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  1. It appears that Dracon has been released - At least the homes I see have all been taken today. Someone (a couple moles) appears to have left some boxes behind. 😄
  2. I have seen groups inworld for just the kind of RP you are looking for. (Interracial groups, blonde bimbo groups) Try starting out by joining some and going to a few events to meet people. Good luck!
  3. I really enjoy seeing the wide variety of each individual's ideal looks. There truly is something out there for everyone. Well done all you beautiful people ❤ Live your dreams!
  4. Thank you, Josephine. It all looks so go I don't know where to start. Just to be safe I'll start with all the coffee.
  5. I don't think it's possible, but I do love to play along. I will insist that your magic resizing script only shrink my dance partner to fit with my normal human proportions instead of turning me into Gigantor to fit with his. Since I choose to be human, I'll need that partner of mine with the horse head to have it squished down for kissing animations. Also, if I send in my .25 sized avatar, I'll need that werewolf shrunken to ferocious puppy size for reasons.
  6. I've been getting the same 5 or 6 fantasy parcels over and over for a couple weeks. GOH is not as much fun as usual at the moment.
  7. I've never had that happen. No relationship I've ever had started with someone complaining that my furniture is old and asking for money to redecorate my house. I'm not sure if you can turn gifting off. If you block someone, they can no longer send you stuff. I'll assume she doesn't have you blocked since you are currently a couple. You can always have her take you to her favorite furniture stores (as a date) and ask her to teach you how to look for quality furniture and animations. You buy your own stuff, of course, and you can test it in the store. Win win win win You learn stuff about shopping She gets to teach you stuff and feel like her opinions matter. You are such a good listener! You have something to talk about so no awkward silences Quality time becoming friends before jumping into something else. Good luck!
  8. Potřebujeme víc informací. Ve Druhém životě se můžou pokazit miliony věcí. Kdy se zobrazí chybová zpráva? Už jsi ve hře? Snažíte se přihlásit? Už jste se někdy mohli přihlásit? Zkoušíte to poprvé?
  9. In Horizons I believe you have to buy the parcel from another resident like you would on the mainland. It is not considered a Linden Home that you get just for being premium.
  10. I made some areas for my petite alt. The room was really big and I didn't want walls, so I made different floor levels instead to break the room into smaller sections. There's even an outside area for her. Furniture for petites is heavy on the land impact, so she only gets one room. Petites (and giants) are welcome to stop by for a thimble of wine anytime, so paddle around Ancient Magic and find us. Land and house are set to public use. The rest of the house isn't done, yet, because I am waiting for the houses with fewer walls. I may only decorate 1 upstairs room. I like the balcony.
  11. I'm glad you got it sorted out. That must have been frustrating. Happy shopping!
  12. Alright! If I'm going to dream, I'm going to dream BIG. I propose a 3 level set of regions. Water level, mid-sky, and outerspace. With 3 levels of housing in the same region everyone's perceived space and privacy would increase. Bonus - very little landscaping unless it's under water or floating rocks. At the water level is a little something for the mermaids: Mid-level sky is floating islands: The outerspace houses would, of course, be scifi inspired: There, now everyone is happy except for the modern house style people. I'm not sure how navigating would work since the parcels are all on different levels and flying your Jetson's spaceship would be hard without knowing where other parcels are and mermaids would have a hard time swimming the reefs if they can't tell where the sky island parcel is, but hey, I can dream BIG if I want. So, if you want a home in this utopia, you will only own the land at the level where your home is located. Above and below are public access. ETA: This can be done by either choosing your home level from the parcel controller or (like the 3 styles of stilts) you chose your level from the land page.
  13. I've thankfully never received any mass TPs or conference calls. I didn't even know that was a thing. I do cringe a bit when I log in to instantly receive message from someone. I have fewer than 40 "friends" and only about 5 are even active. I've become much less social over the last decade and enjoy spending time alone anyway. My remaining friends know and understand, if they didn't, they would not be on my friends list. I really value the few friends I talk with. ♥️ I use alts a lot when I want to be left alone, but my main has the best inventory and sometimes she needs/wants to be logged in. I also use the auto respond messages. I basically agree with the OP, but since I don't have a business inworld, I don't have all the same issues.
  14. I also heave a heavy sigh when I am hiking through logland and enjoying all the wild wooded lots, trees, and dirt roads, then come upon a parcel that has been completely paved over. I start humming "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot." Actually paving entire parcels seems to be pretty common all over Belliserria - or getting a house on sand just to put grass out every where that does not match the beach everywhere else. There are way more grass covered parcels than sandy ones. Then I realize I am being b****y and others can live out their dreams as well. I pass by quickly and try to erase it all from my immersion. I like to move around a lot and I have no issue derendering the neighbors stuff.
  15. I haven't used any individual flowers, just the flowered shrubs. The shrubs are 1 LI. I did recheck the ground cover though and it shows as 1 prim/2LI
  16. I have no idea if there are more plans for that area, but most people know it's there. That is the ONLY entrance to Fantasseria, so most people entered through there. The only other way in is to teleport directly to a spot on the landmass.
  17. I have rezzed a few of the shrubs and ground plants from the content pack. The ones I used are not scripted to glow and are smaller than the mole's landscaping, but they match the theme colors and look like they belong. It's all been 1 LI as well. No glowing. No scripts.
  18. Giant Hugs, Hippie! If you need a buddy inworld, let me know. I will make time for you ♥️
  19. . Waiting for the magic to begin It's starting in the east Well worth the wait
  20. This is completely off topic, but I miss Saturday morning cartoons. I even had to raise my kids without some of those classics. It's a loss to the last 1 or 2 generations. The only thing on regular TV on weekends now is news. I can say that my (now grown up) kids love cartoons and recently discovered Thundercats, She-Ra, Voltron, and some others. I'll bring up Blackstar to see if they're interested.
  21. Have I missed a post about only having 4 house styles to choose? I am hoping for the versions with fewer walls, but only have the "brookes" available. I've tried resetting the house controller.
  22. I wonder what's in the content pack. Squeeeeeeee I can't wait to find out. Maybe tomorrow ❤️
  23. I was there a few hours ago and I'd swear all the people I saw in Hanshin had recently showered and were clean... I have no idea why such a distance would be needed 😄
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