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  1. I loved this exhibition, beautifully laid out. Fantastic Images and text, which seem to support and deepen each other. Thoroughly recommended,
  2. Boats !! Damn you Bandit, why do you have to be so good.
  3. The Road to Nowhere ( Hommage to Vettriano )
  4. Dance practice in the apartment lobby before heading out to Frank's.
  5. Thank you Ziva...minimalist...and Bachelor pad...was EXACTLY the style I was aiming for, so I was pleased that you noticed that... and I enjoyed your commentary and reactions. For my first week in my home the Kitchen consisted of a marble slab with a Microwave on it, then I thought...hmmm...wait...maybe that is TOO bachelor pad
  6. Interesting...may I enquire what would be your preferred order?
  7. Coleman seems to come from the Sam Harris school of discourse...a good-faith Inquisitor into difficult polarizing problems. So many discussions about race remind me of Karl Marx...his analysis of the problems of Capitalism are spot-on...his solutions however, caused more misery than enlightenment. There are definitely profound problems about Race, it is world-wide. There has been progress in a 2 steps forwards 1 step back fashion. One can only hope that solutions offered actually help, rather than hinder human progress. A little more intellect, and a tad less emotion might be useful.
  8. I am quite a fan of Glenn Loury, he takes a, calm, learned and data driven approach to some of these complex issues. I also appreciate Coleman Hughes, a rising star of the black intellectual universe. https://colemanhughes.org/ When the storm of emotions die down a little, it is voices like these, who will shed more light on possible solutions to these thorny issues.
  9. I went to investigate... very impressive build. While there I met a Japanese Giantess. Sometimes the sheer randomness of SL is so wonderful
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