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  1. omg was keeping an eye out for bingle, cause it is gorgeous, but never would have predicted that release 🤣🤣
  2. You didn't get it right - when referring to having a better attitude, it was in reference to belli and the homes in general. It was a place created for community, step off of the parcel and realize there are good areas and fun things all over belli. It's pointless explaining that aspect though, as it appears you might be stuck in the negative feelings you have. If you were met with that kind of reaction, something tells me you weren't exactly kind about it. 🙄 Or maybe you were! People can say no, but it never hurts to ask for things you want. These are houses in second life, are you tru
  3. no specific dates yet, but it's supposed to be close to late fall/ winter. Whenever they get moved over to the cloud 🤗
  4. Yikes... the hostility in this thread now is so bizarre. Why on earth get so stressed about belli homes or what others do with their homes? If you want to dictate your neighborhood, who gets what house or how many they can own... maybe belli isn't for you? Someone can buy up your whole street IRL, or own your favorite house cause they got there first. 🤷‍♀️ Also, I've gone through lots of houses, still have a couple great spots, but I got them by posting on the forums that I was looking for one and most recently - get this - I saw a spot that was in a big LH group, and I kindly messa
  5. Omg! I tried for that one when someone let it go last time! It's a gorgeous spot congrats!! 😊
  6. I've gone through lots of themes lately, but I think im on the hunt for a good traditional again! 🤞
  7. Fay you need to be like the belli home update reporter LOL it's amazing, thank you!! also.... want bingle so bad!
  8. Never get tired of riding through belli (esp vic regions) with my pup 🥰 (on my alt that's become basically my main lol)
  9. If you're talking about SSPE1071, I am like salivating at those spots next to the beach 😍
  10. omg puts mine to absolute shame, I love it! Lol
  11. Does anyone else display the bears they've collected? If so - I wanna see! So far I just have luluabell mole's & slendermans bears 😄
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