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  1. I think people with ugly avatars face a lot of discrimination. Its a shame really because they must spend many seconds setting up their Avi... look at their Avi and say with a self-satisfied smile..."Wow..I look amazing". Then they hit the grid...and the rest of us are like...."Ugggg WTF...the Ugly...it Burns !!!...pass the eye-bleach" The ironic thing is, many of you will read this, and think "Thank [MODERATOR: MASKED PROFANITY REMOVED] he aint talking about me. /me stares blankly into the middle-distance.
  2. 11,666, approx half of that is old stuff, which is stored in a folder imaginatively entitled "Old Stuff". If I deleted that folder I prolly wouldnt even notice. I still feel like I have way too much stuff though.
  3. It always amazes me how everyone seems to know so much about Thailand, compared to its neighbours...Laos for example...or Cambodia. The people with the strongest opinions on Thailand have often never visited it, and get their info from bottom feeding news sources. I am a Brit who has lived in Thailand for 6 years, Thailand is a large country...about the same size as France...its people are hard-working...courteous...kind hearted. There is a tiny criminal element here, probably the same as in your country, but overall it is the nature of the people that makes so many holiday-makers return over and over again. On my island I see many young western girls dating young Thai men...I also see many older western men with older Thai ladies...all of this is far from the ignorant stereotypes propagated by the gutter press. I guess people only see what they want to see.
  4. Well Pythagoras certainly was an occultist...had his own school....with some very strange rules. And they had spells involving the holy power of 10. I believe you could study the occult at university at one time...I think France was the last place to have classes.
  5. Agreed...this kind of thinking is not unique to occult scholarship...I just thought Crowleys couplet was quite an elegant summing-up of a familiar philosphical point. Also occultitst use incense.
  6. Aleister Crowley wrote this explaining the symbol of Mercury ( Hermes/Thoth). As all occult scholars know Hermes( Messenger of the Gods ) is the god Of communications....also Liars...translators...thieves...diplomats...envoys....traffic...etc etc. Why would the god of communications also be the god of Lies.?? Because every time you name something ( Love...or Wisdom for example)...You have reduced something of infinite depth to a pale imitation of the substance you are seeking to describe. Every word is a travesty of something deep enduring and absolute. The very act of communication with words...is the art of placing lies in a semblance of order to convey meaning. They are a compromise...but without them...communication would be reduced. So the wisdom of Mercury involves imaginatively using finite lying words to convey meaning about infinite unspeakable things. Also known as talking. He weaves the web of lies. He makes irreducible things…understandable. I realize that occult scholarship may not be everyone's cup of tea. Its all fun and games till someone loses an eye.
  7. UncommonTruth wrote: We are saying the same thing then :smileyhappy: apologies for causing the Wtf ^^ Huggz ( lasting longer than 5 seconds....whoops, sorry about that )
  8. UncommonTruth wrote: Orfeu Miles wrote: "Griefing is an In-world activity.........Trolling is a forum activity... ... Sadly these hyper-emotional...over-reactive....bed-wetters tend to whine and complain more noisliy than the people capable of normal adult discourse." Just no. Trolling is something entirely different requiring thought and humor to twist a legitimate idea into something entertaining. A few people may get offended by this, but thats not the problems of the true trolls, thats the problem of the people who cant see the forest for the trees (or the idea for the troll holding it, wichever) Please dont lump the whiners and hyper-emotional into the same category. Tbh, those are the ones most often baited by the trolling. :matte-motes-nerdy: Edited-- K I shoulda done more than skim that before replying ^^ I think we're saying the same thing >> Thats quie all right my dear...till I saw your Edit....I must confess to having a bit of a WTF moment. It is all too easy to cry TROLL!!!!!11!...when someone is merely disagreeing with us....it is often just an emotional plea to stifle debate. That a disagreement might be couched in Humour...makes these socially mal-adaptive people, even more whiney.
  9. The word of wisdom, weaves the web of lies. Weds, irreducible infinities. You cant argue with that.
  10. Griefing is an In-world activity.........Trolling is a forum activity. The SLF is no different to the vast majority of Interent forums.....there is a decent percentage here, capable of staying on topic...having a rational discourse.....and a sense of the appropriate.....for example when a humourous derail is an apposite activity. Alas....there is always a segment of the inmates who react in an ill-thought hystercial fashion....as though real blows have been exchanged...rather than a few words bandied about by anonymous entities on the Internet. Sadly these hyper-emotional...over-reactive....bed-wetters tend to whine and complain more noisliy than the people capable of normal adult discourse. Many corporations in the service industry tend to listen to the whiners at the expense of the majority...in my experience, American corporations are particularly prone to this behaviour. The answer lies in having moderators who are sensitive to the ever flowing culture of a forum...however this represents an enormous time-sink for a paid employee.....so one can understand LL's reluctance to facillitate this simple solution.
  11. /me takes off my cloak of Ravens Feathers. I could tell you...but then I would have to initiate you into an eldritch world...perhaps better to draw a discrete veil over such matters. /me makes a mystic pass with his hand..."These are not the droids you are looking for".
  12. Hail Sister. Merry Meet. I am a Stag of Seven Tines...I am the rustle of leaves in a forest of vastness...I am dead but will be rise again....I am the light of a newborn star....I am the Question, and sometimes the Answer. I am a poster in a forum. Blesséd Be.
  13. Ancient and venerable is the alter of Freya....Fair are her daughters...wise in the ways of weird are they. Mighty too is Odin...9 days and nights he hung from the tree...pieced by his own spear....wise in rune-knowledge he became. I clothe myself in a cloak of Ravens feathers...I lie in a river submerged to the neck...a heavy stone placed on my chest...Poetry issues forth from my mouth....I sing of my people...our wanderings...our hunts...our victories and defeats...I am a spear for throwing...I am the glint in the eye of a wolf...I am a harp for plucking..I am the thought that dies on the lips, for want of word-cunning.. That is all.
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