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  1. I am glad I am not the only one. I have the same issue. I need 4 or 5 attemps before I am online.
  2. I would love this ! And a start at my favourite airport ! But I am Bi male in RL. Not a woman
  3. I often fly from SNO to Aerodrome Amelia Earhart. A very nice flight with my Piper Tomahawk PA-38 at low altitude. And no lag issues Or sailing from the Trudeau yard to Fairchang resort. Also very nice.
  4. Sounds interesting but I am very weird and much older 🤡
  5. You are right about Siren's Isle and Barbarossa but why should you go there ? Blake is much more than that. I dont have many problems at Blake
  6. When I zoom out I can't see any land on the map. Long distance sailing and flying is no fun now. I hope it will be better soon otherwise I am afraid I wont log in anymore. Sailing and flying are the only reason I am still in SL
  7. Blake Sea is pretty good for me. For sailing as well as for flying. You could try this rezzzone : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Symacom/28/46/23 From there sail to the west. Keep an eye on the map and you will find hundreds of good sailsims.
  8. I am 14 years in SL. I used to have many friends here. In the early years of SL it was very easy to make friends. The clubs were crowded and there was a lively chat. All my old friends left SL. I really tried to make new friends but the only ones I could find are the ones that are mainly here for sex. Times have changed. I don't go to clubs anymore. I sail and fly, ride my horses and my bikes and explore mainland and new sims. I became a loner and have my friends in RL.
  9. I use the autoresponse in Firestorm. Simple and effective
  10. I would love to meet you. In RL I am a bisexual male. In SL I have two appearances. A ladyboy and a femboy Check my profile in world.
  11. Same here, need to login each time I am used to it now....lol
  12. Same here, old friends are gone. Only one friend left from the old days. I have given up making new friends. Sometimes I stay away from SL for months.
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