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  1. I agree. Compared to MS Flight Simulator flying in SL is so much less interesting. But in FS I miss the avatars and the chat at the airport after the landing
  2. I fly in SL since 2008. Mostly in small one engine props and Shergood heli's. Troubles with simcrossing is as old as SL. Sometimes very bad, sometimes reasonable and not spoiling the fun completely. At times that the crossings are very bad I fly my Shergood heli's or I go sailing. I sail more often than flying. With sailing there are much less problems.
  3. I love BOM and not only because I can wear my old system layers again 😜
  4. Belleza and Tonic have butt physics. Maitreya don't
  5. For my femboy look I wear the V-tech chest mod or the Lara Flat chest. Pink Fuel has flat chested skins. My head is the unisex Catwa Magy There are many clothes for the V-tech chest mod. Search for V-tech at MP. If you need help IM me in world
  6. it makes me sad too. All the places of Simple Wunderlich have banlines now and the owner is Whitney Linden. Simple does not show in search and not in groups. I guess he has left SL. I hope that the Lindens will save the builds.
  7. Yes, I have known someone who faked her death.in SL Long time ago. It was a guy who roleplayed a lesbian. Friends made a memorial for her without knowing that it was all fake.
  8. I am glad I am not the only one. I have the same issue. I need 4 or 5 attemps before I am online.
  9. I would love this ! And a start at my favourite airport ! But I am Bi male in RL. Not a woman
  10. I often fly from SNO to Aerodrome Amelia Earhart. A very nice flight with my Piper Tomahawk PA-38 at low altitude. And no lag issues Or sailing from the Trudeau yard to Fairchang resort. Also very nice.
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