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On 1/25/2020 at 6:31 AM, Ceka Cianci said:

I'm not one who really cares for the talent shows they have on tv, since America's got talent was on years ago, seeing so many singers ever since try to over do songs..

I also remember Simon never giving anyone an inch even if the rest of the panel fell in love with them.. I always looked forward to his opinion and remarks and advice to humble people..

Anyways,I was swimming around on youtube earlier and just dropping in random searches out of boredom and came across this from an Xfactor..

I don't think I've ever seen Simon so excited..And really,with such good reason to be excited.. Louisa Johnson really is an amazing singer..It was good to see someone finally make Simon so happy and excited ...hehehehe

Here is her on audition week doing one of my almost favorite songs ever, that I never thought anyone else could pull off..

I actually cried with this one and the one after this.. I don't cry so easily,but her performances bring it out in me..

Such a nice find that I felt i had to share with those that may not know of her.




When she started singing, I thought, wow, she's great, but of course I wasn't going to cry... then when it got to the end... here I am at work and all, dabbing my eyes.


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