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How does your avatar look today ?


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It's Belly Dance Night!




I just replaced my skybox boudoir with a Japanese style build which is the background of these pics.

I slowed down the animation for my Arabian Drums Belly Dance instead of using a static pose.

I think it came out fairly well.

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I've decided to change 'default' outfit of mine a bit, jacket I wear to be exact. Sure, it has a nice denim pattern (that is a requirement for me for 'everyday appearance') and does not weight a ton of complexity, but it was designed for Lolas I've used in the distant past for relatively short amount of time. Therefore, the front was just too... open for me, as I use default SL avatar now. I know, not popular choice, but hey - it works for me. ~ I've also started to dislike one arm that was bare. I've got inspired by the white outfit I've got recently. So, I've started to browse Marketplace... after around two hours of looking I've just got tired of trying to find something decent, classic-avatar compatible (fitted mesh, rigged mesh, standard sizes, layers - anything) and not over-sexualized, even after choosing "oldest first" as a sort order (I never claimed I'm good at searching Marketplace, but... >.>). I was at this point considering making something myself. Grumbling, I gave up and started to actually clean my inventory a bit from overload of items and... found a jacket I was hoping to find. Clothing layer, so fits my classic avatar perfectly. A bit old, maybe, but is still nice enough for me. Has buttons and long sleeves, front is opened just wide enough, adds zero complexity to the avatar... does not float around body while teleporting in... I'll keep it as my default. ~


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46 minutes ago, InventedSuicide said:

A little while back my friend @JenniexKim said I suit darker hair really well.. I’m not entirely sold on it though 😰 what do you guys think?

( and please ignore the neck seam, I’ve tried everything and cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid it..)


I like the darker hair, but then that's just me.

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