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  1. I skipped the first step...yep..Uncanny Valley
  2. Voir have a set called "Almost Still" I use it and can recommend
  3. Someone told me I look like Gerard Butler I dont think it is an exact match, but maybe there is something there?
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen.... I present to you the best hard Rocking band I ever saw.
  5. Shipwrecked Taken @ Esoteric http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cherished Bond/40/122/34
  6. I loved this exhibition, beautifully laid out. Fantastic Images and text, which seem to support and deepen each other. Thoroughly recommended,
  7. Boats !! Damn you Bandit, why do you have to be so good.
  8. The Road to Nowhere ( Hommage to Vettriano )
  9. Dance practice in the apartment lobby before heading out to Frank's.
  10. Thank you Ziva...minimalist...and Bachelor pad...was EXACTLY the style I was aiming for, so I was pleased that you noticed that... and I enjoyed your commentary and reactions. For my first week in my home the Kitchen consisted of a marble slab with a Microwave on it, then I thought...hmmm...wait...maybe that is TOO bachelor pad
  11. Interesting...may I enquire what would be your preferred order?
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