technically not yours. My alt now owns a nice place, which is almost my perfect place. My main keeps trying to catch a better one but as long as I can't find such one, I live in the house owned by my alt. Not so much of a problem now but I would prefer to have my dream house for my main because I don't plan to extend premium for my alt.
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