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  1. Have you ever tried explaining to a Non Sl'er how intense the feelings can get inworld? The response is usually, incredulity, or boredom, or they start backing away looking for the mental asylum's number on their phone. A friend of mine recently described Sl as thoughts and feelings free from the many RL distractions, which seemed quite apt to me. Love is real here, so is heartbreak, and joy, and depression, and also hope. Sometimes in the same day lol. As long as it is real humans who are playing Sl, all the emotions can come into play.
  2. Flying Heli's and planes... sailing and motor boats...ride horses...occasional motorbiking. Dancing Ballroom... mostly at Tag or the New Franks. Dancing to more contemporary stuff at Rooftops...and occasionally country music at Rocking Country. My Partner owns 3 sims ( Equestrian theme) ... always something to tinker with there. Occasional Flikr user, and I am slow to make a scene and get the snap. Member of the Bellisseria community, lot of parties and activities from that world. I also spend a lot of time just socialising and chatting inwolrd with a lot of different people... some of this involves.. um ... * coughs* ... Adult activities. My Second Life is so full, I sometimes think I might need a Third life just to have a holiday.
  3. Session Skin, Lots of Izzies layers added to roughen it up a bit
  4. I skipped the first step...yep..Uncanny Valley
  5. Voir have a set called "Almost Still" I use it and can recommend
  6. Someone told me I look like Gerard Butler I dont think it is an exact match, but maybe there is something there?
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen.... I present to you the best hard Rocking band I ever saw.
  8. Shipwrecked Taken @ Esoteric http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cherished Bond/40/122/34
  9. I loved this exhibition, beautifully laid out. Fantastic Images and text, which seem to support and deepen each other. Thoroughly recommended,
  10. Boats !! Damn you Bandit, why do you have to be so good.
  11. The Road to Nowhere ( Hommage to Vettriano )
  12. Dance practice in the apartment lobby before heading out to Frank's.
  13. Thank you Ziva...minimalist...and Bachelor pad...was EXACTLY the style I was aiming for, so I was pleased that you noticed that... and I enjoyed your commentary and reactions. For my first week in my home the Kitchen consisted of a marble slab with a Microwave on it, then I thought...hmmm...wait...maybe that is TOO bachelor pad
  14. Interesting...may I enquire what would be your preferred order?
  15. Coleman seems to come from the Sam Harris school of discourse...a good-faith Inquisitor into difficult polarizing problems. So many discussions about race remind me of Karl Marx...his analysis of the problems of Capitalism are spot-on...his solutions however, caused more misery than enlightenment. There are definitely profound problems about Race, it is world-wide. There has been progress in a 2 steps forwards 1 step back fashion. One can only hope that solutions offered actually help, rather than hinder human progress. A little more intellect, and a tad less emotion might be useful.
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