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3 minutes ago, Marigold Devin said:

I know not at all in the same class as your glorious choice, but I do love the sound of a harpsichord. It has the power to touch deep within my soul, macabre, but not disturbing somehow. 



I wish there were a 'Love' button, as I'm a fan of this old show.  Harpsichords were very popular in the '60s (in case you weren't around then).  Please don't think any less of your choices; I've just lived a long time and listened to a huge amount of music. :) 

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Some of you know that I always have a pocket watch pinned on my SL avatar. That's a nod to the RL pocket watch that sleeps in my jewelry drawer. It was given to me by my father, who got it from his grandfather. It stopped working in 1952 and was never fixed. By '52 great Grandpa was in his 70s, annoyed by the passage of time, and didn't want reminders. Dad, who'd been raised by him, thought it improper to fix the watch, though he often wore it when going out fancy with Mom. He eventually passed it, and the disdain for watches, to me. A few years ago, I moved the hands to 4AM (it's a 24 hour watch, apparently for people who can't tell whether it's day or night) in deference to a meme that's implanted itself in my brain thanks to Rives.

Nevertheless, I've always loved Doc Watson's singing of "Grandfather's Clock". I know almost nothing about my own grandfather (and grandmother) who simply vanished from the family tree, leaving Dad in the care of his grandparents. I sometimes toy with the idea that the watch stopped working when my grandmother died, and that she shifted in her grave when I moved the hands. The temptation to wiggle the hands is strong at times, but I will never fix the watch.


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