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  1. I am still quite hesitant to call myself an artist but for sure I love taking pictures in SL to express myself and how I feel about that place. So maybe I am one of these you look for
  2. I had been quite lonely for most of my SL time. It is over 12 years now, with a break. All my past friends are gone - either stopped logging in or changed names, avatars or simply not interested in reconnecting. But this year has been really good to me. I have met so many residents, mostly from this forum but not only. I have made amazing friendships. I have visited amazing places in SL with my new friends. They have supported me in everything I have been doing - just in daily S-life, during my short break, on my path to develop my interests like SL photography, when I launched my first small gallery in SL. We have had our get-togethers and other occasional meetings, chats, laughs. I am so happy to have you guys. @Scylla Rhiadra @BelindaN @Eva Knoller and on the picture below @Stranger Hoxley
  3. Yes, I have and I was planning to post here but forgot I have a gallery in Belli and it is probably not yet on any official list but mostly because it is still in some kind of progress. Currently there are pictures of @Scylla Rhiadra and we will change the exhibition in July. Anyway, enjoy: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kirbee/228/199/23
  4. thank you @momomoonusagi for that awesome little mermaid kid ❤️
  5. it reminds me a little the one I am using, so check Studio Exposure maybe
  6. yes, it was really nice Sunday, thanks @Stranger Hoxley. No gators, just in case anyone is curious!
  7. No, Aedan, but I am sure we may find something else for you
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